Alexa compatible TVs: the best of 2022

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Home automation is entering our lives more and more and every day we see the release of new products ready to simplify our daily activities at home, one of the devices that is enjoying considerable success among Italians is undoubtedly the voice assistant of Amazon ; we are talking about the now famous Alexa.

Among the numerous electronic devices with which this small device manages to interface, the television could certainly not be missing. The manufacturers have therefore begun to build new Smart TVs capable of guaranteeing total compatibility with the small voice assistant . Those that our editorial staff will analyze in this article are the best TVs compatible with Alexa, trying to create an overview that can cover all uses and all the most popular and sold dimensions on the Italian market. It is important to specify that this guide will only describe the televisions compatible with Alexa and not the TVs with the device already integrated; the difference is quite simple:Alexa-compatible TVs are those Smart TVs that guarantee total usability of the small voice assistant, which must however be purchased separately . TVs with integrated Alexa are those televisions that have the application already implemented within them, without therefore the need to go and buy the Amazon home product separately. However, it should be emphasized that the use, in all its features, of Alexa will not vary in any way between the two different types of TVs.
To ensure a clear overview, we have decided to divide the TVs compatible with Alexa according to their size, in order to cover as many uses and needs as possible. Enjoy the reading!

The 24-inch Samsung compatible with Alexa: Samsung N4300

If we are looking for a product compatible with Alexa and with a small cut we should look at this Samsung product. We are faced with a 24-inch panel , a format particularly suitable for those who have limited spaces or are looking for a Smart TV for the kitchen. The panel uses LED technology and guarantees excellent visual quality despite the screen being quite small. The compatibility with Alexa is total , so riusciremmo (after a quick configuration) to handle the Samsung N4300 through technology Amazon’s voice assistant.

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LG32LM6370PLA: the 32-inch LG TV compatible with Alexa

After analyzing the 24 inch let’s focus on a bigger product; the 32-inch in fact turns out to be one of the best-selling cuts on the market. The reasons for this success are due to two characteristics: the size of the screen and the price. 32 inches represent an excellent compromise for almost every home, they can guarantee an excellent visual experience thanks to a panel that is neither too small nor too bulky. The second aspect that certifies its success is the price, it turns out to be not too excessive and within the reach of almost all budgets . Also in this case the compatibility with Alexa is total, the powerful processor with which this LG is equipped manages to guarantee a fluid voice experience without any kind of hitch.

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LG UP75006LF: the TV compatible with Alexa from 43 to 75 inches


For cuts greater than 32 inches we have decided to award one of the new LG TVs of 2022: we are talking about the UP75006LF  model .

This Smart TV is able to cover a large variety of formats, thus satisfying almost all the uses of those looking for a larger panel. The smallest cut in which it is produced is the 43 inch, subsequently we find the presence of the 50, the 55, the 65 and the gigantic 75 inch. It thus turns out to be the perfect choice for those who have large spaces available such as large living rooms, halls or taverns. Compatibility with Alexa was developed wisely , guaranteeing a smooth use experience also thanks to the powerful Quad-Core CPU.

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What are the commands we can give to an Alexa compatible TV?

One of the questions that is often asked to our editorial team is the following: what are the commands we can dictate to Alexa? We therefore decided to create a very short guide to what are the main and most common commands that we could give to Amazon’s voice assistant.
Let’s start with the simplest, but most essential, that is the switching on or off of the Smart TV ; in fact, just say “Alexa, turn off” to turn off the TV without having to press any button on the remote control or on the TV itself.
Another command that we could give will be to set a certain channel , another to set a certain volume level . For the more geeks it will also be possibleactivate the use of one of the pre-installed Apps on our TV such as Netflix or Prime Video, a great convenience!

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