Android Smart Tv Box: How To Choose The Right One

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Nowadays, in most homes and apartments, Smart TVs are hardly missing. In fact, these latest generation televisions allow a wider use of all the functions and programs they have. Thanks to the Internet connection, in fact, it is possible to browse the web quickly and easily, taking advantage of the streaming platforms most loved by viewers: YouTube and Netflix. However, even a television previous to the latest models can be used as a Smart TV, thanks to the simple connection of a special box . In fact, in this guide, we will see what a TV Box is, how it can be used in relation to the Smart TV and which are the best models to buy.

What is a TV Box and how to choose it

The TV Box is a device that must be designed in a very similar way to a small PC , which connects to the television via the HDMI cable and which can be controlled via the mouse, the keyboard and the appropriate remote control, which is usually supplied together. to the chosen model. Just like PCs, TV Boxes also have features that allow them to be categorized based on memory, processor and ports available, and consequently also have very different prices. The price of a TV Box therefore, we can say that it varies according to the components it presents, passing from devices that cost 10 euros, to devices that cost 150.



As for the choice of the computer, it is not certain that the most expensive TV Box is the one that works best or offers more functions, but more technical and practical aspects must be taken into consideration. The internal ones, namely the internal memory, the RAM and the chipset, are the ones that have the greatest influence on the operation of the TV Box, as we are talking about factors that allow a fluid and rapid transition from one screen to another ( RAM ), they host the operating system ( internal memory ), and which contain the internal processor ( Chipset ).

Basically, these are the aspects to take into consideration when choosing a TV Box. Clearly, the more memory space available, the better the device will perform. Another element not to be underestimated concerns its connectivity and the type of network it supports, as the primary function of a TV Box is to transmit video in streaming. The quality of the connection must therefore be optimal, otherwise you risk running into slow projections, which freeze and create problems for the viewer. Even the positioning of the TV Box alone plays an important role in the success of the connection and, consequently, of the transmission of content on the TV.


Without going into too much depth, it is equally important to take into consideration the type of video and audio formats supported . In fact, the best ones have UHD 4K resolution and HDR support, a guarantee in terms of image quality; our advice, as far as video compression is concerned, definitely falls on the HEVC. The TV Boxes can be equipped with Android or with Windows , two very valid operating systems but whose preference or choice depends on your needs and requirements.

In any case, by connecting a TV Box to your television, you have the possibility to download the applications you want, such as Amazon Prime Video, NowTv, and TimVision, while others, such as Netflix, Facebook and Chrome, are pre-installed and usable since its ignition. In addition, it also offers the possibility to install the IPTV app, and to check the available lists.

The best Android Smart Tv Box: GooBang Doo XB-III

As mentioned in the introduction, there are hundreds of models available on the market, which vary according to very different price ranges. In reality, however, it is not at all necessary to spend exaggerated amounts to buy a good TV Box. In this case, in fact, we have selected one of the models best reviewed by users who have purchased it, and who have been fully satisfied with its functionality. First of all, the device has a compact and elegant design , in black, which can be placed in any corner of the living room.


The installed system is ANDROID 7.1.2, compatible with almost all Android applications and improved to offer a unique experience to the viewer. The CPU, on the other hand, has a Quad-Core chipset  , which guarantees greater fluidity of both images and between the passage of one screen to another. The quality of the content reproduced is guaranteed by the presence of the UHD 4K  resolution and by the support for HDR , which also makes entertainment and gaming sessions unique. Also at the memory level, this model has interesting features: 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM, without considering the possibility of expanding the internal memory by connecting a microSD key in the appropriate port.

As for connectivity, this TV Box comes with free built-in WiFi , which allows its use with the mini keyboard, no longer considered an accessory when you are faced with a Smart TV. Along with the package is also the remote control -without fleece – which can be comfortably used up to 20 meters away. Furthermore, the Bluetooth connection, which few TV Boxes are equipped with, is excellent for connecting devices such as gamepads, headphones and speakers. On the back then, there are several entrances :

• Ethernet to connect via cable
• Power supply
• AV output
• USB 1
input • USB 2
input • microSD card input
• HDMI output

As mentioned previously, by inserting a USB key or a microSD, it is also possible to expand the memory. Ultimately, even with regard to viewing the contents in 3D , users are highly satisfied with the function offered.

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