The Best 24-Inch Monitors : The Complete Guide

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In recent years the Best 24-Inch Monitors format has been the best-selling among monitors; the reasons for this success are to be found in its practicality and in its rather low price compared to its older brothers. Also in this 2022 this choice is confirmed, and as we will see in this guide, it will be possible to find the right 24-inch monitor on the Italian market for every need; whether it’s leisure, gaming or work.

The prices are competitive, wandering in a price range ranging from 100 to 200 euros for almost all models, a contained expense but that will give us great satisfaction in all areas of use.

In this guide we have grouped the Best 24-inch Monitors on the market in this 2022, dividing them both by the type of use that a user wants to make of it and by the type of technology developed in the same; we will find models particularly suitable for video editing or gaming, or 24 inches equipped with a curved screen or special backlight technologies. Happy Reading!

Best 24-Inch Monitors
Also this year the SF35 Series is confirmed as one of the best on the market, as for the previous models also this brand new Monitor from Samsung maintains the many expectations and ranks as one of the best-selling models.

The screen is a 24 Inch Full-HD (1920×1080) Flat with a small size, we particularly appreciated its reduced thickness that, at the top of the panel, does not exceed 10mm.

This product of the South Korean multinational will be particularly appreciated by all gaming lovers; the reasons are to be found in the AMD FreeSync, a technology implemented on this monitor capable of perfectly synchronizing the frames of the image with the refresh rate of the screen.

If for the Gaming side a considerable improvement has been made. we must emphasize how Samsung has wanted to keep an eye on those who work with the Monitor; in fact on this SF35 there is eye saver technology, a mode that can minimize blue light emissions, which as we know is the wavelength that most fatigues the eyesight. In this way it will be possible to carry out long sessions in front of this Samsung SF35 without suffering annoying eye strain problems.

Another aspect that struck us is the remarkable viewing angle, during our test we touched first-hand how the panel was visible even from “extreme” angles. This is a fundamental aspect for those who are used to working with a monitor, because in this way it will be possible to observe the screen even from several people and from different angles.

Best PC Monitor: HP 24FW

Best 24-Inch Monitors

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This 24-inch monitor signed by HP has all the peculiarities necessary to make it turn out to be the best pc monitor. In fact, most users point out that for office use, this model perfectly meets that kind of need.

Among the main features we find:

  • Linear and ultra slim design, with almost invisible frames on the sides;
  • IPS panel with Full HD resolution and anti-glare;
  • Inclination of 25° back and 5° forward, with wide viewing angle;
  • An HDMI and a VGA input.

The aesthetics of this 24-inch HP monitor is simply modern and elegant, since it goes well with any type of furniture. The quality of the content comes from an IPS screen and Full HD resolution, which guarantee sharp, realistic and rich in color images. In addition, it is interesting to point out that it is an anti-glare display, which ensures greater comfort in any circumstance.

Here, too, we have the presence of AMD Freesync technology , which optimizes content to eliminate any type of shooting, delay or lag. The vision, therefore, will be extremely fluid and natural, without any catch. In addition, these characteristics are also ensured by the reduced response time, of just 5 ms.

The visual quality is also guaranteed by the high level of contrast, which being equal to 10,000,000:1, ensures dark and deep blacks and bright and bright whites. However, to avoid straining your eyes, you will be able to take advantage of the Low Blue Light feature. The latter allows you to move colors on a warmer spectrum, reducing the brightness of whites.

Do not underestimate the possibility of tilting the monitor to your liking, aware that the viewing angle will always be 178 °. As for the audio, although there are built-in speakers, the quality is not the best. On the other hand, for a monitor of this size, you can not expect a sound experience of the most immersive.

However, thanks to the ports on the back of the panel, you can connect the external speakers, so as to optimize the quality of the audio. For the characteristics it presents, this 24-inch monitor turns out to be a very targeted choice for use from computers, while for the gaming world it is better to move on to the next model.

LG 24GN53A : Perfect for Gaming


Best 24-Inch Monitors

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LG with this 24GN53A wanted to launch on the market a highly competitive product, which due to its characteristics is able to position itself among the Best 24-inch Monitors suitable for Gaming.

The screen is, in fact, a 24-inch capable of taking advantage of LED backlight technology and able to guarantee a maximum full-HD resolution.

What makes this LG 24GN53A a winning monitor is undoubtedly the amount of technology at the service of the gaming experience; in fact, we found some really interesting performances during our long test.
First of all there is the response time of the monitor, we recorded record values with a Response Time of 1 millisecond,which goes hand in hand with the refresh rate of the screen capable of reaching 144 Hz.
The frames of the video games are perfectly aligned and synchronized with what is the screen frequency, in this way the annoying effects of Stuttering and Tearingare avoided , guaranteeing the gamer an absolutely fluid gaming experience.

We also liked the possibility of having two different game modes that can optimize the gaming experience with some types of titles. In fact, there is the possibility of taking advantage of the FPS mode and the RTS mode; these two modes refer to two different types of video games; both guarantee settings such as to offer the maximum performance depending on the type of action requested.

LG 24ML600S : Excellent Full-HD resolution


Best 24-Inch Monitors

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If you are looking for a model equipped with a rather high resolution we can not recommend this product from LG. We are talking about the 24ML600S, a model that turns out to be among the best sellers on Amazon; the reasons for this success are to be found in the technologies it is equipped with offers at a rather competitive price, but let’s go in order to analyze the strengths of this LG home monitor:

  • Full-HD resolution
  • LED backlight
  • VGA and HDMI inputs
  • Refresh Rate 75 Hz

Let’s start with the talk of the screen, we are faced with a panel equipped with IPS technology and LED backlighting, capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 1920×1080, or Full HD. The Monitor in question is particularly appreciated even by gaming lovers, thanks to the very low response time and thanks to AMD FreeSync technology; able to guarantee a remarkable fluidity, a fundamental aspect for video game lovers.

A note of merit is to be attributed to the audio sector; this LG 24ML600S is in fact equipped with two speakers integrated at the bottom of the screen frame, the two speakers are able to reach a maximum power of 10 Watts and thanks to MAXXAUDIO technology they guarantee a first-level sound clarity.

The last aspect to take into account is the design, this Best 24-Inch Monitors is in fact equipped with a modern and elegant design; both as regards the lower support in a semicircle and as regards the screen with very thin bezels on three sides.

Curved Monitor Number One: Samsung Monitor C24F396


Best 24-Inch Monitors

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Obviously, within our ranking of the best monitors of this 2022 could not miss a curved panel; and we decided to reward this Samsung C24F396. As for the 2020 version, also on this latest 2022 version (improved and updated) we have found many positive aspects in all areas of use.

Let’s start by saying that the screen is an FHD (1080p) that takes advantage of VA technology, a technology that manages to offer a better contrast than that achieved on a standard LCD screen. In fact, the blacks are darker and the colors brighter, all this translates into a significantly improved user experience.

Unlike Flat monitors, Curved monitors provide viewers with a much higher level of engagement and improved depth perception; this will be felt most among all video game fans.

For gaming lovers, AMD FreeSync technologyhas also been implemented, a mode that can guarantee an optimal and smooth gaming experience thanks to the perfect synchronization of individual frames with the refresh rate of the screen.

Samsung also wanted to ensure less fatigue to those who use this monitor, introducing the Eye Saver mode; a mode that reduces the emission of blue light by the panel, in order to stimulate and tire the retina as little as possible.

HP – PC V24i : Perfect design


Best 24-Inch Monitors

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If you are looking for a practical and beautiful 24-inch monitor to look at then you will not fail to consider this HP PC V24i; a product that makes design its strong point. We are facing a 24-inch panel equipped with IPS technology, capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 (or full-hd).

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of the monitor is the thing that satisfied us the most; in fact, the design turns out to be clean, streamlined and absolutely modern. We especially appreciated the almost total absence of the side frames on the 2 sides and on top of the panel.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, HP – PC V24i is particularly appreciated also for its practicality, for example theviewing angle found reaches 178 ° of opening; this aspect makes it particularly suitable for those who need a good work monitor. In addition, HP wanted to guarantee the total safety of users by limiting the emission of blue light, which as we know is the wavelength that most stimulates the retina.

24-inch monitor prices: a little help

As we have seen so far, the cost of a 24-inch monitor is not the highest. In fact, it is precisely the size of the screen that reduces the final price. In addition, if we consider buying them on laptops such as Amazon or ePrice, we will be guaranteed to find them at the lowest prices in the market. It is nothing new that products in physical stores cost more, for quite logical reasons.

As a result, making an average of numerous models that we have selected, evaluated, and many times even discarded, the price range of a 24-inch monitor is between € 100 and € 200. With this figure you have the opportunity to find really satisfying and quality models, which will not leave you on foot after a few months of use.

However, we cannot deny the existence of monitors that exceed even 1000 €, despite being the minority. What one has to wonder about when faced with a device of this size and with such a high price is: is it really worth it? According to the evaluations carried out by our editorial staff, the answer is no.

With figures of this caliber you have the opportunity to buy yourself an OLED Smart TV, which is certainly more performing than a 24-inch monitor. As a result, if you are looking for a monitor to use in the office or for gaming sessions, we guarantee that there is no need to pay high figures.

FAQ about Best 24-Inch Monitors

Which monitor is best in 24-inch?

  • Dell 24 inch Monitor. The Dell monitor comes with ultra-thin bezels on three sides and claims to showcase clear views with less distraction. …
  • BenQ Monitor. The BenQ monitor comes with thin bezels and an edge-to-edge display. …
  • Acer Monitor. …
  • Samsung Monitor. …
  • ViewSonic Monitor. …
  • LG Monitor

Do pros use 24-inch monitors?

One of the main reasons why most pro gamers play with 24-inch monitors is simply because the 24-inch 1080p monitor is the standard size used in tournament play for many games. These monitors are standardized across all players. … So a universal monitor size, resolution, and refresh rate is used.

Are 24-inch monitors too big?

In general, 24-inch monitors are the best option. Anything smaller than this can make it more difficult to see the game effectively. While you can use 27-inch monitors, they are not as ideal for gaming. 32-inch monitors do tend to be too large for gaming.

Is 24 inch or 27 inch monitor better?

24-inch monitor is the best choice for regular desktop space and fewer resolution requirements. A 27-inch monitor is popular for high-resolution games and larger views. It all depends on the space available, your budget, and your gaming needs.

conclusion about Best 24-Inch Monitors

Best 24-inch monitor is not easy to find simply because there is such a huge selection. The easier way to sort this out is first to look for the latest in the market. Then must read the customer reviews and then, in the end, you can read the professional review to sort out which one is the best. Of course, you must first decide on the budget to make the filtering process even simpler.

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