Best 24-Inch TVs

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In today’s guide, we want to tell you about the Best 24-inch TVs of this 2022. Although it is a very small size of the panel, you must know that “small does not mean bad”. On the market, in fact, many televisions are really worth taking into account, especially if the space you have for TV is limited.

In addition, we want to dispel a myth: in the world of 24-inch TVs, there is technology. As you can see, in fact, during this guide you will happen to read the reviews of some 24-inch smart TV; these models will in fact be able to exploit the full potential of an “intelligent” connection, in order to take advantage of all the applications on the market today. A competitive advantage of these “small screens” is that they can also be used as monitors, and therefore, they offer a double service.

Finally, the last advantage of 24-inch TVs lies in their convenience in terms of price. Being small, in fact, they respond very well to the needs of those who do not want to spend excessive amounts to buy a television.

The First of the Category: Lg 24Tl510S

Best 24-Inch TVs

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If we are looking for a multipurpose product we can not fail to take into account LG 24TL510s. This TV packs in itself all the best features that a small 24-inch can possess; in fact, we are talking about a panel equipped with LED technology capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 720p (HD). The TV can also be used as a computer monitor and equipped with an efficient integrated audio system.

But the peculiarities of these 24TL510s do not end there, we have in fact the possibility of using this small LG home device also as a Smart TV. In fact, the smart TV webOS 3.5 operating system is present and integrated, able to support all the main most popular entertainment APPS, a technology not really common among the 24 inches on the market.

The last consideration we want to dedicate to an aspect in step with the times, but which denotes the great build quality, there is in fact an integrated Wi-Fi that guarantees us the possibility of connecting our 24-inch to external devices such as smartphones or tablets; in order to guarantee us the usability of the contents even on a larger screen.

The second choice : LG 24MT49S-PZ (Smart TV!)

Best 24-Inch TVs

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We were fought to the last, because he could very well deserve the category victory. The only reason it didn’t get there is the price, which is rightly higher than the average of this guide.

This is really the most complete 24″ TV currently available on the market, and although it costs 40% more than the average, we are always talking about a difference of about 70 €.

What did we appreciate? Its great similarity with the largest TVs of the LG house, which remain a guarantee. especially:

  • The screen resolution is a full Full HD, unlike all direct rivals that are limited to HD-Ready;
  • An LED screen that offers excellent performance from all viewing angles, and resists very well to the reverberation of light;
  • There are smart features! And the operating system has not been limited, offering the same features as the larger TVs of the Korean house;
  • The two speakers on the sides of the television offer a rather immersive stereo audio, surprising for such a small device;
  • gaming mode that really does its duty, stabilizing the dark parts of the image to highlight details that would otherwise be lost;
  • Excellent stability of the WiFi connection, also demonstrated by some tests that we have performed on the download and upload speed.

The only disadvantage, we have already talked about it, is the price. But is this premium price worth it? In our opinion, yes, yes.

Panasonic 24JS350: Connectivity and Voice Commands


Best 24-Inch TVs

The Smart features and all the latest generation of technological improvements are slowly spreading even on panels of modest size, and this Panasonic 24JS350 is the most striking example.

We are facing a real technological jewel, which has inside all the latest discoveries in the field of television entertainment.

The panel, capable of reaching an HD Ready resolution (720p), is equipped with LED backlighting; the images are definitely detailed thanks to the presence of HDR, during our test we were pleasantly surprised by the level of contrast reached between blacks and whites.
But it is on the “Smart” side that this Panasonic 24-inch is capable of giving the best of itself; the Wi-Fi connection gives us the possibility to access and download all the main Apps on the Stores such as Netflix, Youtube and many others.

The pleasant surprises do not end here, indeed it is right now that the JS350 has amazed us, in fact it is the first 24 inches compatible with the two main voice assistants: Google Assistant and Alexa. The connection and interaction with both voice commands is practical and fast, we have not noticed any kind of hitch in giving orders through our voice.
Finally, this small technological jewel Panasonic is equipped with the latest generation digital terrestrial DVB-T2, the standard that in the coming years will replace the now obsolete Digital Terrestrial as we know it today.

Caixun EC24Z2 : Excellent value for money


Best 24-Inch TVs

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If you are looking for a decent 24 inches and want to spend little Caixun EC24Z2 is a great solution. The competitive price and respectable features make it one of the best 24 inches released during 2021; but let’s go in order to analyze its peculiarities.

We are facing a panel that uses the backlight via LED, capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 720p (ie HD-Ready). The design of this Caixun is really successful, with a streamlined line, narrow edges and a reduced lateral thickness. We were also satisfied with the choice to opt for a double support stand instead of a central stand, a feature that we generally found on larger TVs.

From the point of view of connectivity there is really nothing missing, in fact on the back of the device we find the presence of different connectors capable of satisfying every need; in fact, there is an HDMI socket, a VGA, a USB and several audio sockets.

The audio is another aspect that surprised us, we did not expect much given the small size of the TV and instead the result was interesting. The merit is all of the Dolby Audio technology that manages to offer an immersive sound performance, able to make a good impression in different areas such as movies, TV series or during sporting events.

A great alternative: HKC 24F1D

Best 24-Inch TVs

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HKC is one of the leading brands in the TV, monitor and notebook industry, and for this reason, we certainly could not miss a 24-inch TV signed HKC. The model in question, as can be seen from the image above, proposes a fairly standardized design, but at the same time also elegant. The LED panel proposes 720presolution, that is, HD Ready.

However, considering the contrast of 3000:1, the image quality turns out to be very good anyway. The only flaw to emphasize with regard to the contents, perhaps, lies in the excessive liveliness of the colors, which, however, can be adjusted at will. In addition, this 24-inch TV is equipped with numerous comforts, which definitely cannot go unnoticed:

  • Equipped with analog, digital, and satellite tuner
  • Ability to insert a CI + module (SmiT)
  • USB and HDMI connection
  • USB media player set to the latest codecs

Do you know what all this means? That by inserting a USB stick in the appropriate output you can view your favorite contents on the screen. In addition, thanks to the recent codecs, you should be able to play most of the normal video files, including those with subtitles.

As for the functionality of the remote control, there is nothing to say: everything works in a workmanlike manner. The only thing is that, sometimes, the channel change takes a few seconds. The real limitation of this television, unfortunately, is the audio, which remains very low.

To overcome the problem you can opt for external crates, which as always, we would like to emphasize that they do not necessarily have to cost so much. Finally, another point in favor for this recent 24-inch TV lies in the energy class A, a smart choice as much as responsible.

The Best 24 Inch Full-HD: Philips 24PFS5535/12


Best 24-Inch TVs

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If you are looking for a 24-Inch Full-HD TV this model from Philips is a viable alternative, we are talking about the 24PFS5535/12.

We are facing a product with excellent technical characteristics, peculiarities that are difficult to find on TV of this small cut.

The screen takes advantage of the LED backlight system , and is capable of reaching a maximum resolution Full-HD (1080p). The images appear sharp and well-defined; the merit is also of the Pixel Plus HD technology,a feature capable of optimizing the image and increasing the contrast. What follows is excellent panel lighting, with very deep blacks and bright whites.

One of the main flaws is the lack of an internal Wi-Fi module, this defect can be easily overcome by going to connect the TV with one of the many keys capable of turning a non-Smart TV into one connected to the network.

Obviously, there is no lack of DVB-t2 tuning module, that is, that device that will be the standard soon to take advantage of digital terrestrial channels. On the back of the panel there is nothing missing, we have in fact numerous external connection ports such as VGA, USB, Ethernet and HDMI.

The Best 24-Inch Android TV: Nokia 2400A


Best 24-Inch TVs

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If you are looking for a 24-inch Android TV then you will have to take into account this Nokia 2400A; a device released during 2021 and packed with Smart features.
The screen takes advantage of LED backlight technology to reproduce images and is able to reach the maximum RESOLUTION HD Ready (720p). Obviously, being in front of a 24-inch panel, the quality of the images will not be excellent; we can safely say that, despite everything, Nokia 2400A does its job quite well.
What is striking is instead the Smart sector; it will be possible to take advantage, through the Internet connection, of all the contents of a wide range of applications:
Netflix, Disney+, PrimeVideo, Youtube, AppleTV, Spotify, and many other apps are available. Being based on the Android operating system, Nokia 2400A also has the possibility to take advantage of Google’s voice assistant; we are talking about the now famous Hey Google, a great gem for a TV of only 24 inches.
Complete the rich equipment of this 24-inch the ability to take advantage of the TV even on the go, through the practical socket 12 Volts, and the tuner DVB-T2: the new standard for digital terrestrial.

Best 24-inch TV: footprint and dimensions

So far we have limited ourselves to defining 24-inch TVs as “small”. But how small?

We are actually talking about one of the least cumbersome categories of television. On the market there are also 18 and 22-inch TVs, but we are almost talking about “big tablets” more than real televisions.

For sure these televisions adapt easily to narrow spaces. Thanks to the shallow depth, fixing them to the wall protrude little more than the wall. They may not offer the visual impact and immersive experience of the best 50-inch TVs,but they defend well.

They are a great choice for those who want a monitor that also act as a TV, for those who want to install them on a camper or take them with them to the campsite. Disassembling the stand for the shelves, they easily get into the suitcase and become really portable.

Speaking of centimeters, the dimensions of a 24-inch TV are:

  • Theheight is less than 30 cm (more precisely they are 29,718)
  • The width of the device without a support is 53 cm
  • The depth varies from model to model, but the thinnest ones stop the ruler at 5 cm

How much do they cost? A small guide to pricing

The prices of 24-inch TVs range between € 80 and € 230. We refer to the “market” prices of each television, making an average between the various retailers. As always, using Amazon or ePrice saves a lot compared to the physical store.

In this price range, we find more or less advanced appliances. Wanting to generalize a little, we can distinguish four bands of quality and cost:

  • Under € 120 – Televisions with LCD screen, 720p resolution (HD Ready), with a single 5W or 10W audio output. No smart features or WiFi connection;
  • Between € 120 and € 140 – Televisions with LED screen, HD Ready resolution, with stereo audio made of two 5W outputs. No smart features or WiFi connection;
  • Between € 140 and € 180 – TV with LED screen and auxiliary technologies, such as cinema mode and / or gaming mode. Full-HD resolution, with stereo audio made of two outputs of 5W or 10W. Some have smart features.
  • Above 180€ – TV with LED screen and different auxiliary technologies, such as black stabilization and effective anti-flicker filters. They mount two 10W audio outputs (rarely 5W) and offer WiFi connectivity as well as smart functions.

Logically we are a little generalizing, but it is a great reference to know which TVs are sold at a correct price, which are a bargain and which are too expensive compared to the competition.

FAQ About Best 24-inch TVs

1. Is there any 24 inches Android TV?

Hyundai 60 cm (24 inch) HD Ready LED Android TV Online at best Prices In India.

2. Is a 24 inch TV good for a small bedroom?

Small TVs. You can comfortably view a 24-inch TV at around six feet (1.8 metres) away, so they’re great for a bedroom or kitchen, or if you don’t want your television to dominate your living room.

Conclusion: about Best 24 inch-TVs

If you are looking for the Best 24 -inch TVs and want to select the best and suitable model as per your need then it is a little bit difficult. Because there are many Television manufacturing companies and many new companies are evolving, some new technology and features are coming, some existing features are being presented in new words and new styles.

But who wants to buy Television be sure to start searching for any TV by first deciding their budget and then the highest possible features & technology they can get under that price range.

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