Best 28-Inch TVs: Buying Guide

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The Best 28-inch TVs have the perfect size for small and fairly cramped environments. Typically, these appliances are intended for the environment of the kitchen or bedroom, and more rarely that of the living room. However, in the case of studios, for example, the Best 28-inch TV may also be suitable for the living room. In short, let’s say that, if the conditions of the house allow it, a Best 28-inch TV is able to respond to different needs. However, televisions of this size carry with them some limitations, first of all the resolution.

The Best 28-inch TVs, in fact, do not have full HD resolution. Maybe, in the future, multinationals will work to produce them, but to date, all existing models offer only the resolution 1366 *768, or HD Ready. This, however, should not be understood as a limit to the beauty of the image, since, since the screen is reduced, the visual quality is not compromised. A step forward, during this 2022 it has been seen from the point of view of connectivity and Smart features. In fact, if before there were very few products capable of offering a Smart section, now almost all the models proposed are able to guarantee this 2.0 experience.

Let’s now analyze what we think, editorial staff of, are the Best 28-inch TVs of this 2022; trying to grasp every single aspect and nuance able to satisfy every type of customer need.

TV 28 inch White: LG 28TL510SWZ

Best 28-inch TV

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Among the models at our disposal, this 28-inch LG seemed to us the best choice. In fact, it is not just a TV with a small size, but the only Smart TV on the market. Its features in fact, have made it get a good number of reviews, which we have carefully evaluated. However, some small flaws are not lacking. For now though, let’s focus on the main features:

  • Linear, white and pedestal ArcLine design;
  • LED screen with HD Ready resolution and a viewing angle 178/178;
  • Integrated speakers with a total power of 10 Watts;
  • Dual-use display, as it can also be used as a monitor;
  • Equipped with USB, HDMI, RCA and Optical Output outputs.

The advantages, however, do not end there. What’s surprising about a TV of this size are the smart functions. The TV in fact, is equipped with the webOS 3.5operating system , which allows you to browse the Internet and download the apps you want.

In addition, thanks to the built-in Wifi, you can connect your smartphone to the display, to see your content on the home screen. Another point in favor is definitely the price, which does not exceed € 180.

However, some users complain of too low an audio, despite the fact that it is complex to implement a powerful sound system on televisions of this size. Overall, we believe that this 28-inch white is a complete and satisfying model from all points of view, and without too many competitors on the market.

Samsung N4300 28 Inches: The Samsung Choice

Best 28-inch TV

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As obvious as it is, in the ranking of the best 28 inches of this 2022 could not miss a Samsung television. The South Korean manufacturer has launched on the market a model rich in quality, with absolutely enviable technical characteristics for the segment.

We are talking about the N4300, a Smart TV equipped with the LED backlight and capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 1366×768 pixels (HD-Ready). Among its strengths is, without a doubt, the quality of the image; this thanks to the implementation of HDR and Ultra Clean View is able to guarantee a level visual rendering. During the test we really liked the chromatic nuances and the purity of the colors, but it was no coincidence; in fact, the merit is to be attributed to the PurColor technology (which N4300 has inherited from its higher class models) and to the Micro Dimming Pro,an improvement capable of making the contrasts between white tones and black tones even more heated.

Like any good self-respecting Smart TV, from the point of view of the entertainment offer nothing is missing; in fact we have the opportunity to enjoy all the main Apps on the market (some downloadable, others pre-installed). In fact, there are also the various Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube and many others.

LG 28TL520V : The Best 28 Inch Monitor-TV

Best 28-inch TV

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LG 28TL520V is a multipurpose product, in fact it can very well be used both as a TV screen and as a PC monitor. This double solution makes it one of the most popular purchases for those who need a product capable of covering both uses in an absolutely brilliant way.

We are facing a Best 28-inch TV capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 720p (1366×768); A value that is the standard for TVs of this size. The backlight system used is the famous LED, a technology that is highly appreciated for its low costs, performance and reduced energy consumption.
If we wanted to find a flaw it would lie in the lack of an integrated Smart compartment, a problem that can be easily solved by purchasing a small stick to connect to the TV. There are many of them on the market and all of them are affordable.
To complete the equipment of the TV we think the integrated tuner DVB-T2; that is the tool that from the end of 2022, will allow us to enjoy the contents of digital terrestrial.

From the point of view of the technical specifications of the Monitor we must emphasize the refresh rate: we are facing a product that reaches the value of 75Hz,a peculiarity that certainly does not make it stand out but at the same time is able to guarantee sufficient performance even in the “Gaming” field.

Plan B: LG 28TK410V-PZ

Best 28-inch TV

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This model, although still belonging to the LG house, does not have smart features. This lack, unfortunately, is felt a lot, especially in a television that offers a lot from the qualitative point of view of the image. In fact, user reviews have made him reach almost the maximum score: a guarantee not to be underestimated.

The main features are:

  • LEDscreen, HD Ready resolution and viewing angle 178/178;
  • Also used as a monitor display;
  • ArcLine detachable base;
  • Integrated speakers for a total power of 10 Watts;

As we said, this model focuses primarily on technologies applied to the screen. In particular, fun functions have been developed for the Game Mode. In fact, the TV already has some downloaded games, with which you can have fun. Thanks to Black Stabilizer technology you can locate your enemies even in the darkest areas of the screen.

As for the response times, however, these are guaranteed by the DAS function which, minimizing them, ensures maximum fluidity. Also interesting is the Flicker Safetechnology , which eliminates the flickering of the screen avoiding eye strain.

The only limitation concerns the lack of the built-in Wifi and some outputs, since only USB and HDMI ones are present. However, by inserting the stick, you will be able to stream your content to the screen. As for the price, here we manage to stay below € 160.

Smart TV 28-inch: LG 28TN515S-PZ

Best 28-inch TV

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Here we are finally arrived at another 28-inch smart TV, always belonging to the LG brand. As you can guess from the design, this smart TV can also be used as a monitor for the PC, since it is equipped with all the necessary outputs. The panel is LED and the resolution is, as always, HD Ready.

However, the quality of the images is really very good, as well emphasized by the experiences of all the people who have already purchased it. In addition, the viewingangle is also not bad, since the colors are not distorted excessively. Even with regard to the sound sector, you can’t complain, provided that you do not have excessively high expectations. As you can imagine, however, the winning aspect of this Best 28-inch TV is the smart section, at the base of which we find the webOS operating system. The apps that this smart TV has are numerous, but to increase the offer in terms of entertainment, it is advisable to manage it from an Android device. By downloading the LG TV Plus app, for example, you will be able to access numerous additional functions:

  • Manage the smart TV from your smartphone using it as if it were the remote control
  • pointer
  • Voice commands
  • Mpuse pad
  • Numerous entertainment features

One aspect that we found very interesting is the Miracast function, which allows the transfer of multimedia files from the smartphone to the TV via the Wifi connection. In short, considering that it is one of the very few 28-inch smart TVs in existence, what more could you want? At the smart level it has everything it takes to be able to be called a real smart TV.

Samsung 28″ TV: LT28E310EX / EN

Best 28-inch TV

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In the world of 28 inches, the presence of Samsung is very small. The available models, in fact, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This, for the features it offers, and for the state of satisfaction of the users, we believe is the best TV. However, even in this case we must emphasize the lack of the smart sector:the television is not equipped with Internet and integrated Wifi.

Here are the main features:

  • LEDscreen , HD Ready resolution and viewing angle 178/178;
  • Can also be used as a PC monitor;
  • Two integrated speakers with 10 Watts of
    power and three associated Dolby technologies:Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Premium Sound 5.1 and DTS Studio Sound;
  • Two HDMI inputs, one USB, one Scart output, and one optical digital audio output.

What catches the eye in this Samsung 28 inches is undoubtedly the audio compartment, which for a TV of this size turns out to be well stocked. In fact, no user, unlike the other models, has complained about shortcomings about the sound quality. At the same time, many positive comments have come about the brightness of the display and the level of contrast, which offers very deep blacks.

Thanks to the USB connection you can watch your content on television without having to attack the PC. In addition, via the HDMI socket, you can connect game consoles, Blu-Ray players and other AV devices. In addition, this Samsung 28″ is also ideal for gaming sessions, thanks to the fluidity with which the images flow on the display. Some complaints come about the remote control, but in general it has been defined as a TV with an optimal quality-price ratio,despite its 800 €.

Panasonic: the total absence in the world of 28″

We didn’t believe it either, yet the Japanese house has left a void in the world of 28-inch TVs. The brand in fact, has limited itself to producing 28-inch monitors,which have nothing to do with televisions.

Searching the Internet in fact, searches report unsatisfactory results. There are no recent models, just as there are no dated models. Hopes of finding a 28-inch Samsung therefore, are easily lost.

Like Panasonic we also find Philips, which has limited itself to producing a single 28″ television, which for various reasons we have not even considered. In fact, these two brands have pulled back with regard to the production of small TVs, still loved and sought after by the public. However, we would like to point out that our guides are constantly updated, and that if there is something interesting to report, we will not hesitate to do so.

Tv 28″: the dimension

The Best 28-inch TVs are small. Yes, but how much? To understand whether a television of this size can meet your needs, it is appropriate to talk about centimeters. In this way you can have a clearer idea of the space it will occupy, and above all of the view it will offer. First of all, it will be useful for you to know that an inch corresponds exactly to 2.54 cm.

As a result, the diagonal of the screen is equal to 71.12 cm, the height to 34.9 cm and the width to 62.0 cm. It should be emphasized that, in these calculations, the frames are not taken into account. The size of a television in fact, refers purely to the size of the display. Now that you have all the sizes you needed, you can move on to choosing your 28 inches.

28″ TV prices

Are small dimensions synonymous with reduced prices? Well, yes. The 28-inch TVs in fact, have a cost that generally is less than € 150-€ 200. The most expensive models are, as you can imagine, those that offer built-in Wifi, the operating system and all the smart functions. In fact, in these televisions, the resolution does not affect much.

As we have seen, it is very difficult to find 28 inches Full HD, and the differences therefore cancel out easily. Anyway, for the price range in which they are placed, these small devices still manage to meet most needs. Of course, you can’t expect much from a 28″ TV, especially with regard to the sound sector.

FAQ about Best 28-Inch TVs

Do Pros Use 28-Inch TV?

One of the main reasons why most pro gamers play with 28-inch TVs is simply because the 28-inch 1080p TV is the standard size used in tournament play for many games. These monitors are standardized across all players. … So a universal monitor size, resolution, and refresh rate is used.

Are 28-Inch TVs Too Big?

In general, Best 28-inch TVs are the best option. Anything smaller than this can make it more difficult to see the game effectively. While you can use 27-inch monitors, they are not as ideal for gaming. 32-inch TVs do tend to be too large for gaming.

Conclusion about Best 28-Inch TVs

Best 28-inch TVs is not easy to find simply because there is such a huge selection. The easier way to sort this out is first to look for the latest in the market. Then must read the customer reviews and then, in the end, you can read the professional review to sort out which one is the best. Of course, you must first decide on the budget to make the filtering process even simpler.

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