Best 32-Inch TVs : The Guide

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Best 32-inch TVs are a practical and economical solution that meet the needs of many people. The dimensions in fact, on the one hand are large enough to offer a good television experience, and on the other hand they are not bulky. In addition, another advantage that should not be underestimated concerns the price of 32-inch TVs.

In fact, the cost is much lower than a large TV. We have updated our guide and highlighted what we think will be the best and best-selling televisions of 2022. An aspect that is increasingly taking hold is the spread of the Smart sector, if until some time ago there were few Best 32- inch TVs to have the ability to connect and offer a 360-degree experience, today it is much more widespread. But let’s now analyze what are the Top models on the market, happy reading!

Samsung UE32T4300AKXZT : The new Smart solution from the Korean house

Best 32-Inch TVs

We had reviewed its predecessor, the Samsung T4300, a bit with a bitter taste on the mouth because of a very serious lack, the Smart section. Well yes, Samsung corrects itself and churns out this revised and updated version filling this gap. We are talking about the UE32T4300AKXZT, a 32 inch that we are convinced will give us a lot of satisfaction.

The panel is a Full-HD capable of reaching a maximum resolution, in fact, of 1080p. The images are sharp and well balanced, the Korean house implements in this TV different technologies that were until now reserved for models of higher size (and price). For example, we are talking about HDR and PurColor technology, two features that can enhance the colors and definition of each image.

From the point of view of image quality we are on excellent levels, but it is on the Smart sector that Samsung has decided to make a real change of pace. The T4300AKXZT is in fact equipped with Wi-Fi connection, through which it will be possible to take advantage of all the main Apps on the market, both on the Cinema and TV series side (PrimeVideo, Netflix, RakutenTV) and on the Sport and Entertainment side at 360 degrees (DAZN, Now TV, Youtube etc. etc.). The benefits of this Smart “evolution” we also find them in other areas, such as the possibility of using this 32-inch as a real work monitor thanks to its proven wireless Mirroring function, in simple terms we could replicate what is reproduced on our PC, Tablet or Smartphone without the need for a wired connection.

A final gem is the total compatibility with the two most important voice assistants, we are talking about Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, in this way, once the connection between the devices is configured, we will be able to control the switching on and off (and not only) of the Samsung TV with our voice.

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Panasonic 32JS350 : Reliable and Always Connected

Best 32-Inch TVs

With this 32-inch Panasonic returns, overbearingly, to the fore climbing the top positions among the best models on the market. The reasons for the success are many, but if we wanted to enclose them only in two aspects we would say: good video quality and a first-level Smart connection (an aspect that is becoming, day by day, more and more fundamental).

The supplied panel is equipped with LED backlight technology, capable of reaching a maximum HD Ready resolution, i.e. 720p. The most obvious improvements, compared to previous Models of Panasonic, are to be found in the implementation of HDR technology, the High Dynamic Range in fact is able to accentuate the contrasts between the various colors, ensuring sharper and brighter whites and intense blacks.

With this 32-inch Panasonic returns, overbearingly, to the fore climbing the top positions among the best models on the market. The reasons for the success are many, but if we wanted to enclose them only in two aspects we would say: good video quality and a first-level Smart connection (an aspect that is becoming, day by day, more and more fundamental).

The supplied panel is equipped with LED backlight technology, capable of reaching a maximum HD Ready resolution, i.e. 720p. The most obvious improvements, compared to previous Models of Panasonic, are to be found in the implementation of HDR technology, the High Dynamic Range in fact is able to accentuate the contrasts between the various colors, ensuring sharper and brighter whites and intense blacks.

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Hisense 32AE5500F : Perfect for Movies and TV Series

Best 32-Inch TVs
After the success achieved in 2019 with the BE5500, Hisense is determined to climb the sales charts also for this 2020 with the new 32AE5500F.
The latest addition to the Chinese manufacturer is in fact a model in step with the times, full of numerous innovative technological solutions and low price. From the point of view of image quality, numerous improvements have been made compared to its predecessor, we have in fact the Natural Color Enhancer and the reduction of image noise; these two technologies allow to achieve a very realistic sharpness of the scene.
The strong point of this Hisense 32 inches is the Smart TV section, the Vidaa U2.5 operating system is fast, easy and intuitive; the device is compatible with all the main entertainment apps on the Italian market such as Netflix, Youtube, PrimeVideo and many others.

The last note of merit is that concerning the Audio sector, thanks to the Intelligent Sound by dbx-tv this 32 Inch is able to reproduce a highly realistic sound without the need to have to add to our Hisense a Soundbar or additional speakers.

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Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800 : the 32 Inch of superior quality

Best 32-Inch TVs

Sony has often accustomed us to release higher quality models on the market, even this time the same thing has been repeated with the new KD-32W800, a 32-inch among the best of 2022.

The screen is able to reach a resolution in FHD (1080p) using a backlight system among the most popular on the market, we are obviously talking about LED technology. The image quality is one of the strong points of this 32-inch, thanks to the HDR10 and the Hybrid Log-Gamma the visual rendering is satisfying, with excellent color quality and contrast for the 32-inch format.

Obviously, from the point of view of connectivity and entertainment nothing is missing from this Sony Bravia; it is in fact possible to navigate through dozens and dozens of Apps and for the lazy use the very practical voice search system.

Once again we appreciate Sony’s particular attention to issues related to the environment, as for other models of the Japanese house, also on this KD-32W800 it will be possible to avoid unnecessary waste of energy; the merit is to be attributed to the deactivation of the screen whenever you want to listen to talk shows or music.

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Caixun EC32S2N : Little Emblazoned but Excellent

Best 32-Inch TVs


Another model that has largely deserved to enter the ranking is this Caixun EC32S2N, a brand little known in Italy but which has been able to make space among the main world giants. If we had to describe it with a single word we would choose “Versatility”; the reason is simple, he manages to do everything discreetly. The screen is in fact an HD Ready equipped with LED backlight technology, it is capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 720p.

The design is beautiful and modern, the subtlety of the side frames immediately catches the eye. This aspect will be especially appreciated by all lovers of minimalism who hate too protruding and stocky side frames.

This Caixun EC32S2N is equipped with Wi-Fi connection that makes it Smart, it will be possible to take advantage of all the main Social and entertainment applications such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many others. It will also be possible to activate the Wireless Mirroring feature with all Android Smartphones and Tablets, in this way we will be able to play all the audio-video content from one of our devices without the need for wires. Everything is offered at an absolutely competitive price that make this 32 Inch Caixun a model attractive to anyone, also thanks to the integration of the latest generation Digital Terrestrial Tuner.

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LG 32LM6370PLA : Perfect for sports lovers on TV

Best 32-Inch TVs

It is the latest born in the LG house but we are sure that over time it will be able to quickly climb the rankings of satisfaction and sale without any type of problmea; we are talking about the LG 32LM6370PLA.

LG has always been synonymous with guarantee and quality, and even in this new model you can find these precious peculiarities. Let’s start from the Video sector; we are facing a panel of superior quality, with a maximum full-HD resolution. Everything is expertly managed by the brand new Quad-Core processor that manages to guarantee a visual rendering of the highest level, with bright colors and a high contrast (enhanced in particular by the implementation of HDR10). The images that this panel gives us are really good, indeed the level offered is from the upper end.

Alongside an excellent Video sector there was a need for an equally valid Audio sector, and even in this respect LG does not deny itself. Thanks to Virtual Surround Plus technology, the auditory output is effective and enveloping, with deep bass and a sound capable of coming from every angle of the room.

The Operating System at the base of the Smart features is the WebOs 4.5, a system that we have learned to know (and appreciate) on many LG home models, the use of content via the Web is in fact satisfying and smooth. It will be possible to take advantage of all the applications on today’s market, from Netflix to Youtube, from Dazn to Eurosport Player. LG 32LM6370PLA is a really good best 32-inch TVs, offered at a slightly higher than average price but absolutely justifies by the quality.

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32 Inches: what measurements in centimeters does it correspond to?

Best 32-Inch TVs

Our editorial staff often receives emails from users asking for clarifications about the size of the 32-inch panel. The reasons can be many, among the most popular there is often the desire to know the measurements of a 32-inch diagonal screen to know if it is possible to place it in a certain part of the house. In fact, this format is one of the most widespread on the market because of its “universal” dimensions,capable of adapting to any type of space.
To know the exact measurements of a 32 inches just multiply the value 32 (the inches precisely) by the fixed number 2.54, in this way we will get 81 cm or the value of the diagonal of the screen of a 32 inches.
If, on the other hand, we are interested in the dimensions of length, width and depth, just consult the technical specifications of each TV, as a rule the average values of a 32 inches are around 73 cm horizontally, 45 cm in height and 10 cm in depth.

How do you choose the best 32-inch smart TVs?

Once a smart TV is purchased, it will likely stay on it for at least 4-5 years. So it only makes sense to make sure you make the right purchase decision, otherwise you will regret it for quite some time.

Never buy a TV just because it is the most popular on the market. So here’s a select buyer’s guide to help you make an informed purchase decision.


1. Create

When it comes to buying smart TVs, the brand you choose makes a big difference. This is because the better the brand, the more advanced technology they will use. In addition, if a company has a brand to defend, it will also provide adequate customer service to make your post-purchase experience smooth. You should always give preference to TVs from brands like Sony, Samsung or OnePlus.

2. Price:

The ideal 32-inch smart TV will cost you around € 15,000. You can get some of the best features, display and sound options at this price, but you can always choose to go higher at around ₹24,000 or even go lower at ₹11,000. Either way, you’ll hardly miss the essentials so you can choose how much you want to spend.

3. Connectivity Ports

It is very important that you consider the connectivity option that you get with your TV. After all, while it can be a pretty powerful standalone machine, you will occasionally need to plug in your laptop or game console. Make sure the TV you are interested in has at least one HDMI port and one USB port. The extra ports of each or an IR and VGA port are added benefits.

4. Smart TV Features

All smart TVs can be connected to the internet to open up countless possibilities. However, did you know that not all smart TVs are created equal? Some smart TVs come with the Android operating system, while others come with other operating systems, such as the Fire operating system.

The functions that all operating systems serve are the same. However, you have to make a decision with the interface you are comfortable with. Some TVs also come with built-in voice commands, while others don’t – another thing you should seriously consider.

5. Display

If you prefer an LED or OLED display, that’s your choice. However, when buying a 32-inch TV, you usually only get the LED option. The most important thing to deal with is resolution. Most budget 32-inch TVs come with a 720p display, which is fine for the screen size. However, the best products offer 1080p or 4K resolution, which is the best.

6. Sound

Manufacturers like Sony pay close attention to the sound quality of their televisions. This is because sound plays a big part in how good your TV viewing experience will be. Most audio fans will swear by the Dolby Atmos sound standard, as long as the TV has a decent soundbar you should be good to go.

7. Electricity consumption

Usually this is not a decisive or decisive option for most people. However, since you are already making a new purchase, you should see how much power the TV you like consumes in standby mode and compare it with others. After all, you don’t want your utility bill to skyrocket, right?

8. Ease of Installation

This may not be a major consideration for most customers as many companies send a technician to install their TV. However, you will still need to consider whether a specific TV will be mounted on a wall or on a counter. Not only does it make a difference in how the TV should be installed, it also makes a difference in the aesthetics of the room.

9. Warranty:

TVs are not cheap. It is therefore obvious that you are looking for a TV with a feasible warranty period. After all, you don’t want to spend thousands of rupees on something that could close in a few months, right? The better the warranty the company offers, the longer the device is ready to live.

10. Customer Service

The case is the same as the warranty. You don’t want to spend a lot of money to make repairs a chore later on. Only choose a TV you like from a company known for excellent after-sales service. Companies like LG and Samsung are excellent at this.

FAQ about Best 32-Inch TVs

It is normal to have some questions when choosing the best 32 inch smart TV for you. Therefore, refer to this section for answers to the three most frequently asked questions about the best 32 inch smart TV in India 2022. This should help you make the right choice more easily.

1. What is the best 32-inch smart TV?

Without a doubt, the best 32-inch smart TV is the OnePlus 32-inch Y Series 32Y1. This product ticks all the boxes you want in a 32-inch TV without being ridiculously expensive. So if this TV is under your budget, you should definitely consider it. However, if you’re looking for the best 32-inch smart TV under 15000, you should check out the Kodak 32-inch HD Ready 32HDX900S LED TV.

2. Is Full HD required for 32-inch TVs?

No, since 32 inches is not too large a size, it should also work well with a 720p screen resolution. You’ll hardly notice a difference between 1080p and lower resolutions unless your TV passes the 40-inch mark. However, if other display features on the TV are also mediocre, you will see pixelated images on the screen if you are more than two feet from your 32″ TV or have low vision.

3. What is the difference between HDTV and Smart TV?

Comparing HDTVs to smart TVs is like comparing apples to honey. Why? Because the former is related to resolution while the former is the latest technology used in televisions to make them more functional.

Most smart TVs are HDTV, which means they have a high-definition screen. However, not all HDTVs are not smart TVs, that is, they do not necessarily have the same functional values ​​as those with Fire OS or Android OS compatibility.

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