Best 39 Inch TVs : The Guide

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The category of Best 39-inch TVs, as popular as it is, is unfortunately a bit lacking from the point of view of the quantity of models. In fact, the televisions that feature this screen size aren’t all that many as you might expect. Anyway, since the best 39 inch TVs panels have the right middle ground in terms of size, we are sure that multinationals will begin to give more weight to this category of TV.

To date, however, there are models that, as we will see better in a moment, it is really worth taking into account. Having evaluated them in detail and thoroughly, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed by this selection of the best 39-inch TVs of 2022, and that when you get to the bottom of the guide, you will have found the TV that suits you.

Best ever: Sharp Aquos 40BN6E


Best 39 Inch TVs

Yes, we know, it is not a 39 inches but a 40, but for its peculiarities and counting that it is just an inch more, it is absolutely worth taking into account. On the other hand, the fact that she was selected as the queen of the category is the most striking proof of this. The main reason for this choice is to be sought in the 4K UHD resolution, which represents a real rarity for televisions of this size.

The following models, in fact, although of quality and really valid, offer, at most, full HD resolution. As a result, the video quality of this Sharp Aquos smart TV is more than acceptable or appreciable, since it equals the beauty of the images of smart TVs with much wider panels. Also with regard to the sound system, entirely developed by Harman Kardon, the level of quality is very high.

The sound experience, in fact, seems almost three-dimensional,and this is also due to the presence of the Dolby Atmossound system. The entertainment, therefore, on this Sharp Aquos 40-inch, is nothing short of engaging and excellent. Nevertheless, it is the smart section, at the base of which we find the Android 9.0operating system , which turns out to be complete, easy to navigate and rich in features.

The range of apps,in fact, is practically inexhaustible, without considering that, however, the most famous ones are already pre-installed. Excellent management of the smart TV which, in addition to the classic remote control, can also take place through voice commands. This Sharp Aquos, in fact, offers google assistant integrated. Finally, thanks to the dedicated app,you can also control the TV from your smartphone, for a much easier and faster use.

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Best Value for Money: Hisense H39A5100

Best 39 Inch TVs

We have no commercial agreement with Hisense, we can swear to you. Yet it is so, even in this second place of the ranking we find one of their products; there is little to say, the Chinese house is one of those that has invested the most in the development of 39″ TVs.

The H39A5100 is the younger sister of the TV we just unveiled, but it doesn’t have much to envy them. Simply, it is a model released a year earlier that is sold at 50% less.

Of course, you lose something: the images do not have the same quality, although the resolution remains Full HD. As we have often mentioned, in addition to pixels in the strict sense, other aspects must also be observed: the processor, the color gamut, the stabilization of blacks and so on.

Here we see that the development work stopped a year earlier. Nothing wrong, however, because we still have some very interesting features:

  • LED screen very well visible from every angle and resistant to reverb;
  • Full HD resolution, with few “frills” at the processor level;
  • The audio is good, although it tends to be average in the category;
  • We have two HDMI 1.4 sockets and a USBsocket , along with the one for the digital optical cable.

What is missing, in short? Well, smart features. They are certainly an important loss, but the savings are over € 100 compared to the queen of the category.

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Smart Cheap: Telefunken TE39472B38Y2D

Best 39 Inch TVs

We are always surprised by the popularity of Telefunken on the Italian market. Not that there is anything wrong, they are great TVs, but it seems that in recent years it has suddenly become the most sought-after brand ever.

In this ranking we had not yet had the opportunity to insert one, and instead here it is: an excellent solution for those looking for a Best 39 Inch TVs “Smart TV, but spending less than 300 euros. Since there are not so many devices in the category and those that are rarely there offer smart features, this was a nice find.

Where to start?

Well, first of all the operating system is very complete. We have many customization options, a rather good image quality, and a stable WiFi connection that makes good use of the potential of our router. Also the screen is LED, always a good thing.

But we also have flaws, and what flaws…

  • The resolution is only HD-Ready: very disappointing for being the only proposal of Telefunken in the category;
  • The audio system, even if with good wattage, must be revised;
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In short, here too we have a compromise. To each the choice, according to his tastes.

Best by Design: Akai AKTV390TS

Best 39 Inch TVs

Akai is another major player in the category of best 39-inch TVs. This brand focuses a lot on the design of its devices, often with curved displays or with other avant-garde solutions.

Also in this list, we mention one of their models, rewarding it precisely for its appearance. The AKTV409TS is the thinnest television in the guide, with a thickness of about half a centimeter. But in addition to a beautiful object to be put on display in our living room, it is also a television that knows its own thing:

  • With a Full HD resolution and an LEDscreen , it does better than competitors such as LG and Samsung in the 39″ category;
  • The sound is surprisingly good and enveloping;
  • The contrast of the images is pretty good, though not great;
  • The price is incredibly valid: with just over € 200 you can take it home.

Too bad for the Smart features, which are missing. Of course, for this price it is to be expected, but it still remains a convincing device in every respect.

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Philips and Samsung: what a disappointment!

Philips and Samsung are the two brands to beat in the tv and smart tv market, there is no doubt about that. But in the best 39-inch TVs category, it seems that their activity stopped long ago.

If we go to do a search in any store, online or offline, we will struggle to find a model. You can try it yourself.

The models still on the market are warehouse funds of three or four years ago,which are no longer minimally competitive on the market. No smart functionality, no Full HD resolution, in many cases we still have the LCD screen instead of the LED one.

We are surprised to see that the market leaders have missed this opportunity. For whatever reason they have decided to ignore the segment of 39″ televisions, they are certainly two heavy absences within our ranking. This is definitely one of the main reasons why out of the four TVs we recommend, two are Hisense.

TV 39″ Nordmende: should you buy them?

Many of our readers have reported problems with Nordmende TVs. Given the small number of models with a 39-inch panel, some lesser-known brands of televisions manage to achieve some visibility. Especially in online stores, this brand is very visible.

From those who complain about construction defects to those who have problems with the quality of the images, honestly the reports received seem unconvincing. We have no direct experience with the television stations in question, so we reserve the benefit of the doubt.

Out of a dozen people who contacted us about their experience with Nordmende, however, no one did it to tell us that he is very satisfied. The same seems to be confirmed by the reviews on the main online stores, which reinforces our hypothesis.

Feature about best 32 inch TVs

Before you actually make a final decision on which one these TVs you buy, there are several different things that you need to take into consideration that we will go over in this buying guide. All of the best 39-inch TVs are good for different reasons and some of these reasons might be more important to you than others. Depending on whether you want a good TV just for watching movies on, or if you only want it for sports, or if you’re just a serious gamer who wants the best you can get out of modern games, one of these best 39 inch TVs  will be better for you than the others.


If you were looking for a great 50 inch TV you would probably be more likely to come across 4K LED technology but with the 32 inch relatively rare. If you do come across one, chances are it will probably be more expensive than you might like. We think that if you want to get the best value, try to avoid anything less than 720p. All television is adapting to the technological advancements that are affecting the industry and so most of what you will want to watch will have HD resolution at the very least.

Smart Compatibility:

Surprisingly, this is also somewhat of a rarity in TVs of this size. Smart TVs cant really be considered the future anymore, because they  basically become the present. They aren’t exactly monopolizing the TV industry like smartphones have come to monopolize the cell phone industry, but it is definitely getting to that stage. The benefits to a TV with smart home compatibility and smart features are numerous. Of course, you can still use DVDs, Blu-Rays and regular television networks, the more common method these days appears to be streaming services.

Inputs & Outputs:

This is somewhat of a lesser concern because you’ll find that most of the TV companies are well aware of how important this particular factor is. It’s absolutely essential that you have all of the necessary inputs and outputs that will cover the functions you want your TV to cover. With most of these choices being HD, having a good amount of HDMI ports is something that you should want out of your TV.

Conclusion about best 39 inch TVs

As you can see, there’s an awful lot of things that need deliberation when making this decision. But the good news is that there is also an awful lot of great choices. And of these choices, the only person who knows which one is right for you is you. We’ve probably said it many times at this stage, but we can’t understate the importance of it. You have your own personal preferences, just like everyone else and so you should get the TV that suits your specifics. Go through each of the factors that we’ve talked about here and decide which ones are essential for you and which ones you can probably do without having

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