Best 43-Inch TVs : The Guide

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The Best 43-Inch TV format has always stood out for its versatility and ability to adapt to any space, and even in this 2022 the substance does not change; in fact it is the most widespread and sold format on the Italian market.

In this guide we are going to analyze which are the best models released during 2022, extricating ourselves from the various technologies offered by the numerous manufacturers such as SamsungLGPhilipsSony and Hisense. The reasons for the success of this format are to be attributed both to the ability to adapt to any type of situation, be it a living room, a kitchen or a room, and to its usability in all areas, whether they are TV series, Movies, Sport or a nice gaming session with our favorite console.

The last aspect not to be underestimated is the price, in fact it turns out to be a perfect middle ground between a low-cost TV but with a lower “thumbing”, and between a very expensive TV but of a much higher cut (think in fact of the various 55-65 inches).

1) Samsung 43AU9070 : Perfect for Gaming

Best 43-Inch TV

One of the novelties 2022 in the Samsung house is this 43AU9070, a product with a decidedly high price quality ratio of Best 43-Inch TVs .
We are facing a 4K panel with LED backlight,the colors and details have proved to be remarkable thanks above all to the new Dynamic Crystal Color technology; one of the latest innovations of the South Korean manufacturer. During our test we were astonished (once again) by the powerful new generation processor, the Crystal 4K Processor, which was able to process and manage every single chromatic nuance.

Design immediately seemed to us a strong point, with clear lines and a minimal look,a mention of merit we owe to the new wall support called Slim-Fit; thanks to which you can make our beautiful 43AU9070 adhere in perfect ways to the wall.
From the point of view of connectivity, nothing is really missing; in fact, we have the possibility to interact with all 3 main voice assistants in circulation: Alexa, Bixby and Google Assistant.

2) LG 43UP75006 LF : Lg’s Cheap Choice


Best 43-Inch TV

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If our idea is not to spend a fortune but to have a product of discreet quality we will absolutely have to do a little thought to this LG UP7500.

We are facing a Best 43-Inch TV of the latest generation, released on the Italian market during 2022 . The essential features are absolutely in line with technological innovations, the screen is a 4K with LED lighting system, a widespread and absolutely reliable technology.

Everything is moved by the four-core processor capable of guaranteeing a chromatic balance and a more than satisfactory realism; an aspect that we would like to emphasize is the ability to make Full-HD content clearly performing and comparable to a 4K resolution, all thanks to the powerful 4K Upscaling. This LG43UP7500 is also able, through special sensors, to analyze the brightness of the surrounding environment and ensure a perfect balance to the images reproduced.

The operating system that is the basis of everything is one of the latest products of the South Korean house, the WebOs 6.0 Smart TV; an improved operating system compared to previous versions and able to better manage the sphere related to entertainment also through the countless applications that can be downloaded from the store.

Like any good product of 2022,there is no lack of total compatibility with Alexa, one of the most widespread and used voice assistants all over the world. It will also be possible to manage the various features also thanks to Google’s voice assistant. Both systems are compatible but NOT integrated into it.

3) Samsung 43AU8070 : The Entry Level of the Korean house

We were waiting for it and finally it came out, Samsung during this 2022 gives us the evolution of the TU8070 going to churn out the brand new 43AU8070; an entry-level model but with more than satisfactory performance.

Best 43-Inch TV

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LED backlight technology, maximum resolution reaching 3840×2160 pixels (4K) and a powerful processor; on paper nothing is missing and as we saw during our test the performance was more than up to par.

To move and manage everything there is, in fact, a powerful processor: the Crystal 4K that moving in symbiosis with the Dynamic Crystal Color technology manages to give an extra sprint to colors and shades, thanks to a very sophisticated color mapping system.

The rest is done by the usual Samsung build quality, in every respect; both from the point of view of Design which is lean and minimal and from the point of view of the ability to adapt to any area, even the working one.
There is also the possibility of going to control and manage everything through the most modern and innovative voice assistants on the market, such as BixBy, Alexa and Google Assistant.

4) Hisense 43AE7210F : Perfect for Sports and TV Series


Best 43-Inch TV

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If there is a brand of Smart TV that in recent years has risen to prominence for the very advantageous quality-price ratio that brand is undoubtedly Hisense. As for many other models, also for this Hisense 43AE7210F, the multinational based in China has managed to develop a very high-end product, with technological solutions definitely in step with the times.

Among its strengths we find the 4K UHD resolution that make it a great product especially for Gaming on consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation. Another mention deserves without any doubt the efficient VIDAA U4.0 Operating System, a different solution from competitors such as Samsung, LG or Sony but equally valid. Among other things, there is also the implementation of voice commands thanks to Alexa and the sound quality is of the highest level; this AE7210F in fact uses Virtual DTS X technology to guarantee the user a sound experience as close as possible to reality.

Best 43-Inch TV

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If we are looking for an LG with thebuilt-in Alexa voice assistant, we will have to seriously consider this 43UP77006LB.

The technical characteristics are completely similar to the LG 43UP75006LF model, which we have previously included in our guide; the main differences are related (precisely) to the presence of a native integration with Amazon’s voice assistant. This will mean that we will not need an external device to vocally manage the TV, but we will find everything already working and pre-installed as standard.

We are facing a Best 43-Inch TV equipped with maximum 4K resolution that uses the LED backlight to ensure a clean and well-defined image. Among its strengths is the performate processor, a Quad Core 4K with AI that can best handle all the most complex operations such as, for example, the4K Upscaling.

There is also a special method designed to make the best of all cinematographic content; we are talking about the so-called Film Maker Mode. Thanks to this implementation, the TV will be able to render content such as Movies and TV Series in an absolutely brilliant way, enhancing their characteristics.

6) Sony BRAVIA KD-43X80JP : the New 43 Inches of the Japanese house

Best 43-Inch TV

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In the ranking of the Best 43-Inch TVs could not miss a Sony product; the Japanese multinational launched this model during 2022 and we are convinced that it will be able to climb many sales rankings: we are talking about the Sony BRAVIA KD-43X80JP.

The TV is equipped with a screen with LED backlight capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Brain and central engine of this little jewel of sony house is the 4K HDR X1 processor, it in collaboration with the Triluminos Pro technology manages to guarantee a quality and quantity of color at the highest levels. The Audio department is remarkable, with the sound that turns out to be enveloping and well balanced; thanks to the X-Balanced Speaker technology and Dolby Atmos. One of the aspects that we have been able to appreciate the most about this KD-43X80JP is the ecological policy with which it was built by the Japanese company, in fact the plastics with which it was built have been recycled up to 89%. Congratulations to Sony!

7) Samsung The Frame 2022 43LS03A : A work of art


Best 43-Inch TV

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We are looking for a piece of furniture as well as an efficient Best 43-Inch TV should definitely consider The Frame 2022. Samsung has once again made the center, going to create a real interactive art.

The TV is a powerful QLED capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 4k, equipped with HDR10+ and a powerful Quantum 4K Internal Processor, among the most powerful ever tested by our editorial staff. It goes without saying that the images we were able to observe were of a higher quality, with bright colors and very bright contrast levels. But it’s not just this that has (once again) amazed us as much as its being a real design object.

The merits are to be traced in the very thin perimeter frame and its silhouette that makes it look like a painting. Nothing has been left to chance in this respect, even the connection cables have been cleverly concealed and thanks to the One Connection Box it will be possible to place our external devices (such as Soundbar, Headphones etc. etc.) without the need to “disfigure” the cleaning of this 43LS03A.

A gem that pleased us is also the attention of Samsung towards a policy as “Green” as possible; the supplied remote control is in fact powered by a real solar cell that will charge thanks to the daylight and the artificial light of the house. In this way, the consumption linked to the production and disposal of the classic batteries has been completely eliminated.

8) Panasonic 43HX600 : The Panasonic Choice

Best 43-Inch TV

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In this 2022 even Panasonic manages to place its Smart TV among the best in the Best 43-Inch TV category, we are talking about the 43HX600; a multipurpose product that manages to behave well in all respects.

The panel is equipped with LED backlight technology and a maximum resolution of 380×2160 pixels. HDR (High Dynamic Range) ensures a perfect balance between whites and blacks, an aspect that we definitely liked. Like any good self-respecting Smart TV, everything is expertly managed by a powerful integrated micro-processor, the 4K Studio Colour Engine. It, with its high computing power, manages to guarantee a very high definition and fluidity.

From the point of view of Entertainment nothing is missing, it is in fact possible to connect our external devices through a series of rear ports as well as the possibility of interfacing this Panasonic 43HX600 with the main Apps such as Netflix and Youtube. It is also possible to take advantage of Amazon Alexa to give voice commands to our 43-inch.

Best 43-Inch TV: At what distance to watch TV?

Many of you have often asked us what is the optimal viewing distance of a 43-inch TV. Now we will briefly explain what to take into account to understand at what distance it is necessary to place our beautiful sofa.

First of all it must be said that the optimal viewing distance depends on the maximum resolution achievable by the screen. In fact, Tv with Full-HD resolution will have a different viewing distance than an HD-ready or a 4k TV. To simplify everything we will say that the general rule is as follows: the optimal mink distance is inversely proportional to the resolution of our 43 inches; that is, the more a TV has a high resolution, the more we could have a short viewing distance. The reason is quite simple, a TV with 4K resolution possesses a resolution 4 times higher than a Full-HD, as a result we can get closer to have a sharp and detailed vision.

But how many centimeters could we place our viewing point relative to the TV? The rule to follow is easy to apply, first of all we consider the length of the diagonal of our TV, being the Best 43-Inch TV the calculation will be as follows: 43 inches x 2.54 cm = 109 cm. At this point the optimal viewing distance is calculated between 1 and 1.5 times the value of the diagonal (for 4K TVs) and between 1.5 and 2.5 times the diagonal (for Full-HD TVs); it goes without saying that the optimal distance for a 4K TV will be between 109 and 163 cm and the optimal viewing distance for a Full-HD will be between 163 cm and 272 cm. Enjoy!

How much does a Smart TV 43 Inch cost?

The Best 43-Inch TV format was immediately configured as one of the best-selling on the Italian market, among the reasons for this extraordinary success there is undoubtedly the size of the panel. The Best 43-Inch TV are in fact a measure able to satisfy a large part of the Italian clientele; in fact, it manages to figure well both in somewhat narrow environments and in fairly large spaces and rooms.

But what is the price range where almost all the models of this size develop? Let’s find out together.

The price range has a wide range, mainly due to the fact of having a truly generous amount of models. The top of the range are positioned in the range 600-800 euros, for this figure it is easy to take home a TV equipped with the most innovative technologies of today’s market. The mid-range is around 350 euros up to 600 euros, it is precisely in this range that most of the models on the market are placed, for this sum you take home an absolutely valid model and able to satisfy the vast majority of needs. Finally, we have the medium-low range, in this last range there are televisions from 350 euros to 250 euros. We would like to consider that they are very valid models, perhaps dated and not released in the current year and therefore equipped with a technology not of the latest generation; but able to guarantee us a visual quality and a satisfying audio experience.

We strongly recommend not to fall below the 250 euros budget for the purchase of a Best 43-Inch TV, in fact at that price we could find models seriously limited from a technological point of view. Maybe with a resolution of less than 1080p, without any WIFI connection or with a seriously poor sound system; which will later force you to resort to buying a soundbar to fully enjoy the sound experience.

We strongly recommend not to fall below the 250 euros budget for the purchase of a Best 43-Inch TV, in fact at that price we could find models seriously limited from a technological point of view. Maybe with a resolution of less than 1080p, without any WIFI connection or with a seriously poor sound system; which will later force you to resort to buying a soundbar to fully enjoy the sound experience.

43 Inches: What are the brands to take into account?

As we have already anticipated previously, the range of offers for the Best 43-Inch TV category is extremely wide and varied; in practice, almost all manufacturers have placed on the market at least one model of this size.

Among the top-of-the-range manufacturers we find without a shadow of a doubt Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips and Hisense. A step below these magnificent 5 there is a wide range of rivals, we are talking about Sharp, TCL, Panasonic.

FAQ about Best 43-Inch TVs

Is it worth buying a 43 inch 4K TV?

A 55-inch model isn’t that much more expensive, and in the long run the bigger picture it’s absolutely worth it. … A43-inch screen will save you $100 or more compared to a 55-inch TV, and while I’d argue that’s money well spent, 43 inches is still big enough that you’ll have a good viewing experience.

Is 43 inch too small for 4K?

As a general guide, Best 43-Inch TV devices are a good option for when you are going to be sitting between 3.6 to 5.4 feet away from the screen. … Screen Resolution – This is a surprisingly easy decision — 4K (Ultra HD). While 8K is now a possibility, it’s rarely available in 43-inch models.

How far away from the TV should you sit?

A 60” TV– You should sit between 5 and 7.5 feet away from the screen. A 65” TV– You should sit between 5.5 and 8 feet away from the screen. A 70” TV– You should sit between 6 and 9 feet away from the screen. A 75” TV– You should sit between 6.5 and 9.5 feet away from the screen.

conclusion about Best 43-Inch TVs

Several amazing TVs were there, right? We are still doubtful that a few out of you might be confused regarding which Best 43-Inch TV to choose when every single out of them was awesome. So now, we’ll mention which TV perfectly fits your needs!

Kodak 43UHDXSMART is the overall best cheap 43″ TV for you. Talking about the bestseller cheap 43″ TV, then it’s none other than Mi TV 4A Pro. Now, if your budget is as low as 17000 approx and still looking for a high-feature TV, then Micromax L43Z0666FHD has everything to surprise you.

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