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As for the research of Smart TVs with UHD 4K technology , we would like to emphasize that the market offers an unparalleled range of offers, both in terms of the size of the displays, both in terms of operating systems and functions related to connectivity.

Even before proceeding with the guide that shows the best 4K Smart Tv beginning of 2022, however, we think it is right to make a note to make it easier to read the guide: UHD and 4K are synonymous, or both refer to the resolution of  1920 x 1080 pixels  presented by the various displays.

This resolution, at the moment, is the one that can be considered top of the range , as there is no other that offers a better view than this. Furthermore, when applied to panels featuring OLED backlight technology , the viewing quality is totally unmatched.

Finally, the last clarification that we want to make, concerns the 32-inch Smart TVs with 4K resolution: they do not exist. Despite being widely sought after by the public, this type of resolution is not applied to such small screens, but starts with panels of the size of 40 inches.

4K 40 ″ Smart TV: Samsung UE40NU7190

Although the 40-inch size is often sought after among users who approach the world of Smart TVs, the offer turns out to be rather poor. In this sense we have focused on the model that according to the technical data sheet, the technologies applied to the display and the price, could be considered the best among the few competitors.

In fact, this Samsung model is one of the few to have a screen of this size, but in terms of quality and guarantee it leaves nothing to be desired. In fact, the panel has LED backlight technology and HDR resolution , which in addition to 4K allow the viewer to enjoy even the smallest details during a movie.

Best 4K Smart Tv

In addition, this Samsung model is also equipped with PurColor and UHD Dimming technologies , which allow the transmission of more vivid and brilliant colors, but at the same time also a greater visual contrast between very dark and very light images, further enhancing the experience. of vision.

Also with regard to connectivity, this Smart TV offers all the features to expand and customize your television offer, both thanks to the integrated Wifi connection and thanks to  Samsung Cloud technology , through which you can share your content on the home screen. .

Finally, also as regards the game mode, this model has gone further: thanks to the Steam Link technology , the user has the possibility to connect his PC to the TV screen and entertain himself with gaming sessions with high visual and audio quality. .

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4K 50 ″ Smart TV: LG 50UK6500

This 50-inch LG model features a screen with LED technology , but unlike the traditional backlight method, which involves a filter on the display that sometimes causes light reflections, this model integrates 1 nanometer particles into the panel without filter, offering a clear and perfect view.

The Ultra HD 4K resolution is combined with HDR and the optimization that takes place by the Quad Core processor , which guarantees high quality colors and clarity even for the lowest resolutions. Furthermore, thanks to LG’s Ultra Luminance technology,  the display transmits images much brighter than average, making the dark areas more intense and deep and the colored areas brighter.Best 4K Smart Tv

Also as regards the audio quality, this LG Smart TV features  ULTRA Surround technology , which combined with the favorable position of the speakers offers a very high standard of listening, deep and without noise. On the connectivity side, however, this model features both integrated Wifi and Bluetooth , thanks to which you can connect your electronic devices and enjoy content and applications on the home screen.

It is also possible to control the Smart TV thanks to a single remote control, which thanks to the Magic Remote technology allows the user to interact vocally with the TV display without having to move a finger. Finally, the convenience also resides in the  webOS 4.0 operating system , which has a simple and intuitive interface to move easily between the offer proposed by LG.

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Smart TV 4K 55 “: TCL 55DP660

This 55-inch TCL Smart TV combines the best of technologies applied to screen resolution, the slim and refined design of the TV and the convenience linked to the connectivity side. The display features LED backlight technology , and offers a top-of-the-range resolution level. The Ultra HD 4K in fact, is combined with the HDR PRO , to offer a simply realistic vision, rich in details and with an unmistakable contrast.

Best 4K Smart Tv
Furthermore, thanks to the Wide Color Gamut technology , the screen faithfully reproduces the colors associated with images, just like in the cinema. The same level of high quality is also maintained with regard to the audio, which, having Dolby Audio  technology,  ensures an overwhelming listening while watching any type of content, whether it is a film, a concert or an entertainment moment during the session. of game.

As for connectivity and offer, this Smart TV can be defined as flawless. The Android TV 7.0 operating  system with integrated Google Assistant  allows the user to interface with an almost infinite amount of applications, programs, movies and games, which can be easily installed on the TV. In addition to having the integrated Wifi connection, this model also has Google Play and Google Play Games , two applications that further amplify the offer to the user.

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Smart TV 4K 65 “: Samsung UE65NU7090

Finally, the latest model that we absolutely must talk about is the new Samsung UE65NU7090, belonging to the NU7090 range . This category of televisions has the most advanced features and functions developed by the South Korean house, and offers incomparable models from every point of view.

This model of Smart TV has a refined and elegant design, with fine and slim frames, which allow a wider view of the contents transmitted on the display. The panel features LED backlighting technology , which is combined with both 4K UHD resolution and HDR , for a vision of complete realism and sharpness even in details.

Best 4K Smart Tv

Regarding the purity of colors, Samsung has developed an additional technology, known as PurColor,  which allows faithful color reproduction while maintaining the realism of images. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of UHD Dimming , the screen offers very deep blacks and very bright whites, highlighting the contrast between light and dark images even more clearly.

Also as regards connectivity, this model leaves absolutely nothing to be desired: it is equipped with Wifi connection , the Tizen platform and the SmartThings application . Thanks to the internet connection you will have the possibility to browse the web directly from the home screen, all made even easier and more intuitive thanks to a platform specially designed for simple and pleasant navigation.

Finally, by downloading the SmartThings application directly to your smartphone, you will be able to interact directly with the TV from mobile, always bearing in mind that Samsung has concentrated everything in a single remote control .

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The best of Samsung: UE55MU9000

The panel of this Samsung model not only has the highest resolution, but thanks to its curved shape it offers an innovative and even more engaging design for the viewer, who feels more involved while watching a movie.

The panel is thin, the frames are slim and the pedestal has an elegant and refined shape. The display has the LED backlight system, and offers the highest resolution, the UHD 4K . Plus, thanks to HDR1000 support, images are crisp, lifelike and vivid to deliver an immersive TV experience.

Also as regards the colors, thanks to the Dynamic Crystal Color technology , the chromatic range is wide, and offers shades of all kinds, to make every single scene vibrant. Furthermore, thanks to Ultra Black , the contrast level is further emphasized, since any sort of reflection is absorbed, guaranteeing an excellent balance between whites and blacks.

Best 4K Smart Tv

These technologies are maintained even during gaming sessions where, thanks to the Motion Rate 240 technology , the images appear fluid and realistic, thanks to an extremely low response time. Even the sound quality remains the same as the visual one, thanks to the speaker system with a power of 40 watts and the Dolby Digital Plus sound system , two elements that offer total involvement when watching any type of content.

If desired, it is possible to connect the appropriate headphones via the Bluetooth connection, for an even better performance. As for the Smart functions, this Samsung model offers some interesting features, especially thanks to the Tizen operating system , which has a simple and intuitive interface.

For interaction with the Smart TV, for example, it is sufficient to use the single remote control that is supplied, and to use the voice commands function to further simplify navigation. Furthermore, thanks to the Smart View application , easily downloadable on your smartphone, you have the possibility to connect the device to the Smart TV, and use it both as if it were a remote control, and to control all the other Samsung devices that can be connected to the TV.

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Best of LG:  OLED 65W8PLA

Smart TV models that feature OLED backlight technology are considered the best in terms of visual quality. This technology, in fact, thanks to the automatic switching off of the pixels of the screen, during darker scenes, allows to obtain much deeper and more intense blacks than a normal LED screen, increasing the television experience.

The other interesting aspect is that, thanks to even darker blacks, the contrast with respect to the bright areas appears even more evident, bringing even the smallest detail more prominent. This LG Smart TV offers a completely unique and innovative design, not only thanks to the high thinness of the panel, but above all through the arrangement of the soundbar, which remains completely disconnected from the display.

The screen has the maximum resolution -UHD 4K-, which combined with HDR gives emotions when watching any type of content. The High Dynamic Range also supports several formats, including:
HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10 Pro, HLG Pro and HDR Effect. The beauty of the images is maintained while watching the action-packed movies as well as for sporting events, to offer a pure and engaging vision.

Best 4K Smart Tv

At the same time, the sound quality is also impeccable: the soundbar has a power of 60 watts, and the audio system is Dolby Atmos , two elements that contribute to clean and natural sound, and to total involvement.

Being a latest generation Smart TV, the ability to interact with it via voice commands is guaranteed by the AI ThinkQ technology , which further simplifies the interaction between the user and the TV. To be able to use it, however, you need the Magic Remote LG, sold separately.

The operating system is the web OS 4.0 , which has a simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to navigate the Smart TV without any difficulty. In addition to the possibility of downloading additional applications, some are already included, such as DAZN and NOW TV , to have the best in terms of sports offer.

In addition, you can also access Rakuten, a rich catalog of cinematic content in UHD 4K. Finally, thanks to the Gallery Mode function , you have the opportunity to use your Smart TV also for sharing and transmitting your photos, to warm up the atmosphere of your home.

The best of Philips: 55PUS7502 / 12

This model of the Dutch house is recommended by more than 60% of users who have purchased it, and who have been pleasantly surprised by its functionality. This Smart TV has a slim and light design, but also refined, thanks to the chromed aluminum pedestal that fits perfectly with any environment.

As for the bezels, these have been made as thin as possible to expand the viewing experience to the maximum, but the highlight certainly remains the Ambilight technology . In fact, thanks to the LEDs positioned on the sides of the panel, the shades of the scenes that are transmitted from the screen can be projected on the rear wall, in order to further expand the vision of the content.

The 55-inch display features LED backlighting, and features 4K UHD resolution . Movie viewing is further enhanced with support for HDR Premium , which offers high contrast levels, greater brightness and, consequently, more sharpness.

Best 4K Smart Tv
As for the colors, the Dutch house has developed the Philips Premium Color technology , which expands the color range by 85% compared to normal televisions, offering realistic, vivid and natural colors and shades, to give a viewing experience. only.

Finally, thanks to the implementation of the new Philips P5 Perfect Picture processor , images are improved by 50%, offering a greater level of depth, as well as refinement in details, and the brightness of whites in contrast with the darkness of blacks.

At the same time, the visual quality meets that of the sound, thanks to the DTS-HD audio system and the rear system positioned to faithfully reproduce the high and low tones, to offer an immersive audio while watching any content. Also with regard to the connectivity side, this Philips Smart TV does not miss anything.

Thanks to the Android operating system, in fact, downloading apps from the Google Play Store is a simple and immediate process, especially when the TV has an expandable memory up to 16 GB. Also, some applications are pre-installed, so they offer tons of content right after installation. To conclude, this Smart TV presents the brand recommended by Netflix , a guarantee in terms of quality, which only the models that manage to exceed some very high standards get.

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The best of Sony:  KD43XF8596BAEP

This Sony model, which features a 43-inch screen, features an elegant and minimal design, with a super slim bezel that ensures ample viewing space. The panel combines LED backlight technology together with Ultra HD 4K resolution and Object-based HDR remaster and Super Bit Mapping technologies, which guarantee a greater level of depth, more vivid colors and more realistic images.

Furthermore, thanks to TRILUMINOS technology , colors and shades come to life, making them very natural to the human eye. As for the action-packed scenes, they appear fluid and natural thanks to the Motion Flow technology , which ensures a minimum response time. The beauty of the images is also maintained during gaming sessions, thanks to the Game Mode function , which makes PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro the ideal partners for fun.

Best 4K Smart Tv

Also in terms of audio quality, this model features three highly advanced technologies that guarantee a clean and deep sound, even for low-resolution content:  Clear Phase , DSEE – Digital Sound Enhancement Engine- and  ClearAudio + .

Furthermore, to guarantee an audio equal to the viewing of the contents on the screen, there is another technology that should not be underestimated, the cinematic S-Force Front Surround  which, as the term itself suggests, provides an immersive and pure sound as when you are at Cinema.

As for connectivity, this Sony model has all the features of a Smart TV. Thanks to Wifi and integrated Bluetooth it is possible to browse the network comfortably even from your own devices, and take advantage of the wide range of contents and applications offered by the Android operating system  and from the Google Play application . Finally, even the contents of streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube maintain the high resolution quality, offering top-of-the-range content.

The best of Panasonic: TX-65DX900

This Panasonic Smart TV features a refined and light design, offered by ultra slim bezels and an elegant pedestal, which perfectly matches the aesthetics of the TV. The 65-inch display features the LED backlight system, and the resolution, UHD 4K, matches the HDR Pro . The latter offers a vision of the images as they were designed by the directors, to ensure the highest quality.

In addition, the implementation of the new 4K Studio Master HCX + processor ensures optimized colors, which are transmitted with impeccable realism and vibrancy. The Local Dimming also ensures a high contrast level, as it makes blacks, by emphasizing the light areas sharper and deeper. These technologies are combined with the dedicated Professional Cinema screen, which combines the colors and brightness of the large screen.Best 4K Smart Tv

The latter has also been certified by THX , a certificate that not only guarantees the high visual quality, but that only televisions that pass 400 tests can obtain. To conclude the visual experience aspect, we would like to emphasize that this Smart TV also offers the possibility of watching 3D television content , but the goggles are to be purchased separately.

At the same time, the visual experience is amply accompanied by the sound quality offered by the VR-Audio Master Surround 2.1 sound system and the loudspeaker power of 40 watts.

The Firefox OS operating system offers the my Home Screen 2.0 interface, which allows for simple and convenient navigation, including the process of downloading additional applications. To further enhance the user experience, Panasonic has developed a single remote control to manage every function of the Smart TV.

This also has voice commands, to be able to interact in an even faster and easier way. Finally, thanks to the Swipe & Share function , sharing your multimedia files from mobile to the Smart TV screen is child’s play, as only the Wifi connection is required.

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The best of Hisense: H60N5705

This Hisense model, with a size of 60 inches, offers a slim display with LED backlight technology , UHD 4K resolution and HDR Plus , which guarantee a high level of image quality, thanks to the contrast highlighted by the depth of blacks and by the brightness of the whites.

Moreover, thanks to the 4K Upscaling technology , this Smart TV allows you to convert the contents with a lower resolution, into contents of extreme quality, allowing the viewer to enjoy a highly qualitative vision and from any source, with the maximum resolution.

Best 4K Smart Tv

As for the technology related to sound, the Hisense models feature the dbx-tv system , which without the addition of any external device, allows you to listen to a clean and engaging audio while watching a movie rather than an event. sporty.

As for connectivity, this Smart TV not only has integrated Wifi, but also a large number of pre-installed applications, such as Netflix, YouTube, Chili TV and Waki ​​TV. Moreover, the use of the TV is intuitive and simple, thanks to the Opera V4.7 operating system  , which features the VIDAA U interface , an easy to navigate screen.

The TV has two USB inputs and an HDMI input, but does not have a scart socket. Finally, also as regards the economy of the Smart TV, this model falls within the energy class A + , allowing savings from the point of view of consumption.

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The best of HDR technology: Sharp LC-49UI7252E

As for the combination of Smart TVs that have 4K resolution and HDR technology , we would like to recommend this Sharp model. With a 49-inch display and LED backlighting, this model guarantees top-of-the-range content viewing.

First of all, thanks to the presence of the Active Motion 400 , the Sharp screen has the ability to offer moving images without any noise, possible thanks to the creation of new frames through the GPU -Graphics Processing Unit-.

Best 4K Smart Tv

Another technology applied to the TV panel is the ACE PRO ULTRA Engine , which allows for rapid image optimization in terms of color range, contrast and sharpness, offering a result that is as natural as possible.

For an extremely immersive vision, you also need an audio system that is of equal range, and that is why starting with the 32-inch models, the parent company has implemented Harman Kardon technology , which offers clean and deep audio during every scene.

As for connectivity, this Smart TV has integrated Wifi, three HDMI ports – where you can also connect Blu-Ray players – and two USB outputs . The latter two can also be used for recording multimedia content to be exported and saved, but the hard disk alternative is also valid.

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Best 4K LED Smart TV: Sony KDL50WF665

This Sony model, belonging to the Smart TV category, is considered the spearhead in terms of LED technology . The display has the size of 50 inches and a very slim and elegant design, which adapts to any environment.

The Full HD resolution it is equipped with allows a vision that is five times better than that offered by standard screens, with a resolution of  1920 x 1080 pixels , which guarantees a more realistic, clear and rich in detail vision.

Plus, thanks to X-Reality PRO technology, all pixels are converted to Full HD perfection, delivering simply stunning images. The scenes of any content are able to involve the viewer more thanks to the HDR technology , which supports numerous formats, including HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma .

Best 4K Smart Tv

The features described above relating to the visual quality of the TV are also maintained during gaming sessions : Sony TVs that feature HDR technology are perfectly compatible with PlayStation, and offer high-quality entertainment experiences.

Also with regard to audio quality, the technologies applied go hand in hand with those designed for the display:  ClearAudio + allows you to reproduce an excellent sound, without any noise and putting the spectator at the center of the show.

As for connectivity, like all Smart TVs, this model also has integrated Wifi thanks to which it is possible to browse the contents of the network, and with the presence of the  Smart Plug & Play application you have the opportunity to share on the big screen your favorite contents from both devices and the USB stick

In addition, the remote control is also equipped with the YouTube button that connects the user directly to the interface of the streaming platform, allowing simple and immediate navigation.

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Best 4K OLED Smart TV:  LG 65E8PLA

As for Smart TVs that adopt OLED technology, we would like to make some clarifications . First of all, not all manufacturers have adopted this technology, and this is the main reason why there are few on the market. The second clarification concerns the price , since, being an innovative technology of high quality and low consumption, the costs of the Smart TVs that have the OLED backlit display are very different from those with LEDs.

In this sense, we would like to clarify that the expense is absolutely worth the viewing experience it offers, and that it never leaves the viewer disappointed. The model that according to our research can take the place as the best OLED Smart TV is, without a shadow of a doubt, the LG 65E8PLA model . Aesthetically, the glass screen offers an elegant and borderless design, since the frame, unlike most televisions, is absent.

Best 4K Smart Tv


The Ultra HD resolution of the display also marries HDR technology , which not only improves the transmitted images, but also converts content with lower resolutions, such as SDR, to HDR. The viewing quality is guaranteed up to 99% as regards the viewing angle , which precisely includes very large spaces. Finally, all these qualities are guaranteed by the a9 Intelligent Processor , designed by the parent company for its OLED devices.

The perfection of the scenes, colors and contrast is accompanied by an inimitable sound quality: thanks to Dolby Atmos technology and the presence of six built-in speakers, the Smart TVs of the E8 series guarantee perfect and highly engaging audio throughout the living room. home.

As for the use of the Smart TV, the user can easily take advantage of the programs and applications offered thanks to the intuitive  webOS 4.0 interface , to be used with the Magic Remote that is supplied with the TV.

Type of 4K Smart Tv:

There are plenty of different screen types out there, all working in different ways to produce the same results. Each technology has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, so here are some basics to consider when looking for the right 4K TV for your needs:

LED TV: Direct LED

These displays are backlit by an array of LEDs (light emitting diodes) directly behind the screen. This enables localised dimming – meaning immediately adjacent areas of brightness and darkness can be displayed more effectively – and greatly improves contrast. LED TVs are also more power-efficient and capable of a wider color gamut than CCFL sets. Because of the extreme cost of mounting these arrays of LEDs, cheaper TVs usually use Edge-Lit LED screens over Direct or Full-Array LED screens.


With these TVs, LEDs of the backlight are mounted along the edges of the panel. This arrangement enables radically slender displays and offers superior contrast levels to CCFL, but can’t achieve the same picture quality as directly lit LED sets. However, they do come in far cheaper which is why most LED TVs out there now use this technology.


The backlighting on OLED (organic light-emitting diode) sets is achieved by passing an electric current through an emissive, electroluminescent film. This technique produces far better colors and higher contrast and also enables screens to be extremely thin and flexible. This is the holy grail of display technology and LG, Sony, Philips and Panasonic have all adopted it in their flagship sets.

Quantum Dot

Quantum Dot is Samsung’s big play in the LED TV space. With it, the brand claims that it’s able to produce more colorful pictures than LG and Sony while offering even brighter panels. LG’s Super UHD TVs all use a variation of Quantum Dot called Nano Cell, and Hisense makes a number of Quantum Dot TVs for the US and China.

FAQ about Best 4K Smart Tv

1. What is the difference between Smart TV and 4K?

Most current HDTVs have a resolution of 1920×1080 (number of pixels horizontally/vertically), which is often referred to as Full HD, while the resolution of older HDTVs is 1280×720. A 4K TV’s resolution is 3840×2160, or 4 times the resolution of full HD. … More videos are now available in 4K format.

2. Is led or 4K better?

4K LED TVs are still sharper than 4K OLED TVs due to motion artifacts in 4K OLED TVs that do not exist in 4K LEDs. THis and brightness are the only two qualiative areas where 4K LED beats 4K OLED. Longevity, Screen Uniformity, Brightness, Color Rendition are all accurate in the comparison.

3. Does 4K look better on a 1080p screen?

When you merge 4 pixels (2×2) from a 4K stream, it produces a full RGB 1080P image which renders perfectly on a 1080P monitor. That’s why it looks so much better when you view the 4K YouTube video on a 1080P display.

4. Why does my new 4K TV look blurry?

Why Does My 4K TV Look Pixelated, Blurry, or Grainy? You are watching content with a resolution lower than 1080p or 4K on your 4K TV. Your TV settings for HD or UHD contents are not set properly. Your cable used to connect 4K TV and the source devices do not support 4K.

5. What should gamma be set to on 4K TV?

A gamma setting of 2.2 is usually considered the ideal setting and though some manufacturers offer adjustments with choices such as 2.0, 2.2, 2.5 etc

6. What happens if I play 4K on a 1080p TV?

If you play 4K video on a 1080p screen, your TV will just downscale it automatically to 1080p, but if you have some cheap Chinese TV, it may just be no signal or only show 25% of the image, since 4K is 4X the resolution than 1080p.

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