The Best 4K TVs

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Technological progress in recent years has led to making real strides in the resolution of Smart TV screens; if until some time ago the standard was the Full-Hd today this has been surpassed by 4k, ie a resolution equal to 4 times the now “obsolete” FHD. Today the main manufacturers are competing to try to develop the best models on the market, capable of climbing and dominating the sales rankings of this 2022.

But let’s stop and let’s analyze what are the best products for sale in Italy today, focusing on brands, technological aspects and visual rendering without neglecting prices.

The 2022 according to Samsung: Neo QLED 55QN85A

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It certainly could not miss a product by Samsung in our ranking on the best 4k TVs, this Neo QLED QN85A has all the credentials to place itself at the top of the ranking.

The panel is a 55-inch equipped with the backlight technology called NEO QLED, a technology implemented by the South Korean manufacturer during 2021. It is based on the use of Mini LEDs, ie LEDs with smaller dimensions than the common LEDs, in this way it will be possible to manage and control the backlight in a better way giving life to brighter contrasts, with bright whites and increasingly dark blacks. Everything is expertly managed and orchestrated by the innovative latest generation processor, the Neo Quantum 4K; one of the most powerful CPUs on the market can deliver incredible visual output.

A technology that we particularly appreciated during our test isSamsung’s Anti Reflection, thanks to it there will be no disturbance related to the reflections of the light on the screen, thus allowing us a satisfying vision even during the day inside particularly bright rooms.

Samsung leaves nothing to chance and even the audio turns out to be of the highest quality, thanks to the development of different technologies; among the many deserving of a mention we would like to emphasize theintelligent amplification of the voice (called by Samsung AVA technicians). Thanks to it it will be possible to listen to the dialogues of the scenes even in situations of particularly noisy environments, in fact the TV will amplify the sounds if there is an external noise that could be annoying during the viewing.

LG OLED48C14LB : The perfect OLED for TV Series Movies and Gaming

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If you are looking for a superior quality product with an extremely thin design, you must turn your attention to an OLED product. This technology in fact, in addition to guaranteeing an ultra-thin design,is able to offer an incredible contrast; especially thanks to super-intense blacks.
Of course, the cost to be incurred is not at all low, but on the other hand the quality is paid for.

LG OLED C14LB was launched by the manufacturer during 2021 and we are sure that it will remain at the top of the category for much longer. In addition to the technology of QLED self-illuminating pixels, the strong point of this Smart TV is the 4K α9 Gen4 processor with AI; a CPU capable of managing ultra-complex algorithms and guaranteeing unparalleled visual and auditory output.

What amazed us most during our test is certainly the ability to faithfully reproduce every type of chromatic aspect, each image turned out to be of an impressive reality.

Thanks to FilmMaker Mode technology, this OLED will be the reference point for all fans of TV series and movies, to be enjoyed both on standard networks and on the most popular entertainment apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video and many others.

The 120Hz refresh rate will be a particularly welcome aspect for all lovers of Online Gaming, the gameplay turned out to be fluid and satisfying.

TCL 50C721 : the perfect QLED for sports lovers on TV

If you are looking for 4K performing but do not want to spend a fortune we at we can only recommend the latest born in the house TCL, the C721.The design is absolutely top-notch, with the double support stand with a clean design, capable of blending excellently with a thin panel and practically devoid of side frames. The “physical” connectivity is good, we have in fact 3 HDMI sockets and 2 USB ports placed on the back of the panel. As for the “virtual” connectivity, the TV is compatible with almost all the main entertainment apps both Live and On Demand.

The Panel is a QLED that thanks to the combination with HDR PRO technology manages to offer a color rendering of the highest level, the colors observed during our test were comparable to TVs with a much higher price and blazon. This product is particularly suitable for all sports enthusiasts, thanks to the MEMC (Motion Clarity) technology, the TCL C721 is able to guarantee particularly sharp images and free of flickering even during the most agitated and eventful actions.

There is also compatibility with Google Assistant, the voice assistant that allows us to give orders to the TV without the need to move a finger, using only our voice.

Samsung 43AU8070 : The latest generation Crystal UHD

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Samsung’s range of Crystal UHD Smart TVs further expands its offer with this product. We are facing a 43-inch panel, smaller than the previous ones, but capable of guaranteeing effective and satisfying performance. At the center of everything there is the powerful Crystal 4K processor, able to better manage all the technologies present inside the TV, among the many we cannot fail to mention the Dynamic Crystal Color,the technology that more than any other surprised us, thanks to it in fact the color range offered by this AU8070 turned out to be exciting.

The design of the panel is minimal, with a thickness really at the top of the LED category, certainly we do not reach the levels of an OLED but we are talking about completely different technologies (and not comparable cost).
On this 43AU8070 has not been neglected even the audio sector, indeed the Q-Symphony technology has turned out to be a pleasant discovery, this will allow us to manage a possible soundbar at best, in fact it will be possible to synchronize the audio coming from the speakers of our AU8070 with an additional soundbar , creating a sort of Dolby Surround effect.
On the connectivity side there is total compatibility with the most famous voice assistants on the market, Bixby, Alexa and Hey Google.

The 43 Inch 4K 2022 from Hisense: 43A68G


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In our ranking on the Best 4K TVs could not miss a Hisenseproduct, the Chinese multinational has in fact managed to conquer a good slice of the market; the reasons for its success are to be traced in the excellent value for money that it is able to offer.

The TV we have selected for you is the brand new Hisense 43A68G, a 43-inch 4K TV released during 2021; the technical specifications and performance configure it as one of the best 4K 43-inch TVs on the market.

The screen takes advantage of the LED backlight system to offer clear and sharp images, the merit is also given by the powerful Dolby Vision HDR; a technology able to offer a very high level of definition and detail. In addition to the level of detail, what amazes about this Hisense 43A68G is the wide color gamut combined with intensity; the merit is all of the so-called Precision Colour,a feature created by Hisense technicians to offer a color level clearly above average and with billions of shades.

This product of the Chinese multinational really lacks nothing, in fact we have the opportunity to take advantage of two different viewing modes to enhance both Gaming and Sport on TV. In fact, it will be possible to go and modify some viewing parameters to enhance some types of content, an aspect that fans of these categories will appreciate very much.

At the base of the operation there is the powerful and reliable VIDAA operating system, a product that we have learned to appreciate on numerous Hisense models. Navigating and managing every single aspect related to entertainment turns out to be easy and intuitive, the merit is also of the implementation ofthe Amazon voice assistant,the famous Alexa. Thanks to this voice assistance system it will be possible to better manage the countless features offered.

LG 43UP77006LB : LG’s Low-Cost Choice


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Within our ranking of the best 4K could not miss a cheap LG, we are talking about LG 43UP77006LB; a product landed on the Italian market during 2021 and destined to become one of the best-sellers of this season.

Its strengths are the LG quality offered at a decidedly competitive price; we are in fact facing a 43-inch 4K panel,which uses LED backlight technology to reproduce images. At the base of everything there is the powerful processor of the latest generation, equipped with 4 cores and capable of high performance capable of performing any type of operation. Among the many operations managed there is also the4K Upscaling, that is the process that allows the TV to render lower quality content in 4K.

LG 43UP77006LB is foreshadowed as a great product for all fans of Movies and TV Series; in fact, the FILM Maker Modehas been implemented within it: that is, a mode that aims to enhance every cinematographic reproduction, in such a way as to make it a unique experience.

From a SMART point of view nothing is missing from this 43-inch LG; the operating system that is the basis of the TV is the performing WebOS 6.0. A latest generation system able to offer excellent usability even to less technological users.
From the point of view of the offer related to entertainment, nothing is missing, in fact we have the opportunity to take advantage of all the main applications on the market: Netflix,Disney +, Dazn and Youtube, just to name a few.
Nothing has been left to chance, even with regard to voice assistance; we find in fact implemented on this LG 43UP7700 both main devices. We are obviously talking about Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa; thanks to them it will be possible to manage our TV vocally, giving a very high amount of orders depending on our needs.

The 4K according to Sony: Sony Bravia KD-43X80JP


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Within the ranking of the best 4K of 2022 could not miss a Sonyproduct; the Japanese company is in fact one of the leading brands in the sector for a long time. The model we have selected, Noi della Redazione di, is the brand new Sony Bravia KD-43X80JP: a 43-inch with performance decidedly above the average of the segment.

The screen uses LED backlight technology and is capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, or 4K.
The images appear clear, well balanced and sharp; the merit is all of the Triluminos Pro technology that, in close collaboration with the powerful 4K HDR X1 Micro-Processor, is able to process a very defined image.
Also from the point of view of the Audio sector, we are facing an above-average product; in fact, a series of very performing features have been implemented such as dolby atmos,and X-balanced speaker.
From the point of view related to entertainment we are facing an Android TV; that is, a Smart TV that bases its operation on the famous operating system implemented by Google. Thanks to it, it will be possible to easily navigate through the various menus; allowing even the “less technological” of viewers to intuitively exploit the potential of this Sony KD-43X80JP.
To complete the rich package of Smart features there is voice assistance: in fact, total integration with Google Assistantis expected; the voice command device created and developed by Google. Thanks to it it will be possible to manage numerous features using only the tone of our voice.

The economic: Philips 58PUS7855/12


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We conclude our guide with a highly competitively priced 4K TV. On the other hand, as you can see for yourself, this Philips smart TV has a value for money to say the least optimal, especially if you consider that we are talking about a 58-inch panel. Like most Philips 4K smart TVs, this one also features a very sober and elegant design, although the winning aspect always remains the Ambilight function.

The latter, thanks to the LEDs positioned on the sides of the screen, reflects the colors and shades of the content transmitted on the back wall. In this way, the experience of vision and involvement is amplified, becoming more immersive. Here, too, clearly, we have the 4K UHD resolution which, however, goes hand in hand withHDR and its main formats (HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision).

This 4K TV features the Philips P5 processor that manages to ensure superior image quality. The details, in fact, acquire a remarkable depth, the colors are alive and bright and the contrast is very sharp. In addition, the contents appear very natural thanks to a fluid movement and free of imperfections. The video quality, therefore, is very good. The sound section is also excellent, at the base of which we find two full range speakers with 20 watts of total output power and many latest generation technologies:

  • AI sound
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Bass Enhancement
  • Dolby volume leveler
  • 5-band equalizer
  • Clear dialogue
  • Night mode

In short, despite being quite cheap, this Philips 4K TV does not present any serious lack. Even the whole smart section we can say is more than good. The SAPHI operating system allows smooth and simple navigation, with numerous apps to download, integrated Alexa and compatibility with the Google assistant.

In addition, thanks to the SimplyShare function you will be able to connect your smartphone to the TV and stream your multimedia content on your home screen. Two other points in favor of this 4K TV are the ability to record your favorite shows and theself-detection of Philips devices in the house. In short, to be the economic of the category is not so bad, don’t you think?

4K TV, at what distance to place the screen from our sofa?

A question that is often asked to our online newsroom is the following: at what distance should I place my 4K TV?
You will like the answer, in fact unlike HD-ready or Full-HD (1080p) screens the 4K does not need an exaggerated viewing distance. This aspect will be particularly appreciated by all those who have purchased a 4K and do not have rooms or particularly spacious rooms. The reason is simple, being the 4k equipped with a resolution 4 times greater than a normal Full-HD the pixels on the screen will be able to guarantee an optimal yield at shorter distances. The general rule is as follows:

  • The optimal viewing distance of a Full-HD screen is between 1.5 and 2.5 times the diagonal of the screen (expressed in centimeters)
  • The optimal viewing distance of a 4k is between 1 and 1.5 times the diagonal of the screen (expressed in centimeters)


let’s take a practical example: 50-inch 4K TV, to know the diagonal in centimeters just multiply 50×2.54 cm = 127 cm, the screen will therefore be positioned at a distance between 127 cm and 190 cm to ensure an optimal view from our observation point.

4K TVs that support 120Hz, what are they?

Another question that we often see coming to our editorial staff is whether there are 4K capable of reaching a refresh rate of 120Hz, the answer is YES.
Indeed, if you scroll the page upwards we have analyzed as many as two models capable of reaching this refresh rate, they are the Samsung NEO QLED QN85A and LG OLED C14LB.
Both turn out to be two devices particularly appreciated by gaming lovers, not only for this feature but also for other features and functionality implemented within them.

Are there 4K 32-inch TVs?

The answer is no. The reason is simple, the 32-inch screen is too small to be able to fully enjoy the 4k technology, in fact to take full advantage of this screen technology on a diagonal of 32 inches we should position ourselves at a very small viewing distance (less than 1 meter!!!!).

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