Best 50-inch TVs : The Guide

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50-inch TVs are perhaps the most popular and popular category when faced with the decision to buy a new television. 43 inches, for some, are too few, while 55 or 60 inches are too much. Let’s say that 50-inch TVs have a panel that manages to ” place itself in the middle “, responding to the needs of those who have enough space to dedicate to the TV, but not so much as to consider a 65-inch.

However, the size of the panel is not everything . In fact, other factors come into play: the resolution, the sound quality, the completeness of the smart section and much more. This is why, to date, choosing the right TV for your needs may seem difficult, especially when it comes to a 50-inch, a category within which the offer is always very lively and rich.

To help you, therefore, we have made a careful selection of the best 50-inch TVs of 2022, even if, in reality, it would be correct to speak of smart TVs. All these models, in fact, have both an internet connection and their own operating system.


LG Nanocell 50NANO806PA: The amazing Nanoparticle technology

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The strength of this 50-inch is all in the name, the Nanoparticles. The technology on which this new LG product is based is a real innovation in the field of Smart TVs, in fact it exploits nanoparticles to implement a real “filtration” of colors and shades, the visual output that comes out of it. it is nothing short of excellent, with a color rendering devoid of any slightest smudging.

To manage everything wisely there is the powerful QuadCore 4K processor , a very powerful central unit that manages to make every single but complicated operation flow smoothly and fluidly.
Obviously, from the point of view of the entertainment catalog offered, nothing is missing; we can in fact take advantage of all the main entertainment apps both Live and On-Demand from Netflix to Disney + (just to name a couple).


Philips 50PUS7805 / 12: The perfect choice for movies and TV series


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The 50-inch TV that deserves to be at the top of our ranking is this Philips model, which is characterized by a quality-price ratio that we have hardly found on the market. The quality and efficiency of the smart TV are impeccable, the design is refined and modern, and the cost is much lower than what this 50-inch TV is able to offer.

Like most Philips smart TVs, this one also enjoys the Ambilight functionality , which with its LEDs positioned laterally, is able to expand the viewing experience beyond the limits imposed by the (thin) bezels. The beauty of the images is guaranteed by multiple factors which, together, contribute to increasing the quality of the content:

  • P5 processor that optimizes the vividness of the color range, contrast levels, brightness and sharpness;
  • UHD 4K resolution, for four times higher image quality than normal Full HD;
  • HDR10 + which takes care of improving the color tone, increasing the contrast and bringing out even the smallest details.

We are also extremely satisfied with the sound section of this 50-inch Philips: the sound system is Dolby Atmos and the output power from the two speakers is 20 watts . In addition, the TV is equipped with the 5-band sound equalizer and Dolby technology for bass enhancement.

At the base of the smart sector we find the SAPHI operating system , easy to navigate, integrated Alexa , for voice control of the TV, and compatibility with Google Assistant. As for the apps, the offer is very good, although we must point out the absence of Disney +.

Samsung TV AU7190: Crystal UHD viewing


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A multipurpose choice and capable of offering excellent performance in every respect, we are talking about the new AU7190 series from Samsung. This model, released during 2021, represents an excellent compromise for those looking for a modern, technological and connectivity-rich Smart TV.

The Crystal 4K processor is the beating heart of this device from the South Korean manufacturer, a latest generation CPU capable of offering an absolute level of color rendering, thanks above all to the new internal color mapping system. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the color shades, also thanks to the PurColor technology , capable of working in symbiosis with the powerful Micro-Processor.
The most agitated scenes of movies or sporting events run smoothly thanks to Motion Xcelerator , a technology capable of analyzing every single frame in real time and optimizing everything based on the content transmitted. There is also total compatibility with Alexa to manage everything through the tone of our voice.

Hisense 50AE7210F: The Economical but functional choice


The third 50-inch TV model that we believe should fall into our 2022 ranking is a product of the Chinese multinational Hisense . Overall, we are very satisfied with the quality of the smart TV, although we believe that, with a few small adjustments, it could have enjoyed an even greater level of efficiency.

As for the design, nothing to say: the panel is very thin, the frames are practically absent and the shape of the pedestal is original and modern. The image quality, thanks to the UHD 4K resolution and HDR10 + technology , is very good. The contrast level is high, the blacks are very dark and deep and the whites are bright and bright.

However, we would like to point out that this TV does not have the gaming mode as it is reported on Amazon. However, it is quite difficult to fail to appreciate the quality of the content, as it is extremely sharp and realistic. Unfortunately, the same enthusiasm did not drag us into the sound sector, supported by only 16 total watts of output power.

On a 50-inch TV, Hisense could have bet on as little as 20 watts. However, the problem is easily solved by connecting an external sound amplifier, such as the soundbar . As for the smart section, we are quite satisfied. The VIDAA U4.0 operating system is very simple to use and full of the most popular and used apps of the moment.

The only one missing is Rai Play. The management of the 50-inch TV is simplified by the Alexa integration , which allows you to interact with the smart TV via voice commands. However, on the remote control there is no key for using the voice assistant, and therefore it is necessary to use the Amazon Alexa app on the smartphone .

In short, as we said, on the whole it is certainly a winning TV, since the positive sides cannot be said to be missing . Certainly, if Hisense were to aim for some optimization, the final result would be even more complete and cutting-edge.

TCL 50P611: The New Entry

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Here we are at the fourth and last model of our selection: the 50-inch TV that enjoys the best price ever . Its convenience, however, shouldn’t lead you to think it’s a poor TV or a TV full of lacks. Of course, it does not have what it takes to compete with the first models of this guide, but this does not mean that it should be discarded a priori.

Indeed, as regards the design, for example, we believe that it is perhaps the model with the most appreciable aesthetics among those seen here. The panel, in fact, is very reminiscent of OLED screens , known for their extreme thinness. The thickness is just 7.9 mm, while the bezels measure 4.9 mm. The image quality is nothing short of optimal:

  • UHD 4K and HDR resolution
  • Micro Dimming technology to improve contrast levels, especially in darker scenes
  • Sport mode with automatic recording function
  • Automatic adjustment of the backlight of the panel

As for the beauty of the images, therefore, you really have nothing to fear. At the same time, the sound sector is also more than satisfactory, thanks to 5.1 surround sound which, with the Dolby decoder, optimizes the sound quality of the TV. So far, so good. The shortcomings, in fact, mainly concern the smart section.

Unfortunately, the characteristics shown on the Amazon card are not entirely correct:

  • The TV does not have a Bluetooth connection
  • It does not support Alexa
  • The operating system is not Android

In short, as regards the visual and sound quality, as many users point out, this 50-inch TV really has nothing to envy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for what concerns the smart section. In short, the affordable price is mainly reflected in the smart component of the TV.

Hisense QLED 50E78GQ: Perfect for Gaming and Sports lovers

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We have been waiting for it for a long time and it has finally arrived, we are talking about the new QLED Hisense 2021 . An innovative, modern TV capable of winks at all video game and sports fans on TV.

The strengths are to be found in the Quantum-Dot technology , capable of rendering every single color and every chromatic shade effectively. The Quantum-Dot is not the only improvement included in this E78QG , in fact it works parallel to the HDR Dolby Vision and manages to make even the darkest scenes effective and clear.

To make this Hisense Smart TV excellent for video game enthusiasts is the Gaming mode, a feature that acts on the response time of the panel and capable of minimizing the Lag input . In the same way, a gem has also been introduced for all sportsmen, we are talking about the Sport mode , capable of making the scenes faster and more excited in an extremely fluid way. There is also total compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

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