Best 55-inch TVs ; The Guide

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The Best 55-inch TV range is one of the richest and most complete on the market. The reason is to be found in the fact that televisions with this panel size are the most appreciated and sought after ever. In fact, the relationship between the size of the screen and the price is optimal , even if it is not a speech applicable to any existing model.

In fact, there are smart TVs that cost much more than the average, just as there are those that cost significantly less. So how do you choose the 55-inch TV that best suits your needs? We at have found the answer, and we propose it to you in this guide in which you will find the best 55-inch TVs of 2022.

1) LG OLED55A16LA: OLED Perfection

Best 55-inch TVs ; The Guide

If you are looking for a 55-inch Smart TV that borders on perfection, we can only recommend this OLED55A16LA , one of the latest jewels born in LG.

We are facing an OLED TV , and this should already be enough to give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about. Of course, the price is not a secondary aspect but it is amply justified by the visual rendering and design of this LG Smart TV. OLED technology has 2 huge advantages over LED backlight technology, the first is the chromatic aspect, here the pixels do not need a backlight LED lamp and therefore the colors manage to be perfect, with truly incredible blacks.

The second is the size of the panel, the OLED screens manage to be extremely thin, a real feast for the eyes. On this 55A16LA everything is expertly managed by the α7 Gen4 processor , the latest born in LG, capable of guaranteeing record- breaking graphics processing. Among the many aspects that have particularly surprised us during our careful tests we must mention the FilmMaker mode and the visual rendering of sporting events. The Korean house has in fact implemented two technologies that will be able to make you fully enjoy your favorite TV films and your sporting events that you absolutely do not want to miss.

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2) The Samsung QLED: Samsung Q70A

Best 55-inch TVs ; The Guide

In opposition to LG’s OLED technology, Samsung offers this QLED TV ; an innovative and effective product from many points of view.

We are faced with a panel capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels (4K) expertly managed by Quantum 4K, the latest processor born from the mind of Samsung technicians. What surprised us is definitely the Quantum Dot technology ; a technology that has been able to make clear improvements to the color rendering of the screen, the brightness is in fact increased compared to the previous QLED TVs of the South-Korean production house.

This Q70A will prove to be a product particularly appreciated by all Gaming lovers, thanks to the Motion Xcelerator Turbo + it will be possible to play in 4K and with a refresh rate of 120Hz (a fundamental aspect to fully enjoy the video-game experience, especially with the latest generation consoles).

The Design turns out to be minimalist , with an almost imperceptible frame and a record-breaking screen subtlety for a QLED; the whole is completed by the elegant central stand with futuristic shapes. Like any self-respecting latest generation TV, nothing is missing from the connectivity side; both from the point of view of the use of contents via the Internet (both Live and on Demand) and from the point of view of connection. It will be possible to communicate with the TV through the most famous voice assistants , in such a way as to give precise orders only thanks to the use of our voice.

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3) LG low-cost: LG UHD TV 55UN71006LB.APID


Best 55-inch TVs ; The Guide

Another device to absolutely take into consideration if you want to buy a 55-inch is the LG 55UN71006LB. This model is the slightly lower cost solution than the 55 ”Nanocell. As the name suggests, this model does not exploit nanoparticle technology but offers absolutely cutting-edge technological solutions.

It is no coincidence that this TV turned out to be one of the best sellers during the last Prime Day event that took place on Amazon in October 2020.

But let’s move on to the product description: this 55-inch is particularly recommended for lovers of Sports on TV, fans of Cinema and TV Series and lovers of Gaming. The reason is simple, its Real 4K technology is in fact able to guarantee a very high level of detail and a particularly realistic color range in every situation.

The whole is amalgamated by a powerful Quad-Core processor and a cutting-edge operating system or webOS 5.0; widely used among the 2020 LG models.

There is absolutely no shortage of the most popular apps, such as Disney +, Apple TV and many many others.

One of the flagships of this 55UN71006LB is undoubtedly the Audio sector, thanks to the development of Ultra-Surround technology the sound experience while viewing the contents will be extremely realistic and engaging.

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4) Best of Hisense: Hisense 55AE7000F

Best 55-inch TVs ; The Guide

The latest arrival at Hisense is configured as a model that will be able, both in 2020 and in 2021, to give a hard time to the giants LG, Samsung and Sony.

The Hisense 55AE7000F turns out to be an absolutely competitive model both from a technological and price point of view. In fact, we could find the 55-inch Chinese manufacturer at a price of less than 500 euros.

Next to a competitive price we find an absolutely NOT dated technology, on the contrary; on this 55-inch there are absolutely innovative solutions such as 4K HDR technology capable of offering a level of contrast capable of enhancing the realism of the images and the detail of the same.

There is no lack of voice support thanks to the implementation of Alexa, we will be able to take advantage of artificial intelligence to request an update on weather conditions, the traffic situation and much more.

Another strong point of this Hisense 55AE700F is the sound sector; the DTS Studio Sound system is implemented on this Smart TV, a technology capable of guaranteeing the viewer an absolutely engaging and realistic audio experience.

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5) 2020 according to Sony: Sony KD55XH8096

Best 55-inch TVs ; The Guide

The Japanese multinational has for years been one of the largest and most important giants in the production of Smart TVs and with this 2020 model it has once again confirmed itself on the Italian market and beyond.

The Sony KD55XH8096 is in fact one of the devices on the market with the most attractive and avant-garde technological solutions; we are in fact facing a TV with a slightly higher price than the average, a price absolutely justified by the innovations brought by Sony.

Let’s start with the processor: on this model there is the 4K x-reality PRO, a cutting-edge technological device, capable of examining every single image in real time in such a way as to make it the clearest and most detailed in the eyes of the viewer. possible.

The resolution is excellent on any content displayed, whether it is a movie, a TV series or a live sporting event. A special mention undoubtedly deserves the Gaming experience, this KD55XH8096 is perfect for the use of PlayStation.

To complete the incredible quality of this Sony is the Audio section; in fact, thanks to Dolby ATMOS and the X-Balanced Speaker you will experience an engaging experience dictated by clear sound coming from every direction.

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6) Hisense 55U81QF: The Hisense QLED

Best 55-inch TVs ; The Guide

Here we are at the latest best 55- inch TV in today’s guide. This is another product from the Chinese house Hisense, which, according to user reviews, is a very rich, complete and efficient device. And in fact, we at also have a very positive opinion of this smart TV.

The panel is ultra-slim, without frames on three sides and features the ULED backlighting system , the sophisticated control system that covers up to 1000 distinct zones. Basically, blacks appear dark and deep on this screen, and the hues look extremely realistic.

In addition we have the UHD 4K resolution and HDR 10+ certification , which optimizes the contrast, color and brightness levels of each content. Contrast is further enhanced by Local Dimming technology, which optimizes images evenly but, at the same time, making whites bright and blacks intense.

However, the most interesting aspect of this Best 55-inch TVs is certainly the AI ​​( Artificial Intelligence ) linked to the panel, which ensures very precise, realistic and rich in detail image processing. And what about the audio? Well, as numerous users confirm, this Hisense 55-inch is able to fully meet the expectations and needs.

The Dolby Atmos sound system is combined with two 20-watt front speakers and the JBL audio solution , for an extremely immersive, deep and realistic final result. At the same time, the smart section is also rich and complete with everything you might want. The VIDAA U4.0 operating system , together with the Alexa voice assistant integration , ensures a smooth, intuitive and simple level of entertainment.

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best 55-inch TV: dimensions and distances

Before rushing to buy a television, we all ask ourselves how many centimeters correspond to the inches in question. This is completely normal, as it allows us to take the necessary steps to understand how much space the new TV will take up. First, it is important to be aware that 1 inch equals 2.54 cm .

Now, the measurements you need to understand the dimensions are essentially three: height, width and diagonal. For the 55 inches we talk about:

  • Height: 68.48 cm
  • Width: 121.76 cm
  • Diagonal: 139.7 cm

When we talk about the diagonal, you have to keep in mind that the frames do not fit in the measurement. Therefore, the 139.7 cm, refers only to the display. As for the distance to keep while watching television , there are a few tricks that might come in handy. In fact, based on the size of the panel and the resolution of the screen there are optimal distances that allow you to watch TV at its best.

For example, the distance from a Full HD screen, although rare in the 55-inch world, cannot be the same from a 4K UHD resolution screen. In fact, the images would appear very grainy, and the visual quality would be significantly reduced. For a best 55-inch TVs, the maximum acceptable distance is 2.3 meters .

Furthermore, a distance of 2.28 meters is recommended for viewing mixed content , for cinema use of 1.68 meters . To get more specific, we can even talk about degrees. For general use, a viewing angle of 30 ° is recommended , while for a more immersive experience, similar to the cinema one, a viewing angle of 40 ° is recommended .

TV 55 ″ Akai: is it worth it?

Some of our readers have asked us why the Akai brand is not present in the guide, which overall produced excellent televisions. However, the same cannot be said for the 55-inch. In fact, the TVs available, in addition to being few, are also quite dated .

Furthermore, the few people who have made the purchases have left negative comments and opinions . The models that could be taken into consideration for the quality of the panel had the disadvantage of not being well equipped with the smart section, and more generally, for the prices they offer, it is much cheaper to take other paths.

This discourse remains valid specifically for 55-inch televisions, because for other dimensions we have been able to evaluate excellent models.

How to choose the best 55-inch TVs for you

Our TV buying guide breaks down the key factors that should go into purchasing a new set, as getting a TV is an investment. It’s a piece of tech you’re likely to own for several years, which is why you want to make sure you’re picking the best 55-inch TV for you.

Size: First figure out whether you’re locked into a 55-inch set. Just because it’s the biggest size that fits on your wall or TV stand doesn’t mean that it’s right for the room. Similarly, consider if a 65-inch TV would better suit your space.

Price: Expect to pay about $500 for a good 55-inch 4K TV. The Insignia 55-inch 4K Fire TV Edition above is the absolute cheapest we’d recommend based on our catalog of TV testing. But if you have a tighter budget, check out our best TV deals for some alternatives. Keep in mind performance will take a hit in lower price ranges, though.

HDR: If you want the most colors, get one of the HDR sets with Dolby Vision compatibility above. This technology is able to deliver more colors, more contrast levels and increased brightness. It could make a set a bit more costly, but it guarantees you’ll still be satisfied with TV as the Dolby Vision format seems to be gaining momentum.

Ports: Another thing to consider is port offerings. Some of the sets above sport 3 HDMI ports, while some have 4. In general, more ports is better, especially if you have a collection of input devices like soundbars or game consoles.

If you’ve narrowed down your TV shopping by brand, price range or screen size, check out our picks for the best TVs in each.

best 55-inch TV: let’s take a look at the prices

Prices for 55-inch TVs vary a lot based on the technology applied to the panel. Speaking of a screen with LED resolution, for example, we are around 500 € -600 € , while for OLED screens we are also talking about 1000 € . The prices shown here refer to an average of the costs of the various retailers.

As you well know, using Amazon or ePrice, the cost of a TV is lower than what you find in stores. However, unlike televisions with other sizes, in the case of 55 inches it is not possible to make a summary of the prices. Generally, when a 55-inch drops below € 450 it means that there is some aspect that will be lacking in quality and efficiency .

Given the size of the panel, however, it is not advisable to buy a TV of this size to save on the beauty of the content. Ultimately, for a 55-inch be prepared to spend € 500 upwards .

FAQ about Best 55-inch TVS

Is a 55-inch TV big enough?

It depends on your room size, seating distance and personal taste. For a standard master bedroom or smaller living room a 55-inch TV is fine, but for larger rooms we recommend a larger TV, say a 65- or even 75-inch model, if you can afford it. If you sit closer to the screen you don’t need as large a TV for the best experience. For maximum theatrical impact, according to THX and SMPTE, you should be between 5.5 and 7 feet from a 55-inch screen, which is relatively close. Nearly every 55-inch TV has 4K resolution, and if you have 20/20 vision you can sit as close as about 4 feet and still not discern individual pixels.

How wide is a 55-inch TV?

Most 55-inch TVs measure between 48 and 49 inches wide. Because the frames around newer TV screens are typically quite narrow, 55-inch TV widths don’t vary much. Models with very slim frames are on the lower end — the 55-inch LG G1 measures 48.2 inches wide for example, while the slightly thicker-framed 55-inch TCL 4-Series is 48.7 inches wide. If you’re not planning to wall-mount the TV, you generally want the piece of furniture supporting the TV to measure at least as wide as the TV itself, and preferably a few inches wider. Refer to the manufacturer’s website for exact dimensions of a particular 55-inch TV.

How much does a 55-inch TV weigh?

A 55-inch TV weighs between 25 and 50 pounds with its stand, but this varies significantly depending on the type of TV. The TCL 4-Series 55-inch TV weighs 24.9 pounds with stand, for example, while the LG C1 weighs twice as much at 50.7 pounds with stand. Removing the stand — which often consists of a pair of little legs under the panel — allows you to wall-mount the TV and reduces its weight slightly (stands weigh between 1 and 8 pounds). Shipping weight (box, accessories, etc.) of 55-inch TVs ranges from 35 to 63 pounds. Refer to the manufacturer’s website for exact weights of a particular 55-inch TV.

How does CNET test TVs?

Our TV reviews follow a rigorous, unbiased evaluation process honed over nearly two decades of TV reviews. Our primary TV test lab has specialized equipment for measuring light and color, including a Konica Minolta CS-2000 spectroradiometer, a Murideo Sig-G 4K HDR signal generator and an AVPro Connect 8×8 4K HDR distribution matrix. We Portrait Displays CalMan Ultimate software to evaluate and calibrate every TV we review. In every CNET TV review, three or more similar TVs are compared side-by-side in various lighting conditions with different content, including movies, TV shows and games, across a variety of test categories, from color to video processing to gaming to HDR. Our reviews also account for design, features, smart TV performance, HDMI input and gaming compatibility and more.

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