Best 65-inch OLED TV: The Complete Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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In today’s guide we will see which are the best OLED smart TVs on the market today. At the moment we have selected only very recent TVs, with the exception of the Philips model, made in 2018. However, regardless of the production date, all these smart TVs equipped with the OLED backlight system can be considered the best on the market today.


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At the top of our ranking, a smart TV signed by LG could only be positioned. In particular, our attention fell on the OLED65BX6LB model, which, as can also be seen on the Amazon purchase page, has managed to meet the needs of hundreds of users. In fact, this OLED smart TV really lacks nothing .

The OLED backlight system, known for the quality it gives to each image, is combined with two technologies that bring further enhancements to your entertainment:

  • Third generation α7 processor with AI that analyzes the transmitted content and optimizes its parameters
  • Dolby Vision IQ  which adjusts the brightness of the image according to the light conditions of the room

In other words, the vision of any content always appears sharp, realistic and with a rich and deep color range. In addition, this LG OLED smart TV is equipped with the best technologies for reducing blue light emission . Do you know what that means? That with the OLED65BX6LB model your vision health is safe, and that your eyes won’t experience the typical tiredness caused by the TV.

At the same time, the OLED65BX6LB smart TV also features numerous features and technologies that allow you to use the panel for your gaming entertainment moments. LG, in fact, wanted to create a smart TV that could meet the needs of gaming lovers .

The sound section is also very rich and interesting, with the Dolby Atmos sound system, the AI ​​that manages the audio emission and 40 watts of output power . In short, if you don’t want to have the thought of having to connect external speakers to boost the audio, this smart TV is for you.

Finally, as you might imagine, the smart sector is also really rich and satisfying:

  • Simple, fast and versatile webOS operating system
  • Entertainment in terms of high-level apps
  • Simplified management thanks to the integration of Google Assistant and Alexa

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2. Samsung QE65Q64TAUXZT

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In second place in the Best 65-inch OLED ranking we have selected a Samsung smart TV, which as you may know, does not exactly offer OLED technology, but QLED . However, the latter is to be considered “Samsung’s OLED”, since the backlighting characteristics are almost identical: the visual quality of Samsung’s QLED screens, in fact, is superior to LCDs just like OLEDs.

At the same time, the design is also very reminiscent of the well-known OLED smart TVs: ultra-flat screen, slim (almost imperceptible) bezels and very modern design. As for the visual quality , here are the technologies and functions that must absolutely be emphasized:

  • Dual LED that adjusts the chromatic tone according to the transmitted content
  • Quantum Lite processor that optimizes HDR, color gamut and contrast
  • Quantum HDR which improves the depth and sharpness of the image

Considering that these technologies marry the quantum dot- based backlight system , it is quite easy to understand how and why the level of entertainment is so high. The sound system, on the other hand, is decidedly inferior when compared to the previous LG. In this case, in fact, we are talking about 20 watts , exactly half the power of the LG OLED65BX6LB.

This, however, does not mean that the audio is poor. Let’s say that, in principle, it is satisfactory if you do not have big claims. Speaking of the smart section, enthusiasm returns :

  • Tizen operating system (simple and smooth navigation)
  • Numerous apps installed and access to an unlimited range of offers at the Store
  • Three integrated voice assistants: Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby
  • Mirroring function that connects the smartphone to the TV with the simple touch of the two devices

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3. Philips 65OLED803 / 12

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Philips is the other brand that, together with LG, develops and manufactures OLED smart TVs. Consequently, in this case we return to talking about real OLED . As with most smart TVs equipped with this backlight system, this Philips also has a slim and elegant design: the bezels are absent and the panel is ultra-thin.

In the specific case of Philips, however, there is a function associated with the design that improves and intensifies the entertainment experience: we are talking about the Ambilight , which thanks to the LEDs positioned on the sides, expands the color range on the rear wall. As for the vision of the contents, the latter appear very realistic, sharp and deep thanks to the following technologies:

  • P5 Perfect Picture Processor
  • Perfect Natural Reality

The visual quality is indisputable for this Philips 65OLED803 / 12, but its real strength is the audio, which is characterized by triple ring technology , Dolby Digital Plus system and 50 watts of output power . Of all the models shown here, none are capable of playing content with such high power, which is why the sound experience is so immersive and deep.

At the same time, the smart section also gives great satisfaction :

  • Android 7.0 operating system
  • Possibility to expand the range of apps at the Store
  • Google Assistant integration
  • SimplyShare function to connect the smartphone to the TV

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4. TCL 65C711

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For the Chinese multinational the same goes for Samsung: the backlight system is not the classic OLED but the QLED , which however, as we said before, ensures a very high visual quality. Before talking about the panel, however, it is appropriate to say a few words on the design, which in this case is truly exceptional: the screen is ultra-slim and the bezels are completely absent on three sides .

As you can see for yourself from the image, this TCL smart TV almost seems to be a design object, it is so linear and refined. Aesthetic beauty is combined with a very high image quality. In addition to the QLED backlighting, in fact, we must underline the HDR Premium and Dolby Vision technologies , which guarantee the vision of realistic, sharp, rich in contrast content and with a very wide color range.

As for the audio, you can’t complain: the Dolby Atmos system is engaging and immersive, and thanks to its efficiency, the 20 watts of output power almost seem to be more when watching TV. The smart sector is equally feature rich and well managed:

  • Efficient and easy-to-use Android 9.0 operating system
  • Virtually infinite application department
  • Google Assistant installed on the TV
  • Compatibility with Alexa

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