Best 65-Inch TVs: The Guide

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2021 is a year full of new releases as far as the 65-inch category is concerned. The various manufacturers have put on the market a remarkable series of models, capable of covering all the best technologies achieved in years and years of development. In fact, there is no shortage of models equipped with LED backlighting, models that exploit nanoparticles and models based on innovative OLED technology.

Obviously the models equipped with a 65-inch wide screen can not cost little, so anyone who wants to face such an expense must bear in mind that he will not find anything on the market below 500-600 euros. But we at assure you that it will be money well spent, especially for those who have medium-large spaces; the visual experience of watching a football match or watching a movie on a television of a diagonal 65 inches will be incredibly satisfying.

But let’s not waste any more time and let’s go now into the analysis of the best models that this 2021 has to offer, happy reading!

1) LG 65UP75006LF : The 65-inch multipurpose of LG


If we are looking for a product capable of satisfying a little all areas of use, this 2021 model from LG will be a great choice. Implemented within it we can find numerous technologies and improvements that are able to offer a satisfying visual rendering. The backlight technology available to this LG 65UP75006LF is the now well-known LED, a well-run-in, reliable system with a really low energy consumption; an aspect not to be underestimated on panels of this size.

The processor on which the entire processing of all graphic and audio parameters rests is the Quad Core 4K with AI, a modern CPU and capable of guaranteeing sufficient computing power to carry out all operations, during our test we did not find any kind of slowdown, both from the point of view of visual quality and from the browsing experience between the countless apps.

The colors are bright and absolutely well defined also thanks to the powerful Active HDR technology, also thanks to the UP Scaling 4K it will be possible to play non-4K content at a higher definition level.

We talked about multipurpose TV not surprisingly, in fact this 65 inches will be particularly appreciated by lovers of movies and TV series; in fact, the Film Maker mode technology has been developed, which aims to reproduce the directors’ products in an absolutely faithful way. To conclude, it does not lack total compatibility with the two main voice assistants, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

2) Samsung AU7190 : the 65-inch LED 2021 from Samsung


Practicality in every respect, if we were to review with 4 words this 65-inch Samsung is just so that we will summarize everything.
In fact, we all have what we need to fully enjoy every event, be it a movie, our favorite sport or our gaming session via console.

We are facing a 4K panel, capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The display uses the now well-known LEDs as lighting technology, ensuring a more than satisfactory visual quality. The merit is to be attributed to PurColor, a technology capable of reproducing a large chromatic scale, superior to conventional TVs of the same price range.

One aspect that surprised us and that made us lean towards assigning this AU7190 a place in our ranking is the Motion Xcelerator; a technology capable of managing every single frame depending on the content played, in this way even the most excited actions (think of a gaming session, or during a football match) can be reproduced at their best.

A mention of merit also earns the design of the panel,minimal and particularly thin. It does not reach the levels of an OLED but this is justified by the total difference of the two technologies.

3) Hisense 65AE7210F : Perfect for Gaming


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The latest arrival at Hisense was immediately configured as one of the best-selling 65 inches on the Italian market. Among its strengths there is versatility, in fact it manages to guarantee a very satisfying user experience in all areas such as watching Movies and TV Series, watching Sport and especially with regard to Gaming.

Another flagship of this Hisense 65AE7210F is the audio sector, thanks to DTS Virtual X technology the sound experience will be of a remarkable level with deep bass and a very engaging sound.

4) PHILIPS 65PUS8505/12 : The Choice for lovers of Movies and TV Series


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If you are a lover of Movies and TV Series and you are looking for a 65-inch TV you can not consider the latest arrival in the Philips house.

With the 65PUS8505/12 the Dutch manufacturer has put on the market a product of excellent quality and with numerous strengths. Among the most important we remember the 4K screen with LED backlight, capable of releasing images with sharp contrast and bright colors.

Another flagship of the PUS8505 Series is the Ambilight technology that we have already learned about at Philips; this technology does nothing but emphasize the colors of the scenes thanks to the presence of a series of smart LEDs placed on the sides of the frame. The TV is also compatible with all the most important entertainment APPS such as Disney+ , Prime Video. Now Tv , Netflix, Dazn and many others.

5) Sony KD65XH8096 : Sony quality

Once again the Japanese manufacturer has managed to churn out a product of the highest level, capable of positioning itself without a shadow of a doubt in the Top 5 of the best 65-inch TVs on the market today. We are talking about the KD65XH8096, a product released on the market in mid-2020 and that we are sure will occupy the first sales positions also in 2021.
The processor is one of its strengths, in fact the 4k X-reality Pro (that’s the name) is able to analyze every single scene in real time and make the vision very satisfying. Another aspect that must absolutely be considered is its design, the minimal look of this TV, thanks to the very fine frames, configures it as an excellent element of furniture even when turned off. As the last aspect that deserves a mention there is the sound part of this XH8096, the Dolby Atmos technology together with the X-Balanced Speaker manages to guarantee a sound experience that is very close to the cinematic one.
In our guide to the best 65 inches of 2021 could not miss a QLED TV, and who better than Samsung could cover this position?
The South Korean house has in fact launched on the market an innovative and particularly performing product, which we are sure will make all its buyers satisfied: we are talking about Samsung Q60A.

The panel of this Samsung Q60A is a 65-inch capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 4K, the screen instead uses QLED technology to reproduce images. This technology is based on the so-called Quantum Dots, i.e. semiconductor materials capable of emitting different light according to size. Among the strengths of this brand new technology is the great brilliance of the screens, something that on this Q60A is more than evident.

To manage the complex processing of images we think the Quantum 4K Lite processor,a CPU capable of managing both the video and sound sector in an optimal way. Samsung technicians wanted to implement on this Q60A a real gaming mode,in such a way as to be able to take full advantage of the enormous potential of this Smart TV in all areas.

There is also the total implementation with the 3 most popular voice assistants on the market; it will be possible to manage and issue commands through BixBy, Alexa and Google Assistant.

At what height to place a 65-inch TV?

One of the questions that often comes to our editorial staff is the following: at what ground clearance is it correct to place our 65-inch TV?

What we would like to say is that there is no precise rule that can guarantee a perfect measure, but we can certainly offer some interesting ideas to understand how to act. The idea behind a correct positioning is to place our screen in such a way as to have the eyes pointing perpendicularly to the center of the 65 inches. To achieve a measurement as correct as possible it will be important to know the height of our gaze (relative to the ground) when we are sitting on our default point of view; be it a sofa, an armchair or on a chair of a table.

Once we know the correct size, which generally almost always oscillates between 100 and 110 cm from the ground, just place our Smart TV in such a way that the center of the screen reaches (always from the ground) the same height.


TV 65 inches : let’s talk about size

Several times we have pointed out that a 65-inch television carries with it a rather important panel size. However, it is important to be aware of the details about the dimensions. Only in this way will you be able to understand if a 65-inch could be the ideal solution for your living room.

First, you must know that the measurement in inches refers to the length of the diagonal of the screen. To understand each other better, we are talking about the length between the lower left corner and the upper right corner. Now, assuming that one inch equals 2.54 cm, a 65″ screen measures 165.10 cm.

As for the width andheight,we are talking about 143.90 cm and 80.93 cm. Keep in mind that, the frames, are not part of the measurements. When we talk about the size of the television, in fact, we mean only the display.

How much does a 65-inch TV cost?

The prices of 65-inch TVs are within a range ranging from € 450 to € 1000. Clearly, it is not we who determine the cost of an appliance. In fact, we are reporting market prices, talking about an average that represents the prices of different retailers. As you know, buying a TV on Amazon or ePrice allows you to get a not indifferent saving. In fact, at physical stores, prices remain higher and higher.

The price range, as you will notice, is quite wide. But based on what does the cost of a 65-inch increase or decrease? There are many factors. First of all, for models of this size, aesthetic beauty affects a lot. We are talking about a slim panel, with thin frames and a pedestal uniform to the structure.

The second factor that affects is the chosen backlight system, which can be LED, QLED or OLED. The latter, for example, remain the most expensive ever. To spend something less then, it is appropriate to stay on LED TVs. Finally, the level of technology associated with the smart section also plays an important role.

If, for example, the TV is not equipped with a voice assistant, cannot be connected to the phone or has limitations imposed by the operating system, the cost drops. If instead we are faced with a television equipped with all the functions that allow us to interact and navigate it easilyand, the price goes up.

From our point of view though, if you have budget limitations, it would be better to choose a model with a smaller size. Even a 49″ or 50″ TV offers a very good level of quality, but with a certainly lower cost. In addition, as we said at the beginning, it is very rare to find 65-inch TVs with a poor smart section.

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