Best 8K TVs : The Complete Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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In today’s guide we will see in detail the whole world that revolves around 8K TVs, unique models of their kind, highly sought after and not very present on the market. We are talking about a niche product which, due to its peculiarities, more than satisfactorily serves the needs of a small percentage of people and families. In short, you cannot hide behind a blade of grass: 8K TVs cost, and not cheap.

However, we are talking about an unrivaled level of quality . These TVs, in fact, guarantee a sublime, immersive and extremely realistic viewing experience. Unfortunately, behind a screen these seem just words, but if you find yourself in front of an 8K TV, you will understand what I’m talking about. Anyway, today I want to talk to you about the best models on the market , the ones that are ready to make you the undisputed protagonist of every single transmission.

Ready? Let’s start!

1. Samsung QE55Q700TATXZT


Here is the first best 8K TV on our list: a Samsung signed model with a minimalist design . The image above, on the other hand, does not even need to be described too much: the panel is ultra-slim, the frames are almost imperceptible and the pedestal merges with the surface of the piece of furniture on which the TV will be placed. On an aesthetic level, therefore, nothing can really be said: the South Korean multinational has hit the mark.

We can certainly say the same for what concerns the television experience in terms of video and sound quality . Starting from the beauty of the images, we must immediately underline the technologies that are the basis of every single transmission on the screen:

  • Panel with QLED backlight system ;
  • Direct Full Array 12X : maniacal calibration of contrast levels to ensure that you can notice even the smallest details;
  • Quantum Dot : improved color gamut for vivid, vivid and realistic colors and shades;
  • Quantum HDR 8X : Achieves a new level of contrast, much more evident, sharper and deeper.

That’s all? Absolutely not. The powerful 8K processor is missing from the appeal which, thanks to machine learning, increases the standard of reproduction of various types of sources and resolutions to 8K quality. We are talking about AI Upscaling technology , which by reducing pixel-by-pixel noise, offers an extremely realistic final result.

Furthermore, we certainly cannot forget about adaptive brightness with AI : the brightness of the content adjusts itself according to the light conditions of the room. In short, it is not only the 8K TV that makes the difference, but it is the whole set of technologies developed by Samsung. Similarly, the sound department is also excellent.

The top and side position of the speakers allows you to enjoy rich and immersive sound that expands throughout the room. In addition, here too we have a number of technologies to consider, in addition to the power of 60 watts :

  • Object Tracking Sound + : the sound follows the moving object on the screen for an even more realistic rendering;
  • Intelligent voice amplifier : increases the volume of the dialogues when there are noises in the room that could compromise listening to the broadcast program.
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Finally, we have the smart section, which we can say remains at the same height as the video and sound quality of this 8K TV. The operating system is Tizen , and offers numerous apps for streaming and entertainment. The TV can be entirely managed through Bixby , the pre-installed voice assistant and, if desired, it is still compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. And to connect the smartphone ? Nothing could be easier: just bring your phone close to the 8K TV screen to create the connection.

2. Samsung Q950T


Another great Samsung 8K TV is this Q950T model, which enjoys an even more refined design. The panel, in fact, is completely devoid of frames, and for this reason it is called the ” Infinity Screen “. We are talking about a screen equipped with the QLED backlight system , excellent for the effect that is transmitted to every single image. This, then, together with the 8K resolution, gives an almost unattainable viewing experience.

As in the previous model, however, the credit for such beauty and perfection also goes to the technologies developed by Samsung. Here too, at the base of everything, we find the Quantum 8K Processor which, thanks to AI Upscaling , increases and improves the quality of the contents with a lower resolution to bring them to 8K. The noises on the screen decrease, the outlines become sharper and the colors brighter, for an impeccable result.

Furthermore, the images are always impeccable also thanks to the technology that allows you to capture the brightness present in the room . In this way, the vision of the content is always at the top of the range. Other significant factors for video quality are:

  • HDR10 + : Enhances contrast levels.
  • Quantum Dot technology : expands the color range;
  • Direct Full Array 32X : Increases the depth of blacks for even more vivid contrast;
  • Real Game Enhancer + and ADM Free Sync : technologies for gaming enthusiasts;
  • Magic Screen + : the screen incorporates the shades and tones of the wall to merge with it.

Here too we can say that the sound sector is nothing short of excellent, with two speakers with 70 watts of output power, the Dolby Digital Plus sound system and the Active Voice Amplifier , the technology that increases the power of the audio when the 8K TV pick up noises in the room. This way you will always be guaranteed to hear every single word.

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Last but not least, we have the smart section, rich and complete with numerous features. The range of applications is very wide, like most Samsung TVs, but there are many other advantages to talk about. The first concerns the voice assistants Bixby and Alexa , already installed in the television. This means that, if you want, you can use your voice to give commands to the TV.

Another excellent function is the Tap View , which by bringing the smartphone close to the TV panel allows you to perform the mirroing in an immediate way. Once your phone is connected, then, you can get the shared screen view through the Multi View function , which does not require you to choose which program to choose.

3. Samsung Q800T



Yes, the latest model in our “Best 8K TV” ranking is also signed by Samsung. We can broadly say that the South Korean multinational has managed to outdo itself and dominate the 8K TV market. This is why this third choice also deserves our full attention. The Q800T series consists of three smart TVs with panels of different sizes: 65 ″ , 75 ″ and 82 ″

In all three cases we are dealing with QLED screens , so for convenience from now on we will speak in the singular but always in reference to all three models. As in the two previous cases we are faced with a TV with an essential and minimalist design, especially because there is not the slightest trace of the frame on all four sides. Therefore, we cannot say anything about the breadth of vision.

At the same time, the viewing angle is also optimal, as content remains sharp and unchanged no matter where you sit and watch TV. Clearly, even in this case we cannot fail to mention the powerful processor which is based on the 8K Upscaling system and on the Adaptive Picture function . Other technologies related to video quality are:

  • Quantum Dot
  • Direct Full Array Pro
  • Quantum HDR 2000

Furthermore, even here we are faced with an 8K TV designed for gaming lovers , as it is complete with Real Game Enhancer +, AMD FreeSync and Extra Motion Clarity. In the same way, the sound sector has also been developed flawlessly: 70 watts of sound output, Intelligent Voice Amplifier and Object Tracking Sound + , the same two technologies seen in previous models.

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To conclude, here too we clearly have an entire section dedicated to the smart part of the 8K TV, at the base of which we find the Tizen operating system . The range of applications, therefore, is very large and satisfactory, as are the functions related to voice commands: Bixby integration and compatibility with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

As for the connection with the smartphone, however, the Tap View function is missing here, but we still have the Multi View (multiple sharing on the screen). Finally, thanks to the SmartThings app , you will have the possibility to connect the other smart devices in the house to the 8K TV, so as to make it your only management center.

8K TV and panel size

After having seen the best 8K TVs on the market, we can focus on some small curiosities, starting with the size of the panels that characterize these televisions. As you can see for yourself by looking at the three Samsung models above, 8K TVs only exist in rather large sizes. Long story short, there are no 8K TVs smaller than 55 inches to date .

The latter is the minimum size from which you start to climb, to reach 82 ″ if not 95 ″ . Let’s say it’s the same principle that UHD 4K resolution is hard to find on small panels, such as 28 “or 32”. They exist, but they are still few. So, let’s say that this is perhaps a limitation, in some ways, of 8K TVs: you need to have enough space in the house to dedicate to them .

TV 8K: Is it really worth it?

8K TVs, as we have said from the beginning, are a niche product. We are talking about large-screen televisions equipped with the top resolution and technologies existing today, and for this they are paid quite dearly. And here, when we start talking about prices , the question “But, is it really worth it?” Immediately arises.

Clearly, there is no universal answer, but we lean more towards the yes . 8K TVs contain the best of technologies created by multinationals and various brands, and the detachment from any other 4K TV you see is much more than perceptible. On the other hand, however, this purchase is worth stumbling upon if you have the opportunity to spend time in front of the TV, because since we are talking about an investment , it is also right to have the opportunity to enjoy it.

However, if your fear is to buy an 8K TV and regret the purchase, in this we feel like reassuring you: you will not be disappointed . 8K TVs represent the best that technology has been able to develop so far, with panels that do not just transmit content, but try to make it “live” .

8K TVs and brands: Samsung in the lead

As you may have noticed, our entire ranking is based on three Samsung-branded models. So what happened to the other brands? In fact, some other 8K TVs from these brands are there, but I remind you that in today’s guide we wanted to talk only about the best , leaving out everything else.

Well, after careful analysis, research and evaluation, we can say that the other brands still have some way to go before they can reach Samsung. The models available today have panel sizes starting from 65 ″ -70 ″, there are no shared experiences by users, many models are not even available for purchase and, above all, offer far too exaggerated prices.

In any case, at most, we are talking about 10-15 8K TVs, no more. This data only gives us further confirmation of how the market has yet to fully embrace this resolution which, we are sure, will sooner or later be more widely appreciated.

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