Best Curved Monitors: Our Guide

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Within the monitor world there are different types of displays to choose from, which perform different and specific functions. One of these is precisely the category of monitors that present the curvature of the screen , an element much loved and desired by users. According to the curvature, the viewing angle, the resolution and the related technologies applied, the choice of a curved monitor may prove to be more or less adequate to your needs.

Thanks to our experience in the sector , and the reviews of users who have already had the opportunity to try them, we have reported the best curved monitors by size, brand and resolution. In fact, these are the main elements to take into consideration before approaching the actual purchase of the device.

Unmatched curvature: ASUS MX34VQ

The best option regarding the Asus brand falls, without a doubt, on the MX34VQ model . The first thing that catches the eye when looking at this monitor is its extreme elegance, accentuated by the curved design and ultra-thin bezel. The base of this monitor is equipped with an integrated Qi wireless charger , to be able to recharge compatible devices simply by placing them on it, and is also equipped with an LED light that turns on as soon as you start charging a device. The panel is a 34-inch Ultra Wide, with a curvature equal to 1800R which allows for a wide view (up to 178 degrees).

The images reproduced by this monitor are much sharper and more detailed thanks to the QHD resolution (3440 × 1440) and the 3000: 1 contrast ratio, which makes whites and blacks more intense. This ASUS is equipped with SplendidPlus technology which helps improve graphics in terms of brightness, sharpness and contrast. It also offers the possibility of choosing between various viewing modes such as, for example, reading, gaming, night, darkroom, etc.

Best Curved Monitors


By installing the MultiFrame Management software it is possible to work on multiple windows simultaneously in an orderly manner. Thanks to the Eye Care function, prolonged use of this monitor does not create the slightest eye strain, since this function includes two technologies: the first that filters the harmful blue light ( Light Blue Ultra-Low ) and the second that limits the flicker of the screen ( Flicker-free ).

The audio sector of this ASUS is very good: two stereo speakers with 8w of power each accompanied by SonicMaster technology , characterized by the possibility of choosing between four different audio modes: music, movie, gaming and user. Finally, the connectivity sector consists of three HDMI inputs, a DisplayPort and a Mini-jack audio input.

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Samsung excellence:  C34F791WQU

The Samsung C34F791WQU is the best choice when it comes to the curved monitors of the South Korean brand. Its design is modern and elegant, with silver-colored finishes and an extremely thin bezel. The base, also elegant and stable, is circular in shape, while the panel has a curvature equal to 1500R , which adapts perfectly to the vision of the human eye.

Thanks to the curvature, the field of view is very wide, increasing the sense of depth. The panel, which features anti-glare technology, measures 34 inches, and has a resolution of 3440 × 1440, two and a half times more than a normal Full HD .

Best Curved Monitors

This Samsung is equipped with Quantum Dot technology , which supports a wide range of very intense and realistic colors, and an excellent contrast ratio, equal to 3000: 1, which offers a clear view even during the darkest or brightest scenes. .

This curved monitor is also perfect for gaming lovers, as it is equipped with the AMD FreeSync function , which reduces delay and interruptions in movements, as well as offering a good response time -4 ms-, which limits the ghosting effect. and blurry images.

The gaming experience offered by this display is maximized by the ability to use Game Mode , which instantly optimizes contrast and colors to offer a better view in any scene. In addition, it is equipped with both integrated speakers with a power of 7 watts, and a good connectivity compartment: two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, two USB ports, an audio input and a headphone input.

Like most Samsungs, this model is also equipped with the Eye Saver mode which gives less eye strain by eliminating blue light.

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The ACER curves: XZ350CU

For the Taiwanese brand, the best curved monitor is definitely the XZ350CU model. The design is modern and attractive, with a thin frame and a solid base to support it perfectly. This monitor has a 35-inch screen and a resolution of 2560 x 1080 .

It is adjustable in height and inclination (from -5 ° up to 25 °), and has an excellent viewing angle, up to 178 °. The VA panel technology features an excellent contrast ratio of 3000: 1, which ensures superior image quality that is much sharper and more detailed.

Best Curved Monitors
Thanks to the 100% sRGB function, the color range has been expanded, making it much richer and more realistic. This Acer is also an excellent choice for gaming, as it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a 4 ms GTG response time; both of these features make moving images smoother and faster.

In addition, customizable lighting and Adaptive-Sync technology , which helps to significantly reduce screen tearing, ensure an amazing gaming experience. This model is also equipped with Acer EyeProtect and ComfyView technology , which provide considerably more comfortable viewing by reducing blue light and screen flickering.

The audio compartment features two 9W DTS Sound speakers and Acer TrueHarmony technology , which ensure clear and powerful sound. As for connectivity, the inputs this Acer is equipped with are: an HDMI input, DisplayPort and USB.

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The best of 24 ″:  AOC C24G

The AOC C24G model is the best 24-inch curved monitor for value for money too. The design of this monitor is modern and aggressive, with red details that highlight its lines and angles. The frame is practically absent, except in the lower part where it is accompanied by a captivating line also in red. The exact size of this monitor is 23.6 inches and the 1500R curvature makes the experience of using this monitor more immersive.

Best Curved Monitors

The panel is equipped with VA technology and is characterized by a Full HD resolution , (1920 × 1080 pixels). This AOC, as it is curved, can also be used as a gaming monitor, as it has 1ms of response time and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. As for gaming, the display is equipped with various gaming functions. and FreeSync technology , which allows for smoother frames and reduces screen tearing and input lag.

All this ensures highly bright images, a wide color gamut and excellent contrast with deep blacks and brilliant whites. Despite prolonged use, the eyes will not suffer from the slightest fatigue thanks to the Direct Current backlight and Flicker-free technology , which help to significantly reduce screen flicker.

The high visual comfort is also achieved by the Anti-Blue Light function , which limits the emission of harmful blue light. The connectivity compartment consists of a VGA port, a DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and a 3.5mm audio output.

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The best of 27 ″:  Philips 278E8QJAB

The best choice for the 27-inch curved monitor category falls, without a shadow of a doubt, on the Philips 278E8QJAB. It has a modern and elegant design, with a glossy black body and a metal base on which the display rests. It is adjustable in inclination (-5 ° / + 20 °), but not in height or rotation. The display has a matte finish and the bezel is quite thin (the thickest part measures 8mm). This monitor has a curvature equal to 1800R , to offer the user an enveloping and immersive experience.

Best Curved Monitors

The curvature, together with the VA technology of the panel, offers a very wide viewing angle, equal to 178/178 degrees: all this guarantees sharp and detailed images; moreover, thanks to the Ultra Wide-Color technology, the chromatic range is decidedly wider and characterized by more realistic, brilliant and deep colors.

This 16: 9 Philips is equipped with a Full HD resolution and offers realistic and extremely bright images with excellent contrast. As for the contrast, the latter is managed by SmartContrast technology , which automatically balances the colors and the backlight to improve their quality.

Like almost all monitors of the Dutch brand, the 278E8QJAB model is also equipped with Flicker-Free technology which, by adjusting the brightness of the LED backlight, reduces the flickering of the screen, optimizing vision and, consequently, limiting the fatigue of the eyes. This Philips features two integrated stereo speakers, both 3 watts. The connectivity area consists of a VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI input and an audio output for headphones / earphones.

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The best of 34 ″:  HP Envy 34

The best 34-inch curved monitor is the HP Envy 34, a high-end monitor. The design is eye-catching and features thin edges and a solid base that integrates a QI wireless charger. To maintain the maximum solidity of the structure, the parent company has decided not to allow rotation and height adjustment: however, it is possible to tilt the screen, from -5 ° up to + 35 °. The panel boasts a curvature of 1900R , much wider than the curvature of monitors on the market.

Best Curved Monitors

What you get from this curvature is not so much a deep dive, but a more balanced and optimal view from wherever you look at the screen. The screen – with a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440 – is Technicolor certified and this allows the display of very high quality content. It also has various display modes such as, for example, Cinema, Photo, Reading or Night mode. With this monitor it is also possible to activate the filters for blue light, so as not to excessively strain the eyes.

Peculiarity of this HP is the presence of the retractable IR camera and two microphones above the webcam. This model features an integrated Bang & Olufsen soundbar consisting of four front speakers and two passive speakers. This excellent audio system guarantees crisp, clear sound in all conditions.

On the side of the body there is the touch sensor to adjust the volume, pause and change songs. The highlight of this monitor is the very wide connectivity area, in all it has: two HDMI inputs, four USB 3.0 ports, a Thunderbolt 3 USB port, an SD reader and a headphone jack. Finally, it is equipped with integrated Bluetooth, to better connect each device.

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Curvature and LED technology:  MSI Optix MPG27CQ

The best monitor with LED technology is MSI Optix MPG27CQ , born, in reality, as a gaming monitor, although this does not prevent it from being used in as many ways. Before proceeding with the purchase it is necessary to consider the available space, as the aluminum base of this monitor is really bulky, equal to 53cm in width and 42 in depth.

But if there’s enough desk space, size won’t be a problem at all. The design is aggressive and captivating, equipped with ultra-thin bezels and RGB LED lights integrated in the front, customizable and that change color.

Aggressiveness is accentuated by the wide 1800R curvature, which makes the user experience highly engaging. The screen is adjustable in height (from 7cm up to 19cm), tilt and rotation. The panel is a 27 inch with VA technology , Full HD resolution and LED backlight .

Best Curved Monitors

This monitor is equipped with an OSD menu, which allows simple navigation between the main settings using the button on the rear right. By pressing this button you can choose between the various modes available: professional, game, reading, cinema, etc.

By selecting the Reading mode it is possible, thanks to the Less Blue Light technology  , to activate the yellow filter to limit the emission of blue light. Greater visual comfort is given by the reduced flicker of the screen, possible thanks to the Anti-Flicker technology .

The interesting features for gaming are the response time of 1 ms and the maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz. This model is equipped, finally, with two HDMI 1.4 inputs, a DisplayPort and two headphone / microphone jacks.

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Curvature and Full HD Resolution:  Samsung S24E510C

 For the Full HD curved monitor category the best choice falls on the Samsung S24E510C. The design is minimal but elegant, with a black body and a solid and sturdy T-shaped support base; through the VESA support it is possible to mount this monitor on the wall without any problem. The screen is adjustable in inclination, from 20 ° up to 2 °.

The panel is 24.5 inches, with a curvature equal to 4000R , which allows you to have a balanced, comfortable and immersive vision. From any angle the vision is therefore excellent, as the viewing angle is equal to 178 degrees, both vertically and horizontally.

Best Curved Monitors


Thanks to the contrast ratio of 3000: 1 , which gives realism and more intense colors, the images are of excellent quality. The vision is made more comfortable by the presence of the Eye Saver technology , which reduces the emission of blue light, and Flicker Free , which limits the flicker of the screen.

It is also equipped with the Game mode that allows you to have improved images during game sessions. The audio sector is not the largest and has a simple VGA input, an HDMI input and an audio output.

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The reason which helps to choose Best Curved Monitors

1) More Immersive Experience:

A curved display gives a more immersive gaming and viewing experience. The slight bend from the sides makes every viewing angle just perfect from any position in the room.

The curved screen has this effect because its shape creates more depth and relies on factors such as curve radius and viewing distance to create a more immersive session.

2) Ideal for Gamers and Multi-monitor Users:

Watch the below video, and you’ll find how a single curved monitor can replace a few flat ones.
If you’re working in fields such as video editing, graphics, gaming, etc. then a curved TV means you can work with every small detail without the need to switch tabs like in a laptop.

3) Reduced Distortion & Eye Comfort:

According to a Harvard Medical School Study, flat screens are more prone to image distortion and blurriness which is easily noticeable around the edges. Flat screens blur the vision four times than curved monitors.

Also, the light projection in flat monitors reduces eye comfort than in the curved TVs. Flat screens possessing a natural field of view, can cause eye strain 60% more than a curved display.

4) Latest Technology:

The curved monitors come with VA (Vertical Aligned) panels, that are more efficient in screen adjustments. Faster pixel response time gives visual clarity and details with reduced distortion and brighter colors. Also, ultra-wide screens give an immersive experience while playing games.

5) Aesthetically Good:

For one thing, you have to consider that Curved screens look more dazzling and refreshing than the flat ones. They can be hung on a wall with lightning effects on the backside, thereby providing a complete view of the new zone. They give a whole new experience with exciting features as well as comfort.

FAQ About Best Curved Monitors:

1.  Are curved monitors better?

That depends. Curved monitors are a different experience that could be more useful for a single user. They take up more desk space but also are more immersive and have plenty of display space for multitasking or managing especially complex software. However, they also have a very poor viewing angle and shouldn’t be used in situations where more than one person needs to look at the monitor.

2. Are curved monitors good for gaming?

Gamers looking for an immersive viewing experience should take a look at curved monitors. That curve makes it easier to feel enveloped in a game and can improve the field of view. It’s a frequent recommendation for fans of racing games and similar genres. Since it’s uncommon for more than one gamer to be using the screen at a time, curved monitors don’t have many disadvantages here — as long as you have the room!

3. What resolution should I look for in a curved monitor?

Look for QHD (quad high definition) or WQHD (wide quad high definition) for these monitors. Some curved monitors do offer higher UHD numbers, but it isn’t quite as important for most uses. If you want to save money, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a 1080p model, either.

4. What kind of ports should I look for in a curved monitor?

Look for DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0. Those ports should be enough to get pretty much any video connection that you would want. A few USB ports are also important for accessories, but USB-C ports still aren’t quite common in this field, although they are starting to show up on newer models. If you have accessories that need USB-C or Thunderbolt 3, always double-check to make sure they are included.

5. Do curved monitors have speakers?

It can vary. Some have built-in speakers. Others don’t have speakers but do support pass-through audio with an aux port, which means if you hook up headphones or speakers to the monitor, it will pass audio through so you can use them easily. If you need built-in speakers, our Dell and Samsung pick on our list have them!

6. Are curved monitors better for work?

Most of the immersive benefits from curved monitors are made for gamers … but that doesn’t mean they can’t help in the professional world. Curved ultra wides, in particular, may be beneficial for making the most of a whole lot of screen space for the most complex, single-person projects. However, note that curved monitors won’t save any space, and in some cases may actually need more room, so you may want to measure your office if you’re thinking about getting one.

7. Which is better, curved monitors or flat-screen monitors?

If only one person is going to be using the monitor, there isn’t a huge amount of difference. Curved monitors can be better for immersion and help enhance some games, but they don’t innately improve image quality, refresh rate, or any other display specs. If more than one person is using the monitor, like while watching a show or sharing a screen, then a flat monitor is a better pick.

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