Best headphones for tv with wire: The Complete Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Wired TV headphones are a very useful and convenient tool for living an entertainment experience of greater quality and intensity . The audio, in fact, appears much sharper, clearer and crystalline. This is why, most of the purchases of wired TV headphones are designed for people of a certain age, who may have some difficulty in enjoying TV content.

For the “younger”, however, wireless headphones are certainly the best option. On the other hand, devices with less technology appear easier to use, which is another reason why wired TV headphones are particularly popular with older people.

However, this is not a mathematical rule: wired headphones are able to meet different needs, as they are extremely easy to use, comfortable and sound effective. Furthermore, in general, the price of these devices is very affordable, as it is extremely low compared to wireless headphones.

To facilitate reading we have decided to bring back the best headphones for wired TV in ascending order , or from the lowest to the highest price.

1. Panasonic RP-HT090


The first model of wired headphones could only be a Panasonic. The Japanese multinational, in fact, enjoys a certain reputation for hearing aids. In particular, these headphones, so simple and light, have managed (and still manage) to meet the needs of thousands of users . As you can see from the Amazon purchase page, in fact, the reviews are more than positive.

In fact, our opinion is also positive, as these wired headphones really don’t lack anything. The design is very simple, the pavilion remains open on the ear and the adjustment is easy and intuitive. The earpads, whose drivers are 30 mm, are very light (as well as the entire structure) and therefore do not cause typical soreness in the ears . In other words, they can be worn for several hours consecutively without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

On the cable there is the volume control , so you can manage it independently from the remote control. The device is slightly small, but for what it has to do it can be used without problems. The cable length is a whopping 5 meters , allowing you to position yourself wherever you want without having to sit or lie down too close to the TV.

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The quality of the volume, as many users point out, is very high, especially for a product with such a negligible cost. That’s why, even for us, these wired tv headphones take first place for best value for money .

2. Pro Signal PSG03400

The second model we have selected for you remains, in most respects, very similar to the first wired headphones we saw above. The structure, in fact, remains very light , convenient and comfortable, excellent for prolonged use . In this case, however, the pavilions do not remain open on the ear, and have a leather coating. However, the ear is not in the least bit crushed by the pads.

The drivers present inside the pavilions are, also in this case, 30 mm , and ensure a rich and engaging sound experience. The type of connector is the 3.5 mm stereo jack plug , which must be inserted into the appropriate port on the back of the television panel. The length of the cable is the maximum you could want from a wired TV headset: six meters of cable that you can handle as you wish.

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Here too, as far as volume adjustment is concerned, you can rely on the control on the cable itself . As always, the dimensions are not the most comfortable but, at least, you can lower or raise the volume of the audio in a few moments. Our advice, however, is to keep the volume of the headphones at maximum, and to manage the audio from the television, so as to obtain a high quality and highly clear sound performance.

3. JVC HA-RX500-E

The third model of wired TV headphones that caught our attention is a product that, although already more complete and sophisticated from the design side , still manages to remain light and comfortable during use. In fact, it is not the 30 grams more that make headphones uncomfortable, even for prolonged use. Indeed, after having tested them for three consecutive hours we can say that they do not cause any discomfort.

At the same time, however, since the structure is a little more studied and solid, the headphones are also more robust than the two previous models. The on-ear pads rest comfortably on the ear, and the sound quality is more than optimal. The only flaw, perhaps, concerns the bass, which offer a slightly lower quality than the highs.

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However, if you have no professional pretensions and want to stay on a low price profile , these wired tv headphones are the ideal solution. As for the length of the cable, in this case we are talking about 3.5 meters , which if on the one hand they are shorter than the other two models described above, on the other hand they are still sufficient to connect headphones to the TV.

4. Avantree HF039

Finally, we have selected a much more complete and professional pair of wired headphones, suitable for those who have a certain type of need from the point of view of sound quality. The design, as can be seen from the image, is much more elaborate than the previous models, and in fact, the total weight of the product is 155 grams. However, the fit of the headphones is very comfortable , both thanks to the adjustable headband and thanks to the soft pads of the earpads.

The latter, over ear , have 40 mm drivers , for a more powerful and deep sound. These wired headphones, in fact, represent the best on the market for those who want the most from their entertainment.

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The headphone cable is coiled, but still has a more than optimal length to connect them to the TV: 5 meters . On the wire there is the volume control and, if desired, you can apply the supplied clip for an even more comfortable and safe use. Ultimately, despite all these models are optimal, if you want to aim for the best without spending too much money, these Avantree headphones represent the most suitable choice.

Wired TV Headphones: What Happened to Sony?

It is useless to deny it. Sony, as well as Panasonic, are a safe haven when it comes to hearing aids. In fact, in our guide to the best wireless headphones, you will find both of these brands. However, when it comes to Sony wired headphones, you will be just as disappointed as we are .

Despite having searched far and wide, in fact, we have not found any product worth mentioning in this guide. Most Sony headphones offer cables of just 1.2 meters , which is too short to be suitable for television use.

At the moment we do not know what the intentions of the Japanese multinational are, but considering the evolution of wireless headphones, unfortunately we believe that it is very unlikely that it will aim to make headphones for wired TV. Either way, there’s no need to despair. The models above represent the best available on the market to date, so let’s say that, in the end, it is Sony who lost us.

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