Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv: Our Choice

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Within the world of Best Hisense 4K Smart TV, there are several models that differ in size, technologies and connectivity. In particular, however, the most sought-after televisions are those that offer the maximum in terms of image resolutions, namely UHD 4K. In this guide, therefore, thanks to our experience in the sector and taking into consideration the reviews from users, we have reported the best models with 4K resolution of the Chinese house.

The perfect one: Hisense H60N5705

This Hisense Smart TV is the perfect combination of high quality and an affordable price. The design looks sober and elegant, despite the panel and bezels, not being ultra-slim. The 60-inch display features an LED backlight system and offers the highest resolution: UHD 4K.

Support for HDR delivers images of extreme quality, with a high contrast level, vivid and brilliant colors, and evident sharpness. In addition, this Smart TV allows playback of HDR content from various sources, such as Blu-ray players, Play Station 4, and XBOX.

Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv

An interesting feature is certainly the 4K Upscaling technology, thanks to which the contents with a lower quality are reproduced with the maximum resolution, from any source it is viewed. At the same time, the sound quality accompanies the visual one, thanks to the dbx-tv system, which ensures a pure and enveloping sound.

As for the Smart functions, this Hisense model offers interesting features. The Opera V4.7 operating system features the VIDAA U interface, a guarantee regarding the simplicity and convenience of navigation.

Thanks to the Any view Cast function, you have the possibility, through the Wifi connection, to share mobile contents on the TV display, quickly and easily. Another valid alternative is to use the HDMI sockets on the back of the panel, to be able to connect any device you want.

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The right variant: Hisense H70NU9700

The aesthetics of this Smart TV is characterized by an ultra-thin panel and almost invisible frames, both in metal. The panel has an LED backlight system and offers the highest resolution: UHD 4K with HDR Supreme.

Plus, thanks to technologies like Local Dimming, which increases image contrast by delivering deeper blacks and brighter whites, scenes appear even clearer and sharper. As for the color range, this Hisense model has the Ultra Color system, which guarantees wide shades, remaining very faithful to the colors found in nature.

Thanks to the Backlight Scanning technology, even the images reproduced during the fastest movements do not suffer any kind of slowdown, as any sort of trail or blur is completely eliminated. The beauty of these images is guaranteed for any kind of content that has a resolution below 4K, thanks to the 4K Upscaling technology, which ensures perfect viewing.

Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv


As for the audio, this Hisense model features the award-winning dbx-tv® audio system, which ensures a rich, deep, and enveloping sound when broadcasting any television program or event.

The use of this Hisense is optimal and simple thanks to the presence of the intuitive VIDAA U interface, which significantly amplifies the pleasant experience of the viewer.

Moreover, thanks to the integrated Wifi connection, you have the possibility to browse through different programs and applications without any difficulty, enriching your offer. Finally, on the back of the panel, there are 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB ports.

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55 ″: Hisense H55M7000

This Hisense 55-inch model is part of the M7000 series, a guarantee in terms of quality and applied technologies. The design of this Smart TV is linear and modern, offering an ultra-thin panel with fine frames, and two fine pedestals positioned on the sides.

The display offers the LED backlight system, combined with UHD 4K resolution and HDR, all technologies that allow the transmission of images that are pure, realistic and rich in detail. Furthermore, the definition of HDR is also maintained on content from compatible sources , such as the Blu-Ray DVD player, Xbox and PlayStation.

The presence of Local Dimming ensures a higher level of performance in terms of contrast, color range and response times. An element not to be underestimated of this model is certainly the 4K Upscaling , which allows high quality reproduction even for those contents that have a lower resolution.

Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv


Also with regard to scenes that reproduce rapid movements, this model ensures a fluid and blur-free vision thanks to the Motion Rate 1200 Hz technology . Also as regards the audio, this model has the DBX Total Sonics system , which in addition to offering a pure and deep sound, compensates the audio frequencies based on the content you are watching – movie, sporting event, concert, game -.

As for connectivity and navigation comfort, this Smart TV features the VIDAA graphic interface , a guarantee in terms of simplicity and intuitiveness. Inside, in fact, there is the Personal Media Center , an area dedicated to the photos, programs and applications preferred by the user, always just a click away.

Furthermore, some streaming platforms are already installed on the TV to be able to fully enjoy the cinema offer, such as Netflix and Chili. There are also 3 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs on the rear of the panel, which can be used to record your favorite shows on an external drive.

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50 ″: Hisense H50U7A

The design of this Hisense model reflects supreme elegance, with an ultra-thin panel and the absence of bezels. The 55-inch display is equipped with a LED backlight system and offers the highest image quality: 4K UHD  combined with HDR Perfect .

Thanks to Precision Brightness Process technology and Local Dimming, contrasts are brought out more, delivering deep blacks and vibrant colors during darker or brighter scenes. Still as regards the brightness, this Hisense model has 4096 degrees of brightness , faithfully mirroring the shadows, darkness and light reproduced in nature.

Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv
Furthermore, thanks to the Hi-View Engine , the screen will not present any kind of blur even during scenes full of movement, offering a fluid and realistic vision. This technology is also useful during gaming sessions, as this Hisense model also features the sport mode , to allow the maximum even during moments of entertainment.

As for the audio system, Hisense uses Dolby Audio, DTS and dbx-tv® technology , which guarantees realistic, deep and engaging sound during any type of program or event.Furthermore, thanks to the presence of Hisense Pro, the audio system automatically recognizes the frequencies – low, medium, high – taking the audio performance to an even higher level.

As for connectivity and ease of use, this Hisense model has the intuitive VIDAA U interface, which allows you to download applications and programs directly from the home of the TV.Furthermore, by downloading the Remote Now app on your smartphone, both for Android and iOS, you have the possibility to use your device as a remote control, and share your favorite contents on the home screen. There are 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs on the back of the panel.

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This Hisense model with a size of 40 inches turns out to be an excellent opportunity to reconcile quality and price. The aesthetic is slim and refined like that of the models described above, even if the lower frame is a little thicker and in two different colors: black and silver.

The display features the LED backlight system and offers UHD 4K resolution with HDR . The latter, which provides deeper blacks and brighter whites, is maintained and transmitted even with compatible sources , such as Blu-Ray DVD players, the PlayStation and the Xbox.

Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv


Ultimately, therefore, thanks to 4K Upscaling technology , from any source the content is transmitted, and any resolution it presents, this Hisense model reproposes it on the 4K display. Also as regards the scenes that present rapid movements, the fluidity and sharpness of the images is guaranteed by the presence of the Quad Core processor , capable of reaching 1200 Hz.

As for the models described above, this 40-inch too has the VIDAA interface , capable of offering simple and intuitive navigation of the programs and applications present in the Home; among these are already installed Chili and Netflix. On the back of the panel there are 3 USB inputs and 4 HDMI inputs, thanks to which you can easily expand the TV experience by connecting different sources.

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Feature About Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv:

For the most part, Hisense uses Android TV as their smart platform in North America, but there are a handful of models that have Roku TV instead. Along with Sony, Hisense has been using Android TV for a few years, and when Sony transitioned to Google TV in 2021, Hisense released their new models with an updated version of Android instead. However, Google TV and Android TV are so similar, and there are only a few aesthetic differences. Overall, Android TV is great as you can access many apps through the Google Play Store, and menu navigation feels smooth, but it may take some time to get used to the interface.


Hisense’s 2021 models use Android Version 10, and the interface is clean and pretty simple to navigate. It’s divided into multiple rows, and each row presents content from different apps. These rows can be customized to your liking, as you can choose which apps are disabled and where. However, because there are so many rows, it can feel overwhelming, and it may take some time before you can fully navigate the interface if you’re not used to it.


Hisense Apps Picture Android TV has access to the Google Play Store, which offers a massive selection of apps available to download, even more so than competing brands. You shouldn’t have any issues finding your favorite streaming apps, and most of the common ones come pre-installed.


The voice control gives you access to Google Assistant and Alexa, which is great. Unlike most TVs, some of the higher-end Hisense models have mics built-in, so you can use the voice control either by speaking directly to the TV or the remote. Don’t worry; you can disable the mic on the TV if you’re concerned about privacy. You can ask it to open apps, search for content, and change inputs, but you can’t ask it to change some settings.


Hisense released a redesigned remote for 2021 with the U8G and U7G. It’s smaller as it doesn’t have a Numpad anymore like the past model, and there are shortcut buttons to popular streaming services. You also get quick-access buttons to the Google Assistant, the home page, and the settings menu. However, we saw a more boxy remote included with the entry-level U6G and A6G, which seems to offer the same features, but is larger.


Hisense Ads Past editions of Android TV were generally ad-free, but like other smart platforms, we’re starting to see more ads throughout the interface. There are often large ads right on the home page, and you’ll see suggested content too. You can opt out of suggested content, but that just means you’ll see untargeted ads instead.

FAQ About Best Hisense 4K Smart Tv:
1. Is Hisense really 4K?

The 2020 Hisense TV line-up includes the likes of the H9G, a 4K ULED Quantum Dot Android TV at a budget price. … The 75-inch set offers AI upscaling of 4K and HD content, and sports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos.

2. Is Hisense a reliable TV brand?

In our experience, Hisense has scored average to good. … We’ve not had a chance to test more recent US ULED models such as the 2020 Hisense H8G and H9G, as well as the 2021 U9G, U8G and U6G, but these quantum dot technology TVs and generally range in size from 50-75 inches.

3. How long will a Hisense TV last?

The company is owned by Hisense Co. Ltd., which is based in China with production facilities in Europe, Central America and South Africa. How long does a Hisense TV last? Most televisions last between five and 10 years.

4. What is uled Hisense?

(Ultra LED) An LED TV from Hisense Company, Ltd. that partitions the backlight LEDs into 240 separate zones. ULED is not an OLED technology; rather it is an LCD TV with a proprietary LED backlight technology that also uses quantum dots (QDs).

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