Best LG Smart Tv: The Guide

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In this guide we offer you the best Smart TVs in the LG world of 2021, bringing to light all the technologies and features related to each model.

Furthermore, we have decided not to dedicate space to Best LG Smart Tv in this guide, but to reserve them a wider and more specific space , as the LG brand is one of the few manufacturers of devices that allow the viewing of three-dimensional content.

Another element that we would like to emphasize is that, although most consumers remain fond of the classic sizes of 40 and 42 inches, the South Korean house leaves relatively little space for Best LG Smart Tv s of this size, focusing more on 43 inches .

Having had the opportunity to see what has just been said, this guide shows the best LG productions combined with the dimensions that take up more space within the television market. Therefore, ours also wants to be a suggestion to be able to choose between a wider range of offers , which offers more models, sizes and technologies.

Finally, at the end of this guide a paragraph has been dedicated to the connection of wireless keyboards to Best LG Smart Tv s, a reality that has facilitated the navigation of millions of users and viewers.

The undisputed queen: LG 49SM9000PLA

As always, identifying the Best LG Smart Tv model is not as simple as it might seem, although in this case it was quite simple. In fact, this Best LG Smart Tv is a perfect combination of elegance and sophisticated technology. The model, having been released this year, still has few reviews, but we are pretty sure that the situation will change shortly here.

We have focused our attention on this 9 Series model due to a completely new backlight system. In this case, in fact, we are not dealing with an LED, QLED or OLED display, but with a technology called NanoCell . The chosen name was selected based on the color reproduction process. In fact, these are emitted through nanometer-sized particles .

This affects the quality of the content, which will appear precise, defined and pure. The television experience therefore, we can say that it undergoes a marked improvement . However, the aesthetics have also been completely revised. In fact, the design is identified with the name of Nano Bezel . Basically, the three sides of the panel have no frames, remaining free. This feature, combined with the 49 inches, gives a wide and boundless viewing experience.

Best LG Smart Tv

The UHD 4K resolution also helps to refine the image , together with HDR , to guarantee a truly excellent quality level. A further positive note must certainly be given to the implementation of the new a7 Gen2 Intelligent Processor . As in most of the latest processors, the power of artificial intelligence is harnessed here too. Basically, what happens is a constant update of the brightness according to the conditions offered by the room.

By detecting the brightness level in the environment, the content will adapt accordingly. The same procedure applies to the audio output. Thanks to AI Acoustic Tuning , the spatial dimension of the room is recognized by the Smart TV. This allows you to enjoy a sound emitted tailored to you, based on the space around you. Furthermore, thanks to the new processor, the audio is emitted with greater precision, to the point of recreating a virtual 5.1 ch surround .

Also with regard to the smart functions, this model has nothing to envy. The operating system is WebOS 4.5 , which allows you to navigate the Smart TV with extreme ease and comfort. In fact, the technology used is the famous ThinQ AI . Thanks to its implementation you can interact with the TV via voice commands, without necessarily using the remote control. In addition, you can directly request information from the Best LG Smart Tv through the connection of Alexa or Google Assistant .

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Option B: LG 65B8S

Although it may seem impossible to have a second option available, after talking about the best model, we managed to find an equally good Smart TV . This model, in fact, already well known also among users, has very interesting features.

Present in versions of 55 and 65 inches, this model features OLED technology , renowned for the depth of image blacks and vivid colors, with very sharp and specific details. In addition, this technology combines with the perfection of 4K Cinema HDR , designed to offer a real and original vision, as it was conceived by the directors.

In addition, the 4K Cinema HDR resolution remains fully compatible with other technologies belonging to LG: HDR Dolby Vision ™, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HDR10 Pro, HLG Pro and HDR Effect.

Thanks to the combination of all these resolution-related technologies, the user has the opportunity to experience a unique viewing experience, enhanced by the perfection of the Dolby Atmos audio system , which allows the viewer to feel completely immersed in the action. of the film, enjoying a clear, clean and 360 ° diffused sound in every direction.

Best LG Smart Tv

The resolving and auditory technologies of this model remain impeccable even during gaming sessions , made extremely fluid and clear by the very short response time. One of the options that is rarely found in other Best LG Smart Tv models is that of the Gallery Mode , which offers the user the continuous viewing of beautiful images taken by TripAvisor with pleasant music in the background that can be scrolled at any time of the day.

As for connectivity and ease of use, this model features the LG webOS 4.0 operating  system , which guarantees an intuitive interface for immediate and dynamic use of all streaming platforms such as Netflix and Youtube.

Finally, being part of the “Best LG Smart Tv ” category, this model also features AI ThinQ technology , belonging only to the LG group. Thanks to this technology, the use of the TV becomes interactive thanks to the simple use of the remote control pointer and the Bluetooth connection, which allows voice recognition to interact with the Smart TV.

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The winning alternative: LG 43LJ594V

In the diverse world of LG, the model that best reflects the characteristics related to image quality and possible functions is the LG 43LJ594V model , which can be found at both 43 inches and 49 inches. The LED screen, combined with Full HD technology, offer a completely authentic visual experience, characterized by ever sharper and more realistic images, colors and details.

Also with regard to video quality, this model uses HEVC technology , which allows video compression while maintaining excellent viewing quality. The webOS 3.5 operating system , together with the built-in Wifi, allow you to easily browse the contents of the network, which can be accessed both thanks to the pointer remote control and the customizable luncher, which help the user to move between his favorite programs.

Best LG Smart Tv

In addition, one of the features that is taken into consideration by families who choose this TV are the pre-installed games , which offer a world of entertainment to users of all ages. The convenience of this function is then amplified by the possibility of downloading other games for free and that can be easily added to the TV screen.

Finally, although there is built-in Wifi, unlike most Best LG Smart Tvs, in order to access your multimedia content to watch on the screen, you need to insert a USB key into the appropriate socket, which is located on the back of the panel.

In the event that the television was attached to the wall, it could be quite difficult to reach the USB port , but the problem is solved with a simple extension cable . The only note that could be defined as negative about this model is the absence of audio outputs from the screen, which does not allow you to use headphones.

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The affordable: LG 50UK6470

When choosing the category of cheap Smart TVs, you must pay attention to the type of offer. In many cases, in fact, it is true that there are extremely affordable prices, but many times we are talking only about the panel , and not about the complete features and options of a Smart TV.

In this case we think that the LG 50UK6470 model remains the best choice in terms of value for money, as it really turns out to be the cheapest Best LG Smart Tv from the LG manufacturer. Present in the 28-inch version, the screen of this model features LED resolution , which combined with Active HDR  technology  and  UHD 4K resolution , allows the reproduction of clear and realistic images.

Best LG Smart Tv

Thanks to the presence of 4K Upscaling technology , this model guarantees optimal viewing even for content with a lower resolution, always offering the highest quality. As far as audio is concerned, LG has placed the speakers in a position that allows maximum quality and auditory involvement, accompanied by ULTRA Surround technology .

As for connectivity, the TV has integrated Wifi and Bluetooth , which allows the user to connect their devices to be able to see their content on the home screen. In addition, it also has HDMI, USB inputs and the hole to insert headphones. Thanks to the webOS 4.0 operating system , the viewer has the possibility to move quickly and in a completely intuitive way among all the contents offered, including Netflix, Youtube, AmazonVideo and Timvision.

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For confined spaces: LG  32LJ610V 32 ″

In the 32-inch Smart TV section, the best model is the LG 32LJ610V , a TV that features LED panel technology combined with Full HD resolution , equal to twice that of an HD Ready: the experience linked to viewing therefore , turns out to be very detailed and rich in color.

Furthermore, the beauty of the graphics remains at the same level even during the gaming sessions offered by LG : by connecting to the official LG website, it is possible to download more games than those already pre-installed and share moments of entertainment and fun.

Best LG Smart Tv

As for the audio, this model features the 2.0 Audio System , which guarantees a very wide hearing quality. Speaking of connectivity instead, thisBest LG Smart Tv has integrated Wifi thanks to which it is possible to navigate the world of online directly from the television screen; while to be able to see your multimedia contents on the home screen you can connect a USB key to the appropriate socket.

Thanks to the webOS 3.5 operating  system , moving between the channels and functions of the Smart TV is simple and intuitive. Furthermore, for football lovers, the offers are unlimited both for live and on demand viewing, thanks to the presence of the NowTv and Dazn applications .

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An excellent middle ground: LG 43UJ651V 43 ″

As anticipated at the beginning of this guide, the widest range of offers is not based on the 40 and 42-inch Smart TVs, but on the 43-inch ones. In this regard we have selected the model which, according to our assessment, can be considered the best option in the LG world. In fact, the panel of this Smart TV features LED backlighting technology combined with In-Plane Switching, better known as IPS .

Thanks to the presence of this technology, color fidelity is maintained at much higher levels than screens that do not, and the viewing angle is much wider than any other screen. Furthermore, with HDR and the True Color Accuracy system , chromatic distortions are automatically corrected, offering even more precise and realistic images.

Best LG Smart Tv

The interesting aspect inherent in HDR is the  transformation of content with a lower resolution – SDR – into high quality content, to offer a viewing experience that is always at the top of the range.

The beauty and perfection of the images are combined with a rich and deep sound, offered by the Ultra Surround system  , which manages to adapt to the surrounding environment to allow the viewer a total immersion in the action of the film.

Speaking of connection instead, this LG model not only has integrated Wifi to be able to browse the network directly from the TV, but, thanks to the LG TV PLUS application  , the viewer has the possibility of using their smartphone as a second remote control. In addition, the range of streaming platforms is truly inexhaustible, as it has applications such as Netflix, Amazon, Chili, Tim Vision, Google Movie and Infinity.

Thanks to the presence of the WebOs 3.5 platform , navigation of the TV is really simple and intuitive, made even more personalized by the pointer remote control. Finally, as for connectivity, the TV has several HDMI and USB inputs , which can also be used to record your favorite programs on an external device.

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Cinema viewing : LG  49UK6470PLC 49 ″

Although most users are looking for a 40-inch Best LG Smart Tv , as far as this brand is concerned, the size that allows a greater range of offers is based on the 49-inch models. Precisely for this reason we have decided to bring you the Best LG Smart Tv with these panel proportions, referring to the LG 49UK6470PLC . 

The screen, which features LED technology , offers a complete, clear and detailed viewing experience, thanks to the presence of 4K Active HDR resolution  . Thanks to the presence of 4K Upscaling technology , the high image quality is maintained even when transmitting content with lower resolutions, ensuring a viewing experience that meets LG standards.

Furthermore, the beauty and purity of colors is maintained wherever you decide to watch television, as the viewing angle is much wider than the average of Smart TVs.

Best LG Smart Tv

On the sound side, however, this model is equipped with Ultra Surround technology , which allows the viewer to enjoy pure and total involvement, thanks to the built-in speakers. As for the connection, the TV has integrated Wifi ,  offering the possibility of using the most famous streaming platforms, such as Netflix, and applications such as Now TV and DAZN , to enjoy the world of football both live and on demand.

Moreover, thanks to the comfortable and intuitive webOS 4.0 interface , the viewer has the possibility to move without any difficulty on the screen, fully enjoying the experience offered by this model. Finally, also with regard to the connectivity of the Best LG Smart Tv , this model has several HDMI and USB ports , which can also be used to record your favorite movies externally.

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Wireless keyboards, a convenience you can’t give up

At the end of the guide that shows the best models of the LG manufacturer, it was necessary to dedicate a few lines to the possible connection of keyboards and mice , to move even more easily on the home screen. In fact, having the latest generation televisions available, it is now normal to also buy a keyboard with a touchpad – or a mouse – to further improve the user experience in front of the display.

Being able to browse the web through the wifi integrated in Best LG Smart Tv s, being able to move with a cursor instead of the remote control buttons is a convenience that most people have not given up for several years.

Furthermore, it very often happens that writing on web pages through the arrows of the remote control takes a long time, as well as a good margin of error, while thanks to the connection of a wireless keyboard the problem is simply solved.

Best LG Smart Tv

Unlike what you might think, there are no more compatible keyboards than others to connect to your Smart TV, unless the manufacturer gives specific indications. In fact, any keyboard that has the HID standard and the USB key to be inserted in the back of the panel can be connected and used with the Best LG Smart Tv . In any case, we would also like to say a few words regarding the price range for the related devices.

The range of offer of wireless keyboards is in fact quite wide, and as often happens, you can find very low and very high prices. The truth, when it comes to using wireless keyboards connected to Smart TVs, is that the simpler they are, the better .

This factor is a clear indicator that spending exaggeratedly high bucks to purchase a wireless keyboard is not the most convenient step to take. Below is a clear example of a wireless keyboard compatible with your Best LG Smart Tv.

VicTsing wireless keyboard

This wireless keyboard model is one of the most purchased by users and one of the most positively reviewed , both for the linearity of its functions, and for its economy. In fact, the price does not exceed 20 euros . Aesthetically it is very reminiscent of the classic computer keyboard, to which it can still be connected if desired. Another element in favor of this model is certainly the touchpad on the right side, which avoids the user the further purchase of the mouse.

Best LG Smart Tv


Near the trackpad there are also the volume and scroll arrow keys, called quick access keys . In addition, the keyboard features 12 multimedia shortcut combinations and 5 hotkeys, allowing one-touch access to content such as the homepage or media player, dramatically reducing the time spent on frequent operations.

Finally, as regards its installation , this keyboard has the same mechanism as the other wireless keyboards, which connect to the Smart TV by inserting the USB key into one of the ports on the back of the screen. As for the maximum connection distance, we speak of 10 meters.


How many years warranty on LG LED TV?

The best part about the Onsitego Extended Warranty is, it can be purchased for a maximum of 4 years, apart from the 1 year LG Warranty. The plan starts from as low as Rs 300, depending on the price of the TV and starts immediately after the 1 year LG Warranty expires.

Does LG have technical support?

Call an LG Support Representative For any urgent concerns, please visit us on to request for Service, DOA / RMA, Ext Warranty SWAP, and other requests.

Are LG TVs good?

Overall, the LG has a well-earned reputation for high-quality designs and great picture quality, whether it’s on mid-range systems like LG Nanocell or LG QNED TVs, or budget-friendly models, like LG UHD models, which use basic LCD panels.

What is LG TV warranty?

LG offers a one year Limited Warranty on our TV’s that begins on the Date of Purchase. This Limited Warranty does not cover physical, liquid, or cosmetic damages. If your device does not meet all warranty requirements, a repair cost may be applied.


The above list of the Best LG Smart Tv  is best suited for any smart TV. Suggest other apps you use on your LG Smart TV in the comment section below. You can also go for ESPN Plus if you want to stream sports on your TV. You can easily download it from your TV’s app store, and if you don’t like it, just unsubscribe from ESPN Plus. There are many other apps that you can go for your LG smart TV like Philo TV app, give it a try if you want.

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