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The world of Smart TVs, computers and more precisely monitors, is a universe without borders, which offers an almost unlimited amount of options and possibilities.

In particular, with regard to the purchase of a best monitor, there are some features and functionalities that, if known, can help in a more conscious and targeted choice of the device in question.

In fact, on the market, there are many types of best monitors for PCs, and sometimes it can be really difficult to make the right choice. In this regard, thanks to our expertise in the field, we have written this informative guide, which allows you to have a more specific view about the features and technologies that each monitor presents.

The first and most immediate ranking is certainly the one concerning their size, which will be divided as follows:

  • Small monitors: 19.22 and 24 inches
  • Medium monitors: 27, 28, 30 inches
  • Large monitors: 32, 40 and 42 inches

However, we would like to emphasize that to these dimensions are added monitors that can be considered additional middle ground.

19-inch Monitor: Philips 193V5LSB2

This model from Philips, turns out to be the Best monitor of 19-inch monitor for an excellent value for money. The panel is not precisely a 19-inch, but 18.5, with a format of 16:9 and an optimal resolution of 1366×768 to 60 Hertz. Being an 18.5 inches the dimensions are small but, thanks to its compact design, the space that this screen takes up is really minimal.

In addition, thanks to the reduced environmental impact due to the absence of mercury, this model falls into the environmentally friendly category. The screen features LCD technology with LEDbacklighting , which allows both to reach maximum brightness in a short time, and to have a good contrast ratio of 700:1, with bright and realistic colors.


Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


Thanks to SmartContrast technology, the colors and intensity of the backlight are automatically adjusted by the display, and in this way the contrasts are enhanced by providing optimal images. This panel is equipped with SmartControl Lite, a software that allows you to efficiently control and adjust the main functions of the monitor, such as color, brightness, multimedia and much more, with the sole use of the mouse.

A negative point reported by many consumers is the impossibility of adjusting the inclination of the monitor, which makes it slightly difficult to see if there are reflections of light on the screen.

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22-inch Monitor: HP 22F

For the 22-inch monitor category, what could be calledexcellence is definitely the HP 22F, an aesthetically appealing model thanks to the modern and elegant design, the ultra-thin display and the almost invisible edges made of aluminum. The screen is a FULL HD IPS with 1920×1080 resolution at 60 Hz and equipped with anti-glare technology and LED backlighting.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide

One of the conveniences presented by this monitor is certainly the inclination: it is possible to tilt the monitor from -5 ° up to + 25 °. In addition, it has many functions and commands directly on the display: from the on and off button, to the control of brightness, color, contrast, up to the management of the language and the menu.

Also with regard to the viewing angle, this panel has an extremely wide one, maintaining high quality and sharpness of the images. Finally, as for connectivity, this model is equipped with a VGA and an HDMI input with HDCP support.

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24-inch monitor: Samsung S24F350

The best option for 24-inch monitors undoubtedly falls on the Samsung S24F350, a model with a sleek but at the same time modern design. Thanks to the ultra-thin panel, with a thickness of only 10mm, the depth of this monitor is much smaller than the traditional models of the South Korean house.

The panel has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Thanks to AMD FreeSync technology this Samsung has minimal delays and image interruptions, allowing you to use this screen as a gamingmonitor . In addition, this panel is equipped with the Game mode, which allows a marked improvement in colors and contrast during the entertainment session.


Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


For this model the viewing angle has been expanded up to 178 degrees, and this allows you to have sharp images from anywhere you look at the screen. It is equipped with Flicker Free technology that reduces the flickering of images and, together with Eye Saver technology, the emission of blue light is significantly reduced, limiting eye strain and offering a more comfortable vision.

This panel belongs to energy class A, and thanks to Samsung eco-savingtechnology , which allows automatic adjustment of the brightness of the screen, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by 10%. Finally, the Samsung S24F350 is equipped with an HDMI port and a D-SUB.

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27-inch Monitor: Dell SE2717H

The SE2717H model from Dell is certainly the best 27-inch monitor also from the point of view of value for money: it has excellent features, but the price is contained. The design is extremely elegant, with an ultra-thin panel that can be tilted according to your need. It is equipped with a perforated pedestal to insert the cables into it, which allows for a neat sealing of these.


Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


The screen is opaque and equipped with anti-glare technology, and features LEDbacklight technology. The IPS and Full HD panel with 1920×1080 resolution offers optimal viewing from any angle thanks to the wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees. Thanks to ComfortView technology, blue light is minimized, and FlickerFree technology reduces flicker allowing comfortable viewing and eye strain.

At the bottom of the monitor are the power keys and settings management, brightness and contrast. This Samsung is also great for gaming as the images and colors are sharp and of high quality, and any distortions of interruptions are minimized. The model has the classic HDMI and VGA inputs.

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28-inch Monitor: Samsung U28E850

A great choice in the field of 28-inch monitors is the Samsung U28E850. A peculiarity of this monitor is the ability to rotate the screen in an upright position, as well as the ability to tilt it and adjust its height. Thanks to the automatic rotation, when you are in portrait mode, the image adapts, rotating 90°. The Ultra HD images of this panel are very realistic and detailed with 8 million pixels.

The wide color gamut offers vivid and realistic colors, thanks also to the high brightness level (370 cd/m): all this makes the image even clearer and sharper. This monitor is perfect in the professional field, as it is equipped with elevating multitasking performance. The PIP 2.0 function in fact, allows you to resize the images and place them where you prefer on the screen, while the PBPtechnology, or Picture-by-Picture, allows you to place two sources side by side on a single screen.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide

Like most monitors on the market by now, this Samsung is equipped with technology that reduces the emission of blue light and flickering. Equipped with a quick response time,1ms, and game mode, this monitor can be used to play with peace of mind, without ghosting, blurring or shots.

It featuresextensive connectivity:two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort 1.2 and a Mini DisplayPort. It also has four USB 3.0 inputs. Also interesting is the possibility of equipping this Samsung with a soundbar with 2.5 W of power on the back of the monitor.

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29-inch Monitor: LG 29UM59A

The best 29-inch monitor is definitely the LG 29UM59A model. This monitor has an aspect ratio of 21:9, it is therefore an Ultra Wide, which offers a wide view of the screen. The latter offers a resolution 2560×1080 Full HD and is equipped with IPStechnology , which offers a perfect view from any angle, as well as sharp and vivid images.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide
For this model, the parent company offers the possibility to download for free from the official website the OnScreen Control 2.0software, which allows you to adjust the display settings (brightness, contrast, etc.) via the mouse instead of from the buttons on the monitor. Thanks to Flicker Safe technology, flickering is minimized even in game mode.

This model is also equipped with Reader mode, which helps decrease eye strain by balancing the brightness and intensity of colors. The connectivity of this model is good: an HDMI input, a USB and also an output to connect the earbuds.

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32-inch Monitor: LG 32MP58HQ

This model, despite falling into the category of 32 inches, is actually a 31.5 inches, and has excellent characteristics. The design is elegant, thanks to the intense black of the entire structure and the curved pedestal called Arcline,which gives a touch of modernity, keeping everything always refined. The panel is equipped with IPStechnology , which provides excellent image quality, making them more vivid and clear, thanks also to the resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide
The viewing angle is also great: in any position you look at it, the image is not poor or distorted. Like the other LG models, the latter also has FlickerSafetechnology , useful to reduce flickering, and reader mode, which allows you to read documents directly from the screen without straining your eyes, as it balances the brightness emphasizing the emission of warm light and decreasing the blue one. Thanks to black stabilizer technology during gaming sessions, the image is great, as even the parts of the dark images will be brighter.

A peculiarity of this model is the Color Weakness function which, thanks to an algorithm that revises the colors, also allows subjects with color blindness to distinguish the various shades. The Screen-Split function allows you to split the screen and tile several windows on the same screen. Connectivity includes an HDMI input, D-Sub and an input to connect the headphones.

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40-inch Monitor: Philips BDM4037UW

This model has a really large size, and not everyone can afford to have a monitor that takes up so much space. The design is very beautiful and refined, and the curved screen makes the whole thing even more elegant. The frame is ultra-thin, almost invisible, and the pedestal is also curved. The inclination of this monitor is adjustable, from -5° up to 10°, while the height, unfortunately, is not.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide
The panel is an Ultra HD, with VA technology and LED backlight. The viewing angles are good, but not as good as for IPS screens. A problem that can be encountered with this panel, as with any other curved screen, is the accentuation of the reflections in case the light beats directly on the display.

The colors are vivid and bright thanks to Ultra Wide Colortechnology, and the brightness is homogeneous and well balanced throughout the screen. Eye strain is minimized due to the reduction of flickering. On the back are arranged all the inputs for connectivity: three HDMI ports, one is 2.0; four USB 3.0; one VGA port and two DisplayPorts. There are also two audio jacks.

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42-inch Monitor: LG 43UD79-B

LG 43UD79-B is the best monitor in the category of 42 inches. The size is definitely not suitable for everyone, in fact the panel is a 42.5-inch IPS: as reported on lg’s official website, this monitor is equivalent to four 21.5 FHD monitors. Given the large size, the resolution is Ultra HD of 3840×2160 pixels.

Equipped with Frame Rate Controltechnology, this model offers up to 1.07 billion colors and a contrast of 1000:1. The viewing angle of 178° is also excellent: the image, from whatever angle you look at it, remains of high quality. This monitor is perfect for professional use, as you can view multiple sources on the screen at the same time (up to 4).

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


This LG is equipped with the Dual Controller function that allows you to view the desktops of two PCs at the same time in two monitor windows. It could be an interesting choice even for the most passionate gamers: thanks to FreeSync technology tears and delays in the image are eliminated.

The visual experience is made more comfortable thanks to Low Blue Lighttechnology , which reduces blue light, and Flicker Free, which decreases flickering. Connectivity is also remarkable: four HDMI inputs (two 1.4 and two 2.0); three USB outputs, two of these 3.0 and a 3.5mm audio jack input.

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How to Choose Your Gaming Monitor

Choosing a gaming monitor is not easy at all. The offer on the market is very wide and the characteristics to be taken into account and analyzed are numerous. The size and shape of the screen are the two most important factors in the evaluation of a device, as it is necessary to calculate the measurements of the available space. If the available space is not very large, the most suitable monitor may be a 23/24 inch, while if the space is wider, a 27-inch could be ideal.

Very important to calculate is also the distance of the screen from the eyes, as excessive proximity could cause vision problems and situations related to headaches. As for the shape of the screen, the available options tend to be two: flat or curved. As for Smart TVs, the latter have a higher price.

Another important feature to analyze is the type of display, which can present a glossy or matte screen. The former offer much brighter colors, but have the flaw of reflecting light more. The opaque ones, on the other hand, have more dull colors, but also less reflections. The decision must also be made taking into account the brightness level of the room where the monitor will be positioned.

The choice of a monitor can fall on those with LCD or LED display, with Full HD resolution (best value for money), 2K (better for other uses, such as graphics) or 4K UHD: the latter needs a powerful machine to ensure better performance.

Important to consider also the refresh rate and the response time. The first concerns the refresh rate: the higher it is, the more the images flow smoothly. The second concerns the speed of a pixel in the color change. All these features will have to comply with your needs, as it is not said that the monitor that offers the best performance is the one that best suits you.

Best for Gaming: Asus VX278H

The best gaming monitor, also for the value for money, is theAsus VX278H, available in 21, 23 and 27-inch sizes. This monitor is equipped with a robust and stable base, but with a design that remains ultra-thin. The panel is LED and Full HD, with a very fast response time (of only 1 ms) that allows you to eliminate the ghosting effect, that is, the image trail.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


This, in fact, is one of the main problems that tend to be found in monitors for the use of gaming, and it is essential that the choice falls on a model that offers a clear and fluid vision. With a contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1 this monitor guarantees high image quality, guaranteed by automatic adjustment of the brightness of the backlight.

This panel is equipped, like all models that can be defined as excellent, with Blue Light Filter technology that reduces blue light, the one most harmful to the view, and the Vivid Pixel,which improves the clarity and contour of the images. Flickering, on the other hand, another rather common problem, is completely eliminated thanks to Flicker Freetechnology.

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Monitor Touch-Screen

There is another type of monitor, namely the touch-screen. Initially, touch screen monitors were mainly used by professionals such as designers, engineers and graphic designers, but in recent years this technology has also spread to the commercial and domestic level. In any case, even today, they are much more widespread in the professional field than in the domestic field.

A touch screen monitor must be chosen, as with any other technological device, according to your needs. If the monitor will be used as a cashier within a business, then the quality of the graphics of the latter will be a negligible feature, while the efficiency of the features of the touchscreen system, such as response time, will be of greater importance.

The cost of this type of monitor is certainly higher than the cost of traditional monitors, but they also have more advantages, such as, for example, the possibility of using them both horizontally and vertically, or the greater number of ports supplied.

The small touch-screen: Asus VT168N

Of 15-inch touch monitors there are many, but the best, for value for money is the Asus VT168N model. The design of this monitor, slim and elegant, with a circular base, is characterized by an ergonomic inclination ranging from 30 ° to -5 °. It is also possible to mount it on the wall, since it is compatible with VESAsupport .

It is equipped with 10 multi-touch points, which allow you to touch the screen several times simultaneously: this technology allows you to work faster and more efficiently. As for the video aspect, this ASUS is equipped with a resolution of 1280×1024, which guarantees high quality images thanks also to the Flicker Freetechnology , which completely eliminates the flickering of the screen.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide

Equipped with Low Blue Light technology with four different levels, which limits the emission of blue light, this monitor manages to drastically reduce eye strain. This model has also been tested for compatibility with the Windows 10 system and has turned out to be one of the monitors that has the most compatibility.

It is perfect for home use but also in the office, as it is equipped with many connectors including VGA and DVI-D. Also from the point of view of power consumption this Asus model does not disappoint, since it has a consumption of less than 7W during its use.

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A medium-sized touch-screen: Dell P2418HT

Among the medium-sized touch-screen monitors the best is the Dell P2418HT, a 24-inch monitor with very interesting features, although aesthetically it looks like any other monitor. The design is minimal and elegant with a very thin frame, only 5 millimeters thick. The bottom is thicker and contains keys for OSD navigation (for volume control, time, screen brightness, etc.).

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide

The arm that supports the display is very flexible, and allows you to rotate and tilt it up to 60 °. This monitor is an LCD with LED backlight and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD. It features Advanced In-Cell Touch technology that reduces reflections, offering, along with the 8 million to 1 contrast ratio, a high-quality image and a sharper display.

ComfortView technology makes using this monitor more comfortable, as it limits the emission of blue light – the most harmful – and flickering. The touch control is characterized by 10 points, and together with Dell Display Managersoftware, it guarantees high responsiveness and fast multitasking. This Dell is characterized by the presence of numerous ports for connectivity: one HDMI and VGAport , two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0.

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The technologies applied to monitors: LCD, LED, IPS and VA

Although most people think there are big differences between these types of monitors, the reality is different. The technology used for the creation of the display is always the same, namely LCD. An LCD screen can then be LED, IPS or VA.

Through LCD technology, which stands for Liquid Crystals Display, liquid crystals and their ability to modulate the flow of light are used to produce panels of televisions, monitors and mobile phones. This technology can be divided in turn into IPS, that is, In Plane Switching, or VA, or Vertical Alignment.

In IPS screens the liquid crystals are positioned parallel to the panel and rotate to allow light to pass through. LCD panels with VA technology, on the other hand, are characterized by vertically positioned liquid crystals that, to allow the passage of light, move horizontally.

These two technologies are very similar; the differences relate to the viewing angle, contrast and uniformity of blacks. As for theviewing angle, that is, the point of inclination from which the image begins to worsen, it remains much better in IPS LCDs, which on average allows you to watch the TV from an inclination of up to 40 degrees without losing visual quality. On the other hand, the image of a VA LCD loses quality already at 20 degrees.

As for contrast, the latter is significantly better in displays with VA technology than IPS. Even with regard to blacks, in fact, they are much deeper in the VA, while they tend more to gray in IPS screens. Finally, LED LCD screens differ from classic ones by the presence of an LED backlight instead of fluorescence.

IPS LCD Monitor: LG 25UM58

The best choice regarding monitors with IPS technology falls on the LG 25UM58. The feature that immediately catches the eye when you are in front of this monitor is the unusual width of the screen: it is a 25-inch Ultra Wide, with a 21:9 format. The main features are the 2560×1080 Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 75 hz.


Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


All this gives the monitor a good viewing angle and high-definition images, with a wide and realistic color gamut. This model is perfect for both professional use and gaming, as it provides excellent visibility even in the darkest game scenes, thanks to Black Stabilizertechnology .

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Best VA LCD Monitor: Samsung C24F390

This Samsung monitor presents a very elegant design, with a frame of only 11.9 mm and the possibility of applying a round or V-shaped base. The peculiarity of this model is the 23.5-inch curved display, which offers a wide field of view and a curvature rangeof 1800 R.

The panel features 1920 x 1080 Full HDresolution, and is equipped with Eye Saver technology that reduces the emission of blue light and, as a result, decreases eye strain. Also with regard to the response time, this monitor is quite good: we are talking about 3-4 ms.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide

Va technology also guarantees a contrast of 3000:1, offering high quality images, with much deeper blacks and very bright whites. These features are maintained even during gaming sessions, which give moments of entertainment of pure quality. Finally, it possesses HDMI (with cable included) and VGAinputs , but it does not have integrated audio.

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Best LED LCD Monitor: LG 22MK600M

A great LED monitor is definitely the LG 22MK600Mmodel , which combines the best IPS technology with LED backlighting. A point in favor of this monitor is the possibility of being detached from the base and be hung on the wall. Thanks to the thin bezel on the three sides, the screen looks decidedly wider, despite being a 22-inch.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


It is equipped with Flicker-Safetechnology , which offers a stable image free of flickering. The latter, together with the Perfect Eyes that reduces blue light, and the Reader Mode,allows prolonged use of the monitor without straining the eyesight.

In addition, it is also great for those who love to play video games, since thanks to Radeon FreeSync technology the images appear smoother and without any shaking. As for connectivity it remains a bit poor compared to other models, offering only two HDMIinputs .

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Curved Monitors VS Flat Monitors

Although curved monitors have not been on the market for a long time, nowadays there is the possibility of finding some model at a relatively affordable price. But what advantages -or disadvantages- can a curved monitor have compared to a flat one? First, for many consumers, a curved display is aesthetically more beautiful than a flat screen, as it gives a greater sense of modernity.

The first advantage of the curved shape lies in a greater immersion in the transmitted contents, as the curvature guarantees amore realistic viewing experience. The viewing angle, in fact, is much wider in curved monitors, and their particular shape helps to decrease those annoying light reflections.

As for the reflections, however, it is necessary to make a clarification. The curvature could be experienced as a possible disadvantage because, if the monitor were placed with the light directly on the screen, the reflections would be even more present than a flat panel. Not to be underestimated then, the position of the monitor.

The biggest disadvantage of curved monitors certainly remains the price: although compared to a few years ago there are more models with lower prices, these still remain higher than the classic flat monitor with very similar characteristics.

The Queen of Curvatures: Samsung C34F791WQU

This Ultra-Wide monitor offers a minimal, but very elegant design: it is frameless on three sides, it is adjustable in height, and the base can be tilted according to your needs. The panel is a 34-inch with a resolution 3440×1440, two and a half times higher than a normal Full HD. In addition, its use is very pleasant and comfortable thanks to the Ultra WQHDtechnology , which being anti-glare, guarantees high definition images.


Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


Its curved shape allows it to be used for a long time without straining the eyes, as its 1500 Rs adapt perfectly to the natural movement of the eyes. In addition, the beauty of the images is also guaranteed by the high contrast ratio, equal to 3000:1, which offers even deeper and more intense blacks. Its use does not harm the health of vision in the least thanks to the implementation of Eye Savertechnology , which reduces the emission of blue light, and flicker freetechnology , which eliminates the annoying flickering of images.

Peculiarity of this monitor is the Quantum Dottechnology , which guarantees a very wide color range, with natural and bright colors. As for the audio sector, the integrated speakers have a power of 7 watts,and perfectly accompany the high visual quality. As for connectivity, this Samsung is equipped with two HDMI ports, a DP input and two USB ports.

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The level monitor: Dell U2414H

For the traditional monitor category an interesting choice is the Dell U2414H, a 23.8-inch among the best on the market. The thin bezel provides this screen with a very elegant look, also highlighted by the swirling pedestal. In addition, also in terms of movement, the monitor can be adjusted both in height and in an upright position.

Best Monitor : The Buying Guide


The panel is a Full HD equipped with a very wide viewing angle that allows you to have sharp images from any angle. The display is equipped with IPStechnology , with LED backlight and anti-glare. Thanks to a range of 16.77 million colors, the images appear extremely realistic and detailed.

On the back of the panel there are several inputs for connectivity: two HDMI inputs, five USB 3.0 (four on the back and one on the front), three DisplayPorts (one mini, one in version 1.2a and one MST) and a port to connect the speakers. This monitor complies with the latest environmental standards such as, for example, the Energy Star and TCO Certified Displays.

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FAQ about Best Monitor

1.Which is the best monitor and why?

The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ combines so many high-end features that it almost seems like too much. It doesn’t just feature a 4K UHD display at 144Hz, but it also rocks Nvidia G-Sync and HDR. This is simply the best monitor on the market, but it will also cost an arm and a leg.

2. Which is better LED or LCD monitor?

LED monitors are energy efficient and generally last longer than LCD monitors. They’re also thinner and lighter, making them ideal for saving space. The overall image quality of an LED monitor is superior as well.

3. Is it better to have a curved monitor?

Immersion. Without a doubt, curved monitors provide a more immersive experience than flat ones. This is because we see the world in three dimensions, and curved monitors do a better job of mimicking that by creating a sense of depth. They also provide a wider field of view and fill more of your peripheral vision.

4. Is LED monitor harmful for eyes?

In short, yes. LED screens that are popular these days emit a great deal of blue light, which can be potentially harmful to the eyes. Therefore, watching too much TV, especially late at night, can suppress melatonin production that makes us ready for sleep.

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