Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV: Selection Guide

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Unlike manufacturers such as LG rather than Samsung, Panasonic does not have such a wide and varied range of offerings. However, the models marketed by the Japanese house are all noteworthy, and show cutting-edge technologies . To simplify your search, therefore, based on an accurate and professional study, we have thought of reported what can be considered the Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV.

Best overall: Panasonic TX-65DX900

This Panasonic model turns out to be the best on the market, thus presenting a definitely higher cost than the average of the other Smart TVs of the Japanese house. The aesthetic is perfect for any type of environment, as the panel is ultra-thin, the frames are slim and the pedestal is very elegant.

The display features the LED backlight system and a UHD 4K Pro resolution , which combined with the new processor guarantees an above-average image resolution. Moreover, thanks to the presence of HDR , which is combined with the Professional Cinema screen , the images enjoy a high contrast, realistic and bright colors, and deep and defined blacks.

Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV

To underline the perfection of the images transmitted by this screen, we would like to emphasize that this model is THX certified , a brand that is released after subjecting the television to 400 tests. The smart platform installed is my Home Screen 2.0 , which allows the user to move freely and comfortably among the programs offered by the TV.

The operating system is the Firefox OS , which allows the download of different applications directly on the home screen, although some are pre-installed: Chili, Infinity and Netflix. On the back of the panel there are 3 USB inputs and 4 HDMI inputs.

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The winning alternative: Panasonic TX55DX653E

This 55-inch Panasonic model has a light and refined aesthetic, offering the thin frame that manages to make the design even more elegant and minimal. The pedestal is also adjustable, to offer the maximum choice regarding the positioning of the Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV. The 55-inch display has LED backlight technology , and the maximum resolution, the UHD 4K , which allows viewing clear and realistic images, especially on a screen of this size.

Also as regards the audio, the sound quality fits perfectly with the visual one. Thanks to the two Full Range speakers and the
VR-Audio True Surround sound system , the viewer feels completely immersed in the action of the film. The strong points of this model, however, mainly concern connectivity, which is linked to the convenience of the integrated Wifi and the Firefox operating system , which allows the user to move between the various programs and applications very easily and quickly.

Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV

The my Home Screen 2.0 interface presents immediate access to all content, specially designed for smooth navigation without any difficulty. Furthermore, thanks to the  Quad Core Pro processor , data is processed significantly faster than other televisions, and together with these, all Smart functions also offer minimal response times.

With the presence of Internet Apps , the user has the possibility to access a wide range of applications, games, films and On Demand services stored in the Cloud , being able to significantly expand the personalization of the offer. Furthermore, thanks to the  In-House TV Streaming technology , the user has the possibility to tune the DVB-T / T2 and S2 television channels via Wi-Fi instead of using the common antenna cable.

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Hollywood vision: Panasonic TX-55FZ800

Many users are often looking for a great Panasonic TV that features OLED technology. In reality, however, there is not such a wide and boundless offer of these Best Panasonic 4K Smart TVs within the Japanese house. However, according to our evaluations, this is a very good model that could be considered if an OLED display is desired.

The design is slim and attractive, with very thin frames and a rather wide pedestal. The panel features OLED backlight technology , offering much brighter colors and much deeper and sharper dark areas.

Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV


In addition to having UHD 4K resolution , this model features several formats that support HDR , such as HDR10 +, HDR10 and Hybride Log Gamma. In order to fully develop the High Dynamic Range function, Panasonic has developed two innovative technologies.

The Dynamic Scene Optimizer allows the optimization of the dynamics of the scenes, while the Auto Brightness Enhancer allows the optimization of the brightness according to the environment in which the TV is located. Even when it comes to watching sporting events or gaming sessions , this Panasonic model ensures a fluid and realistic vision, with short and immediate response times.

Even with regard to the convenience of using this Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV, the Japanese house has thought of everything. By connecting devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant , it is possible to increase and decrease the volume, change channels, turn the television on and off. The smart platform installed is my Home Screen 3.0 , which allows simple and intuitive navigation of the TV. There are also 3 USB inputs and 4 HDMI inputs on the rear side of the panel.

Perfect Size: Panasonic TX-43FX613

As in most cases, even with regard to Panasonic, the most sought after model is the one that offers a display size of 40 inches. However, the Japanese house focuses primarily on the 43-inch size , having a much wider range of offerings. According to our careful assessments, therefore, bringing back one of the few 40-inch models would have met our readers’ expectations very partially.

For this reason, the model shown here is a 43-inch. This Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV has a design in line with most of the TVs of the Japanese house, mainly elegant, slim and refined, which goes well with any environment. The display features the LED backlight system, and clearly offers UHD 4K resolution with HDR . All these elements allow the transmission of realistic, sharp and detailed images.

Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of technologies such as Local Dimming , the contrast is highlighted more thanks to the automatic brightness adjustment during very light and very dark scenes. The beauty of the images is maintained even during gaming sessions, as this Panasonic features Game Mode , which guarantees fluidity and zero blur even during the fastest movements.

As for recording your favorite programs, this model allows you to easily download them to a USB stick or external hard drive by pressing the REC button on the remote control.

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Another convenience concerns the possibility of using Alexa and Google Assistant with the Smart TV, giving voice commands such as turning on / off the TV, raising / lowering the volume and changing channels. Furthermore, thanks to the my Home Screen 3.0 platform , surfing the television is simple and relaxing, especially thanks to the infinite range of apps and programs already installed: Netflix, YouTube, Dazn, Prime Video etc.

Panasonic High definition televisions

Our range of 4K HDR televisions give you a truly cinematic picture exactly as the director intended. With HDR, dramatic highlights, shadows and amazing levels of detail come to life alongside stunning colors, mastered for precision, to bring Hollywood into your home.

Design and Build

The Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV is an attractive television. The 43-inch screen is surrounded by a glossy plastic bezel and a Panasonic logo at the bottom. Most FX series TVs feature similar designs. This Smart TV is a bit bulkier and takes up some space when mounted on the wall. You also have the option of placing two angle brackets together with the Smart TV to place it on a flat surface.

The back of the Smart TV has a sturdy plastic construction. Most of the connectivity ports are on the left, while some ports are on the back. It takes a little effort to reach the USB port on the back if the Smart TV is mounted on the wall.


The Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV works with a resolution of 4K 3840 x 2160. This TV is HDR10 compatible, promises a wide color gamut and improved brightness. Panasonic also promises a 4K Dimming Plus function that automatically optimizes the light output for bright and dark scenes.

The Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV runs on My Home Screen 3.0 which is the Smart TV user interface which is quite easy to use. There are very few pre-installed apps, but you can choose to download more from the Apps Market. In addition, the Smart TV has screen mirroring and DLNA compatibility, so you can easily stream content from multiple devices, such as your phones or laptops.


The Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV runs on Panasonic’s own My Home Screen 3.0 smart TV platform. The user interface seems very basic, but there are some interesting functionalities and good application layouts. The home screen launches three default options: Live TV, Applications, and Devices. You can even add your favorite apps or a specific item on the home screen. There are a number of pre-installed apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video where you can browse high-quality content and even 4K. We found that loading apps and switching between apps takes time.

We tested the 43-inch Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV with a set of sample 4K photos and videos. In the default settings, the colors were very bright and saturated, making the image look artificial. To make the image almost perfect, we had to spend some time. The Menu button on the remote gave us access to the TV settings. No, the remote control does not have a dedicated setting button. Once there, all the settings are neatly categorized with very fine picture settings and picture enhancement options. Switching between picture settings was sometimes tedious, as we could adjust one item at a time. We noticed a few seconds delay in the interface.

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Are Panasonic 4K TV good?

Verdict. The 43-inch Panasonic FX600D 4K smart TV is a decent overall performer. The picture and the sound quality of the TV is above average, but not great. Talking about the design, this TV has a basic look.

Is Panasonic a good smart TV?

Panasonic has done a nice job capitalizing on its strengths from the past to create sets with good 4K image quality. With features like this, you can see why the Panasonic is one of the best TV brands on the market.

How do I know if my Panasonic TV is 4K?

The easiest way to know if your TV is 4K is to look at the user manual or the packaging box that shows the display details. Usually, user manuals term the resolution as Ultra-High Definition or simply, UHD. It might also be denoted in terms of pixels, 3840 x 2160.


Best Panasonic 4K Smart TV Review is Panasonic’s take on a well-equipped LCD TV at a reasonable price. Here you get 4K resolution, HDR support and powerful Android smart features in a neat package. The IPS-based LCD panel offers surprisingly good image quality.

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