Best Panasonic Smart TVs: Which Model to Choose?

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By reading this guide on the Best Panasonic Smart TV models of 2022 , you will have the opportunity to discover and learn about completely innovative models, the technologies applied to the screens, the best dimensions of the devices and the whole world related to the connectivity of Smart TVs.

The models shown below are the result of a careful and detailed market study and the opinions of users who have already had experiences with these Best Panasonic Smart TV. Finally, at the bottom of the guide, we have dedicated a paragraph to the connection of wireless keyboards and mice for an even more customizable navigation of Panasonic Smart TVs.

The top of the range : Panasonic TX-55GZ950

As for 2019, we can say that the queen of the Japanese house is this model. The design remains very faithful to that Panasonic, which stands out for being slim and classic. The 55-inch panel remains very thin, as are the bezels on the sides. The display features the OLED backlight system , a guarantee for the TV experience. In fact, this technology features the automatic switching off of the LEDs during darker scenes.

In this way, contrast levels are exponentially emphasized, as are colors and brightness. What results are images that are extremely sharp and rich in detail, but also very realistic. The OLED screen is combined with UHD 4K resolution and HDR , which give even greater quality to every scene.

As for the High Dynamic Range, this Best Panasonic Smart TV supports different formats , such as HDR10, HDR10 + and Hybrid Log Gamma. This breadth of formats allows you to play a fairly wide range of content, with the confidence that it will be broadcast at the highest quality.

A truly innovative aspect concerns the collaboration between the latest Panasonic and Netflix models . Thanks to this union, you have the opportunity to watch all movies, documentaries and TV series in original quality. Among the innovations developed by Panasonic is also the new HCX PRO Intelligent Processor , developed and optimized by a Hollywood colourist. In fact, each content is designed to convey the maximum of realism and involvement.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs

The perfection offered by the OLED display, and the technology of the new processor, is combined with sound quality. The implemented audio system is Dolby Atmos , a guarantee for the sound experience. In fact, the audio, regardless of the content you are watching, is emitted from all sides of the Smart TV. In addition, the 50 Watts of the speakers guarantee an experience of complete involvement.

As for the operating system, Panasonic remains faithful to its Firefox Os , with an easily navigable interface: my Home Screen4.0 . Even the connection of external devices remains very simple, thanks to the Bluetooth Audio Link technology. This in fact, through the use of bluetooth alone, allows a quick connection between the Smart TV and your devices.

In this way you can take advantage of the Easy Mirroring function , which allows you to view the contents of your smartphone directly on the television panel. To conclude, this Panasonic Smart TV also offers the possibility of being controlled via the connection with Google Assistant and Alexa. Also in this case it is a not indifferent convenience, as you can interact with the television by finding yourself in a different room..

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The second in the ranking: Panasonic TX-55FZ950E

The Smart TV that in the world Panasonic occupies the first place is this 55-inch model. The screen features OLED technology , which allows excellent illumination, an unparalleled viewing experience and lower power consumption than LED technology.

The perfection of image resolution is guaranteed by the presence of HDR and UHD 4K , which allow the transmission of sharp scenes, with high contrast and with fully realistic colors. Furthermore, to certify the viewing quality, this model features a  THX 4K Display certified screen , which  can only be obtained after passing 400 laboratory tests.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs

Also as regards the professionalism related to audio, this model features Cinema Surround Pro technology combined with the very thin high quality Dynamic Blade , inside which there are 12 speakers that guarantee unparalleled depth and audio quality. The operation of the TV, thanks to the my Home Screen 3.0 operating system  and the presence of a single remote control, is really simple and intuitive.

As for connectivity, the TV has integrated Wifi and Bluetooth functionality  , thanks to which you can connect your smartphone to have any content on the home screen; while to record the television contents it is necessary to insert a USB key in the appropriate input.

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A valid alternative: TX-55FX613E

Despite not having the OLED screen, this Philips Smart TV has winning features both in terms of sound and visual quality, aspects that have been highly appreciated by users who have purchased it.

Present in the 43, 49 and 55 inch versions  , this model features a flat and slim LED screen with 4K Multi HDR technology , a function that allows you to optimize viewing in HDR thanks to the automatic adjustment of colors and contrasts during the scenes of a movie.

Furthermore, thanks to the addition of Adaptive Backlight Dimming Plus , scenes are constantly monitored to adjust the contrast between the darkest and lightest points of a scene, ensuring an optimal final result. The perfection of the images is also maintained during the Game and Sport Mode , which offers a complete audio-visual experience of its kind.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs

Thanks to the My Home Screen 3.0 operating system,  the user is faced with a clear and simple interface, which allows you to easily move between the various programs even when the integrated Wifi connection is used .

As for the recording of your favorite movies, this model offers the possibility to capture the most loved contents through a simple gesture: connect a USB key or an external hard drive, and press the REC button on the remote control.

One of the strong points of this Panasonic model is certainly the  In-House TV Streaming , that is the possibility of connecting other televisions in the house through the Wifi network, in order to have an unlimited offer on all home screens.

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Panasonic Viera:  TX-49EX600E

Within the Panasonic world, the Viera line is synonymous with quality and guarantee. The word itself, in fact, evokes a new visual era , which refers to the new ways of enjoying television. The strong point of the Smart TVs of this series certainly remains the My Home Screen 2.0 processor , while the operating system is Firefox OS.

This Panasonic model, part of the Viera category, offers a screen with LED backlight technology , combined with 4K UHD resolution and HDR , which guarantee optimal image rendering.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of the powerful Quad Pro engine and the High Color Space function, the viewer gets completely into the heart of the scene, totally realistic, rich in contrast, bright and detailed. Still talking about the technologies and functions applied to the panel, thanks to the Wide Color Phosphor , the color range offered by this model is much wider than the televisions that have LCD backlighting.

The amplitude of the colors, the brightness and the contrasts are kept perfectly in line by Local Dimming , whose function is to keep the brightness high in the bright areas, but at the same time to reduce it in the dark areas. As for connection, as mentioned earlier, this Panasonic model presents the my Home Screen 2.0 processor and the Firefox OS interface , which makes navigating the TV simple and intuitive.

In fact, your favorite contents are displayed on the main screen, so you can quickly access them. The element that absolutely cannot be overlooked is the opportunity to see content in three-dimensional version , supported by the goggles included in the purchase.

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Not to spend too much:  Panasonic TX-32FS503E

This Smart TV model features a 32-inch screen with LED technology and HDR HD Ready resolution , for unmistakable contrast and clarity. HDR, which supports both HDR10 and HLG , delivers very bright whites and very sharp, deep blacks, bringing all the details of a scene to light.

Despite the small size of the screen, in fact, this model has all the features and functions of a Smart TV. The beauty of the images is maintained even during gaming sessions thanks to the special Game Mode, which allows the user to entertain himself with the maximum resolution and fluidity.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs


The TV is equipped with  integrated Wifi and the my Home Screen 3.0 operating system , which allows simple and immediate use for browsing content and for customizing the interface, with the addition of favorite apps, films and bookmarks.

As for connectivity, the user has the possibility to connect their devices without any effort to the Smart TV, and it is also possible to record the contents by inserting a USB key or using an external Hard Disk, for always have your favorite movies at hand.

Furthermore, through the Swipe & Share function it  is possible to transpose the contents from the smartphone to the Smart TV by simply moving the fingers towards the TV screen.

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The queen of small: Panasonic TX-32ES513 32 ″

This 32-inch model features a panel equipped with LED backlighting and HD Ready resolution  , combined with Adaptive Blacklight Dimming technology for deep and dark blacks, and vivid and bright colors in bright scenes.

As for connectivity, this TV features the my Home Screen operating system , which not only allows the user to customize their interface with their favorite contents, but also allows each member of the family to set up and customize their account interface then access any app or program even faster.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs

Thanks to the In-House TV function , it is possible to enjoy home screen shows in any room and at any time, since the connection is made simply via the LAN or Wifi connection, without the need for the Smart TV to remain positioned near a connector. ‘antenna.

Furthermore, being equipped with integrated Wifi , this model offers an unlimited amount of Internet applications, linked to the Internet Apps function  , from which you can take advantage of audio, video and game content, stored in the Cloud . As for the recording of your favorite programs, you can save the contents on a USB key or on an external hard disk, simply by pressing the REC button on the remote control.

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The perfect middle ground: Panasonic TX-40EX603 40 ″

This Panasonic model presents the screen with LED backlight and different technologies applied for a perfect image rendering. Also as regards the aesthetics of the TV, this model has a flexible pedestal that the user has the possibility to resize according to their tastes, having the guarantee of being able to change the design of their Smart TV whenever they want.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs


The HDR resolution of the display is combined with UHD 4K , which guarantee a high quality of vision, linked to the contrast between light and dark colors, the sharpness of details and a wide range of colors. In addition, this model supports several HDR formats, such as HDR10,  the standard format for watching UHD Blu-Ray movies .

Finally, thanks to the presence of  4K Pure Direct technology , all the information of the 4K resolution is transmitted to the Smart TV, avoiding the loss of colors and image quality.

Also as regards the Game Mode , the gaming and entertainment experience does not lose quality, faithfully reporting all the movements that occur during the game session. Finally, as for connectivity, the Smart TV has integrated Wifi , Internet Apps functionality and the my Home Screen 2.0 operating system .

All these features are essential for a quick and intuitive use by the viewer, who has the ability to integrate and customize their offer in terms of films, programs and applications.

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Great, but not only: Panasonic TX55FX740E 55 ″

This Panasonic Smart TV features a 55-inch display with LED backlight technology , while also offering a very slim and refined design, especially as regards the thinness of the frame. The panel features 4K HDR resolution , a wide range of colors, vivid contrasts and flawless sharpness.

The presence of Local Dimming also automatically allows you to give greater intensity to the dark areas without losing the brightness of the light and colored areas. The supported formats of HDR also include watching Blu-Ray movies and content from streaming platforms, offering the user a wide range of television content with high viewing quality.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs

Also with regard to the connectivity of this model, the functions it presents remain extremely useful and comfortable to the viewer. The presence of Bluetooth in fact, allows the user to connect an Alexa device in order to interact directly with the TV without the need to use the remote control to raise and lower the volume, or to change channels.

Furthermore, thanks to the connection with Alexa , the Smart TV can also be used as a speaker for high quality music. Finally, there are a large number of apps and programs compatible with this Smart TV, to have an offer without limits.

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Wireless keyboards: no longer a simple accessory

In the era of televisions connected to the Internet, having a keyboard and mouse available to help navigation is a factor of no secondary importance. In fact, most people who buy a Smart TV decide to buy these two items as well for a more comfortable and quick use of the functions offered by the television.

Having the ability to browse the web in fact, having a keyboard available as if it were a computer is an element that should not be underestimated, precisely because it would improve the viewer’s user experience. In addition, there are some models that have an integrated touchpad and do not require the user to purchase a separate mouse.

Best Panasonic Smart TVs


In fact, even the convenience of moving with the cursor instead of the arrows on the remote control is absolutely not to be underestimated. A few years ago, it was possible to connect the keyboard to the television only by inserting cables in the front of the panel, while nowadays technologies allow a faster connection thanks to Wifi and Bluetooth.

In fact, the market today offers 9 times out of 10 wireless keyboards , while those to be connected via the wire are gradually disappearing. Clearly we are talking about keyboards to be used compatibly with Smart TVs, even if the speech differs a little with regard to computers.

One of the main features of the wireless keyboards to be used as a remote control is certainly the wide range of prices they offer: starting from keyboards of 10 euros up to models that cost 150. However, taking into consideration the basic use of which benefits by connecting them to Smart TVs, spending excessively high amounts is not a fundamental step. In fact, the simpler the keyboards are, without too many additional keys,

Wireless backlit mini keyboard

This small, compact and lightweight wireless keyboard is characterized by being the best-selling model ever and with a good number of positive reviews from users who have purchased it. Speaking of its aesthetics, one of the strong points is certainly the small size , especially when compared to most wireless keyboards, which are often the size of a normal computer keyboard.

Thanks to its compactness, therefore, its use is extremely comfortable in any situation, without considering that it is also possible to connect it to other devices (Xbox, smartphone, laptop).

Best Panasonic Smart TVs


Furthermore, unlike other models, in the upper part there is the touchpad , which allows the viewer to move easily between the various programs and functions of the Smart TV. Thanks to its installation, in fact, it is not necessary to buy the mouse separately, and have everything. control in a single keyboard.

The trackpad is located in the middle of the keyboard, to its right are the quick access keys to the home page and to the volume, and to its left are the directional arrows .

As for its installation , the procedure is very simple, as it only involves inserting the USB into the appropriate port, usually arranged either on the back of the TV or on the side. Then, by going to the settings menu, it will be possible to configure it and start using it. The radius distance reached is, as in most wireless keyboards, 10 meters.

Feature Consider while Buying Best Panasonic Smart TV:

1. Sound

Sound is one of the most important things to consider while buying a Smart TV. The higher the wattage is, the higher is the sound output. So, we have listed TVs that offer high sound output.


HDR usually extends the colour, contrast, brightness, and improves the highlights and shadows of the images. It delivers sharper, and defined images by increasing the image quality.

3.Refresh Rate

The refresh rate usually expresses how many times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen. It is usually expressed in Hertz (Hz). The standard refresh rate is 60 times per second as in scenes with rapidly moving objects, a low refresh rate can make things look blurry. So, you should always look for a 120 Hz refresh rate.

4.Screen Resolution

Another important thing to consider while buying a smart TV is the screen resolution. The higher the screen resolution, the more detailed the image can be. Also, more viewable content fits into higher resolution than a low resolution.

5. Extended Warranty

An extended warranty promises you peace of mind and covers all mechanical and electrical defects after your regular warranty expires. So before purchasing any smart TV always lookout for an extended warranty.

6. Connectivity

Nowadays, most TV now comes with built-in Wi-fi and ether pots making it easy to connect them to the internet. To get the best out of your Smart TV, you should look out for the one that supports 2.4GHz or 5 GHz Wi-fi.

FAQ About Best Panasonic Smart Tv

1. Is Panasonic a good brand for TV?

Panasonic has done a nice job capitalizing on its strengths from the past to create sets with good 4K image quality. With features like this, you can see why the Panasonic is one of the best TV brands on the market.

2. Is Panasonic LED TV a Smart TV?

Your smart TV is essentially an LED TV with internet connection and the ability to connect seamlessly to various portable devices! Not all smart TVs are created equal, however. Panasonic’s 55-inch 4K Pro Ultra HD Smart TV allows you to easily access all the content that you frequently use thanks to My Home Screen 4.0.

3. How long do Panasonic TVs last?

Panasonic was the first to claim the 60,000 hour life span, up from a previous 30,000 just a year prior and now Samsung, LG and Panasonic claim 100,000 hours to half life.

4. Are Panasonic Smart TV Android?

With its superior 16W & 20W speakers along with the integrated home theatre systems, the Android TVs by Panasonic extend the ultimate cinematic experience to viewers in the comfort of their homes.

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