Best PC Monitors: The Complete Guide

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  • Date: April 10, 2022
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When building a PC workstation, the monitor is certainly the main element on which attention falls. The “brain” of the computer is certainly important, but that’s another story. In fact, in this guide, we will focus solely on the importance of choosing the PC monitor that best suits your needs .

In fact, the choice is very wide, since there are monitors with very different specifications, characteristics and dimensions. In fact, it is not enough to read “PC monitor” to be able to continue with the purchase. Elements such as resolution , functions and technologies are essential to define the quality of a device.

Here, to help you make the right choice, we’ve made a selection of the best PC monitors of 2020 . This way you will be sure to have a satisfying experience, whether when you work, play or relax in front of a movie.

In the first part of the guide you will find the best models ever, while in the second part we will focus on the size of the monitor, giving you, again, the best options available.

The exclusive: LG 29WK600


The best PC monitor ever is this LG model. Its features make it an optimal choice for office work, as evidenced by hundreds of users. However, its perfection can also be useful for entertainment lovers, who will not be disappointed with this LG monitor.

Among the main advantages we find:

  • Slim design with ultra-thin bezels on three sides;
  • 21: 9 29 “IPS panel with Full HD resolution and HDR 10 compatibility;
  • Integrated speakers with a total output power of 10 Watts;
  • One DisplayPort, two HDMI and one headphone output.

The aesthetics of this PC monitor are not only refined and elegant, but also designed to meet your needs. In fact, the half-moon base can be adjusted according to the inclination of the screen , to ensure stable support on any occasion. The visual quality is guaranteed by both the Full HD resolution and the compatibility with HDR .

The latter is the technology par excellence in terms of image sharpness and contrast. That’s why this monitor is also ideal for viewing video content and console games . HDR allows you to view blacks in a deep and dark way, while whites appear bright and bright, without causing discomfort to the eye.

In addition, this LG PC monitor is capable of transforming lower resolution content into HDR content, for you to enjoy top-of-the-range quality. Also in terms of color perfection, this device has nothing to envy, as it covers 99% of sRGB colors .

As for office use, this UltraWide PC monitor allows you to open multiple windows, so you can work on multiple fronts. Consequently, this model is optimal for multitasking . Furthermore, the configuration has been simplified by the OnScreen Control , which allows you to set the parameters you want with a few mouse clicks.

The use for gaming instead, is supported by AMD FreeSync technology , which ensures a high level of fluidity. In other words, clicks, delays and trails are eliminated, with a response time of 5ms. However, this aspect may seem a bit limiting for gaming enthusiasts , who usually aim for a monitor like the one described below.

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PC and Gaming: BenQ GL2480

As we said, this PC monitor also perfectly meets the needs of gaming enthusiasts. In fact, its characteristics make it an ideal product for both uses , which are not mutually exclusive. As for the design, this model is very minimal and compact, with a scratch-resistant base without edges.

The 24-inch panel features Full HD resolution in 16: 9 format, ensuring high quality content. In addition, BenQ has equipped this monitor with various technologies that enhance the user experience. The Brightness Intelligence , for example, is able to sense the level of ambient light where you are, therefore monitoring the brightness of the transmitted content.

At the same time, this technology avoids overexposure of light areas , balancing them with darker ones. In this way the colors are always well balanced to ensure a visual quality rich in sharpness. Plus, thanks to BenQ’s Color Weakness technology , you can customize the red and green levels to make sure you distinguish them clearly on the screen.

Also useful is the Low Blue Light function which, by reducing the emission of blue light, avoids eye fatigue. The last advantage to underline with regard to office use concerns the ePaper mode , which simulating the page of an e-book, adapts the brightness of the screen to facilitate reading.

Moving on to the gaming advantages, this BenQ monitor boasts an ultra-fast response time of just 1 ms . Plus, the 75Hz refresh rate eliminates any lag, smudging or dropouts, ensuring fast, smooth gameplay. The console, as well as the other devices, can be connected to the monitor via the HDMI , VGA and DVI inputs .

However, a flaw that we must underline concerns the quality of the audio , which according to many users is low and of quite poor quality. To remedy this problem, you can connect headphones to the appropriate input, or equip yourself with external speakers . Anyway, except for this little unexpected, this BenQ is a device that responds perfectly to both uses.

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Curved screen: Samsung C27R500

In the list of the best PC monitors, a curved model could certainly not be missing . The percentage of lovers of the curved screen is still very high, and the reasons are more than understandable. The design of this monitor is really eye-catching, with ultra-thin bezels on the three edges and a Y-shaped pedestal. The space it will occupy on the desk is therefore very minimal.

The 27-inch VA panel features Full HD resolution , with a very high contrast level of 3000: 1 . The contents therefore appear sharp and rich in detail, while you work, have fun or watch a movie. In fact, this monitor responds to multiple needs, resulting in a complete and efficient product.

The screen has a curvature of 1800R , giving you an immersive and engaging experience from any position, thanks to a rather wide viewing angle. Plus, thanks to AMD Radeon FreeSync technology , images appear smooth and natural, with no jerks or delays. In fact, the monitor refresh rate is synchronized with the graphics card, to ensure flawless content.

This feature is not only useful during gaming sessions, but also when watching a movie. For gamers, on the other hand, this Samsung PC monitor optimizes color and contrast to make you see the smallest details. The gamer mode can adapt to any game, to offer you an unlimited entertainment.

Finally, as far as audio and connections are concerned, this monitor does not have integrated speakers, but it gives you the possibility to connect headphones or external speakers via the appropriate input. In addition to this you will also find the HDMI, VGA and USB output, which you can use to transmit your favorite content to the screen.

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The touch screen of the moment: Acer UT220HQL



A PC monitor with an interesting peculiarity is this 21.5-inch Acer, which can be used via the touchscreen. In other words, it is a 2in1 product : PC monitor that also acts as a tablet. Furthermore, looking at the opinions of users, we can say that this device has met the needs of hundreds of people.

The screen, in 16: 9 format, offers Full HD resolution , with realistic, sharp and colorful images. Those who have tried it, in fact, underline that the visual quality is very good, and that the touch is optimal. In addition, you can use it in maximum comfort, thanks to the 178 ° viewing angle .

As for the response time, this PC monitor is not entirely efficient: we are talking about 8 ms , which compared to the other models is a slightly lower number. In fact, it is unthinkable to be able to use it for action-packed or movement-rich games. However, if you are not in high demand, you can still use it for basic entertainment .

At the same time, you cannot expect a powerful and immersive sound experience. This portable PC monitor has two speakers with an output power of just 2 watts . The audio is therefore not lacking, but many users complain that it is of a very questionable quality. On the other hand, the connectivity sector should not be underestimated, which offers a VGA socket , an HDMI and three USB .

In this way you can connect any external device to your portable monitor, to complete the user experience. Moreover, thanks to its 4 Kg this monitor allows you to carry it everywhere without problems. In conclusion, its features make it the perfect product for those who need a versatile monitor and touchscreen.

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The portable monitor: ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC


Also interesting is the viewing angle (178 °) that allows you to enjoy the contents from any angle and position. The dimensions of this portable PC monitor are optimal for transport: 8 mm deep and just 700 grams . Plus, you can rotate the sense of the screen to your liking, using the supplied ZenScreen Pen data to keep it upright.

Alternatively, the smart cover will come in handy for positioning the monitor at the right height, depending on the situation you are in. As for the power supply, all you have to do is insert the charging cable into the appropriate USB type C socket . However, inside the box you will find an adapter that will allow you to insert any key. The USB output, as well as for charging the monitor, will also serve you to transfer your contents on the screen , and always carry them with you.

As if that weren’t enough, this portable PC monitor is also equipped with two useful technologies to safeguard the health of your eyes. The Asus Low Blue Light Filter reduces the emission of blue light avoiding visual fatigue, while the Asus Flicker Free technology reduces flickering on the screen, which requires considerable effort on the eyes.

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PC monitor with built-in speakers: is it worth it?

Another type of monitor that deserves to be mentioned concerns portable PC monitors. This category of products is in fact highly sought after by those who need a light and comfortable device to carry. Among the models available, the one that immediately attracted our attention is this monitor signed Asus.

Furthermore, we can say that there are hundreds of users who think like us, and that they have left very positive experiences about its use. The 15.6-inch IPS panel features Full HD resolution , which on a screen of this size brings out vivid colors, and sharp details. The contrast ratio, in fact, being equal to 800: 1 , ensures optimal sharpness.

Those looking for a PC monitor are often undecided whether to buy one with integrated speakers or not. But, is there any advantage or convenience? Actually no. In fact, from the evaluations we have made, the sound quality of the best PC monitors is still very disappointing .

Unfortunately, this also applies to those models that come out as a result behind the search for “best PC monitors with integrated speakers”. In fact, at the moment, there is no monitor with speakers powerful enough to be taken into consideration. Also, keep in mind that a monitor with built-in speakers is more expensive than a model that doesn’t.

However, one wonders if it is really worth the extra € 100 for a function that is dubious from the start . In addition to our ratings, the thousands of testimonials shared by users, who claim to have been disappointed by monitors with integrated speakers, also come in handy.

For these reasons we have decided not to exhibit any model equipped with internal speakers: we are not here to disappoint you, but to offer you the best on the market . Therefore, if we can advise you, choose a monitor based on visual quality, features and technologies, but not on sound quality. To expand your experience, you can always connect headphones or external speakers , which at the moment remain the only plausible solutions.

The best PC monitors for inches

In this section, however, after having seen the individual best monitors on the market, we focus on the best models based on size . In fact, the percentage of users who are looking for a monitor that reflects a certain size is not that low.

Indeed, since the display will take up a certain space on the desk , it is right to take care to choose one that does not occupy too much of it. Below then, we have brought you the best PC monitors starting from the size of 17 inches to reach the maximum of 32 inches.

17 inch PC monitor: Dell E1715S


The first PC monitor we will talk about has a size of 17 inches, equal to 43 cm . Its structure, both internal and external, has been designed to meet the needs for business purposes. Its dimensions are compact and take up little space on the desk , making it the best option for those with limited space to dedicate to the monitor.

In addition, you can adapt the monitor according to your needs, thanks to a good level of inclination : up to 5.5 ° forward and up to 22 ° backwards. These displacements offer considerable visual comfort, especially for a monitor of this size. The quality of the transmitted content is very good, thanks to the Full HD resolution and a response time of 5 ms.

The range of colors present on the desktop is equal to 85% , with 16.7 million shades and colors. Furthermore, thanks to the anti-reflective panel there will be no problems related to the bounce of light on the screen, which make it difficult to use. The contrast level is also good, equal to 1000: 1 , for defined blacks and bright whites.

An interesting aspect comes from the energy saving and the PowerNap function , which suspends the activity of the monitor after a short period of inactivity. Finally, as far as connections are concerned, this 17-inch PC monitor is equipped with a DisplayPort and VGA output , to simplify connections between devices.

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19 inch PC monitor: Philips 19S4QAB


Of all 19-inch PC monitors, the one that seems to have responded best to consumer needs is this Philips model. Indeed, its peculiarities make it an optimal product. The design remains, as in the previous screen, very minimal and compact. The LCD panel offers 1280 × 1024 resolution , typical of PC monitors.

As for the viewing angle, this is extremely wide, as it is equal to 178 ° . As a result, viewing of the contents is possible from any angle. Furthermore, the contents will not undergo any change, thanks also to the IPS-ADS panel , which guarantees very sharp images and accurate colors.

At the same time, eye health is not compromised in the least, thanks to the Flicker-Free technology , which eliminates flickering on the display. Also interesting is the unique technology of Philips SmartImage , which analyzes the contents on the screen and offers optimized playback performance.

In other words, you will have at your disposal a convenient interface where you can change the settings to select the mode that best meets your current needs. Based on your choice, SmartImage optimizes contrast level , sharpness and color saturation to ensure high quality content.

For this 19-inch PC monitor we must also say a few words about the integrated speakers, with a power of 1.5 Watts each . The sound is therefore good for the size of the screen, but does not cover a high level of sound quality. Finally, as far as connections are concerned, this monitor is equipped with a DVI-D, VGA input, a headphone output and a PC audio input.

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21 inch PC monitor: BenQ GW2270H


In the 21-inch world, the monitor that convinced us right from the start is this 21.5 ″ BenQ. In fact, there aren’t many options available, as most companies make the 22 inches themselves. However among the few choices available, this BenQ pc monitor seems to have met the needs of thousands of consumers.

The design is very minimalist and slim, with rather thin bezels that leave a large viewing space. The VA panel offers Full HD resolution and an optimal contrast ratio of 3000: 1 . The images therefore appear very sharp and rich in color. Also, you have to consider the 16.7 million shades that appear on the display, making any content very realistic.

The beauty of the images is maintained from any angle, thanks to the 178 ° that characterize this pc monitor. Here too we have a company that has developed several technologies for eye health: Flicker Free and Low Blue Light . The first, as seen previously, takes care of reducing flickering on the display, while the second shifts the saturation of colors to a warmer tone, to reduce visual fatigue.

In addition, thanks to the two HDMI inputs you can connect devices of all kinds, including external speakers, to further amplify your experience in front of the desktop. However, if you want, you can plug the headphones into the appropriate socket. Finally, thanks to the VESA mounting you can hang the monitor on the wall, placing it where it is most convenient for you.

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22 inch PC monitor: HP 22w


We had no hesitation in choosing the 22-inch PC monitor. This HP meets all the needs of a user who needs a monitor to work. To date, in fact, more than 3,000 people have left a review on this model, talking about the specifications and features.

The micro-edge design is very slim and compact thanks to the thinness of the bezels, which leave a large viewing space. The IPS panel is anti-glare and offers Full HD resolution , with sharp and realistic images. In addition, the beauty of the contents is maintained from any angle, thanks to a wide viewing angle (178 °).

If you want, you can tilt the screen back up to 23 °, and forward up to 5 °. This way you can adjust it according to your needs, without having to bother too much. Also excellent is the reduction in response time, equal to only 5 ms , which guarantee a fluid and uninterrupted vision of the contents.

In addition, you can activate the Low Blue Light mode , which shifts the colors to a warmer hue to avoid eye strain. As for the inputs, this 22 inch PC monitor is equipped with an HDMI and a VGA port . These outputs allow you to connect your devices with ease and enjoy content in Full HD resolution.

The only technology this monitor is not equipped with is sound, as it does not have integrated speakers or speakers. However, it’s also this feature that makes it a pretty cheap PC monitor. Finally, thanks to the VESA mount , you can hang the monitor on the wall, to avoid taking up space on the desk.

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24 inch PC monitor: Samsung S24F350


Even in the world of 24-inch PC monitors there was no doubt. The choice fell on a model by Samsung, which has met the expectations of thousands of customers. In fact, we too believe that it is a product of excellent quality, especially for office use.

The design is ultra slim and compact , with a screen just 10mm deep and with very narrow bezels. The base on which the monitor will rest is circular, but it doesn’t use much space. However, a small disadvantage to point out immediately concerns the impossibility of tilting the screen and moving it in height.

The display features Full HD resolution , which combined with the wide viewing angle (178 °) guarantees high quality content in any position. In addition, thanks to AMD FreeSync technology , which synchronizes the refresh rate with that of the frames, interruptions and delays are minimized. For this reason, this Samsung PC monitor is also ideal for gaming sessions.

Last but not least, the gaming mode instantly optimizes colors and contrast, to offer a top-of-the-range gaming experience. The technologies implemented for visual comfort are also interesting and useful. Eye Saver mode reduces blue light emissions, reducing eye strain and ensuring more enjoyable vision.

Flicker Free technology , on the other hand, takes care of reducing flicker, allowing you to use the monitor for a longer period of time. As for the available outputs, this Samsung model is equipped with an HDMI port and an RGB IN . In fact, there is no way to hear any music or sound from this monitor.

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27 inch PC monitor: Lenovo L27i




Of all the 27-inch PC monitors, the one that attracted us right from the start is this model from Lenovo. In fact, the design is really special because, in addition to being ultra-thin, it has a screen without frames . The vision is therefore further expanded, as there are no limits. Its features make it a perfect monitor for both office and gaming use.

The IPS panel features Full HD resolution which, combined with other technologies, ensures excellent visual quality. Moreover, thanks to the short response time (4 ms), the response from the monitor is almost immediate. Here too we see the implementation of AMD FreeSync technology , which as seen above, reduces interruptions, delays and misalignments.

At the same time there is no lack of Eye Comfort technology , useful for reducing eye fatigue. These features make it the ideal monitor for both office use and entertainment sessions. Furthermore, even if it is not equipped with internal speakers, you can use the headphones to expand your user experience, thanks to the special Audio output .

In addition to this, the monitor is also equipped with HDMI and VGA ports , which allow you to connect the monitor with different devices, for full and unlimited use. The only two flaws that have been pointed out by several users concern the level of blacklight bleeding at the corners of the monitor and the menu present to change the screen settings.

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32 inch PC monitor: LG 32MP58HQ



Moving to an already slightly wider inch section, the best PC monitor we think is worth considering is from LG. Also according to users, this model responds completely and efficiently to office needs, but not only. In fact, its characteristics make it suitable also for gaming use.

The aesthetic is very simple and linear, with fairly thin frames and a crescent-shaped pedestal that brings refinement to the design. The IPS panel features Full HD resolution and a wide viewing angle (178 °), which allows you to enjoy content without any distortion.

The Color Weakness function is appreciable , which, thanks to a color revision algorithm, allows color blind people to distinguish color tones. In addition, the 5ms response time ensures smooth and natural content, avoiding annoying loading interruptions.

As for the gaming mode, the Black Stabilizer function guarantees an excellent view even in the darkest scenes, bringing out even the smallest detail. For office work, on the other hand, a function that will come in handy is the Screen-Split , which allows you to divide the screen into several customizable parts, automatically tiling the windows.

In addition, thanks to the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function, you can use multiple programs at the same time, without any slowdowns or problems. At the same time, thanks to the OnScreen Control and My Display Presets functions, you can easily customize your PC monitor with just a few mouse clicks.

Finally, this LG does not have integrated speakers, but by connecting the headphones to the appropriate output you can complete your experience behind the screen. In addition, there are also an HDMI and D-Sub port , which allow you to connect your devices to the monitor with extreme ease.

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40 inch PC monitor: Hannspree G HL 407 UPB


Finally, the last PC monitor to talk about is the one that offers the widest size, which is 40 inches. Among the many well-known brands, we have focused on a brand that we hear little about, but which actually offers products of excellent quality. The monitor shown here is in fact signed Hannspree, part of the HannStar Display Corporation .

The design of this monitor is really attractive, but at the same time light and linear. The frames are very thin and the pedestal has a particular shape, which remains compact and pleasing to the eye. The 39.5-inch panel offers Full HD resolution , which combined with the size of the screen ensures content rich in quality, sharpness and contrast.

In addition, the beauty of the images is maintained from any angle, thanks to the 178 ° viewing angle. Colors appear lifelike and vibrant, especially thanks to the high contrast ratio of 5000: 1 . This 40-inch PC monitor is not only a product suitable for office use, but thanks to its features it can become an entertainment portal.

On the back there are two HDMI inputs , one VGA and one USB . The latter allows you to connect your key containing videos, music and movies and transmit them on the screen without the need to do any configuration. At the same time, thanks to the audio output, you can connect your headphones to expand the power of the sound.

In fact, the monitor has two integrated speakers with a power of 4 Watts each, a milestone in the world of PC monitors. Through the HDMI port instead, you can connect external devices and manage them with a single remote control. Also interesting is the Low Power Consumption function , which allows you to reduce energy consumption.

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PC monitors: here are the prices

PC monitors have very variable prices, which increase or decrease based on various factors. The main one is, as you can imagine, the size of the screen . A 74-inch monitor will be significantly more expensive than a 22-inch monitor. Another factor that affects the price is definitely the resolution .

The UHD 4K resolution spikes prices, while for Full HD we remain in an already more contained range. Furthermore, the integration of internal speakers or speakers is also an element that is able to significantly increase the price of a PC monitor. However, as we have explained earlier, you have to be careful with these models, as you could get disappointed.

At the same time, the technology linked to the panel, the degree of professionalism of the monitor, the response time and the functions applied are also determining factors for the cost of a monitor. Consequently, talking about an average price is very difficult . There are models that cost more than € 4,000, as well as monitors for just € 80.

If you have read our guide exploring the PC monitors we brought back you will have noticed that we have kept ourselves on a relatively low price range, still managing to tell you about the best PC monitors available at the moment . This means that to buy a good product it is not necessary to spend hundreds or thousands of euros, but to make the necessary evaluations bound to the monitor.

In this way you will have the guarantee of buying a product that meets your needs, making sure that it is of quality and that, at the same time, it does not require an excessive outlay. From our point of view, in fact, you can easily stay below the € 500 threshold to find a noteworthy PC monitor .

PC monitor: let’s talk about size

As we have already said, the size of a PC monitor is one of the main factors affecting the price. However, the importance of the right size is not just about the cost of the device, but the visual quality you are looking for . There are monitors of all sizes on the market, ranging from 17-inch to 74-inch monitors.

However, since these are PC monitors and not televisions, there is no reason to exaggerate too much . A large screen with a good resolution guarantees an optimal view of the contents, but if the display is very large, it could be annoying and distracting. This is especially true for those who are looking for a monitor to use for business purposes.

If, on the other hand, you focus on a monitor to be able to watch movies or to play games, then you might also think about increasing the inches. However, our advice is to stick to 24 or 27 inch PC monitors with Full HD resolution, which guarantee the ideal range for an optimal but contained vision.

At best, what you might consider are Ultra Wide (21: 9) monitors , which allow you to tile two open windows side by side without having to adjust their size. This function is very useful for those who spend several hours working behind the PC, as it simplifies the work and optimizes time.

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