Best Philips Smart TV: The Ultimate Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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In this complete and in-depth guide we have selected the best Philips Smart TVs of 2022, studying the television market and listening to the opinions and comments of users who have already had experience with these models. From the smallest to the largest, from the most expensive to the cheapest, this guide collects the best smart TVs from the German parent company.

The incomparable: 55OLED903 / 12

Despite being released this year, this Smart TV holds a good number of reviews against it. The aesthetic is slim and light , as well as extremely refined. The display is ultra thin, as are its bezels. The design of the pedestal is very interesting, as it seems to make it hang in the air. On the underside of the panel there is the integrated soundbar , very refined.

The technology that lately puts Philips Smart TVs on the next level is Ambilight technology . In fact, even this model is equipped with it. This, thanks to the expansion of the colors on the rear wall, amplifies the viewing experience. The sides on which the LEDs have been arranged are the lateral ones and the upper one. Another interesting feature concerns the backlight system.

In this case, in fact, we are faced with OLED technology , which offers an extremely high level of quality. Basically, during a dark scene, the LEDs turn off automatically, bringing out the illuminated areas. In this way, colors appear sharper and more realistic, making significant improvements to each content.

Best Philips Smart TV

At the same time, blacks appear much deeper and more intense, offering a greater sense of depth. Consequently, the contrast is also more evident. All this is combined with UHD 4K resolution and HDR , which further amplify the quality of the content. Scenes are reproduced with maximum sharpness and contrast, with clearly visible details.

As for the audio, the sound system used is Bowers & Wilkins , a guarantee in terms of quality. In fact, the audio is reproduced in a fluid and deep way, regardless of the content. Do not underestimate the power of the soundbar, equal to 250 Watts . In this Smart TV, acoustic perfection and sound power come together perfectly.

Even on the smart side we can only be satisfied with this Philips Smart TV. The operating system is Android 7.0 , which has the classic Google Play integrated. In this way you will not encounter any difficulties in downloading the applications that interest you. The internal memory of the TV in fact, is equal to 16 GB , and if that is not enough, you can expand it without problems.

To navigate the Smart TV you have two remote controls : one simplified and one with the keyboard. However, you have the option to interact with the television via voice commands. This is possible thanks to the integrated Google Assistant , which allows you to further simplify the use of the Smart TV.

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On the same level:  Philips 55POS9002

This Philips model, present in the 55 and 65 inch versions, remains an excellent alternative to the Smart TV described above. The display features OLED backlight technology , which differs from the renowned LED for lower power consumption and simply incomparable image rendering.

Thanks to this technology, in fact, during extremely dark scenes, the LEDs turn off, offering an unparalleled level of darkness, and the contrast is consequently improved. The elegant design of the TV is combined with Ambilight technology , thanks to which the bright LEDs present on the sides of the screen illuminate the wall with the colors of the scene that is transmitting the screen live, offering the feeling of having an even wider screen.

HDR resolution is combined with Ultra HD 4K , offering a completely unique and innovative viewing experience, with more vivid colors, greater contrast and sharpness.

Best Philips Smart TV

Also in terms of audio quality, this Philips model features triple ring technology and the  DTS HD audio system , which offers maximum purity of sound for both music and dialogue, even at high volume.

As for connectivity, this model not only features integrated Wifi , but also has the Google Play Store and an infinite amount of applications that can be easily accessed thanks to the Android operating system .

Moreover, the Smart TV has a space of 16 GB that can be used for the installation of further programs, music and films, to make the offer even more personal. Finally, this model presents the brand Recommended by Netflix , synonymous with guarantee and quality also as regards the viewing of streaming content.

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A great plan C: Philips 55PUS7503

Since sometimes we are not satisfied with the second option, here is the third. The design of this Smart TV is characterized by the ultra slim LED screen, which gives a particularly elegant appearance. The quality of the images is guaranteed by the UHD 4K technology and the contrast between the black and white colors that creates an excellent perception of depth.

Still talking about visual perception, the innovative aspect of this TV is the Ambilight technology , a band of bright LEDs positioned on the top and on the sides of the screen, which give a unique optical effect.

Thanks to these LEDs, in fact, the lights projected around the screen create a play of brightness that gives greater width to the panel, increasing the involvement both during movies and during games. In this way, therefore, it is possible to feel completely immersed in the atmosphere created by the play of lights that occurs in real time with the content projected from the display.

Best Philips Smart TV

Also with regard to connectivity, this model not only has integrated Wifi to be able to connect to online content and your devices, but is also equipped with a comfortable and efficient remote control that has a qwerty keyboard and voice commands, absolute strengths for user accessibility; moreover, the Android operating system allows you to move with extreme ease between the applications of the television and the programs offered.

As for the audio instead, despite the TV panel is ultra slim, Philips has managed to integrate the soundbar while maintaining the slim and elegant design, giving the user an excellent hearing experience.

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The cheapest: Philips 32PFS5803 / 12

This Philips model of Smart TV is certainly the best compromise in order not to lose the quality of viewing a movie and the rather affordable price, especially when compared with the global Smart TV market. The screen has the size of 32 inches with technology LED and Full HD resolution , with a design that remains ultra slim.

Best Philips Smart TV


Furthermore, thanks to the addition of  Philips Pixel Plus HD technology , whether it is a disc or a network content, the viewer has the possibility to enjoy perfectly sharp images with extraordinary contrast. This Smart TV features the SAPHI operating system , which has an intuitive interface and allows the user to use the programs and applications within it easily and immediately.

Thanks to the USB port it is possible to connect any type of device to enjoy your content on the home screen, which guarantees high quality even for files inserted from the outside. In addition, the TV has a Wifi connection , offering the possibility of both browsing the network directly from the display and accessing all streaming content from platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

The only flaw that could be considered such, is that not being equipped with the Android operating system, the installation of some applications such as TimVision is not allowed.

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The small screen: Philips 32PFS5863 / 12 32 ″

The 32-inch model from Philips is a combination of elegance and image and sound quality. The panel, being small in size, boasts a light and portable design , precisely to allow the user to easily transport their Smart TV without too many complications.

The display features LED technology and Full HD resolution , which combined with  Micro Dimming Pro technology offer a high quality TV experience, even during very busy and dark scenes. Furthermore, as in many Philips models, this one also features Pixel Plus HD  technology  thanks to which video quality is maintained on any content and format.

Best Philips Smart TV

Even as regards the audio, despite the small size of the device, the purity and depth of the sound are guaranteed by the presence of a 20 W Bluetooth speaker . Furthermore, thanks to this Bluetooth connection, the user has the possibility to connect their devices to the TV and listen to music with an extraordinary audio quality.

Finally, the Smart TV has a Wifi connection thanks to which it is possible to access all the contents of the network and favorite applications, in a simple and intuitive way thanks to the SAPHI operating system . Exactly as for the previous model, however, since this is not Android either, at the moment it is not possible to download new applications, while access to the Internet world remains free.

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The ideal size: Philips 43PUS6703 / 12 43 ″

This 43-inch Philips model certainly remains the best choice in terms of both size and quality of the technologies applied to the display. The screen, in fact, has LED backlighting , Full HD resolution and HDR Plus, not to mention the Ambilight technology that offers an even more amplified vision thanks to the presence of LEDs on the sides of the screen that reflect the lights on the wall.

Just by having these few elements it is possible to understand the video quality of the TV, but in addition there is also the Pixel Precise Ultra HD technology , which allows you to transmit sharper images, rich in colors and with a more defined contrast.

Best Philips Smart TV

Also as regards the audio, this Smart TV offers DTS HD technology  and  Crystal Clear Sound , which guarantee a clean and deep sound both in very lively scenes and in moments of dialogue.

The SAPHI operating system allows a simple and intuitive use of the television interface and of the applications, programs and films present in the Smart TV, even if it is not possible to install new applications since it does not have the Android operating system. In any case, streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix are present, and thanks to the Wifi connection it is possible to access any type of content.

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For those who want the best: Philips  55PUS7303 / 12 55 ″

This Smart TV is certainly one of the best models as regards the 55 inches, both for the technologies applied to the display, and for the infinite offer given by the Android operating system , not easily found within the Philips market.

The screen features LED backlight technology, combined with Ultra HD 4K resolution for above average image rendering. Furthermore, like the two previous models, this Smart TV also features Ambilight technology and High Dynamic Range Plus , for an overwhelming viewing experience.

Best Philips Smart TV


Having Android , this Smart TV also offers a rather wide and varied offer of applications, both talking about those already present in the TV, and talking about those that can be downloaded and installed. Furthermore, in terms of connectivity this model is simply unbeatable, as it has integrated Google Assistant , thanks to which the user has the possibility to interact vocally with the TV without having to move even a finger.

Speaking further of cutting-edge features, this model also features Google Cast , i.e. the ability to connect your devices to the TV via the Internet connection, and watch your content on the home screen.

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Keyboards for Philips Smart TVs

Speaking of Smart TV, one of the most recurring requests from the public concerns the possibility of being able to connect a mouse and keyboard to the TV, so as to be able to navigate the home screen more comfortably. In fact, today most of the Smart TVs have the relative USB inputs to be able to connect the two devices, but the simplest and most widespread method is certainly the wireless one .

In fact, on the market, it is now very rare – and obsolete – to find keyboards and mice that present the connection via wires, as they are inconvenient in their daily practicality . In any case, if you had never thought about it, it might be strange to imagine connecting two objects inherent to the world of information technology to a television, but thanks to the functions that Smart TVs have today, it is not a wrong or out of place consideration.

Thanks to the connection of a keyboard, in fact, the ease in typing the title of a film is multiplied, as well as that of moving with the mouse cursor on the home screen. Furthermore, if there was a need, there is also the possibility of using the Smart TV display instead of the computer , so as to be able to work on an even larger screen.

In this last part of the guide, therefore, we will see how to connect a wireless keyboard to a Smart TV, based on what to choose and how the user experience can be improved. Even before starting, however, we would like to underline that the connection of keyboards or mice to any Smart TV is absolutely not related to the production brand.

The manufacturers of keyboards and mice in fact, are not the same ones that develop the latest generation televisions, and it is therefore possible to move between a wide range of products . As mentioned earlier, it is now quite rare to think of finding keyboards that connect to the Smart TV via the cable, and it is for this reason that we have decided to focus on the wireless connection of the article in question.

Connect a wireless keyboard to the Philips Smart TV

The connection of the wireless keyboard to the Smart TV can be done with almost most of the models that are normally used for PCs, leaving the public with a wide choice of products . As for keyboards that connect to the television via the cable, also in this case the first step is to make sure that the wireless keyboard can actually be used in combination with the Smart TV, and then proceed with its installation .

The first thing to be sure of, in fact, is that the keyboard in question complies with the HID standard , an indication that is normally reported both on the packaging and in the manual. If the keyboard does not have the HID standard, it will be impossible to connect and use it with the Smart TV.

Best Philips Smart TV


Since we are talking about a wireless device, the steps for its installation are few, quick and intuitive. First of all, it is necessary to extract the USB receiver  from the slot in the battery compartment and connect it to a port of the Smart TV, taking care not to insert it into the USB port reserved for the webcam.

Subsequently, a message in Italian will be shown on the TV display notifying that the USB receiver has been inserted; to enable it, all you have to do is press the OK button  on the remote control. Continuing with the installation process, it will be necessary to turn on the keyboard through its switch, and place it on the item ON . Unlike the mouse, however, which is already enabled for use, the keyboard must be enabled through a simple path :

  • Click on Menu> System> Device management> Keyboard settings> Select keyboard

After arriving at the last item, you will need to click on the name indicating the keyboard model purchased. Although there are a large number of wireless keyboards on the market that can be used with Smart TVs, the TeckNet Wireless Keyboard  model  is the one most bought by users and with the highest number of positive reviews.

In fact, it must be considered that there are some models of keyboards that, unlike the one reported above, offer a disproportionate cost, but which is not worth facing for the use related to the Smart TV.

Best Philips Smart TV
Finally, there are some manufacturers that present an even more complete package, such as the TeckNet wireless keyboard and mouse model  which, together with the keyboard, also have a mouse. In this case, the installation of the mouse takes place according to the same procedure as that for the keyboard, and using the cursor on the Smart TV display adds even greater convenience in navigating the TV.

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