Best Samsung 4K Smart TV: Which Model to Choose?

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The South Korean company Samsung is a giant in the world of Smart TVs. It offers different types of devices equipped with the most innovative technologies, both those related to displays and the sound system, and those relating to connectivity.

In particular, the Best Samsung 4K Smart TV models that feature UHD resolution have been reported in this guide . We would like to underline that the selection of the devices is based on our long experience in the sector and based on the reviews and comments of users who have found the product of excellent quality.

The perfect one : Samsung QE65Q85RATXZT

This model of the South Korean house, released in 2019, offers cutting-edge features and technologies. The design is very light, almost invisible to the eye. In fact, the extremely thin panel can be hung on the wall without any cable ruining its aesthetics. The display features the QLED backlight system , but also multiple technologies. The resolution is clearly UHD 4K, which matches the Quantum HDR 1500 .

This union allows the reproduction of contents extremely faithful to reality, with unparalleled sharpness and contrast. The perfection of colors is guaranteed by the Quantum Dot technology , which gives brightness and liveliness to even the smallest shades. The accuracy between brightness and darkness is maintained by Direct Full Array 8x technology . This, in fact, automatically controls the brightness levels, regardless of the content transmitted.

At the heart of all these technologies is the new Quantum 4K Processor , which is characterized by a series of AI functions. In fact, the contrast levels are modified autonomously by the artificial intelligence, based on the viewing conditions offered by the room. Furthermore, thanks to AI Upscaling , even the smallest noise is eliminated, offering a clear, sharp and precise vision. The perfection of the images is also maintained during the game sessions, thanks to the appropriate Game Mode .

Best Samsung 4K Smart TV

Also as regards the intelligent functions, this Best Samsung 4K Smart TV offers a very full range of offers. First of all, the manufacturer has put your comfort at the center of its interests . For this reason, regardless of the device connected to the Best Samsung 4K Smart TV, you only need a single remote control to navigate the screen. Using the remote control then, you can interact vocally with the television, by pressing the appropriate button.

To this is added the presence of Bixby , your personal assistant, implemented directly in the Smart TV. Its presence is extremely convenient for quick answers even to questions of general knowledge. Simply put, this Samsung Tv has all the features to make communication between you and the television as fast and convenient as possible. In this regard, Best Samsung 4K Smart TV can be easily connected to Google Assistant and Alexa , useful for managing the main commands.

For the first time, Samsung Tv can also connect to Apple devices, via AirPlay 2 , pre-installed on the television. In this way, even the owners of Apple devices have the possibility to connect their devices to the Smart TV. Finally, if you have sensors or IoT devices , you can use the television to give commands.

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The Perfect Curvature: Samsung UE55MU9000

This Samsung Tvmodel features a cutting-edge design, not only for the curved panel, but also for the Clean Cable solution , which allows you to hide any cable in the back of the TV. Furthermore, the aesthetics are refined and elegant from any side you look at the TV, precisely because the back is completely smooth.

The 55-inch display features LED backlight technology, combined with 4K UHD resolution and HDR, which together with its curvature, provide a realistic and immersive visual experience.

Best Samsung 4K Smart TV

Furthermore, thanks to Ultra Black technology , the contrast of images appears higher, as blacks become very dark and colors are highlighted. Action movies then offer fluid and realistic graphics thanks to Motion Rate 20 technology , which eliminates any sort of blur.

The perfection of the images is combined with the impeccable hearing quality, offered by the Dolby Digital Plus system , which guarantees a clear and enveloping sound. The characteristics linked to images and audio therefore, combined with the curvature of the screen, allow the viewer to feel completely immersed in the heart of the action.

This Samsung Smart Tv model not only has Wifi and integrated Bluetooth, but offers the possibility to manage the entire television offer thanks to the use of a single remote control , which allows voice interaction with the TV. The operating system installed on this model is the Tizen , which offers a good amount of content and programs, even Android remains unbeatable from this point of view.

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The winning alternative: Samsung UE58MU6120KXZT

As always, finding the best Smart TV within an extended category such as 4K is not easy. In this case we have decided to bring you the Samsung UE58MU6120KXZT model, present in the 58 and 75 inch version. This device features a large LED panel, which combined with UHD technology and HDR support , gives a realistic and suggestive TV experience.

In addition to these two technologies, which we know well by now, this Best Samsung 4K Smart TV also features UHD Dimming , which allows you to divide the panel into different sections, optimizing the color, sharpness and contrast of the images. As for connectivity, this model has integrated Wifi , allowing the user to connect their devices to the television.

Best Samsung 4K Smart TV

In addition to this convenient and useful function, Samsung Smart tv has thought of an interface that is immediate and simple to use: thanks to the  Smart hub operating system, in fact, the screen offers the user’s favorite content, showing previews on the screen size.

Furthermore, still talking about connectivity, thanks to the Smart View function, the user has the possibility to connect his smartphone directly to the Best Samsung 4K Smart TV, being able to view its contents in real time. Finally, a piece of advice that could be useful, concerns connecting devices such as Google Home to the television.

To be able to use the voice command to turn the television on and off, you must connect the Chromecast security key to HDMI, and say “Ok Google turn off TV” and “Ok Google turn on Chromecast” respectively.

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Beauty and size: Samsung UE55MU6120

This model from the South Korean house is one of the best reviewed televisions for the 55-inch range. The display features the LED backlight system and UHD 4K resolution, which combined with HDR ensure perfectly sharp and high-contrast images. Moreover, thanks to the PurColor technology , the colors are characterized by incredibly realistic shades, giving the viewer the feeling of being totally immersed in the vision of the film.

Best Samsung 4K Smart TV

All these features are further supported by UHD Dimming technology , which guarantees deeper blacks, brighter whites and even more evident contrast.

This model, thanks to all these technologies, is also perfect for gaming and entertainment sessions. The smart platform set is the Tizen, and all the contents can be easily controlled through the One Remote Control , a single remote control that also allows interaction with the TV through voice.

Furthermore, thanks to the Smart View system, you have the possibility to connect your smartphone to the display, and see your contents on the home screen. Also as regards the connectivity sector, this model is well structured, as it has integrated Wifi, 3 USB inputs and 2 HDMI inputs.

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Cutting-edge Smart TV: Samsung QE55Q7FN

Even before starting to talk about the specifications of this TV, it is necessary to dedicate a few lines to this technology, often confused with the OLED. The latter in fact, mainly characterizes the Smart TVs of the LG manufacturer, and differs in some respects from the QLED.

Screens size that rely on QLED technology are based on the presence of nanocrystals that offer a much more vivid color and a sense of greater depth, especially when compared to LCD or LED displays. The South Korean house produces some of its Smart TVs using this type of technology, which, although it is extremely qualitative, offers rather high costs.

In our opinion, and according to user reviews, the model we have selected turns out to be the best both for the technology it offers, and for the relatively low price . The display of this Samsung model has UHD 4K resolution, as well as a high level of brightness and contrast given by the presence of the Q HDR 1500

Best Samsung 4K Smart TV

In addition, thanks to the Q Contrast system , images are even sharper and full of detail, even when the room is very bright. As for the color range, this Samsung smart tv model has over a billion tones and shades, enriching the images from every point of view.

Offering unparalleled picture quality, Samsung tv has installed Ambient Mode , which allows beautiful images to pass while not using the TV. Also when it comes to the connection, this Samsung is flawless.

The navigation of TV content is done through a single remote control, which also has voice control . Thanks to the Wifi connection, it is also possible to connect your smartphone to choose your favorite mobile programs independently. On the back there are 3 USB inputs and 4 HDMI inputs.

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A Vision without Borders: Samsung UE55NU8000

Also in this case we are talking about a model that only holds positive reviews from users who have purchased it. The aesthetics of this Smart TV are slim and elegant, thanks to the thin bezels and ultra-thin panel.

The display of this Samsung offers the LED backlight system, combined with UHD 4K resolution . As for the High Dynamic Range, this Samsung has the HDR Elite , which guarantees high levels of brightness and a much wider color range than normal TVs.

Best Samsung 4K Smart TV

Furthermore, this variant of HDR ensures excellent results in terms of sharpness and contrast even during very dark or very light scenes. Thanks to the presence of Ultra Slim Array technology , the contrasts are even more defined, offering even more intense dark scenes, and even brighter light scenes.

All these features are maintained even during the game session, as this Samsung supports the Game Mode : the blurs are minimized and the movement is realistic and fluid thanks to the fast response time.

As for connectivity, this model offers several possibilities: SmartThings allows you to connect your smartphone to the television and browse it directly from mobile, Samsung Cloud allows the sharing and synchronization of your favorite photos on the TV display, and Steam Link offers the possibility to connect the computer to the television for sharing video games. There are also 2 USB ports and 4 HDMI inputs on the back of the panel.

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Compared to other brands

 + Well rounded. In general, Samsung TVs are not the best for a specific use. Instead, they tend to be highly                   versatile televisions that perform well in a wide variety of applications.

+ Very good improvement. Lower quality content, such as streaming TV or DVD, scales well at 4k resolution.

+ Excellent game features. Samsung was the first major TV manufacturer to adopt new gaming technologies,              including FreeSync and low-latency automatic mode.

  Uniformity issues. While the gray uniformity varies by device, Samsung models generally lack gray uniformity and also have a dirty screen effect, which can be distracting during exercise.

  TVs can be expensive and may not offer good value. Samsung’s high-end TVs can be expensive and not good value for money. There is often comparable price competition with almost the same performance.

Smart Features

In the infancy of smart TVs, Samsung was the leader in smart features and functionality. This isn’t to say they were very good, as it took several years for Smart TV platforms to mature into something akin to external set-top boxes. However, other companies have caught up with Samsung and offer similar overall performance, such as the Roku TV or LG’s webOS.

Samsung has been constantly updating its Tizen platform to ensure it can compete with its competitors. In 2017, they added voice capabilities to their smart third-party platform, making menu navigation easier. The 2020 update introduced a new and sleeker look with a ‘Dark Mode’ that isn’t as bright as the white theme in previous versions.

In 2018, Samsung added its virtual Bixby assistant to Samsung’s entire lineup of Q* and most N* models, except for the NU7100. The same was true for the 2019 lineup, as the RU7100 still didn’t have the feature. Bixby integrates into Samsung’s SmartThings smart home platform, allowing you to control compatible devices ranging from lights, outlets, door locks, and even your fridge.


Samsung updated its remote with the launch of the 2022 TVs. It has the same buttons as previous years’ remotes, except it has a redesigned body with brushed plastic on the bottom. There are buttons for quick access to popular streaming services and for voice control. It’s pretty minimal compared to traditional TV remotes, as you don’t get a number pad, but you still get navigation buttons. It’s small and elegant.


Samsung generally makes very good televisions. The range has gone up in price a bit over time, but most people should still find a TV in it that suits their needs. The smart features aren’t the best out there, but they’re pretty good too. They are usually quite versatile and adapt to most applications. As long as you don’t plan on looking at them from a certain angle, which is a common flaw they have, it’s hard to find any major issues with them. If you’re interested in Samsung products, check out our recommendations for the Best Samsung 4K Smart TV.

Frequently ask question regarding Best Top rated Samsung 4K Smart TV 2022


Is the Samsung Qled worth the extra money?

Is Qled better than neo Qled?

Neo QLED is an improvement over the existing QLED displays based on Samsung’s quantum dot technology. The biggest difference between the two is that QLED panels use traditional LED backlighting, whereas Neo QLED uses mini-LED backlighting.

Is Samsung Neo Qled worth it?

The Samsung Neo QLED QN90A is one of the top gaming TVs you can get right now. It excels in contrast, brightness, HDR, and local dimming thanks to its mini-LED back panel. I also really like its snappy interface as well as its smart design.

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