Best Samsung Smart Tv: The Ultimate Guide

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The Samsung brand is already synonymous with quality and guarantee, and it is for this reason that we have chosen to bring you the best models of Best Samsung Smart Tv of 2022, bringing to light the models, sizes and features most sought after by those who want to experience the cinema in their own living room.

Furthermore, at the end of this guide it will be possible to find all the information about the world of wireless keyboards and mice , two accessories that are no longer of secondary importance when you decide to buy a Best Samsung Smart Tv.

The winner: Samsung QE55Q60RATXZT

The best Best Samsung Smart Tv of the South Korean house for 2019 is definitely this model. The design is very minimalist, with a slim panel and rather narrow bezels. The screen size is 55 inches, equipped with QLED backlighting and 4K UHD resolution . The innovative aspect of this Best Samsung Smart Tv  remains, however, the new Quantum 4K processor . This in fact, offers optimal performance in terms of image quality.

Being equipped with artificial intelligence, the images are optimized in real time, both according to the content and according to the environmental conditions of the room. In addition, with the addition of HDR , Quantum Dot technology guarantees extremely realistic colors and shades. The final result is therefore truly excellent.

This is also thanks to the quality of brightness and contrast, which add greater realism and details to each content. The improvements in these two aspects are offered by the AI Upscaling technology , which adjusts them according to the viewing conditions. Together with the Intelligent Mode , this Best Samsung Smart Tv adjusts the audio according to the content being broadcast, ensuring loud and clear dialogue, amazing concerts and action movies full of energy.

Best Samsung Smart Tv

The beauty of the images can be transmitted at any time of the day, even when you are not using the Best Samsung Smart Tv . Thanks to the Ambient Mode function , in fact, you can make your favorite contents pass on the display, instead of having a black screen in the living room. Speaking of visual quality, the Game Mode certainly could not be missing.

Thanks to FreeSync (VRR) technology , the QLED screens of the South Korean house are designed to offer you maximum performance during gaming sessions. In fact, the reaction time has been reduced to a minimum, to guarantee you maximum visual quality. As for the audio system, Dolby Digital has been implemented , as well as two 20 Watt speakers.

The perfection of sound is combined with the beauty of the images, creating a one-of-a-kind television experience. The connection side and the Smart department are also quite interesting. First, Samsung has come up with a single remote control , thanks to which it is possible to manage several devices. In this case, therefore, we are talking about decoders, game consoles and other electronic devices.

This allows you to navigate the Best Samsung Smart Tv  with maximum comfort and simplicity. Do not underestimate the presence of Bixby , your voice assistant. In fact, its functions go well beyond those offered by a simple television. To interact with him, all you have to do is use voice commands . This way you can go directly to your television.

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The second in the ranking: Samsung UE55NU7172

This Best Samsung Smart Tv  is recommended by more than 80% of users who have purchased it, and who have positively reviewed every single aspect. The design is minimal and elegant, with thin frames and a stable but refined pedestal. The 55-inch display features the LED backlight system, while the resolution is UHD 4K . Thanks to HDR support , blacks appear deeper and darker, while whites appear brighter, resulting in high contrast in any scene.

This is then further improved by UHD Dimming technology , which divides the screen into many small areas to determine greater sharpness, color vibrancy and contrast. As for the colors, these appear natural and realistic thanks to the PurColor technology , which expands the color range. The beauty of the images is also maintained during entertainment and gaming sessions thanks to the special Game Mode , designed to meet the needs of all players.

This is enhanced by the Steam Link function , which allows you to connect your PC to theBest Samsung Smart Tv  and use this connection to play on the big screen, without the need to purchase additional equipment. At the same time, the visual quality is accompanied by the perfection of sound, offered by the integrated speakers with 20 watts of power and the Dolby Digital Plus audio system , which guarantees clear, strong and engaging sound.

Best Samsung Smart Tv

As for connectivity of the Best Samsung Smart Tv, this offers interesting and useful functions to be navigated in the simplest way. The interface is comfortable and intuitive, and allows rapid movement between all the programs and apps offered, some of which are already installed, such as Netflix and YouTube.

Furthermore, to facilitate navigation, it is possible to use a single remote control, supplied with the Best Samsung Smart Tv , a personal assistant always available and a convenient hub to manage all the devices. As for the viewing of contents, thanks to the implementation of the Universal Guide , the Best Samsung Smart Tv  suggests programs and films related to those already seen and selected by the user, in order to simplify the search.

Thanks to the download of the SmartThing application on your smartphone it is possible to perform some functions from mobile, and use it as if it were a remote control.

To share and synchronize your multimedia content on the home screen, thanks to Samsung Cloud , simply connect your devices via the Wifi network, and use the Smart TV display as if it were that of your phone. Finally, thanks to TV Plus, you have the possibility to access a wide range of cinematic content in UHD 4K, to live the cinema experience at home.

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A valid alternative:  Samsung UE49NU8000T

This Best Samsung Smart Tv  model has different panel sizes, respectively in the sizes of 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches. The design has been thought to appear refined, elegant and minimal, offering ultra slim frames, which allow a complete and immersive view of the contents. Moreover, thanks to the Clean Cable solution , cables and wires are no longer a problem, as it is possible to manage them quickly and easily, managing to obtain a neat and clean optical effect.

The screen, which in this case is 49 inches, features the LED backlight system , which is joined by the HDR Elite resolution , which optimizes each scene and, together with Ultra Slim Array technology, allows excellent viewing even during scenes. extremely dark and too bright.

In addition, this model also features Dynamic Crystal Color technology  , which affects the vividness of colors, delivering images that are almost 64 times better than a normal UHD TV. Again, the beauty of the images is maintained even during entertainment sessions thanks to the Game Mode , which offers realistic and fluid content, with an immediate response time.

Best Samsung Smart Tv


As for connectivity, this model features integrated Wifi and a single remote control, from which the viewer has the opportunity to immerse themselves in their favorite content. The remote also has the option of Voice Assistant , thanks to which the user can directly interact with the TV, asking him to turn up the volume rather than open the YouTube application.

One of the winning features of this Smart TV is the ability to connect any smart device, from the smartphone to the washing machine to the refrigerator. This allows you to set up notifications that appear on the TV screen and act as a reminder to you. Finally, by downloading the SmartThings app on your smartphone, you can share your photos and videos on the home screen, through the simple connection of Wifi.

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The budget model:  Samsung UE40NU7192

Speaking of cheap Samsung Smart TVs, the best compromise between a rather affordable price and the features of a Smart TV is definitely the  Samsung UE40NU7192. The screen features LED backlight technology and various technologies applied to achieve a high quality image result.

We are talking about the canonical HDR Plus , the  Digital Clean View and the PurClor , all options that optimize the sharpness, contrast and color of the scenes. As far as audio is concerned, this unit also features the Dolby Digital format , which offers clean audio, allowing the viewer to feel completely involved in the action.

Best Samsung Smart Tv

In addition, the game mode also allows the user to take advantage of the technologies related to the beauty of the images to entertain themselves in fun and quality gaming sessions. 

Being a model that must convey excellent features at a very affordable price , there are some elements to take into consideration, such as the fact that at the moment it is impossible to set the settings on the country Italy and that the TV plug is European, therefore requiring of an adapter that is not included in the package .

Despite these two small flaws, the Best Samsung Smart Tv  is equipped with Wifi and allows easy access to streaming platforms and any content you want to watch on your home screen.

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Small but perfect: Samsung UE32M5575AUXXC 32 ″

This Samsung model, with a 32-inch panel, turns out to be the best choice both for the convenience of its measurements, and for the amount of technologies applied to the screen resolution.

In fact, the panel, which has LED backlighting , transmits images with a resolution in Full HD , and even for those contents that have a lower resolution, the viewer has the opportunity to enjoy the perfection of the images thanks to the Ultra Clean View technology  , which eliminates any kind of noise during video transmission.

Best Samsung Smart Tv

Furthermore, thanks to the Contrast Enhancer technology , the images on the screen are perceived in a much deeper way than a normal TV, giving a realistic effect of high quality. To further increase the television experience by one degree, there is the Micro Dimming Pro technology , which implements a more specific contrast by highlighting any smallest detail.

As for connectivity, this small Smart TV gives great emotions: a single remote control with voice control , Wifi included to access the contents of the network and connectivity with the smartphone to choose your favorite contents. Furthermore, using  ConnectShare you have the possibility to access your multimedia contents by connecting a USB to the appropriate input, and to view movies, photos and music on the home screen.

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The best middle ground: Samsung UE49MU6292UXXH 40 ″

This Smart TV model is definitely the best choice for those who are looking for a 40 inch TV. The screen features Edge LED technology , which unlike the canonical LED technology, the position of the bright LEDs occurs only on the edges of the screen, flooding the entire panel with light.

Furthermore, one of the winning features of this model certainly remains the curvature of the screen , an element that makes watching a film even more engaging. The perfection of the images is guaranteed by the UHD 4K technology  and the PurColore , designed specifically for Samsung’s curved screen Smart TVs.

Best Samsung Smart Tv

Like most Samsung models, this one also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of connectivity and content sharing; the user has the possibility to connect their devices to the TV and to watch their contents on the home screen with an impeccable resolution. Furthermore, this model can also be synchronized with the notifications and appointments present in the smartphone, and act as an assistant during the user’s days.

As for the navigation of the Smart TV, the Tizen operating system allows a very broad personification of the interface and programming of the TV, combined with the convenience of a single remote control also with voice function.

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For those who are not satisfied:  Samsung UE50NU7400UXZT 50 ″

This model of Samsung Smart TV, present in the dimensions of 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches, concentrates the beauty of the light and refined design to the latest technologies applied to image resolution. The panel features LED backlighting , combined with 4K HDR and UHD technologies for an above average viewing experience.

In addition, this model also features the UHD Dimming function , which works on the sharpness, contrast and vividness of colors when playing a movie, delivering top-of-the-range images.

Best Samsung Smart Tv

As for connectivity, this model is truly flawless. Thanks to the integrated Wifi , you can access any online content, streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube and connect any device to the TV. In addition to the convenience of using a single remote control – with voice function – to navigate the TV, the user has the possibility of using his smartphone as a real remote control, simply by downloading the SmartThings application  on his device.

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Also as regards the moments of entertainment and fun related to the game, this Smart TV does not require the installation of any game or application, as thanks to Steam Link technology  the user has the possibility to connect their computer to the TV and enjoy your games on the big screen.

Also present in the dimensions of 49 and 65 inches, this Samsung model is the best option regarding the presence of a 55 inch in the living room without spending an excessively high figure.

The Smart TVs that present these sizes in fact offer rather high prices, supported by all the various technologies applied to the display. The panel of this model features a curved design , offering an elegant and refined aesthetic, with very slim bezels and a minimal profile from anywhere you look at it.

The back in fact, remains very clean, not presenting cables or wires that intertwine everywhere. The display features LED backlight technology with 4K UHD resolution , which together with HDR ensure a very high level of clarity.

Best Samsung Smart Tv

Moreover, thanks to the presence of the  Active Crystal Color system , the images on the screen come to life offering a wide range of colors, while thanks to the Auto Depth Enhancer  technology  the images enjoy an even more refined contrast, optimizing the feeling of depth.

As for the convenience of navigating the TV, this model offers the Tizen interface , very intuitive and simple to use. Furthermore, thanks to the Smart Hub connected to the smart interface, all the favorite contents are aggregated in one place, offering the preview of many others.

Another element that helps the user experience is certainly the One remote control , that is the ability to navigate between programs, apps and films with a single remote control, which also offers the possibility of interacting vocally with the Smart TV. to the Smart View system, the viewer can connect their smartphone to the television in order to enjoy their content on the big screen, and move on the interface through the small device.

Wireless keyboards and mice

Having brought to light the best models of Samsung Smart TVs, it is also necessary to talk about those elements that make television navigation even better and customizable : wireless keyboards and mice. If initially it was mandatory to connect the wire to the television panel, nowadays thanks to the Wifi and Bluetooth connections it is possible to have a faster and more comfortable connection, without cables taking up space inside the room.

Best Samsung Smart Tv


In fact, most users who choose to buy a Best Samsung Smart Tv  are also going to buy a wireless keyboard to be used compatibly with their television. Since the latest generation TVs offer the ability to browse internet pages from your display, having a keyboard in your hands is certainly more comfortable and effective than having to juggle the buttons on the remote control.

In fact, the Best Samsung Smart Tv  screen takes on all the appearance of a real computer , especially if you take into account the sharing functions of your own contents from the smartphone. The range of offer of wireless keyboards and mice is really very wide, especially because the production houses are many, and they try to bring more and more complete and innovative models to the market.

However, there are some considerations to make regarding the choice of keyboards to connect to your Smart TV. Starting from the simplicity of the layout , these items must be as simple as possible, having – at most – the touchpad, which would avoid the purchase of a separate mouse.

In fact, most wireless keyboards either have the space dedicated to cursor movements, or are equipped with a wireless mouse inside the same package, so that the user has a complete package .

IClever wireless keyboard

This model is an excellent example of a wireless keyboard equipped with a touchpad with a very low cost, which does not exceed 30 euros . Its aesthetic is very reminiscent of a normal computer keyboard, to which it can still be connected.

On the right side there is a rather large and comfortable touchpad , which performs the functions of the mouse. An interesting aspect of this keyboard is the power saving mode , which is activated the moment you might have forgotten to have it turned off. In this case, therefore, the keyboard will turn off automatically, avoiding the surprise of finding it discharged later.

Best Samsung Smart Tv


As for its installation , the only thing to do is to insert the USB into the relevant port on the television panel, as is the case with most wireless keyboards. In addition, it has excellent connectivity up to 10 meters away , which means you can pause a movie even from a room other than the one in which the Samsung Smatr TV is located. Finally, its use can take place with different devices , such as the PlayStation and the computer.

How much do Samsung TVs cost?

With so many TVs to choose from, there is no single price for Samsung TVs. But that also means there’s probably a great Samsung TV to suit your budget, as long as you want to be flexible about features and screen size.

The high-end 8K and Micro-LED models can range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands. But Samsung’s 4K offering is much more reasonable. The Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV series ranges from $1,599 for the smallest QN85A Neo QLED model to $4,999 for the 85-inch Samsung QN90A, the largest in the Neo QLED family.

Cheaper models without the mini-LED backlight that makes Neo QLED start at just $549 for the smaller 43-inch model and up to $3,699 for the larger 85-inch QLED model.

Check out the full 2022 Samsung TV lineup for more models and details on pricing and size options.

What is QLED?

Samsung’s QLED brand is well-known in the television world, but what does it actually mean? QLED is short for the combination of quantum dots and LED backlighting, where the LED backlight is combined with nanoscale crystals called quantum dots, which respond to light by producing additional light within a certain range of the color spectrum.

By combining these different shades of quantum dots with the activation effect of the backlight, Samsung is able to increase the color gamut and brightness of televisions, offering a significant improvement over traditional LED-backlit LCD panels.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer to use quantum dots; These days, you can find some great QLED TVs from manufacturers like TCL, Vizio, and Hisense. But Samsung has consistently delivered the best implementation of QLED technology we’ve seen, combining refined backlighting, filtering and other expert details to deliver the best TV performance without offering a more expensive OLED display.


Which is the best Samsung Smart TV?

If you want the best Samsung TV for gaming, we recommend the Samsung QN85A QLED. This Neo QLED also uses Mini LED backlighting; however, unlike the Samsung QN90A QLED, the QN85A uses an ADS panel.

Which Samsung TV series is latest?

As the flagship 4K QLED for 2020, the Samsung Q90T features a simplified Object Tracking Sound speaker system, as well as Ultra Viewing Angle technology to help keep colors rich and contrast high even when viewing the television display from the side. The 65-inch model retails at $2,499 / £1,999 (around AU$3,790).

How long does Samsung TV last?

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Samsung TV? Samsung TVs have a lifespan that ranges between 4.5 and 7 years with heavy usage, just like many other TVs on the market. Heavy usage means the TV is running almost continuously, with brightness set at the highest possible level.

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Best Samsung Smart Tv  is Samsung’s version of a well-equipped LCD TV at a reasonable price. Here you get 4K resolution, support for HDR and powerful Android smart features in one neat package. The IPS-based LCD panel delivers surprisingly good picture quality.

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