Best Sony 4k Smart Tv: Which One To Choose?

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Within the Smart TV universe, there are different technologies and features that distinguish the televisions inside it. In this guide we bring to light the Best Sony 4k Smart Tv that have the UHD 4K resolution linked to the panels, the best on the market. The selection of these televisions is based both on our experience in the sector and on the positive reviews of users who recommend their purchase.

The first option:Sony KD43XF8596BAEP

This Sony Smart TV is an excellent choice to condense high quality at a rather low price. Thanks to the combination of these two factors, more than 80% of users who purchased it left very positive reviews and comments, in turn recommending the purchase of the device.

The design of this Best Sony 4k Smart Tv is sober and light, with very thin frames, which reflect the subtlety of the panel. This, which measures 43 inches, has the LED backlight system, and offers content in UHD 4K . In addition, with the addition of HDR , the transmitted images are characterized by an excellent level of contrast, vivid colors and intense sharpness.

These peculiarities are guaranteed by the implementation of the X1 Processor , which supports technologies such as Object-based HDR remaster and Super Bit Mapping, specifically designed to increase image quality. The beauty and vivacity of the colors is ensured by the TRILUMINOS  technology which, in addition to offering a wide range of colors, faithfully reproduces the shadows and lights in every scene.

Best Sony 4k Smart Tv

These technologies are combined with Motion Flow , which ensures a fluid and natural vision of even the most action-packed scenes, thanks to response times reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the game sessions also offer a high quality experience, thanks to the special Game Mode , designed to meet the needs of each player.

The visual quality is accompanied by the sound quality thanks to various technologies, which guarantee clear and engaging audio, even for low-resolution content. We are talking about Clear Phase, ClearAudio + and cinematic S-Force Front Surround which, as the term suggests, reproduces the sound quality of cinema.

Also with regard to the Best Sony 4k Smart Tv functions side, this Sony model has nothing to envy. The Android operating system offers a simple and intuitive interface, to ensure smooth navigation of the Best Sony 4k Smart Tv, even during the application download process at the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of Google Assistant , the interaction with the TV is further simplified, as it is possible to use voice commands to navigate it. Finally, through the Google Home connection , you can interact with the Best Sony 4k Smart Tv even if you are not in the same room, using voice commands once again.

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The OLED beauty:Sony KD65AF9

Unlike the model described above, thisBest Sony 4k Smart Tv has a much higher cost, due to the technology applied to the display. In terms of quality, however, we can say that it is unbeatable. The panel, which offers 65 inches in size, features the OLED backlight system , the best technology on the market. Thanks to this, during the darkest scenes, the pixels of the display turn off automatically, managing to offer deeper and deeper blacks.

Image perfection is ensured by the implementation of the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate , which guarantees a high level of contrast, very deep blacks and vivid and realistic colors. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of the Pixel Contrast Booster , the colors appear even more brilliant, and the details are highlighted thanks to an even greater contrast.

Best Sony 4k Smart Tv


Colors are faithfully reproduced, just like lights and shadows, thanks to TRILUMINOS technology , which further expands the color range. The mix of these technologies, combined with UHD 4K resolution and HDR , offer a real and immersive viewing experience during all scenes of a movie.

The beauty of the images is also combined with the perfection of sound, offered by the Acoustic Surface Audio system and the positioning of three actuators and two powerful subwoofers, which allow the sound to come from three different areas of the television. In this way, even when watching sporting events, you will have the feeling of being at the center of the action.

Also with regard to the connectivity side, this Best Sony 4k Smart Tv has interesting features. The Android operating system , combined with the intuitive interface, allows for smooth and simple navigation, even at the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, exactly as for the previous model, this Smart TV also has the integrated Google Assistant , useful for interacting via voice commands without any difficulty. Finally, by connecting Google Home , you have the possibility to manage some functions while being in a room other than that of the Best Sony 4k Smart Tv, useful in some situations of daily life.

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The best of 43 ″: Sony KD43XF7096BAEP

Although the most sought after dimensions are always those of 50, 55 and 65 inches, as far as the Sony world is concerned, one of the most sought after and appreciated models offers a screen with a size of 43 inches . The model we have selected turns out to be one of the chosen by users, who have found excellent image quality and a comfortable and fluid use in navigation. The design is perfect for placing the TV in any room in the house, especially thanks to the easy cable management in the back.

Best Sony 4k Smart Tv

The display features LED backlight technology, and offers 4K HDR resolution, which is maintained even during gaming and entertainment sessions. Thanks to the presence of X-Reality PRO technology , the scenes transmitted by this TV are of unparalleled clarity, full of small details. The beauty and naturalness of the images is accompanied by a clear and fluid sound thanks to the Clear Audio + system .

As for connectivity, this Sony model not only features integrated Wifi, but also has a remote control that has keys to connect directly to the two most popular streaming platforms by users: YouTube and Netflix. Finally, this model has also been designed to save energy during its use, thanks to a lighting level that adjusts itself from scene to scene.

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The queen of 55 ″: Sony KD55XF8596BAEP

This 55-inch Sony model is the one that has been best reviewed by users who have purchased it and have found excellent technologies applied to the screen. Despite the size of the panel, the design of the TV remains very slim and elegant, with very thin frames and two adjustable pedestals on the sides.

The display features Edge LED backlighting technology , which allows high energy savings thanks to the lateral arrangement of the LEDs, located on the sides of the display. In addition, thanks to the 4K HDR resolution , the images are transmitted in a sharp, detailed and realistic way.

Best Sony 4k Smart Tv

This resolution is also maintained during gaming sessions, as the TV also has game mode. The images, during the entertainment sessions, enjoy the MotionFlow technology , which allows maximum fluidity even during very animated scenes.

HDR also supports different formats, HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma. The beauty of the images is combined with an offer of unlimited content, thanks to the Android operating system , the most sought after within the Best Sony 4k Smart Tv environment. This model has a good connectivity sector, presenting: Integrated Wifi, 2 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports and headphone output.

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Cinema viewing : Sony KD65XE9005 55 ″

Also in this case we are dealing with an ultra positively reviewed TV. The aesthetics of this model has been designed to be able to devote all attention to the images that are transmitted on the screen, as the aluminum frames are very thin, and there is no view of any cable.

The display features LED backlight technology, clearly combined with 4K UHD resolution and HDR, which together give a realistic and detailed TV experience. Image perfection is also guaranteed by Processor X1 technology , which makes every detail even sharper. Moreover, thanks to the presence of Triluminos technology , the color range is widely extended, presenting thousands of colors and shades more than a normal TV.

Best Sony 4k Smart Tv
The perfection of the scenes is accompanied by an impeccable sound, offered by the Dolby Digital system , which allows a deep and complete immersion while watching a movie. Furthermore, the high visual and auditory quality is widely expanded to infinite contents, as this model features the Android operating system . As for connectivity, however, this Sony model features Wifi and integrated Bluetooth, along with 4 HDMI ports, but not even a USB port.
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Sony Smart Features

Sony has traditionally used Android TV as its smart operating system, and from 2021 they started using Google TV instead. It’s pretty much the same as Android, with a redesigned look and a few extra features. Those who already have Google or Android based devices should already know how to navigate the interface, while for others there may be a small learning curve. The great thing about Sony TVs is that they have Google Chromecast built in, so you don’t need to buy an external device to stream compatible content from your phone or tablet. If you already have other Google devices, such as Google Nest speakers, they can easily be connected to the TV and you can ask your speaker to play content directly on the TV.


The interface is clean and fairly easy to navigate. It is divided into several rows and each row presents content from different applications. These rows can be customized or even disabled completely. The interface is not very elegant, which makes navigating easier.


While Android TV occasionally had no ads and there was a way to disable them, Google TV really pushes ads and there is no way to disable them. You’ll see suggested content right on the homepage, and it’s often the first thing you see with a large banner up front. You can choose not to receive suggested content, but that will only mean that you will see non-targeted ads.


Unsurprisingly, Google TV offers access to the Google Play Store, which offers a huge selection of apps to download, even more than competing brands. You should have no trouble finding your favorite streaming apps.


One area where Google TV really excels is voice search, which gives you access to the Google Assistant. Press the Google Assistant button on the remote and say what you’re looking for, and Google TV will provide suggestions from the Play Store, YouTube, and relevant results from downloaded apps. It’s a handy way to quickly navigate content, and it’s often much faster than using the remote. You can also use it to change certain settings, such as asking to change the inputs or increasing the brightness.


The remote that comes with Sony is very similar to what you used to find with non-smart TVs. It has a full numeric keypad, as well as a directional keyboard and player controls. These days, several remotes bypass the numeric keypad and even player controls and use on-screen controls instead, so it’s a nice touch if you like these things.

It has quick access to Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, and features a microphone that lets you use Google’s excellent voice searches. The remote control on the Google TVs from 2021 is almost the same as the Android TV remotes from previous years. Most of the included remotes are black, but the A90J has a silver backlit remote.


What is so special about Sony Bravia?

Bravia (stylized as BRAVIA) is a brand of Sony Visual Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, and used for its television products. Its backronym is “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”. … Noteworthy for being the first Android TV available.

Is it worth to buy Sony TV?

Originally Answered: Are Sony 4k TVs worth buying? Sony 4K TVs make everything look better. Movies, shows, photos, content from your smartphone—it’s all upscaled to 4K quality, thanks to the cutting edge 4K X-Reality PRO, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO and TRILUMINOS technologies.

Is Sony Bravia smart TV good?

smart feature of Android operating system loads little bit slow. overall it’s a fantastic tv worth for money. … it’s the best tv around with excellent pic quality. thank u sony for feasting my eyes with amazing pic quality.

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While they aren’t usually the cheapest, Sony makes great TVs. They will generally be quite versatile, making them suitable for most people. Some people take a little time to learn the smart features, but the overall package their Best Sony 4k Smart TVs offer is still better than average. At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that your overall reputation will hold up, and it’s rare that people will be disappointed buying one of your televisions.

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