best sony bravia smart tv

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The Japanese company Sony has conquered, over time, the third place in the world for television production. The history of the company is quite rich, and it is not in our interest to talk about it here. What we will see instead, is the world that revolves around the BRAVIA brand, developed by Sony itself.

best sony bravia smart tv

The latest generation Sony televisions, in fact, show off this brand, synonymous with quality and accuracy. In today’s guide we propose some of the best sony bravia smart tv models that have achieved the most success among the public.

Also in this 2022, the Sony brand has been able to produce models with a very high quality standard, the Bravia range has in fact been enriched with many models with particularly advanced technical specifications.

What is Sony BRAVIA

The BRAVIA brand was introduced by Sony in 2005, when it abandoned the LCD WEGA name for its televisions. BRAVIA is nothing more than an internal brand owned by the Japanese house, which produces high-definition LCD and LED televisions. This category also includes projection televisions, front projectors and the BRAVIA home theater range.

Subsequently, with the birth ofthe OLED,we saw the union of the brand with the most cutting-edge technology for displays. Ultimately, BRAVIA is the set of technologies applied to the screen. In America, since the release of the brand, all Sony high-definition flat screen TVs carry this logo.

The name BRAVIA stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture, which well defines the technology associated with televisions. To date, in most countries of the world, all sony televisions of the latest generation carry this brand, synonymous with extreme quality.

To get into practice right away, below you will find the best models of best sony bravia smart tvs based on the inches of the panel. In this way you can evaluate the pros and cons of each television, and find the one that is most right for you:

Sony BRAVIA 32 Inch Android TV : KD-32W800


best sony bravia smart tv

As already mentioned above, 2022 is a very rich year for Sony Bravia, in fact a wide range of models have been produced; capable of covering almost all the cuts available on the market.

The 32-inch we have chosen is the Sony BRAVIA KD-32W800, a model with advanced features that still represents one of the best models on the 32-inch market. We are facing an Android TV, that is, a TV that is able to offer excellent ease of use towards all those that are the contents that the Web offers. In fact, it will be possible to take advantage of an endless series of Apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube and many others.

The maximum resolution reached by the panel is 1080p, a value that to date represents the maximum achievable on panels of this size; in fact, unlike what you might believe, there are no 32-inch panels capable of reaching 4K resolution. The reason is quite easy to understand, on screens of such small size it is in fact impossible to fully enjoy all those that are the details that a 4K TV is able to offer.

Among the many features implemented by Sony on this 32W800 one stands out above all: the BRAVIA Engine. This graphic engine is able to reproduce images almost totally free of background noise, which are characterized by their definition and quality.

Another aspect that we particularly appreciated is the Eco-sustainable policy that Sony wanted to pursue with the BRAVIA models. The purpose of the Japanese house is to go to reduce as much as possible the waste of energy; in fact, on this 32W800 you can activate a function that, when playing music or talk shows, is able to deactivate the screen in such a way as to offer considerable savings in terms of electricity.

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Sony BRAVIA 50 and 55 Inch 4K : KD-50X80JP


best sony bravia smart tv

The Range of Sony BRAVIA TVs has been enriched during this 2022 with a series that we are sure will make the fortunes of those who decide to buy it. The reasons for this “announced success” are all due to the qualities of the TV in question: the Sony BRAVIA KD-X80JP.

The Panel uses LED backlight technology, one of the most popular technologies on the market today; which among its many qualities stands out for its visual quality, the non-prohibitive cost and the excellent energy yield.

Unlike what we had seen for the Sony BRAVIA 32 Inches previously analyzed, on this model range the maximum resolution reached is 4K. This resolution is able to offer a perfectly balanced image, also thanks to the close collaboration with Triluminos Pro technology and the very powerful 4K HDR X1 processor.

The colors that this Sony BRAVIA is able to reproduce exceed one billion shades, and thanks to the powerful computing power of the CPU the levels of brilliance and contrast reach top-of-the-range values.

As for the W800 Series also on this Sony BRAVIA X80JP we have greatly appreciated the attention to the “environmental” issues of the Japanese multinational. In fact, Sony has decided once again to pursue the goal of eco-sustainability of the BRAVIA series; this time harnessing the power of recycled plastics. In fact, almost all the components made of plastic on this TV series have been produced with recycled SORPLAS plastics.

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Sony BRAVIA OLED 55″: KD-55AG9

On the OLED side, however, this 2019 model turns out to be the most purchased. The number of reviews against him, in addition to being quite high, reports very positive experiences from users. At the moment, in fact, it holds the highest score in terms of quality. The design is very light, minimalist and modern. Every shape, size and accessory has been designed to offer a best sony bravia smart TV pleasant to the eye.

The frames are ultra-slim, and leave ample room for viewing the contents. Also interesting is the half-moon pedestal, which while remaining very thin, offers solid support to the panel. The latter, 55 inches, remains just as slim, with a slightly thicker rear area where the electronics are contained. The screen offers the OLED backlight system, which is based on lighting and automatic shutdown of 8 million pixels.

This technology, combined with 4K UHDresolution, guarantees a top-of-the-range viewing quality. The level of contrast appears greater, with deep and intense blacks and bright and realistic colors. In this way, the details are also emphasized, with an extreme quality of sharpness. The beauty of the shades and colors is guaranteed by THE TRILUMINOStechnology , which offers a much richer and more complete color range.

best sony bravia smart tv

As for audio, unlike most TVs, which arranges speakers along the sides of the panel, this Sony OLED BRAVIA features Acoustic Surface Audiotechnology . In essence, sound waves are emitted from the entire surface of the screen, giving a superior engagement experience. Even the smart side is full of surprises.

First of all, the operating system of the best sony bravia smart tv is Android, which allows a simple and intuitive navigation of the panel. In addition, it allows you to download many applications at the Google Play Store, to expand your television offer. Do not underestimate the presence of google assistant integrated, which offers you the possibility of interacting vocally with television.

In addition, always through voice commands, you can control all the smart devices in the house. As for the mobile connection, in 2019 Sony took a step forward. Despite the fact that it is an Android best sony bravia smart tv, you will be able to connect your iPhone, Mac or iPad to the big screen, thanks to Apple AirPlay compatibility.

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Sony BRAVIA Series 9: KD-55XG9505

This best sony bravia smart tv belonging to the Series 9 of the Japanese house has enjoyed a great success among the public. The reviews against it are 100% positive,and report high-quality experiences from users. The design is minimalist and elegant due to the subtlety of the bezels and display. The pedestal is very modern and edgy, and blends perfectly with the rest of the structure. The panel measures 55 inches and offers ledbacklighting system.

The resolution is UHD 4K, which guarantees a really high level of image quality. This technology joins the definition ofHDR,designed to bring sharpness, definition and contrast. For the latter in particular, the Full Array LEDfunction has been implemented , which offers a greater number of LEDs arranged directly behind the screen. In this way the amount of brightness dims independently, offering greater and sharp contrast.

As for the quality of colors and shades, the technology used is TRILUMINOS. To this is also added the X-Wide Anglefunction , which allows you to watch television from any angle. The sound department of this Sony BRAVIA also offers very interesting features.

best sony bravia smart tv

The basic technology isacoustic multi-audio, which aligns the sound to the transmitted image. The operation is possible thanks to the placement of two tweets behind the panel, which synchronize with the central system. In this way the power of the sound doubles, and the television experience is much more immersive.

On the smart side, this Sony BRAVIA offers truly excellent comforts. First, the operating system installed is Android, which allows you to navigate intuitively and easily. In addition, you can customize the main screen through the use of voice commands, thanks to which you can interact directly with the best sony bravia smart tv.

This is possible thanks to the integration with Google Assistant, which always remains at your disposal. To control the other devices instead (console, decoder, Play Station) you can rely on a single remote control. Finally, thanks to the presence of Apple AirPlay, the contents on your iPhon or iPad can be streamed to your home screen with a simple click.

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Sony Smart Features

Sony has traditionally used Android TV as its smart operating system, and from 2022 they started using Google TV instead. It’s pretty much the same as Android, with a redesigned look and a few extra features. Those who already have Google or Android based devices should already know how to navigate the interface, while for others there may be a small learning curve. The great thing about Sony TVs is that they have Google Chromecast built in, so you don’t need to buy an external device to stream compatible content from your phone or tablet. If you already have other Google devices, such as Google Nest speakers, they can easily be connected to the TV and you can ask your speaker to play content directly on the TV.


The interface is clean and fairly easy to navigate. It is divided into several rows and each row presents content from different applications. These rows can be customized or even disabled completely. The interface is not very elegant, which makes navigating easier.


While Android TV occasionally had no ads and there was a way to disable them, Google TV really pushes the ads and there is no way to disable them. You’ll see suggested content right on the homepage, and it’s often the first thing you see with a large banner up front. You can choose not to receive suggested content, but that will only mean that you will see non-targeted ads.


Unsurprisingly, Google TV offers access to the Google Play Store, which offers a huge selection of apps to download, even more than competing brands. You should have no trouble finding your favorite streaming apps.


One area where Google TV really excels is voice search, which gives you access to the Google Assistant. Press the Google Assistant button on the remote and say what you’re looking for, and Google TV will provide suggestions from the Play Store, YouTube, and relevant results from downloaded apps. It’s a handy way to quickly navigate content, and it’s often much faster than using the remote. You can also use it to change certain settings, such as asking to change the inputs or increasing the brightness.


The remote control included with Sony is very similar to what you used to find with non-best sony bravia smart TVs. It has a full numeric keypad, as well as a directional keyboard and player controls. Today, several remotes bypass the numeric keypad and even the player controls entirely and instead use on-screen controls, so it’s a nice touch if you like these things.It has quick access to Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video, and features a microphone that lets you use Google’s excellent voice search. The remote with the 2022 Google TVs is almost the same as the Android TV remotes from previous years. Most of the included remotes are black, but the A90J has a silver backlit remote.

FAQ about sony bravia smart tv


Is Sony Bravia smart TV good?

smart feature of Android operating system loads little bit slow. overall it’s a fantastic tv worth for money. … it’s the best tv around with excellent pic quality. thank u sony for feasting my eyes with amazing pic quality.

What is so special about Sony Bravia?

The revolutionary upscaling technology on our latest TVs brings everything you watch to life in our stunning 4K quality. Discover a world of apps, movies, and music with seamless usability through Sony’s Android TV, and enjoy it all on our thinnest models ever.

Why is Sony TV so expensive?

Sony TVs tend to be expensive in part because the company, like LG, now offers OLED TVs, which tend to cost more, but also because it has stopped making lower-end sets.

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While they aren’t usually the cheapest, Sony makes great TVs. They will generally be quite versatile, making them suitable for most people. Some people take a little time to learn the smart features, but the overall package their best sony bravia smart TVs offer is still better than average. At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that your overall reputation will hold up, and it’s rare that people will be disappointed buying one of your televisions.

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