Best Sony Smart TV : Which model to choose?

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Check Price On Amazon After carefully analyzing the Smart TV market of the Sony world, and having interfaced with the experiences of users, we have made a ranking of the Best Sony Smart TVs of 2021,proposing the best models with the related technologies, but also taking into account the aspect related to the cost of each TV.

Excellence: Sony KD55AF9

The model that wins the first place in the Sony world is the KD55AF9, part of the Braviaseries. In addition to the technologies and features it has, this Smart TV immediately catches the eye for its particular and innovative design, which offers a unique aesthetic of its kind. The panel features OLEDbacklight technology , considered the top of the range among all LCD and LED variants.

Thanks to this technology, during the darker scenes, the LEDs turn off automatically, offering deep blacks, which show greater contrast with the colors and whites. With the addition ofHDR and 4K UHDresolution, the transmission of images turns out to be at the top of the range, with deep blacks, bright colors, sharp images and highlighted details.

In addition, thanks to additional technologies such as the Triluminos Display and the X1 Extreme Processor,the images are faithfully reproduced as if the viewer were watching them live, enhanced by a wide color range. The visual beauty is largely accompanied by the power of sound,offered by the audio system consisting of three actuators and two powerful subwoofers, which give a feeling of multidimensional involvement.

Best Sony Smart TV
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Also with regard to connectivity and the convenience of being able to access all your favorite content, this model is not limited to presenting the integrated Wifi, but is also equipped with Google, with the possibility of being able to connect all the devices of the house with the only voice of the user. In addition, even at the level of interaction, the viewer has maximum comfort, thanks to the remote control provided.

Through this, in fact, you can use your voice to interact directly with the Smart TV, asking for example to broadcast the program you want to watch. Staying within the discourse of Smart functions, through the use of Google Home you have the possibility to control your Smart TV remotely, through the sole use of voice. In addition, this Sony model presents the famous Android operating system which, combined with the convenient and intuitive interface, makes it simple and pleasant to navigate the display.

Although some applications are already installed, such as Netflix, you can download others by going to the Google Play Store, and start using them immediately after downloading. Finally, having Chromecast, you can share your favorite content from mobile or PC through the wifi connection only.

The second choice: Sony KD60XF8305

Although this Smart TV does not have the OLED backlight system, within the wide range of the manufacturer it turns out to be an excellent model, especially taking into account the reviews from users who have purchased it. The aesthetics of the TV is refined and elegant, presenting a thin panel with equally slim frames, and a pedestal that goes perfectly with the developed design.

Present in versions of 60 and 70 inches, this Smart Tv has LED backlight technology, which combined with the quality of world vision UHD 4K, offers a visual experience of high quality and sharpness. In addition, thanks to the presence of additional technologies, such as theHDR Processor X1, the 4K X-Reality PRO and the Triluminos Display, the colors, depth and brightness of the scenes undergo a further and remarkable improvement, offering deeply realistic and detailed images.

As for the talk of the connection, this Sony model offers the possibility of connecting the integrated Wifi with a Google Homedevice , offering the possibility for the user to use the Remote Voice Over to start a movie without the need to raise a single finger. Also thanks to this feature you can directly ask the TV to open a specific category of movies to be able to scroll through the list made available, without the need to type anything on the screen.


Best Sony Smart TV

Also with regard to audio quality, Sony has developed several technologies that allow the user to feel completely immersed in watching a movie rather than listening to a song. Thanks to ClearAudio+, Clear Phase and S-Force Front Cinematic Surroundtechnologies, the TV is able to transmit clean and precise audio frequencies, giving a natural and overwhelming sound experience.

As for connectivity, this model has nothing to envy to the one described above, as it has exactly the same characteristics. Thanks to the Androidoperating system, the download of the apps is simple and immediate, thanks to the Google Play Store, where you can download those of your interest, in addition to those already pre-installed.

In addition, the interaction with the TV is also simple and comfortable, both thanks to the remote control that presents the keys for voice commands, and thanks to the connection with Google Home, which allows interaction even from another room. Finally, thanks to the implementation of Chromecast, sharing your content on the TV screen is simple and immediate, simply taking advantage of the Wifi connection.

Bravia’s warranty: Sony KD-55AG8

Although the top-of-the-range model has just been described, we felt it necessary to bring back a second model that is part of the Bravia series. This brand, in fact, belonging to Sony, distinguishes those televisions that have a high quality linked to colors, images, and their transmission on the screen.

Since we are talking about different technologies applied to a single screen, it should be emphasized that the price of the Smart TVs belonging to this series is not the most accessible, also because in most cases the panel has OLEDbacklight technology , as in the case of the model selected here.

Best Sony Smart TV

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In addition to having the best technology around in the world of television, this Sony model is characterized by an authentic, realistic and detailed vision. Thanks to the 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme, for example, image processing takes place in real time, converting them to the quality of authentic 4K HDR.

The combination of this technology together with the presence of resolution in HDR offers sharper and more detailed images even in colors, giving deeper blacks and brighter and more realistic colors. In addition, the perfection of the images lives in perfect harmony with the deep and immersive sound offered by the Sound-from-Picture Realitysystem , which comes from the entirety of the screen instead of the classic speakers.

Also with regard to the connection, this Bravia model is definitely one of the most complete. Beyond the Wifi and the built-in Bluetooth, the viewer has the possibility to interact directly with the TV through his voice. This innovative way of watching television is made possible by the connection with Google Home and Google Assistant, which guide the user in an even more simplified vision of his favorite programs.

The most advantageous: Sony KDL32WD753

Although the Sony brand has a range of offers, as far as the category of cheap Smart TVs are concerned, there are not too many options to choose from, also because prices tend to increase rather easily.

Best Sony Smart TV

In this case, the cheapest model definitely remains the Sony KDL32WD753, present in the 32-inch version alone. The screen features LED technology combined with Full HDresolution, but also with additional technologies, such as Dynamic Contrast Enhancer and X-Reality PRO, thanks to which the images obtain greater contrast and sharpness.

In addition, thanks to the combination of Motionflow XRtechnology, the images are smoother and more natural, managing to reduce the sense of blur that is usually created during a motion scene. As for audio instead, the supported format is Dolby Digital, which can be used in different ways: standards, music, cinema, gaming and sports.

The baby Sony: KDL32WE615 32″

This Sony model certainly remains the most appropriate choice in the 32-inch area, as it turns out to be one of the latest models designed by the manufacturer. The screen features LEDbacklight technology , which combined with the high definition ofHDR allows the viewer to enjoy each scene to the fullest, without missing a single detail.

Best Sony Smart TV

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The perfection of the images is also given by the combination of two other technologies, respectively the Live Colour technology and the X-Reality Pro,which giving the scenes a full and lively color without losing the sharpness and contrast between dark and light colors.

Also with regard to audio, Sony has implemented the DTS Digital Surround Audioformat , which combined with the clearaudio+ sound processing allows the viewer to enjoy a clear and immersive audio, which puts him at the center of the scene of the film.

The Smart TV has the integrated Wifi to be able to navigate the streaming platforms and all the contents present in the network; in particular, connecting to YouTube takes a moment, thanks to the button on the remote control that takes the viewer directly to the video platform.

As for the operating system, however, Linux does not allow such a wide use with regard to the use of applications and their download from the network, and it is therefore necessary to add an external box to be able to access these features.

The middle ground: Sony KD43XF7004 43″

This 43-inch model features a number of features, technologies and functionality that make it the best 43″ Smart TV from Sony. The panel features LED technology, but the beauty and perfection of the images is certainly given by the union of additional technologies, such as HDR and 4K X-Reality PRO, fundamental for a rendering of detail and sharpness at the top of the range.

In addition, even during the most eventful scenes, the scenes remain highly fluid and sharp thanks to Motionflow XRtechnology, which creates and inserts additional frames between the original frames. Thanks to these technologies, this Sony model turns out to be the ideal partner for PlayStation4 and PlayStation4 Pro, offering the user the opportunity to live a completely lively and engaging gaming experience.


Best Sony Smart TV

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As for audio, this model features a mixture of technologies that make it the top of the range. DSEE technology allows the restoration of frequency elements for low-resolution video content, Clear Phase technology allows the transmission of clean audio frequencies going to eliminate the natural variations of the speaker and finally the S-Force Front Surroundtechnology, which allows a reception of sounds as likely to reality.

Finally, as far as connectivity is concerned, this model presents the integrated Wifi thanks to which it is possible to connect to the home network without connecting any cable, take advantage of streaming platforms such as Youtube and TV programs on demand.

The best big: Sony 55″ KD55AF8

Present in the versions of 50, 55 and 75 inches, the screen of this model presents LED technology combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR ProcessorX1 Extreme, which allow a top-of-the-range view. The panel allows the faithful reproduction of moving images, eliminating blurry and grainy images thanks to X Motion Clarity technology, which through the combination of the Fald system reduces the flickering of images and increases their sharpness.

Best Sony Smart TV

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In addition, there is an additional technology that is applied to the screen of this model, and it is the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, an option that allows you to create greater contrast in dark and night scenes, highlighting the lights and deeply obscuring the blacks present in the scene.

As for connectivity, the Smart TV is equipped with Wifi included that allows viewing of the contents present in the streaming platforms and the multimedia content contained in your devices. Finally, the interface presents the renowned Android operating system, which allows the user an easy and comfortable use of all the features present on the screen.

Things Consider before buying Best Sony Smart Tv:

Screen size

For most people, it’s best to buy the largest screen you can afford that fits your space. The 55-inch size has become standard these days and works best for most people because it offers a large amount of space without being overwhelmingly large. If you want to go bigger, there are plenty of options in the 65-inch range. For a truly cinematic experience, look for TVs in the 75-inch and above range. Just be prepared to receive them, they practically claim their own room. Smaller 32- and 40-inch TVs work well for tight spaces.


Resolution is the number of pixels that make up the image on a screen. More pixels means sharper images and finer details, so a higher resolution is usually better. The standard for TVs is set to 4K, and almost every TV on our list has at least this resolution.

You can also buy even higher resolution displays, such as 8K, but there’s very little content available right now that uses this technology. And 8K displays are often very expensive. So you’re essentially buying an 8K TV in the hopes that it will be an investment for years to come. For most people, 4K is the way to go.

Display technology

Less expensive televisions usually have LCD or LED panels that use liquid crystal pixel panels. LCD TVs are bright and durable. But LCD panels often have limited viewing angles and do not control the light in the image and other technologies.

High-end televisions use quantum dots that provide a more complete color range than most LCD panels. The technology uses tiny particles of different sizes allowing each size to emit a different color.

The latest trend in high-end televisions is OLED technology that uses organic phosphors. Each pixel can generate its own light, which improves the contrast and accuracy of the light compared to LCD screens. OLED TVs can be viewed from wider viewing angles than LCD models without color loss or contrast reduction. But OLED TVs are usually very expensive and are not as bright as LCD TVs.

Wireless keyboards , how to entertain yourself with greater comfort

Going through the world of Sony Smart TVs, it is only right to dedicate a paragraph to the use of wireless keyboards, a detail no longer underestimated by most users. Connecting a keyboard and a mouse to your Sony Smart TV is a factor that adds more comfort when browsing the TV screen, especially since the offer also includes the world of the web.

As for the Sony world, the Japanese company has implemented a collaboration with Logitech to develop appropriate items, and that would be fully supported by Sony Smart TVs. This transition took place since the world of wireless keyboards occupies a substantial part in the market of accessories for Smart TVs, but not all of them are compatible with the Japanese brand.

If you want to buy a keyboard to connect and use with a Sony Smart TV, it is highly recommended to head to Logitech, which ensures perfect operation between the interaction of the keyboard and television.

Keyboard for Best Sony Smart TV: Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus

This model proposed by Logitech is a perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality and comfort. On the right side, in fact, there is the 3.5 mm touchpad with its keys, so you can also use the keyboard as a mouse, without having the task of having to buy it separately.

Speaking of keys near the touchpad, we are referring to the navigation arrows, volume keys and hotkeys for Android and Windows users. In addition, thanks to the Logitech Options function you have the possibility to customize the settings related to the keys and the touchpad, according to your needs and comforts.


Best Sony Smart TV


Thanks to the range of action that reaches up to 10 meters, the use and control of the keyboard is comfortable and efficient, ensuring maximum responsiveness even in the most spacious environments. In addition, even with regard to battery life, Logitech has designed a long-lasting keyboard, that is, 18 months. Thanks to the ability to turn the keyboard on and off, in fact, the battery life is further preserved.

The convenience of this model also lies in its compatibility with different operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and later, Android 5.0 or later and Chrome OS. Finally, as far as its installation is concerned, the only step to take is to insert the small Unifying receiver into a USB port, present on the back or on the side of the TV panel. As for the price, despite the different features, Logitech has maintained a rather low cost range, which does not exceed 50 euros.

FAQ About Best Sony smart tv

1. Is Sony Smart TV good?

Sony is one of the best-known television makers, and it offers dozens of models. The company has a reputation for superb image quality and cutting-edge design.

2. What is so special about Sony Bravia?

The revolutionarypscaling technology on our latest TVs brings everything you watch to life in our stunning 4K quality. Discover a world of apps, movies, and music with seamless usability through Sony’s Android TV, and enjoy it all on our thinnest models ever.

3. How long does Sony Bravia TV last?

A Sony TV’s lifespan depends on how you use it and how you take care of it. Sony claims that their TVs have a lifespan that ranges between four to six years with heavy, continuous use. This means the TV is continuously running at the highest brightness settings.

4. What is the difference between Sony Smart TV and Android TV?

In this sense, Android TV is indeed a smart TV. Smart TV and Android TV are inclusive relationships and Android TV almost has all the functions of smart TV but with the operating system of Android. Some TV manufacturers also have their own built-in operating system when launching smart TV.

5. Can we add apps to a Sony Bravia smart TV?

From the Home menu, select Google Play Store. Find the app you’re looking for through categories or by searching the app’s name. Select the app that you want to install. Select Install.

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