Best TVs for PS5: Our Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Have you just bought your shiny new PS5 and are you looking for a TV that is up to par? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will analyze which are the best TVs on the market to make the most of the potential of the new Playstation 5 .
Let’s start by saying that the latest born in Sony has immediately configured itself as a cutting-edge product, which will take the player to a higher level of Gaming. And as such, it is right to combine it with a television capable of fully exploiting all its enormous potential .

The choice at home Samsung: Samsung AU8070

The first TV that we have decided to offer you is one of the latest born in Samsung, and as such it possesses all the main technological innovations of this last period; we are talking about the Samsung AU8070 .

The TV is offered in different sizes, from the smallest 43 inches to the gigantic 75 inches. The choice of size is, of course, subjective but during our tests we played with the 43-inch and were largely satisfied. We are faced with a 4K TV able to enhance every single detail of the game, all expertly managed by the Crystal 4K processor, one of the latest born in Samsung. This would already be enough to enjoy and fully exploit the potential of PS5, but the technology that made us appreciate this AU8070 in particular is the Motion Xcelerator. This technology is able to recognize the signal source (in our case the PlayStation5, in fact) and to adapt every single frame in such a way as to make the most of every single detail.

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The top of the LG range: OLED C14LB


If you are looking for a superior product, and you don’t have any spending problems, our advice is to bet everything on this jewel from Casa LG. We are talking about the OLED TV C14LB , a Smart TV with a wonderful design and a crazy visual rendering.

The C14LB is offered in different sizes, starting from 48 inches to continue with 55, 65, 77 and finally the huge 83 inches.
The TV in question is an OLED, a technology superior to LED which in addition to reducing the size of the panel (very thin in this case) enhances the color rendering through particularly deep blacks and super-bright whites.
The beating heart of this LG masterpiece is the α9 Gen4 4K Processor with AI , a latest generation processor capable of guaranteeing fluidity and quality that left us amazed during our test. But the gem that made us enjoy our gaming sessions with the PS5 to the maximum was the incredible response time of the screen and itsrefresh rate capable of reaching 120Hz ; a respectable value even among the best

Gaming monitors.

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Hisense’s QLED: Hisense U71QF



The Chinese company has for some years been firmly positioned among the leaders in the sector, guaranteeing an absolutely enviable quality-price ratio . The TV we tested today is the Hisense U71QF, one of the manufacturer’s flagship products.
The Smart TV is available in three different sizes, the 50-inch, the 55-inch and finally the 65-inch.

The panel uses QLED technology , a technology superior to the now well-known LED that is expected to be the rival to LG’s OLED backlight. The design is therefore particularly Slim, but as we know it is not a fundamental aspect for the Gaming side.
Instead, what we are interested in is the Processor, this Hisense is equipped with a Hi-View Graphic Processor capable of quickly processing every single frame ensuring a fluid and rich in details visual rendering. The aspect that surprised us more than any other is the Gaming mode, on this U71QF it is in fact possible to set a specific mode to play with our PS5, all this will result in a very low Lag input, a fundamental aspect for all expert Gamers who want to fully enjoy every single frame of the game.

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PS5 and TV: What are the aspects to consider?

There are many aspects to take into consideration and we at will try to explain in the best possible way what to consider and what to leave out when choosing the best TV to support the PS5.

The first fundamental aspect is the choice of a 4K TV , the reason is quite simple, all the contents available for Playstation 5 are absolutely to be played at this level of resolution, in order to fully enjoy every single frame of the game, whether it is it a shooter, a car race or a football match.

The second aspect is the processor; as we well know for every electronic device with a certain intelligence the central heart, the brain resides in the processor. In a Smart TV it is the processor that manages everything, and when you connect a device as high-performance as a PS5 it takes on an even more fundamental aspect. It is therefore good to choose a TV that has a powerful latest generation CPU, capable of exploiting and making each image to its fullest potential.
The last aspect to be absolutely taken into consideration is the presence of a “Gaming” modeor a technology that is able to enhance the potential of Sony. Precisely for this reason it will be essential to choose a TV with the possibility to modify or customize one of these options; or a device capable of recognizing which source we are using, automatically setting itself to express 100% the potential of the game.

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