Best wireless headphones for tv: The Complete Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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In today’s guide we will go to the discovery of the best wireless headphones for TV . These devices, equipped with Bluetooth connection, over the last few years have found a wide appreciation from the public. In fact, their use is simple and the “service” they offer is very convenient.

However, since there are countless models on the market (especially online), we decided to select the ones that are really worth considering. In addition, we anticipate that, while they are of high quality, they are not extremely expensive wireless TV headphones .

In fact, in order for these devices to express their potential, there is no need to spend large amounts. To make the reading easier and more fluid, we have decided to report the models in ascending order of price , so that you can always have the cost of the product at hand.

1. Jelly Comb wireless headphones


The Jelly Comb wireless headphones are the cheapest you’ll find in this guide. However, their affordability shouldn’t lead you to think they are a low quality product. Indeed, as many users point out, this model enjoys an optimal quality-price ratio .

The design is very simple and, above all, ergonomic. The pads are covered in leather and adapt very well to the shape of the ear. The connection to the TV can be done in three ways : OPTICAL digital audio port, 3.5mm audio output or RCA audio output. Therefore, before buying them, make sure your TV has at least one of these outputs.

The stability of the signal is excellent and the audio quality is nothing short of excellent. The sound, in fact, appears pure and clear. The maximum distance supported by the device (in this case the TV) is 30 meters . It should be noted that the walls do not constitute a limit to the sound quality.

The 600 mAH battery recharges very quickly via the USB cable and guarantees up to 10 consecutive hours of use. The headphones can be paired with any device, not just the TV, and thanks to “ One To Many “ support, you can connect several speakers to the same audio source. The Jelly Comb wireless headphones are ideal for those looking for a quality and, at the same time, affordable product.

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2. Panasonic RP-HTX80B

The second place in our ranking is occupied by the Panasonic wireless headphones, which as you can see from the image above, are characterized by a retro design , which is singular and one of a kind. This, however, does not affect the comfort of use, guaranteed both by the lightness of the headphones and by the softness of the pads. In other words, while watching movies or shows you will forget you have them in your head.

The domed housings of the 40mm driver units ensure a very powerful and immersive sound, which is supported by the control acoustic filter . The latter optimizes the airflow around the driver to ensure a defined and dynamic sound. The bass appears powerful and engaging, while the treble is crisp and flawless. All this, however, ensures a well-balanced result .

The rechargeable battery provides approximately 150 minutes of playback with the 15-minute quick charge, and approximately 24 hours of continuous playback with full charge. The charging method is very simple: just connect them to the USB cable that you find inside the package.

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3. Cowin E7 PRO


The third model of wireless headphones for TV that we believe should fall within this list is a Cowin Group product , an innovative company operating in the electronics sector and, in particular, in hearing aids. There is really nothing to say about design: minimal, sophisticated and elegant. The materials used to make these wireless headphones are of high quality, and allow for prolonged use.

Furthermore, the pavilions can rotate up to 90 °. Inside the package you will find both the 3.5 mm cable to connect the headphones to a device (in case the TV is not the only device you want to use them with) and the USB micro-cable to recharge them. The 800 mAh battery recharges very quickly and ensures playback of 30 consecutive hours .

The sound output from the 45mm wide aperture drivers is very crisp and deep, with clear and accurate bass. From 75dB to 85dB, these wireless headphones ensure an immersive and realistic sound experience. Active Noise Canceling technology, which takes care of eliminating the noises of the external environment (domestic and otherwise), plays an essential role during listening.

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4. Sony MDRRF895RK


In the list of the best wireless headphones, a Sony model could certainly not be missing. Among the many available, this we can say is the right middle ground . The price is not excessive and the sound quality is good. The only flaw, which we would like to underline immediately, concerns the stability of the connection, which in some moments seems a bit wavering. In general, however, we are very satisfied with this product.

The design, as you can see from the image, is very simple and classic, with an external plastic structure. The leather-covered ear pads are extremely comfortable and comfortable even for prolonged use. The 40mm drivers ensure sound transmission richly detailed, very sharp and deep. In addition, thanks to the noise reduction technology , the sound experience will be pure and crystal clear.

Everything that happens around you will not be able to interfere with your entertainment. In addition, this technology is also able to free the wireless signal from interference from other electronic devices, again to ensure clear and immersive sound. Charging the batteries requires 7 hours of standby time, for a consecutive duration of 20 hours of playback .

As far as distance is concerned, with these Sony wireless headphones you will be able to move away from the transmitter up to 100 meters , without having to worry about the walls. Finally, in addition to the headphones, inside the package you will find all the accessories you will need to make the most of them: RF stereo transmitter unit, power supply, 1.5m stereo mini-cable and nickel metal hybrid battery.

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5. Avantree HT5009


As we are nearing the end of the guide, these wireless headphones, as well as the next ones, are characterized by a slightly higher price than the previous ones. In any case, we are not talking about 300 euro models. These Avantree headphones we can say have received some appreciation from users, who have been very satisfied with the quality and efficiency .

Indeed, our judgment is also very positive. The design, for example, already shows details that we had not encountered in the other models. During use they are very comfortable and ergonomic, especially thanks to the way in which the pads adapt to the ears. The 40mm drivers provide a powerful and clear sound for all the broadcast content. Here, however, there is no noise reduction technology.

At the same time, however, it should be emphasized the presence of Dual Link technology , which allows you to connect a second pair of headphones. In this way, the entertainment can be shared without any problem. However, in order to avoid running into problems with lip delays, the second pair of headphones must support the FastStream codec . Furthermore, we believe that the possibility of using them even with the wire is very convenient, especially when, perhaps, the headphones are to be recharged.

The use of the transmitter is very simple, to the point that the company itself defines it as a real Plug & Play . Basically, once turned on it will automatically connect to the headphones, without the need to carry out any procedure. In addition, these wireless headphones can be used with most televisions on the market, as the transmitter has three audio outputs : aux, optical and RCA.

As for the battery life, here we are at a much higher level: we are talking about 40 consecutive hours of playback plus 20 hours in stand-by. The maximum distance that the transmitter can reach is 50 meters , but in this case you will have to take into account the walls and physical obstacles, as they can interfere with the stability of the connection. Bottom line, if you want to have a pair of professional wireless headphones , this is the model for you.

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Ultimately we have the JBL wireless headphones, a real guarantee. The design is simple and modern, with a structure that, instead of being made of plastic, was made of fabric . The leather-covered pads are very thick and comfortable, and do not create pain or discomfort in the ears even after several hours of use. The pavilions, as you can see from the photo, are foldable , for easier and more comfortable transport.

Inside the package, in addition to the JBL wireless headphones, you will also find:

  • AUX cable
  • Charging cable
  • Warranty and Warnings Card
  • Security card
  • Fast guide

However, the connection with the TV can also take place via the Bluetooth connection , provided and not granted that the TV is equipped with it. As for use, this model offers 24 hours of continuous playback compared to two hours of charging. However, if you want, you can spend just 15 minutes charging the wireless headphones for two hours of use straight. JBL headphones deliver a rich, deep and realistic sound experience, supported by two essential technologies:

  • Active noise reduction
  • TalkThru & Ambient Aware

The latter, never mentioned before, is a technology that can be activated at the push of a button and allows you to stay in touch with the sounds of the “outside world”. Basically, you can watch and comment on a movie at the same time without having to put on and take off your headphones all the time. Also useful and interesting is the Multipoint function , which allows you to switch from one device to another quickly and easily.

As if that were not enough, these wireless headphones are equipped with the integration of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa , a feature that, for obvious reasons, is not used in connection with the television. Rather, voice assistants come in handy when listening to music, especially in combination with using the JBL app.

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