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As with any category of equipment, even video projectors have some cheaper models, while maintaining a high standard of quality . The factors that come into play are the size of the projector, the features it has, the brand that produced it and how it is connected. In this guide, therefore, after a careful selection by our staff, the best economic projectors on the market are reported and described.

The best of economy: Epson EB-S05

The best budget projector ever is the Epson EB-S05, a perfect projector for both business and home use. The design is modern and compact, making it easy to transport and move. A peculiarity of this Epson is the excellent brightness of the images even in the case of poor lighting in the room, thanks to the 3200 lumens it is equipped with.

The brightness is also emphasized by the 3LCD technology , which triples the clarity of the images. The chromatic range is also excellent, bright and sharp, thanks to the 1.07 billion colors supported and the contrast ratio of 15,000: 1, which gives greater intensity and definition.

The lamp has a good overall life: 6,000 h for standard mode (at maximum brightness) and 10,000 h in energy saving mode. The latter is preferable in environments with a very high level of darkness. The connectivity of this projector consists of an HDMI, VGA, S-VIDEO and audio input.

It is also compatible with external media, such as USB sticks or external hard drives, so that you can enjoy your multimedia content without using a computer, but directly from the projector. Thanks to the USB input, it is possible to share the projector over the network by purchasing a WiFi antenna separately.

Supplied with the projector you will have the remote control for controlling the device, equipped with an integrated laser pointer, extremely useful in the case of projections such as presentations. In addition to the remote control, the device can also be controlled via the computer mouse connected via USB-B input.

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Small and cheap: XuanPad Mini

The best mini-projector for the budget category is the XuanPad Mini, a really comfortable and handy projector thanks to its small size, equal to 19.8 x 15.3 x 6.9 cm. Despite its small size, this projector has excellent features , starting with its cooling design which guarantees both a long lamp life (up to 55,000 hours) and a significant limitation of the fan noise, in order to guarantee an obstacle-free use experience.

This projector is an excellent device for home use, as the brightness has been optimized by increasing the lumen by a good 20%, for a total of 2400 lumens ; what results are brighter and clearer images.

The viewing experience is excellent thanks to the projection size ranging from 32 to 176 inches, and which can be conveniently adapted to the size available in the place of use.

Considering the price range, this projector has a really good video quality, with the possibility of viewing images and videos in Full HD . The XuanPad Mini is compatible with an infinite number of devices and platforms, including: Android and Apple smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, media players and DVDs and Blu-rays, as well as SD cards and USB sticks.

A flaw from the point of view of connectivity is the impossibility of connecting smartphones via mirroring, but only via an HDMI adapter. The box comes with everything you need to use this projector: an AV cable, HDMI and a remote control. The latter is very simple to use as the keys relating to the main functions are clearly visible.

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Budget 4K resolution: Acer V6810

Finding an excellent projector equipped with Ultra HD technology and with a not exorbitant price is not entirely simple as, just the fact of having an image resolution in 4K involves a significant increase in prices.

For this category, therefore, the choice fell on the Acer V6810. This model is equipped with the Texas Instrument DLP470TE chip which allows to obtain the maximum performance from the switching speed of the DPL, to obtain the maximum number of pixels possible.

The projector starts from a Full HD resolution, therefore equal to 1920 x 1080, and increases it by four times, reaching Ultra HD. The 4K resolution of this projector offers images with high visual quality.

In addition, the high contrast ratio of 10,000: 1 , together with HDR support , ensures a detailed, intense color range and extremely realistic images. This Acer projector is also equipped with ColorPurity technology , which allows for a much wider and more natural scale of colors and shades.

Furthermore, the mink experience is optimized and emphasized by the brightness of 2200 lumens . The audio compartment consists of an integrated mono speaker with 10 watts of power, which can be increased by connecting an independent audio system.

The connectivity, in addition to being made up of two HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB port, VGA and an audio input, is equipped with the Acer WirelessCast functionality , which allows you to connect various devices such as smartphones, PCs or tablets without using cables, but via a wireless dongle (sold separately). A gem of this projector is the ability to manage it via voice control , if, however, you have Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

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Full HD at a good price: BeamerKing 0010818-EU

For the best budget Full HD projector category, the choice undoubtedly falls on the BeamerKing 0010818-EU model. This projector has a very large display, ranging from 67 inches up to 200 inches, and is therefore adaptable to your space requirements.

The projected images are of high quality and very clear thanks to the Full HD resolution and the sharp contrast ratio, equal to 4000: 1. The LED lighting has improved by 30% compared to the previous models and, therefore, is equal to 3600 lumen .

The image projected by this BeamerKing is extremely realistic thanks to the 16.7 million colors supported. The audio section consists of an integrated Hi-Fi stereo speaker that offers clean and powerful sound, also equipped with a sound processing and amplification chip (if desired, you can improve the audio quality with an external system) . What results is, therefore, an excellent experience of use both from the point of view of the image and that of the sound.

The compatibility of this projector is really excellent, in fact it is possible to connect an infinite number of devices thanks to the two HDMI and USB inputs, the VGA, AV input and the headphone jack. Specifically, it is possible to connect USB keys, DVD players, laptops, PCs, Chromecast, Fire TV Sticks, consoles, speakers, and much more.

An HDMI Lightning cable is required to connect iOS smartphones, while an MHL cable is required for Android smartphones (both are not included). The box contains everything you need to make the most of this projector, namely: an AV and HDMI cable, the power cable, the IR remote control and the manual.

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