Connect your phone to your Smart TV: Four ways to do it in minutes

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Nowadays we are fortunate to have “smart” televisions, which are not limited only to broadcasting films or television series. The new technologies that characterize them allow us to expand the experience of use,especially by connecting external devices. Among these, the one of greatest interest is certainly the smartphone.

Its connection to the TV allows you to stream all your multimedia content to the home screen: photos, videos and audio. But, how do you connect your phone to your Smart TV? In this guide we will discover all the existing ways that allow you, in a simple and fast way, to create a connection between the two devices.

In addition, you can take them into account even if your television does not have an Internet connection. In other words, these technologies also lend themselves perfectly to TVs not of the latest generation.

Smart TV and phone: here’s how to connect them

The most used technologies to create a connection between the smartphone and the television is wireless, that is, wireless. Today, in fact, there is no longer any need to arm yourself with unsightly cables to connect two devices, and for this reason, in this guide you will only find wireless technologies.

Some are suitable for all operating systems,while others are suitable only for one. The choice, therefore, will have to fall according to the smartphone you own, otherwise it will still be impossible for you to create a connection. Anyway, let’s get to the heart of the matter and go to discover the best ways to connect the phone to the Smart TV:

1. Chromecast

This small and comfortable device was developed by Google to create a wireless connection between your smartphone and TV. Its use is very versatile, as it is compatible with AndroidiOS and Windows. The connection is simple, since all you have to do is insert the device into the HDMI output of the television.

Equally easy is the connection between the TV and the smartphone, since it happens automatically after setting up Chromecast to the home Wifi network. After doing so, phones hooked to the same Wifi are virtually connected to the television. From here, you can start sharing the content on your smartphone to the TV.

Its realization, in fact, has been designed specifically for this type of use. At the same time, if desired, with Chromecast you can also connect the computer (Windows or Mac), taking advantage of the browser integration. Despite its wide compatibility, this device offers more transmission options with Android, rather than with iOS or Windows.

As for broadcasting app content from your smartphone to your TV, all you have to do is launch the Chromecast-compatible app. To buy it you can refer to the Google store or electronics stores. Finally, it is interesting to know that this device can be connected to the HDMI port even of older generation televisions, not only to Smart TVs.

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2. Miracast

As similar as Miracast may seem to Chromecast, we are actually facing a completely different device. First, the only compatible operating system is Android. As a result, if your smartphone had a different one, we recommend that you prefer other connection devices.

In addition, Miracast does not need the Wifi network, since it creates a direct connection between the phone and the TV. Many models of Smart TVs to date have this technology, but if not, you can buy a device to insert into the doors of the TV, as in the image you find above.

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3. AirPlay

AirPlay is the latest technology signed by Apple that all owners of an iOSsmartphone can rely on . As always, here too it is a wireless technology that allows the transmission of multimedia content from the iPhone to the TV. However, in this case it will also be possible to share the phone screen on your home screen.

The functionality remains very similar to that of Chromecast, in that it is necessary that the two devices (television and smartphone) are connected to the same Wifi network. In addition, in order for AirPlay to work, it is necessary that the Smart TV in question is equipped with the Apple TV, a device always produced by the American multinational. Below you will find three different models, present on Amazon:

In practice, by connecting it to the HDMI output, it allows you to access multiple apps and multimedia content, in addition to those transmitted by AirPlay. Anyway, once you have armed yourself with everything you need, the procedures to share the iPhone screen or your multimedia content on the TV are really simple and intuitive. The price of an Apple TV is quite variable, as several factors come into play. However, it is evident that the costs are much higher than chromecast (39€).


DLNA technology is the last one that deserves to be mentioned, since, despite being a bit dated, it is still compatible with several smartphones both Android and iOS. Its use allows you to share and stream content from your phone to your TV, whether this modern or not.

The functionality takes up the one we talked about for Chromecast and AirPlay: it is necessary that the two devices are hooked to the same Wifi network. In the event that your smartphone does not support DLNA technology, you can download aspecial app,available for both operating systems. The two most famous are iMediaShare and Video &TV Cast DNLA.

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