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Within the world of projectors, the Japanese manufacturer Epson has widely established itself. Together with other brands, in fact, its video projectors are the most known and sought after by users, as they offer the best from a technological point of view.

In this guide, therefore, based on our experience in the sector and an accurate evaluation, we have selected the best Epson projectors to be used in school, work and entertainment occasions.

To conclude, we would like to underline that Epson’s range of offers is really very wide and varied, bringing very different models to the market also in terms of price .

This in fact varies according to the main characteristics of the device and the needs of the user who has to buy it, but our advice is not to evaluate the projector based on its cost, but based on what it can offer.

The best of Epson: EB ‑ 2265U

This Epson projector, thanks to the functions it offers and the technologies applied, is the best candidate for the position of best projector of the Japanese house. Although there are models that have significantly higher costs, the EB-2265U projector guarantees high image quality, several connectivity features, and a relatively low price.

Thanks to the 3LCD technology and the 0.71-inch LCD panel, combined with the WUXGA Full HD resolution and an aspect ratio of 16: 9, this model is perfect for team work situations, such as conferences or presentations, and for ‘Home Cinema.

In fact, the HDBaseT technology it is equipped with allows the projection of contents in Full HD up to 100 meters away, offering perfectly clear images even in very spacious environments. In addition, the convenience also lies in the possibility of using this projector by fixing it to the wall or positioning it wherever you prefer.

In both cases, if the projection of the contents goes off the screen or the blackboard, it is possible to make an immediate adaptation thanks to the appropriate button on the projector. Also with regard to connectivity, this model definitely has all the credentials.

Through the Screen Mirroring function , for example, you can share your content from different devices, without the need to connect any cables. Furthermore, thanks to the EasyMP Multi PC Projection Utility function , you have the possibility to connect up to 50 computers, and to share different contents thanks to the Split Screen function.

Finally, also as regards the configuration of the device, the procedures are very simple and intuitive thanks to the dedicated buttons. On the back there are two USB ports, a LAN port and two HDMI inputs.

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Epson 4K Projector: EH-TW7300

Within the world of Epson video projectors, a category much sought after by users is the one that presents the 4K resolution, as it guarantees a highly high image quality. The model we have selected offers, according to our accurate evaluations, an excellent quality-price ratio , despite its cost still being quite high.

In fact, in this category, looking for low-cost 4K video projectors can be defined as a real waste of time. In fact, these projectors, just like the model in question, have the most up-to-date technologies on the market, with the aim of offering a clear, realistic and detailed vision.

This Epson model features 3LCD technology and a 0.74-inch LCD panel, with a Full HD resolution with HDR support and an aspect ratio of 16: 9.


The high quality of the images is given by the presence of the 4K Enhancement technology , which allows to reach levels of image perfection never seen before, allowing the conversion of contents with a lower resolution (1080p) into 4K contents.

The EH-TW7300 is therefore perfect for the HomeCinema as, thanks to the functions and technologies available, it guarantees excellent definition and resolution of the projected images.

The presence of HDR, in fact, greatly increases the contrast of the images, offering darker blacks and more vivid colors, giving a perception of greater depth.

In addition to the ability to project content with a cinematic resolution for movies, this Epson projector also offers the ability to enjoy fluid and realistic images both during sporting events and during gaming and entertainment sessions.

Finally, a convenience to take into account concerns the possibility of memorizing up to 10 different positions , being able to choose different ratios for zoom, focus and lens sliding.

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Epson Full HD Projector:  EB-1470UI

This Epson projector can be considered the best choice to condense high definition at a not too high price. The projectors that have Full HD technology, as well as 4K, are the most sought after and appreciated both in the HomeCinema sector and for presentations in the business field .

In particular, this model was designed by Epson for occasions that arise primarily in the workplace, as the projector has wall mounting .

The projection system features 3LCD technology with a 0.67-inch LCD panel, while the resolution is a Full HD WUXGA, 1920 x 1200 with an aspect ratio of 16:10. The contents can be projected on a scalable display up to 100 inches, so you can get a wide and clear view of the projected information.

Thanks to the Laser technology it is equipped with, this model is perfect for use in environments such as meeting rooms, creating a professional and engaging environment for all participants.

Furthermore, being an interactive video projector, thanks to the Finger Touch and Dual pen modes , it is possible to work directly on the content projected by the device, making team work easier and more interactive.

Also as regards the vision of the contents, thanks to the Split Screen function  , this Epson model allows the division of the screen according to the contents that you need to project, without the need to use two separate screens.

This model also, thanks to the wireless connection , offers all users to be able to connect to the meeting at any time, either through the Screen Mirroring function  , or through the connection of multiple PCs.

Also thanks to an advanced connectivity, it is possible to write down the information on different devices, and share it with other users even remotely. Finally, the model features integrated speakers , avoiding the problem of having to find additional audio equipment, and 2 USB inputs and 2 HDMI inputs.

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The ultimate in interactivity: Epson EB-595Wi

Unlike the projector described above, interactive models are the ones that are best suited to school, university or work situations. This model features 3LCD technology with a 0.59-inch LCD panel, WXGA HD ready resolution (1280 x 800) and an aspect ratio of 16:10.

Thanks to this type of resolution, combined with the light output of 3,300 lumens and ultra-short throw, this projector allows the projection of large images at a rather close distance, drastically reducing the problems related to shadows and reflections.

As for the interactivity side, this model also has the Finger Touch function , thanks to which it is possible to intervene on the contents projected directly with the touch of the fingers. Alternatively, however, you can also take advantage of the double interactive pens , even more comfortable and efficient in terms of response times.

Furthermore, these two functions do not require the installation of any driver, but are processed automatically by the device. Also with regard to connectivity, this model has the ability to connect several devices simultaneously.

Thanks to the Moderator function , the contents chosen by the teacher rather than by the presenter will be projected; moreover, by downloading the iProjection 2 application , you can also view the contents from mobile.

Finally, also with regard to energy saving , this Epson projector offers some interesting features: the lamp has a life of 6,000 hours, and there is no need to wait for the appliance to warm up, as it can be used immediately after turning it on. power on.

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