Hisense A98G: Review

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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We have been waiting for a long time for the release of a Hisense OLED TV on the market , we have finally been satisfied; the product we’re going to review is the brand new Hisense A98G . With this product, the Chinese multinational aims to compete with the top brands in the segment such as LG and Sony; two of the leading companies in the production of OLED panels.

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The Smart TV was launched on the Italian market in two different sizes, 55 and 65 inches ; these two cuts represent the standard for OLED panels, in fact we rarely find screens equipped with this technology in smaller or larger cuts.

As already widely mentioned, the technology behind the Hisense A98G series is the OLED: this technology is unique in its kind, as it uses real “self-illuminating” pixels to emit light. This feature allows OLED panels a numerous series of advantages; among the main ones: an incredible contrast and a very low thickness.
The incredible contrast is dictated by the ability of the Pixels to emit light and automatically turn off for black colors, in this way; not needing a backlight lamp, blacks will appear really deep . In the same way, since there is no rear “lamp”, as for LED TVs, the thickness of the panels will be very low. Another peculiarity of the OLED panels is the very high side viewing angle, thanks to this feature it will be possible to enjoy the contents reproduced on the screen even from very secluded side angles.

All these peculiarities can be clearly appreciated on this A98G, we especially liked the wide color gamut units at a higher contrast depth. We have reviewed numerous OLED TVs and can confidently say how good this Hisense product is.

Nothing was left to chance, even when it comes to the screen refresh rate. Hisense technicians have in fact implemented the Ultra Motion on this A98G ; a feature that can best support the “most dynamic” content. Thanks to it, the panel refresh rate has been raised to 120Hz; in this way, even the most frenetic contents, both sports and related to action movies, will appear clear and well defined.

In addition to sports lovers and action cinema fans, Hisense A98G also winks at Gaming lovers; a series of features have been implemented on this TV to improve the video-play experience. In particular, the possibility has been given to reduce the Lag input, an aspect that video game fans care about; a reduced Input Lag will result in a much more immersive and real-time gaming experience.

The video qualities are absolutely valid, but if there is one thing in which the engineers of the Chinese multinational have surpassed themselves, it is the Audio aspect. Hisense A98G is in fact one of the most technologically advanced TVs in terms of sound; the credit goes to Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual X and the innovative Multi-channel Audio system.

We know Dolby Atmos well, we have in fact had the opportunity to appreciate this technology on many high-end TVs. The DTS Virtual X is instead a feature designed only by Hisense technicians; it is intended to offer a truly immersive surround experience. But the real highlight is the innovative and powerful multi-channel audio system: Hisense A98G has indeed a 2.1.2 system, one of the most powerful that we have been able to test.
The system has in fact 5 different sound sources ; 2 Speakers in the upper part of the panel, a powerful subwoofer in the lower part and another pair of Speakers in the lower front part. The result that follows is a powerful system capable of reaching 120 Watts of maximum power ; a record value for a TV. We can assure you that the 120 Watts can be heard, and are capable of giving, together with the excellent video quality, an absolutely satisfying experience.

After having thoroughly analyzed the section on audio-video performance, let’s now move on to the part strictly related to entertainment and “Smart” features.

The operating system on which the entire infrastructure rests is the now well-known VIDAA 5.0 , a system on which Hisense has always relied. Its strengths are the extreme fluidity and ease of use even for the less experienced and “geeks”. The offer related to entertainment is also wide, there is in fact the possibility to enjoy all the contents of the most famous applications: Netflix , Youtube , PrimeVideo , Dazn , RakutenTV just to name a few.

Nothing is missing even from the point of view of voice assistance; we find in fact the Amazon Alexa functionalityalready integrated, as well as the possibility of using the potential of Google Assistant . In this way we will be able to control the TV, going to perform a numerous series of actions; it will be possible to consult the latest weather forecasts as well as check other “home automation” objects in the house. All this, only and exclusively through the use of our voice.

From the point of view of connectivity nothing is missing, in fact we find the presence of 4 HDMI 2.1 ports (the format that is now the standard); a USB 2.0, a USB 3.0 as well as an Audio input and an Ethernet input.

The last aspect that we have left to analyze is that related to the design of the TV; also on this peculiarity, the Chinese multinational was able to carry out a careful and effective work. The design is in fact innovative and streamlined, with a line that is difficult to find on the whole panorama of televisions on the Italian market. The thickness of the panel is very low in the upper part, but what is most striking is the base . The lines appear sharp, modern and minimal; with the integration of the speakers succeeded perfectly.

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Our thorough Test ends here, a test that had the opportunity to appreciate one of Hisense’s first OLED products. The TV appeared beautiful from an aesthetic and performing point of view, with a record-breaking audio equipment. The launch price is in line with the current values ​​of the segment, obviously it is not a TV for everyone given the figures.

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