Hisense Smart Tv: Our Guide

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After carefully analyzing the Smart TV market within the range of offers developed by the Chinese house Hisense, we have combined the best models of 2019 in this guide, taking into consideration the level of user experience of users who have already had possibility of using them.

Furthermore, for each Smart TV, we have reported all the technical characteristics related to the display, sound and connectivity, the pillars of the now known Smart TVs. At the end of the guide, we have dedicated a paragraph to the best wireless keyboard that can be used together with Smart Hisense TV, a convenience that few people are ready to give up.

The winning Hisense:  H60N5705

This Hisense model, also according to what users who have had experience of using it say, remains the best model of the Chinese house. The display measures 65 inches and is equipped with LED backlight technology , which combines with Ultra HD 4K resolution and HDR definition , which makes images more defined, rich in color and with greater contrast.

In addition, thanks to the Upscaling technology , this Hisense model offers the possibility to convert any video content of lower quality than the UHD level, always offering high quality content. As for audio, Hisense models feature  dbx-tv audio technology , which delivers deep, immersive sound without the need for additional devices.

The connectivity of this Smart TV offers ample possibilities for sharing content for the user, who thanks to the presence of integrated Wifi has the opportunity to easily browse the network and install applications and programs.

Furthermore, the interface, being VIDAA U , offers an intuitive and fast user experience, with very short loading times and the possibility of customizing it according to your uses. The ports for connecting external devices are via the HDMI and USB 3.0 ports located respectively on the back of the panel.

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Hisense economy:  H39A5600

This model of the Chinese house turns out to be the best compromise in terms of value for money , offering high quality linked to the technologies applied to the display, audio and connectivity, but with a much lower price than the competition. The 39-inch display features LED backlight technology , with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, or Full HD .

Although it does not have HDR, this model has several technologies that guarantee a high level of vision. First of all, thanks to the  Natural Color Enhancer,  the colors on the screen are much brighter and more realistic, highlighting every little detail.

In addition, thanks to the  Motion Picture Enhancer,  even the most animated images and gaming sessions offer a decidedly cleaner and richer contrast vision, as this technology makes the blacks deeper and cleaner, which highlight the white and light areas. .

Also as regards the audio, this model features Dolby Digital Plus technology , which offers a decisive, clean and immersive sound, increasing the viewing experience offered by the display. As for connectivity, like all Hisense Smart TVs, this model also features the VIDAA U interface , offering simple and intuitive navigation between the applications and programs offered.

Finally, thanks to the integrated Wifi connection , it is possible to surf the net even with this economical model, taking advantage of streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. Finally, it is possible to see the contents of your devices on the big screen thanks to the presence of USB and HDMI ports , which make the use of the Smart TV even more interactive and customizable.

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Perfection 32 ″: Hisense H32M2600

This Hisense model, part of the M2600 series, has an ultra slim and elegant aesthetic, with a linear and thin frame. The 32-inch display offers the possibility to place this Smart TV in the smallest spaces with extreme ease, thanks to the lightness of the device.

The backlighting technology of the panel is LED , while the resolution of the images marries the HD , which offers scenes with high chromatic intensity and definition. Moreover, thanks to the presence of  the integrated Quad Core processor , even moving scenes obtain a fluid and precise rendering, making you live a viewing experience of extreme quality during any type of video content.

The interface that this model presents is the VIDAA , which as for the previous model allows a simple and intuitive navigation through the programs, films and applications that the device presents, making the experience even more pleasant for the viewer; the presence of this interface presents an interactive multi-screen screen , designed specifically for sharing photos, videos and games through the connection of the smartphone.

Furthermore, thanks to direct access to the Netflix and YouTube streaming platforms , many users find the direct browsing experience of these two applications, which are already inside the Smart TV, very positive. The Smart TV is equipped with integrated Wifi , HDMI output and USB output, useful for watching your favorite content on the big screen.

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The best 43 ″:  Hisense H43AE5500

Despite the majority of users looking for mainly Smat TV Hisense with a size of 40 inches, the Chinese parent company offers sizes of mainly 39 and 43 inches, which led us to put aside the canonical size of 40 “. The model that according to our research occupies the place of best Smart TV 49 ″ is the Hisense  H43AE5500 , with a design that reflects the video quality developed by multiple technologies.

The display features LED backlight technology , and as a resolution it offers a view in Full HD . Thanks to the Natural Color Enhancer technology , the colors on the screen appear much more vivid and realistic, highlighting even the smallest details, while the Motion Picture Enhancer relies on the inclusion of deep black within the scenes, offering a high video quality even during gaming sessions or action movies, which often feature scenes with a lot of movement.

To close the circle, Clean View technology analyzes incoming data to eliminate any sort of noise, offering cleaner scenes for viewing content. As for the audio, however, this Hisense model features Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Codec technology, which allow the reproduction of transparent and deep sounds, for an even more engaging vision.

The connectivity of this model remains very similar to that of the previously described models, with integrated Wifi and the VIDAA U interface , specially designed by Hisense for its Smart TVs: thanks to an easy-to-use screen, in fact, the user has the ability to add your favorite apps and sources directly to the home page without any difficulty.

Finally, like most Smart TVs, thanks to the Internet connection it is possible to surf the net without the need for any cable, and to connect directly to the most used streaming platforms in the world.

The unrivaled 55 ″: Hisense H55N6600

This 55-inch Hisense model offers a design highlighted by the curvature of the screen , offering even more immersive viewing experiences. The display has LED backlighting technology , but it also has the Eco TV feature : by adjusting the intensity of the backlighting it is possible to decrease energy consumption, as it is also possible to do it by putting the TV in stand-by.

However, despite the energy savings, the image quality is guaranteed by the Ultra HD 4K resolution and the presence of HDR , which offer sharp, precise images with realistic colors. Moreover, thanks to the Upscaling technology , this model offers the possibility to raise the resolution of any video format, reproducing it in 4K.

As for connectivity, this model has HDMI and USB 3.0 ports to connect external devices with your favorite content inside, and the ability to see them played on the big screen. The interface, as always, is VIDAA U , which offers a simple and immediate user experience among all the applications offered by the TV.

Furthermore, with the presence of the Wirless connection , combined with the Anyview Cast technology  , the user has the possibility to connect his smartphone or tablet to the TV, and see on the big screen what happens in real time on the small displays. Finally, thanks to the resources offered by  Chili , the user has a wide television offer, which is automatically updated by proposing contents related to those he himself selected over time.

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The wireless keyboards for Hisense Smart TVs

After selecting the best models of the Chinese house, it is necessary to dedicate a few lines to the most used accessories together with the latest generation televisions: wireless keyboards and mice . Until a few years ago, in order to connect any device to the television, it was necessary to be satisfied with cables and wires, the only way to create a direct connection between the various devices.

Nowadays, however, with the advancement of technologies, it is possible to connect these two devices to the Smart TV through the Wifi connection or Bluetooth , a rather remarkable convenience for the viewer. The reasons that can push a user to add a keyboard and a mouse to the use of the Smart TV may be different, but we can say that they remain limited in the same area.


In the first analysis it is possible to navigate the TV display with greater ease and speed, just as if you were facing the desktop of a computer; in second analysis it is possible to surf the web with greater autonomy thanks to the keyboard, useful for typing faster; in third analysis, it is possible to use the Smart TV screen as if it were the computer screen, especially if you consider the functions of sharing your content through the various modes developed by Hisense .

Having said that, the last thing we feel like bringing to light is the price of wireless keyboards and mice. On the market, in fact, the range of offers is almost split in two, offering on the one hand devices even above 150 euros, and on the other devices that do not even cost 40 euros.

Unlike what can happen in the choice of a Smart TV, we can safely say that as far as the purchase of a wireless keyboard is concerned, the speech is completely different. Since it is highly recommended to select simple keyboards , which do not include too special functions, spending exaggeratedly high amounts does not make much sense.

TRUST Adura: compact and wireless

This keyboard model, for example, is an excellent compromise between the functions that it will have to perform once connected to the Smart TV, and the price, which does not exceed the 40 euros we were talking about before. Also, featuring additional mouse keys and trackball for simple cursor movement, there is no need to purchase the wireless mouse separately.

On the right side of the keyboard are the keys to move a video or film back and forth, and the play and stop key; on the left side instead, there are the volume keys. The USB micro receiver has a range of action that expands up to 10 meters, to be able to position itself even at quite high distances. Finally, this keyboard can also be connected to the Xbox , PlayStation or computer , both via Wifi and via the appropriate cable.

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