Home Theater: How and which to choose

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Nowadays the technological evolution has not only touched the world of televisions, but also that of the experience connected to them, mainly attributable to sound quality . Some people are extremely satisfied with the speakers built into the TV panel, while others are looking for a superior experience that can guarantee maximum engagement.

In this regard we are not referring only to an expansion of the sound system, but to an increasingly used term: home theater . Nowadays there is a very wide variety of devices designed for the expansion of the sound quality of a content, and it is precisely for this reason that we have decided to dedicate a guide to this topic.

The different types of home theater

Home theater systems are characterized by a good amount of devices connected between them, so that synchronization can guarantee excellent results. However, moving towards the choice of the correct components is not that simple, as you are faced with two very different choices: the pre-built kits and the choice of the individual components . To start we could say that the first option is the most common one, as it saves a lot of time and, often, also money.

The second option in fact, includes the choice and installation of speakers, speakers and subwoofers, not to mention the respective cables to be used for the connection. This choice, although it guarantees the best results, is also the most complex in terms of implementation . However, whether you prefer to move towards a pre-packaged kit rather than towards the individual components, you must take into consideration the audio-visual quality ratio.

There is little point in spending exaggerated sums to amplify the audio if your television panel offers an average resolution, as you risk noticing too much difference between the transmission of visual content and the sound quality associated with it. However, since in our experience it is better to approach all-in-one kits , all in one, we have decided to bring you some of the best models on the market.

Home theater kit: the cinema in your home

If you’ve never bought sound amps before, starting with the implementation of a pre-built kit is definitely the best choice. The connectivity of the various devices is simple and intuitive, both for the more basic models and for the more complete and elaborate ones. To put them on the market, in fact, are the best known production companies in the world : Sony, Yamaha, LG, Logitech and so on. In the paragraphs below you will find some models that, according to our expertise on the subject, you could consider if you were considering a possible purchase.

We have brought back the economic models and the basic ones, but also those that are placed on a higher level. However, we would like to let you know that, even in this field, the quality goes hand in hand with the cost of the devices, not always a modestly priced home theater kit should necessarily lead to disappointments. To avoid that you can run into some premature decision then, you could keep as an example the models below, the ones that currently have the best reviews from users who have already purchased them.

Budget home theater: JBL Home Cinema 510

This speaker assembly is definitely the one that offers the best value for money. The kit consists of five 6.5 ″ speakers and a subwoofer with a power of 60 watts . All devices are synchronized with the aim of offering a clean and deep sound, especially as regards the bass, which distinguish this kit from many others on the market. Finally, the JBL Home Cinema 510 has been designed to adapt perfectly to any type of environment and furniture, occupying a very small space but offering good sound amplification.

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Entry-level home cinema: Sony BDV-E2100


This kit is already very different from the one reported, as it offers more extended functionality, as well as a less accessible price. It consists of four speakers and a subwoofer with 5.1 channels and a maximum power of 100 watts , which offers a very immersive sound. It also has an integrated Blu-ray player, as well as Wifi, Bluetooth and the ability to view content in 3D . The configuration is the classic one, which includes four satellites for the front and surround channels, the center satellite and the subwoofer for the low frequencies. Finally, inside the kit you will also find the supplied remote control, and One Touch sharing compatible with iOS and Android.

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The power of sound: Sony HT-RT3

In this case we are not dealing with a real kit, but with a front soundbar , two wireless satellites and a subwoofer. This solution can easily be put on par with a traditional home theater, but for it to work you need to purchase the source separately. The maximum power of the sound reaches 600 watts , and the bass is made perfect by the subwoofer that makes the audio of any television event more full-bodied.

Furthermore, the connection is very simple, as it is necessary to connect the HDMI cable to the appropriate input on the back of the soundbar. In fact, the connectivity department has been designed to allow you to connect Blu-ray or DVD players to enjoy high quality audio. Finally, we can say that there is also a smart part to characterize this kit, given the possibility of connecting your devices both via NFC technology and via Bluetooth.

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Bestseller: LG LHB625

This kit from the South Korean house is, at the moment, one of the best-selling and most appreciated on the market. The quality of its devices is combined with an extremely low cost for the potential and functionality of the entire package, one of the many reasons that led users to review it positively . The kit consists of five speakers and a subwoofer, so that the sound can come in many different directions and put you at the center of every scene.

The maximum sound power is 1000 watts , which transmits strength and robustness to any type of content .; it is also capable of transmitting content via Blu-ray even in 3D . A distinctive aspect of the speakers is their Multi Flow function , which allows you to share music from CD and USB, but also via built-in Bluetooth, which allows you to easily connect your smartphone to the system.

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