How to connect iPhone to TV

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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To date, connecting smartphones with an Android operating system to smart TVs is child’s play. In fact, Android has no limits, and for this reason it is compatible with most televisions on the market. The same cannot be said for Apple devices , which need some extra attention.

However, even in this case you don’t need to have any skills to be able to connect the iPhone or iPad to the smart TV: you just need to know the simplest and most effective ways to do it, the ones we will see in today’s guide. Thanks to a few small tips you will be able to take advantage of the mirroring function, which duplicates the phone screen on the television panel, to watch your multimedia files or even to listen to music, watch TV series and browse the web.

1. Connect iPhone to TV with Apple TV

The easiest and fastest way to connect an Apple device to the television is by purchasing the Apple TV , a small box to connect to cable TV and the Wifi network. This device, in addition to offering numerous programs and channels to watch, allows you to transfer the contents of your iPhone or iPad to the TV screen. There are currently two models available:

The first, which has a lower cost, transmits content with Full HD resolution , which despite being of excellent quality, does not reach the levels of the UHD 4K , offered by the second model. By purchasing the Apple TV you will be able to access all the features of AirPlay, the technology that allows the connection between the devices of the American multinational with most of the smart TVs. However, as we will see better shortly, there are other ways to use AirPlay without necessarily having to go through the purchase of the Apple TV.

2. Use AirPlay without Apple TV

In this section instead, we will go to see the options available to you to be able to create a connection between your Apple device and the television without the Apple TV. These are equally effective ways, although it may take a few more steps. The first we recommend is about buying Amazon’s Fire Stick TV , which allows you to turn your television into a full-fledged Smart TV.

The included mirroring function is for Android devices, which is why you will need to download apps that act as a receiver for the AirPlay function . In this case we advise you to prefer AirPlay / DLNA Receiver or AirReceiver, whose cost is really negligible (€ 5.37 and € 2.16) and allow you to reach your goal.


The second method, on the other hand, although equally effective, requires a few more steps. In fact, there is no talk of connecting the iPhone directly to the TV, but of going through the connection of the PC . On the latter you will have to download software, such as AirServer, capable of mirroring from the iPhone. Next you will need to connect the computer to the TV via HDMI cable, in order to cast the screen on the TV panel.

Another option you may want to consider is purchasing an adapter that doubles as an HDMI cable , such as the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter. In this way the connection between the iPhone and the TV will be immediate, and you can share all the content you want on the home screen. Finally, the fourth and last option available to you is the connection via Chromecast, although in this case we are not really talking about the mirroring function.

Rather, you’ll be able to send and stream content on television, as well as access apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. In short, you have a very wide range of offers from which to choose the option that suits you best. In all of this, of course, these methods come in handy in case you don’t have a smart TV or a smart TV without the AirPlay function . Otherwise you can connect your Apple devices without any difficulty.

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