How to install and use IPTV for Smart Tv

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IPTV – Internet Protocol Television – is installed on the television when there are problems with the antenna connection, which does not allow normal viewing of the television channels. In this case, therefore, many users turn to the possibility of connecting their television to the Internet through the installation of the IPTV app, in order not to lose the vision of their favorite contents

Although the process is very simple and intuitive, we would like to emphasize that in this guide we will talk about how to use the IPTV apps for viewing free-to-air TV channels only , leaving out those of pay TV, as it is absolutely not our intent to encourage piracy. . An illicit use of the application, in fact, involves very severe penalties for users, as these are behaviors that do not respect the law. In any case, thanks to this guide we will understand how it is possible to use its functions in a completely clear and transparent way.

What is IPTV for Smart TVs

Even before starting to understand how to download IPTV on your Smart TV it is necessary to understand what it is and what type of content it offers. As the name itself indicates, IPTV technology is a system that allows the connection of the Smart TV to the Internet through the TCP / IP protocol . In this way, thanks to the Internet connection, it is possible to access both the contents of classic TV and those specifically designed for the web. Although this technology has a considerable potential, over the last few years OTT   -Over-The-Top- technologies have emerged , which work according to the same mechanism as IPTV, but which also allow viewing of content on-demand

Among the most famous streaming platforms we recognize Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and DAZN. In order to take advantage of the contents offered by IPTV, you can use some programs, services or applications, which you can download on your computer, smartphone and Smart TV. Most IPTV applications are free , easy to use and fill in. to your liking, with the desired programs. Here, however, we will see how to download the apps for IPTV directly on the Smart TV. To conclude, we would like to emphasize that each brand has its own interface and operating system, which requires specific steps, even if they all look alike

How to download IPTV apps on Smart Tv

The first step to take is clearly to verify that the Smart TV is actually connected to the Internet, either via Wifi or via the connection with cables; this step is critical for the successful download of IPTV apps . As mentioned earlier, each brand has a different interface, which is why we will try to explain the various steps so that users have the ability to navigate their Smart TV regardless of the brand of the device.

First of all you have to go to the screen where all the downloadable applications are located, and where there is also the possibility of doing the specific search thanks to the magnifying glass. In the case of Samsung, for example, we are talking about the Smart Hub, in the case of Android from the Play Store and in the case of LG from the LG Content Store.

In the appropriate search space, therefore, type the acronym IPTV and view the related searches. At this point, you will be faced with two areas within which there are apps for IPTV. The first consists of some preconfigured applications , such as UNO IPTV or ILIRIA IPTV, while the second offers the possibility to perform a customized configuration by inserting lists of IPTV channels

   How to set up an IPTV app

As just mentioned, it is possible to download some IPTV apps that offer the possibility to customize them. The one we would like to recommend the most, as it is available in Italian and free, is SS IPTV . The download procedure is as described in the previous paragraph: go to the Smart TV store and search for IPTV in the appropriate area. From here, use the arrow keys to move to the SS IPTV app and click on the Installation item to start the download. Subsequently, using the Start button, you can open the application and start the configuration.

The first step is to accept the terms and conditions, which is necessary to continue using the app. The second step involves navigating to the settings icon – usually similar to a gear – and then to the Contents item in the menu. From here, through the Add button, you can start inserting the IPTV lists in one of the supported formats: m3u, xspf, asx  and  pls . Finally, to conclude the operation, it is necessary to save the imported list using the appropriate Save item, and start using the contents in the newly created playlist.

IPTV for smartphones: Android and iOS

As mentioned above, there are applications for IPTV for smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. In the case of the first two, the two operating systems that host different apps related to this technology are Android and iOS , offering users the possibility to enjoy the contents television also from mobile. Since we are talking about legal applications, their download takes place as usual from the App Store , in the case of Apple, and from the Play Store in the case of Android.

Most of these are free and customizable in terms of content, but remember that you must be connected to the Internet or a Wifi network in order to use the content. Also, not all IPTV apps are available for both operating systems , which is why we have brought you a list of the best IPTV apps below:

IPTV application Operating system
GoIPTV M3U Android – iOS
IPTV Extreme Android
RaiPlay Android – iOS
PlaylistTV Android


These are some of the IPTV apps that you can download on your device, but there are many others . In any case, the only element to take into consideration is, precisely, if it is available for Android or iOS.

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