LG 27GP950 Review

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This LG 27GP950-B monitor has a fast 160Hz refresh rate and a 27 inch 4K screen. This monitor is part of LG’s UltraGear gaming line and supports HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, making it a great option for next-generation console gamers. 

With its low input lag, fast response time, and NVIDIA and FreeSync Premium Pro variable refresh rate support, it provides an excellent gaming experience. 

In addition to the poor reflection handling, it has poor contrast and poor black uniformity, like most IPS monitors. Additionally, it has local dimming, however, it doesn’t do much to improve picture quality. Next we will take a look at the product specifications. 

Detailed Specifications

Screen Size:



3840×2160 (Ultra HD)

Panel Type:


Aspect Ratio:

16:9 (Widescreen)

Refresh Rate:

144Hz (160Hz OC)

Response Time:

1ms (GtG)


FreeSync Premium Pro (DP: 48-160Hz, HDMI: 48-120Hz)

G-SYNC Compatible (DP: 48-160Hz)


DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.1

Other Ports:

Headphone Jack, 2x USB 3.0


400 cd/m²

Brightness:  (HDR)

600 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio:

1000:1 (static)


1.07 billion (8-bit + FRC)

98% DCI-P3


DisplayHDR 600

Local Dimming:

16 zones


Yes (100x100mm)


The Pros:

The Cons:

ordered this monitor from you guys a few weeks.. I must say it's great thanks
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I bought this from the lg web store back in May 11th and been using it since. Its been fantastic.
Chris Chorbot
5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible Next-Gen console monitor
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Really great HDMI 2.1 monitor with awesome colors, great ergonomics and plenty of IO. Been using it with PS5 and Xbox Series S, love it!
Jason M
Best one on the market!
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Got it for my PS5 and it looks fantastic and works well with each other.

Design, Features, & Build

Let’s begin with how amazing this design is on this, The LG 27GP950 is very similar to other LG UltraGear monitors released in 2021. It combines minimalism with subtle gamer aesthetics, but it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in most setups.

There are red touches around the back of the monitor’s all-black, matte plastic body. In the center of the rear panel, there is a circular bulge with a ring of RGB LEDs that LG calls “Sphere Lighting 2.0.” The RGB LED ring syncs up with the video from a source device and provides bias lighting. LG’s software or the physical wheel located on the bottom of the monitor can be used to further customize it.


They are heat generated from the display panel is dissipated by the fan and vents around the lightning ring. The fan isn’t audible, but you will notice it in a really quiet room.


The V-shaped stand that comes with the 27GP950 is quite wide, yet it doesn’t take up a lot of desk space. The stand also supports the monitor unit well. When extended to the maximum height, it does wobble a little. Sadly, you can only adjust the stand for height and tilt, and you can only rotate the screen to portrait in a clockwise direction. There is no swiveling action, but you shouldn’t have any difficulty placing the monitor in a comfortable viewing position.


This particular unit can be mounted on any 100*100 VESA mount of your choosing. Furthermore, the 27GP950’s extremely thin borders make it a great choice for multi-monitor setups.


An OSD joystick is located at the bottom of the 27GP950, for quick and easy access to the display’s on-screen settings. LG’s OnScreen Control app allows you to adjust most of the monitor settings directly from your desktop.


Every monitor in the UltraGear lineup has a decent build quality overall, including the LG 27GP950. Despite its plastic chassis, the monitor is blemish-free and feels sturdy. There was slight flex on the back of our particular unit, but it is nothing to worry about.

LG Image Quality

Featuring a Nano IPS panel, the LG 27GP950 delivers vivid and rich colors, covering 98% of the DCI-P3 color space (equivalent to 135% sRGB). If you want to view accurate SDR colors with 100% sRGB gamut, there is an sRGB emulation mode with adjustable brightness.

Due to the IPS panel, the colors remain consistent no matter which angle you gaze at them from, making the monitor suitable for professional color-critical work. It also boasts a wide color gamut and excellent factory calibration.

The LG Calibration Studio software supports hardware calibration as well.

Further, the 4K UHD resolution offers sharp detail clarity with plenty of screen real estate due to the high pixel density of 163 PPI (pixels per inch), though small text will need to be scaled to make it readable.


LG 27GP950 monitor supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and has VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification.

Consequently, HDR content gets a boost to a bit over 600-nits (from 400-nits maximum under SDR) for punchier highlights. 16 dimming zones can dim parts of the screen where the image should be dark without greatly affecting the areas where the image should be bright.

Because there are only 16 zones and more than 8 million pixels on the screen, local dimming isn’t very effective. Objects that are far from one another in HDR scenes will look great, but scenes with more demanding lighting won’t.

Despite this, you get a meaningful improvement over SDR due to the local dimming, high peak brightness, wide color gamut and 4K UHD resolution.


LG’s 27GP950 has an input lag of around 4ms, so there is no discernible delay between what you do and what the screen displays.

A 1ms GtG (gray to gray) pixel transition time is impressive as well. In fast-paced games, there is no ghosting or overshooting, making the monitor ideal for first-person shooters.

Overdrive is available in four modes: Off, Normal, Fast, and Faster.


Normal mode produces excellent results both at the maximum refresh rate and at 60Hz, so if you are using a variable refresh rate, you won’t have to adjust your overdrive settings depending on the frame rate.

DisplayPort also allows overclocking to 160Hz, while HDMI 2.1 is limited to 120Hz.

VRR supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible certifications, ensuring smooth, tear-free gameplay at up to 160FPS.

Motion Blur Reduction is not available, but due to the slow red phosphor decay in Nano IPS panels, it wouldn’t have been possible to optimize it ideally anyway.


You can navigate through the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu by using the directional joystick located beneath the bottom bezel of the screen, or by using the On-Screen Control desktop application.

RGB lighting can be found on the back of the monitor, which consists of 48 powerful LEDs that can reflect off of the wall and create ambient lighting. Additionally, it can be synchronized with on-screen audio or video. You can customize RGB using the LG UltraGear Control Center application or the wheel next to the joystick.


Additional features include Black Stabilizer (improves visibility in darker scenes), crosshair overlays, a refresh rate tracker, and various picture presets (FPS, RTS, two customizable Gamer profiles, etc.).

There are also advanced image-editing tools, including four gamma presets, 6-axis hue/saturation, color temperature (in 500K increments for fine-tuning) and sharpness – in addition to the standard settings like brightness, contrast, etc.

Pictures in Pictures and Pictures by Pictures are not supported. It is also not possible to use Auto Input Switch, so the monitor will not automatically detect and switch to the new source, you must change it manually.

Design & Connectivity

The LG 27GP950 has four sides that are borderless, so its screen has ultra-thin bezels on all sides!

Furthermore, the screen has a semi-gloss finish that enhances the image quality but makes it more reflective. If you plan to use the monitor in a room with strong ambient lighting, you will have to use some curtains/blinds.

The screen can be raised or lowered by up to 110mm, tilted by 5° to 15°, pivoted at 90°, or mounted using the 100x100mm pattern, but it cannot rotate to the left or right.

It features DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC, two HDMI 2.1 ports (full 48 Gbps bandwidth), a headphone jack, and a dual USB 3.0 hub.

Conclusion: LG 27GP950 Review

LG’s 27GP950 is currently one of the best gaming monitors in the UltraGear lineup. It’s excellent not only for high-resolution, low-latency gaming, but also for general use and media creation. Aside from its incredible color accuracy, gray uniformity, and wide viewing angles, the IPS panel is one of the best we’ve seen so far. 

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