LG 4k Smart Tv: Which to Choose?

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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The world of Smart TVs from the South Korean house LG differs in different sizes, technologies and features. In particular, the 4K resolution is one of the most sought after, along with the OLED backlight technology , the spearhead of the company. Thanks to our experience in the sector, and taking into account the opinion of users, we have selected the best LG models that feature UHD 4K resolution , bringing to light all the positive sides of this technology.

The OLED wonder: LG 65W8PLA

The OLED technology of the South Korean house is an element that characterizes some of its Smart TVs, offering the user the opportunity to fully enjoy the high quality of its contents. The design of this model is elegant and minimalist, with an ultra-thin panel and almost invisible bezels, although the real selling point is the soundbar . This in fact remains completely detached from the panel, offering a completely unique and innovative visual experience.

The 65-inch screen features OLED backlight technology , the best in terms of visual quality on the market. By automatically turning off the LEDs during darker scenes, blacks appear deeper and more intense than ever, offering more contrast in every scene. Furthermore, the concept of image quality has been completely overturned by the inclusion of the new a9 Intelligent Processor , which offers deeper, more realistic and detailed images.


The 4K resolution of this model is combined with HDR , to offer television content with the highest visual quality. Visual perfection is combined with flawless audio transmission, offered both by the Dolby Atmos system , which allows total immersion while using the Smart TV, and by the power of the soundbar, equal to 60 watts. Another strong point of this model is certainly the AI ThinkQ technology , thanks to which you have the possibility to interact with the Smart TV via voice commands.

Furthermore, by setting the Gallery Mode , you have the possibility to select your favorite photos and see them pass on the display, a great way to keep the atmosphere of home alive. The operating system of this model is webOS 4.0 , which thanks to the development of a simple and intuitive interface, allows comfortable navigation between all the programs and applications offered.

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In second place:LG 55UJ630V

Although . The panel features LED backlight technology and 4K resolution combined with the efficiency of Active HDR , the technology that allows you to analyze and optimize HDR10 and HLG content , offering a completely innovative and perfect television experience.

Still talking about HDR technology, LG has the HDR Effect , a further process thanks to which even SDR contents are able to simulate the quality of HDR. Furthermore, the perfection of the images is maintained in any position and height the user decides to watch television, offering images that are always bright, vivid and rich in contrast.


Finally, the latest technology to be emphasized as regards the beauty of the scenes is the  True Color Accuracy  , which through the mapping system automatically corrects chromatic distortions, offering even more precise and clean images.

As for the audio, this LG model features Ultra Surround technology , which guarantees deep and immersive sound during any scene and content. The webOS 3.5 operating  system allows a simple and immediate use of the menu interface, allowing the user to move easily between the programs and applications of the Smart TV, which can be used quickly and conveniently thanks to the pointer remote control .

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The imposing: LG 55SK8100PLA

As for LG Smart TVs that have 4K resolution, the size of 55 inches is the most sought after and appreciated by a large number of users. The design of this LG is simply slim, with an ultra-thin panel that fits perfectly in any room of the house; being a 55 inch however, we recommend an adequate distance for television viewing.

This model in particular, has a panel that features Nano Cell technology , which avoids the reflections of light that often tend to reflect on common LED panels.

Furthermore, these Nano particles offer a wider color range, which makes the colors of the images sharper and more realistic, from any angle. The display features 4K HDR resolution , which significantly increases image quality, colors, contrasts and details. The experience of the union of 4K and HDR is also maintained during gaming sessions , which offer a fluid view of entertainment content.

Also as regards the auditory component, this model guarantees total immersion and a pure and clear sound, thanks to the Dolby Atmos system . Finally, navigation of the Smart TV is simple and intuitive in every screen, thanks to the presence of the webOS 4.0 interface . In addition to Wifi, this model also has an excellent compartment dedicated to connectivity, having 3 USB inputs and 4 HDMI inputs.

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Highest viewing quality: LG 55SJ810V

This LG model, present in the dimensions of 49,55,60 and 65 inches, is one of the best options that combines the LED backlight technology with the 4K resolution of the panel. The design is one of a kind thanks to the perfect interweaving of elegance and subtlety, but also thanks to the arched aluminum pedestal.

Like the previous Smart TV, this model also features Nano Cell technology , which gives more vivid and realistic colors but at the same time eliminates any possibility of reflection on the screen.


This technology is perfectly combined with the presence of Active HDR , which optimizes the quality of each individual scene to offer an even more detailed and realistic viewing experience. The sound system of this model was developed by Harman Kardon, the leading sound expert, to deliver clear, deep and immersive hearing quality.

In addition, there is the possibility of combining the Sound bar at the bottom of the Smart TV, a combination that fits perfectly. The navigation of the television has been designed to offer maximum comfort, both thanks to the webOS 3.5 interface , and thanks to the pointer remote control, and thanks to the possibility of saving your favorite contents in the Home. The connectivity sector is also very good, having integrated Wifi, 3 USB ports and 4 HDMI ports.

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The Wanted: LG 49UK6400

We have chosen this title for this LG model as the most sought after size after 55 inches is, precisely, that of 49 inches. The design of this television is captivating and refined, presenting all the metal structure, which adapts perfectly to any type of environment.

This Smart TV features the LED display and UHD 4K resolution . Thanks to the 4K Upscaling function and the presence of the new Quad Core processor , colors appear vivid and sharp even for the lowest resolutions. In addition, also having HDR , the details of the scenes are highlighted, and the shades of colors have a completely realistic rendering.

Moreover, thanks to the wide viewing angle , it is possible to enjoy a film at different distances and angles without the perception of images, colors and contrasts, undergoing even the slightest variation.
Thanks to the arrangement of the speakers, the sound accompanies the beauty and perfection of the scenes thanks to the ULTRA Surround system , which ensures clear, deep and engaging sound.

Navigating the Smart TV is simple and convenient thanks to the installation of the webOS 4.0 interface , which allows easy navigation between all the programs and applications offered by LG. Finally, as far as connectivity is concerned, the television is equipped with a Bluetooth connection to be able to connect any device without having to resort to cables; on the back side there are 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports.

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