LG OLED A16LA: The Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
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For today’s review let’s go back to South Korea, specifically in LG. Today’s product is LG OLED A16LA , available in four sizes: 48,55,65 and 77 inches. Its costs place the product in a high range and this is also found in all the technologies fielded by LG.

Before seeing them in detail, as always, let’s see our usual overview of fundamental characteristics, among the most important of those that need to be analyzed. Here’s our quick look:

  • Screen technology: OLED
  • Screen Resolution: UHD 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Internet and wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 2
  • HDMI ports: 3
  • Ethernet (LAN): Yes
  • Headphone Out: Yes
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Obviously, we reiterate that these are just a small taste of the technical specifications of the product that we are going to review today. Now let’s roll up our sleeves and make our way through the technical features of this LG product that seems to promise very well. We can only start with yet another praise to UHD 4K technology , the peaks of definition that are reached through it are extraordinary and are a guarantee of quality and efficiency. On this point, the LG product certainly comes out with flying colors. Everything is expertly orchestrated by the very powerful latest generation 4K α7 Gen4 processor .

But let’s move on to the highlight of this television, namely OLED technology . This feature put in place by LG seems to outclass the previous TVs with LED backlight in every respect. We may be exaggerating, but the actual benefit of an OLED TV is extraordinary. But what exactly is it about?

The difference is actually very simple to explain: LED technology uses a liquid crystal panel that is backlit by a series of “light bulbs”, or light emitting diodes. With OLED technology, the backlight is eliminated , but it is the panel itself that lights up. In practice, each pixel emits light self-illuminating, this allows to reproduce colors and unparalleled definition.

The OLED has, as a consequence, many advantages that we have been able to analyze and experiment in our experience with this new LG product. The first advantage is physical and can be experienced by anyone, obviously we are talking about design. Not requiring backlighting, the television panel becomes even thinner, practically becoming a real picture. The side profile therefore reaches minimum levels that will be really difficult to overcome even in the future.

Now let’s turn on this LG tv and see how the OLED affects the picture. The very first thing we noticed is the extraordinary brilliance and precision of every single color shown to us by the TV. The images reproduced are really perfect and reach a quality that always surprises at first glance, especially for those who come and are used to LED screens.The panels of this A16LA have also been certified as safe for the eyes, thanks to the very low emission of Blue Light , a feature that is easy to find in TVs with LED backlighting.

OLED is obviously not the only technology in the field. We also have the dolby pair: Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos . The Vision allows you to automatically adjust the contrast and brightness of the images based on the content, the Atmos instead takes care of the audio with an extraordinary three-dimensional effect.

Clearly it always remains a Smart television and as such it must comply with a series of requirements that are not secondary at all, indeed, very important for the use of all the contents available today. So you will have a vast catalog of pre-installed applications as well as those that you can download: streaming, internet, social networks, you will not find particular limits to your entertainment.

This TV is also considered suitable for gaming, not only for its definition and all the technologies put in place for its realization, but precisely for LG’s partnerships with some manufacturers of the videogame sector such as XBOX . The Game Optimizer function has been implemented which will allow you to manage all the main parameters to fully enjoy a particular video game.

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In conclusion, the new LG OLED A16LA TV proves to be an exceptional product. Finding sore points is really hard, we could cite the price as a discouraging factor, but the technologies used are certainly very advanced; we are in fact faced, like the twin brother B16LA, with one of the Top products currently on the market.

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