LG OLED CX6LA: The Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
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The CX6LA series from South Korean multinational LG is something extraordinary. We are talking about a design product, with the OLED panel, a view of the contents at the top of the range and full of numerous features in the smart section. Therefore, we want to say it right away: these LG smart TVs have hit the mark, and for those who do not intend to settle, these two models will be able to give great emotions.

Let’s start right away with the technical specifications:

  • Screen technology: OLED
  • Screen resolution: 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Operating system: webOs 5.0
  • Internet and Wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 3
  • HDMI ports: 4
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As we said, the design of these CX6LA smart TVs is expressed without too many words through the image above: slim, imperceptible, refined and elegant. The panel is ultra-thin, and the range of vision is unlimited, considering that the bezels don’t exist. In short, the cinema in your home . Furthermore, it must be taken into account that the screen is an OLED , synonymous with visual perfection.

This backlighting technology, in fact, is based on the self-illumination of millions of pixels , for the reproduction of extremely realistic, sharp, vivid and rich contrast contents. In addition, these smart TVs offer the FILMMAKER MODE function , which transmits the content as the director intended.

In any case, at the base of the efficiency of the CX6LA smart TVs we find the α9 Gen3 4K processor with AI , the most performing ever made by LG. The contents, thanks to this micro-chip, adapt to the conditions of the room, always being perfectly calibrated.

In addition, the processor is also able to recognize the type of program being broadcast (film, sport, animation or standard) and adjusts its image and sound parameters to precisely adapt them to what you are watching. Similarly, the exact same process occurs on the sound . In fact, the sound sector of the CX6LA smart TVs we can say is fully up to the image quality; this Smart TV is also sold with a powerful LG Soundbar.

As if Dolby Atmos weren’t enough of a guarantee, the AI algorithm up-mixes the two-channel sound to effectively recreate 5.1 surround sound, optimizing quality to ensure a better listening experience. In a nutshell, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is the key to the efficiency of these two LG smart TVs.

In addition to these functions and technologies related to content viewing, the CX6LA smart TVs have also been designed to meet the needs of gaming lovers :

  • NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility and support
  • Reduction of stuttering, lag and flickering
  • HDR Gaming
  • Higher frame rate
  • 1ms input lag response
  • VRR, ALLM and eARC compatible with HDMI 2.1

Like the visual and sound quality, even the smart section certainly cannot be said to be lacking. LG, in fact, has really thought of everything:

  • Integration of Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Pointer remote control
  • AirPlay 2 function to connect Apple devices
  • Unlimited offer of content and apps, including Netflix, Chili, DAZN, Infinity, Mediaset Play, NOW TV, Prime Video and Raiplay
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence you can make the TV the control center of home devices
  • Support app that can be downloaded to your smartphone
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