LG UP75006 : Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Available formats:

  1. LG 43UP75006LF ( 43 Inch )
  2. LG 50UP75006LF ( 50 Inch )
  3. LG 55UP75006LF ( 55 Inch )
  4. LG 65UP75006LF ( 65 Inch )
  5. LG 75UP75006LF ( 75 Inch )

A new review for our team, once again struggling with a product from the South Korean house LG. Today we are faced with a really interesting product: we are talking about LG UP75006LF. Available in five different formats, able to cover almost all requests, offered at a variable (but competitive) price that places it in the average price range. Not among the cheapest on the market, but not even among the most expensive, an excellent middle ground at least on paper. In fact, every product, regardless of the price, needs to be thoroughly controlled and analyzed, and we take care of this.

Before proceeding in our work as a good detective, let’s first consult the initial specific notes of this LG product:

  • Screen technology: LEDs
  • Screen resolution: 4K UHD
  • HDR: Yes
  • Processor: Quad Core Processor 4K
  • Internet and wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 1
  • HDMI ports: 2
  • Ethernet (LAN): Yes
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Having made this brief sprinkling of specifications, let’s immediately go into detail about the individual technologies to see what LG puts on the plate. Let’s start as obvious from the 4K UHD technology, that 4K means a lot, that is four times the pixels that are fielded in the (now) old Full-HD TVs. With this innovation, the definition of films, TV series and images in general reaches heights of excellence never seen before, with really bright and bright colors.

In addition to 4K technology, in the LG UP75006LF model, we find HDR and the so-called Filmmaker Mode. We have noticed that these two innovations really make the difference compared to previous generations of TV. Blacks are the part that suffers most from the adoption of these technologies. Blacks become intense, as they really should be and the colors in general become alive and bright.

The Filmmaker Mode also helps you to be able to admire TV Series and Movies as you think by the director himself, without disturbances and trying to preserve and make the scenes as faithful as possible to the original film.

At the end of this set of technologies we find the processor that manages a bit ‘all the Quad Core Processor 4k. This command center, according to our analysis, is able to greatly improve the rendering of images. Even in the worst low-resolution situations, the processor seems to do a great job.

The Quad Core Processor 4k processor also improves the audio section of lg television. Automatically the processor recognizes when to intervene to improve the sound, managing to create a truly enviable virtual surround effect. This function manages to drag us into the movie or series we are seeing, bringing us to the center of the action.

Even the Smart part of this device is not left behind and adapts to a product of great overall quality. LG UP75006 has already installed numerous applications that many of you will know: from streaming ones such as Netflix and Prime Video, to news applications, to social networks. It is worth noting the “home” screen of the Smart section which, compared to previous versions, changes its face. The home is completely redesigned and resembles a block composition typical of computer operating systems.

Even the design of this television seems studied to the smallest detail. Its practically absent frame and the very thin side profile, allows a perfect match with any style of furniture. From the most contemporary to the most classic, this LG TV we assure you that disappears in the furniture and becomes almost an interactive picture.

This product was released simultaneously with its twin brother LG UP77006LB, with whom it shares most of the technologies and innovations excluding the voice assistance sector. In fact on this LG UP75006LF voice assistants are compatible, while on UP77006LB they are already integrated into it.

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In conclusion, we consider this television to be an extremely good product. Finding faults in this perfection is unfortunately really difficult. If we really wanted to look for elements that could make you turn up your nose is the lack of USB inputs, only one, or a very useful headphone input for those who love to connect headphones without fear of batteries that are discharged.

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