NOW TV Smart Stick : What it is and how it works

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The latest generation televisions, smart TVs, are made up of multiple functions, programs and applications, making navigation by users as complete as possible. In this regard, practical, comfortable and economical solutions have been designed to expand the television offer even more, as in the case of the NOW TV Smart Stick.

In this guide, in fact, we are going to see what this device is, how it is used, and what are the main functions it performs. Meanwhile, we would like to anticipate that this stick has proved to be anexcellent solution for thousands of users, who have always expressed very positive comments and reviews.

What is the NOW TV Smart Stick?

NOW TV Smart Stick is simply a stick, produced by Roku, which must be inserted into the appropriate HDMI port on the back of the TV. The streaming service is offered by Sky Italia and, thanks to thehigh flexibility that characterizes it, you have the possibility to choose which thematic package to activate or deactivate, without incurring any penalty; in this regard, it should be emphasized that there is no obligation to sign up to any contract.


NOW TV Smart Stick


The interesting aspect of this small object is that it allows the viewing of the contents present within your NOW TV subscription, but also offers the possibility of downloading additional applications, such as Vimeo, Vevo and YouTube.La Smart Stick can be used on different devices, including tablets, smartphones and computers, not remaining limited to use with television only.

Another of the main reasons why it has been very successful among users, is that it does not require any configuration, as it is enough to enter it in the appropriate entry to start using it. In addition, thanks to its small size, the Smart Stick can be easily and comfortably transported wherever you want; the important thing is that there is a Wifi connection with which you can use it. Finally, the cost of this small device is really very low and accessible to all.

NOW TV Smart Stick: How It Works

Its use is simple and intuitive, which is why it finds a lot of interest from the public. As mentioned, to use the Smart Stick it is necessary to insert it into the HDMI port of the television, while to power it is sufficient to connect it to a USB socket on the television, or use the charger that comes with it. Inside the package, in fact, there is also the remote control that is used to navigate the television with the Smart Stick, a pair of batteries, the power supply, the USB / microUSB cable and, as always, the appropriate guide.


NOW TV Smart Stick


In addition, inside the package, there is also a promo code that allows you to choose whether to take advantage of three months of a ticket of your choice between Cinema or TV Series + Entertainment, or one month of the Sport ticket. With the purchase of the NOW TV Smart Stick, therefore, you already have everything you need to use it without any difficulty. As anticipated, to take advantage of the contents present in the Smart Stick, it is necessary that it is connected to a Wifi network,otherwise it is not possible to view its contents. As for the latter, the maximum resolution with which they can be played is 1080 p, that is, the Full HD.

To use the NOW TV Smart Stick, therefore, you need a few, but important things, including a credit card with which to activate your NOW TV account. As for the viewing of content, as mentioned above, the Smart Stick offers tickets related to the different thematic packages,divided into tickets for entertainment, for cinema, for TV series and for sports. Anyway, you can disable them at any time without any problems. In addition, thanks tooption+,you can activate Cinema, Entertainment and TV Series tickets in Full HD resolution simultaneously on 2 devices.

How to Use NOW TV Smart Stick

First of all, even before inserting it into the appropriate HDMI port, you must turn on the television and create your NOW TV account, by entering the promo code in the appropriate area on the official website. Next, you have to insert the batteries into the remote control and insert the Smart Stick into the appropriate HDMI port; finally, tune the TV to this one. The configuration process is really simple and intuitive: first, select the language and press OK on the button on the remote control, and second, select the Wifi network to which you intend to connect.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the Smart Stick automatically checks for software updates available, and for downloading and installing, simply press the OK button on the remote control. After that, all you have to do is log in with your account and wait a few seconds for all the apps in the Smart Stick to be correctly loaded. Once these operations have been concluded, you can start enjoying the contents of NOW TV. By clicking on the Top Picksitem, for example, all the most interesting contents of the moment are exposed, including sports events.


NOW TV Smart Stick


To have a wider and more complete view of the contents instead, simply use the NOW TV app by simply selecting the Home item, the first available item of the left menu. Clearly, if you want to search for a precise title of a film, you can carry out a search through the appropriate Search function, present within the same menu. In addition, you have the possibility to save your favorite content by simply adding them to the Add to My Tv list , while thanks to the Suggest item, you can find films related to the chosen title. Finally, you can use the controls on the remote control, such as play and pause, through the remote control supplied with the NOW TV Smart Stick.

FAQ About NOW TV Smart Stick

1.  What does a now TV smart stick do?

Your Smart Stick lets you pause and rewind the live TV channels for up to 30 minutes. You can pause and rewind on demand movies and shows as much as you like too. You can’t record whole shows or series on the live TV channels to watch again.

2. What channels do you get with now TV stick?

The latest on demand and live movies with a Cinema Membership. 11 Sky Sports channels with a Sports Membership. Over 150 binge-worthy box sets of the most addictive reality TV shows with a hayu Membership.
And if that’s not enough… Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, All 4,Disney+,BT Sport.

3. Is there a monthly charge for now TV?

Now is a Sky-owned video streaming service that offers a range of TV channels and on demand content for a no-contract monthly fee. It is effectively Sky TV without the need for a satellite dish. Each will give you access to a set number of live channels and, often, on-demand box sets or films.

4. Can you use a NOW TV stick without subscription?

You need to create an account and have an active membership to start using your NOW Box or Smart Stick, and to watch movies, entertainment or sports on your TV.

5. Can you watch normal TV on NOW TV stick?

Unfortunately, you cannot access Free view channels with the NOW TV stick. However, you can use it to stream all your NOW TV channels directly to your TV as well as accessing all your favourite streaming apps, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and YouTube.

6. Is now TV better than sky?

The big difference between Sky TV and NOW is that you’re able to be much more selective of which channels you have with NOW. The NOW TV Entertainment pass gives you access to great pay TV content across 16 pay TV channels, including Sky Atlantic (which is only available on Sky or NOW), FOX and Sky 1.

7. How many devices can I watch my now TV on?

You can watch NOW on a maximum of 2 devices at a time (3 if you’ve got NOW Boost), or just 1 if you only have Sports Mobile Membership). If you’re trying to watch on more than this, you’ll need to stop watching on one of the other devices first.

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