Panasonic 3D Smart Tv: The Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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After carefully analyzing the 3D models of the Japanese company Panasonic, and having taken into consideration the experiences related to the use of the various devices, we have made a selection of the best models of 2019 , bringing you all the pros and cons of each Smart TV that presents this innovative vision technology.

The best of the best: Panasonic TX-65DX900

The best Panasonic 3D Smart TV is by far the TX-65DX900 model. The design is not among the most elegant products by the Japanese company, but it is still very sober and essential. The stand is quite large, but it is almost completely hidden by the screen, which is still very thin.

The screen, Professional Cinema, offers a vision of contents equal to those of the big screen, nothing short of excellent. This model is distinguished from others of the same type for the presence of Ultra HD Premium , which guarantees the maximum resolution, brightness, contrast and color, necessary to obtain a 4K of maximum quality.

The panel is equipped with the 4K Studio Master HCX + processor , which is an innovative image processing technology, and a first quality HDR that offers very realistic images. The connections are located on the back of the panel: there are four HDMI 2.0 ports, three USB ports and a LAN.

The audio of this Panasonic essentially accompanies the high visual quality, offering four speakers with a power of 40 watts. For the Smart part, the operating system used is Firefox TV , easy to use, intuitive and fast, complete with applications for watching streaming content such as Netflix and Infinity. This model is compatible with 3D technology , although the goggles must be purchased separately.

On the other hand, there are two remote controls, one classic and one touchpad that works via Bluetooth. With the Smart remote control it is possible to manage all the functions of the Smart TV through voice commands, useful for even more fluid navigation. The classic remote control, however, is much more convenient, as it is backlit and equipped with keys connected directly to specific applications, such as Netflix.

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The ultimate in 3D quality:  Panasonic VIERA TX-50EX780E

The best choice for Panasonic brand 3D Smart TVs falls on the VIERA TX-50EX780E model. This model, in addition to the 50 inches that will be discussed in this article, is available in 58, 65 and 75 inches. The screen of this model is of the Cinema type , ie it allows images to be reproduced faithfully to the director’s vision, and it is precisely for this reason that Panasonic has had the system optimized by a Hollywood colorist.

The panel offers 4K Ultra HD technology  , with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels that guarantee high definition images, a wide range of colors and shades and an excellent level of brightness. The backlight of this TV is an Edge LED , located at the base of the TV.

The 3D technology is of excellent quality but, unfortunately, the goggles are not included. Like many ultra-flat TVs the audio is not the best: it has a power of 20W with two speakers and the sound is not rich; if you want to improve it, you need a dedicated system or soundbar. On the rear left side there are three HDMI 2.0 inputs , three USB 3.0 (one for connecting external hard drives) and an input for earphones or headphones.

The operating system is based on Firefox with pleasant graphics, which makes use simple and intuitive. Unlike other brands that make two remote controls available to the consumer, Panasonic includes only one which, however, is characterized by a mouse pointer that can be controlled via the four arrows, which makes navigation very simple.

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Low Cost 3D Viewing:  Panasonic TX-55CXW404

The cheapest Panasonic 3D Smart TV on the market is the TX-55CXW404 model. It is available in 55, 48 and 40 inch models, although the model described here refers to the 55 ”model. The design is modern and elegant: this TV is equipped with two adjustable feet to support the screen, in this way it is possible to place it on any surface, and the panel has a reduced frame, of only 6.5 mm.

The display is equipped with 4K Ultra HD technology that gives images more realism and makes colors more vivid, blacks deeper and whites brighter. The high contrast of colors allows for more detailed images with bright colors.

This TV features HDMI 2.0 connectivity to make the most of the 4K picture potential by connecting Blu-Ray devices or game consoles. The panel is characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption as it falls within the energy class A. This model is compatible with 3D technology with which it is possible to view films and programs with the appropriate 3D glasses, to be purchased separately.

As for connectivity, the TX-55CXW404 model is equipped, on the side, with four HDMI outputs compatible, as already mentioned, with 4K; it also has three USB ports and a port for LAN connection. Finally, you can connect your smartphone to the TV and, thanks to the media player, view photos and videos.

This Panasonic is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi, which allows you to browse the network without any limitations, and thanks to the Essential Apps mode you can access a wide range of applications quickly and easily.

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3D and LED technology: Panasonic TX-65EX780

The best 3D LED Smart TV from the Panasonic brand is the TX-65EX780 . For this model, the Japanese brand offers the possibility to adjust the position thanks to the rotation on the platform, making the design refined but effective. The screen is a 4K UHD with LED Edge lighting which, together with Super Bright technology , offers a high brightness image and a very high contrast level: all this allows to optimize the dark colors and the bright areas of the images.

The chromatic range is very wide, enriched with natural and realistic colors. Panasonic boasts one of the best motion management systems: movement is smooth and the fastest scenes are sharp and free of trails, even in 3D mode.

This model is also equipped with Multi HDR support : this means that more HDR formats are supported, such as the HDR10 format , the standard HDR format for UHD films and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) or HDR for broadcasts. TV.

As for the audio sector, the latter was defined by consumers as slightly weak , as it consists of 2 speakers of 10 W each: slightly little for a TV of this size. The operating system used for this model is based on Firefox OS with the My Home Screen 2.0 interface .

This platform has a fast response time, and its convenience lies in being extremely intuitive and customizable, allowing you to access various video sources, both from traditional channels and from external applications and devices. A flaw of this operating system is the amount of content available, which turns out to be rather limited when compared to other brands.

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