Philips 24PFS5505 / 12: The Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

This small Philips TV is a real gem that you might think of fitting into an environment such as a kitchen or a not too large bedroom. Its design is simple and pleasing to the eye , although we certainly cannot speak of a slim or slim TV. However, the aesthetics are still among the positive points of this Philips 24PFS5505 / 12; the glossy black frame that runs around the screen guarantees a touch of elegance that is always well appreciated.

The screen backlight is LED , and the resolution is, surprisingly, Full HD . Within the world of 24-inch TVs, in fact, models that offer a resolution higher than HD Ready are really rare. So, even if only for this “detail”, it absolutely deserves to be taken into consideration. The video quality , in fact, is very good, with rich and vivid colors, good contrast and well-calibrated brightness; above all thanks to Pixel Plus HD technology.

In short, we certainly cannot complain about a 24 inch. As for the audio, the power “is what it is”, in the sense that we are talking about two integrated speakers of 3 watts of power each . However, given the size of the panel, you couldn’t ask for much more. The smart section, as you will see better in the technical specifications below, is absent:

  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen resolution: Full HD
  • HDR: –
  • Operating system: –
  • Internet and Wifi: –
  • USB ports: 1
  • HDMI ports: 2
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We would like to underline the presence of 2 HDMI inputs on the back of the panel, this is a solution that is not at all obvious especially for a panel of such small dimensions. This feature will allow us to easily connect the screen of our 24 inch Philips to our PC and work without any problem, indeed the dimensions are perfect to operate and work through this Full-HD. The TV also implements the DVB-T2 synthesizer, which will soon become the standard for digital terrestrial broadcasts; this will allow us not to have to buy an additional decoder to view all the various channels.

As a result, we are talking about a full-fledged television , since there is no operating system, Wifi or Bluetooth connection. Therefore, it will not be possible to surf the net, download apps or access streaming platforms such as Netflix. The problem could easily be solved by purchasing a device capable of guaranteeing a Wifi connection, such as the various Amazon Fire Stick, ChromeCast or the Now TV Stick; by connecting one of these devices through one of the ports on the back of the panel we will transform our 24PFS5505 / 12 into a real latest generation Smart TV, all at a truly ridiculous price.

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Even if we are not talking about a smart TV, however, the model deserves. The only flaw that we would like to underline, in fact, is the absence of the instruction manual , which instead we believe to be important. For the rest, however, as we said at the beginning, we are talking about a small jewel. The price is absolutely in line with what the current 24-inch market offers.

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