Philips 4K Smart TV: The Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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The range of offers made available by the Dutch manufacturer is very wide and rich in offer, with models that differ according to the technologies applied, the size of the panel and the type of connectivity they offer.

The most sought-after Smart TVs, however, are those that have the 3840 × 2160 resolution, or the UHD 4K . Since there are so many models available, we have compiled a list of the best models, based both on our experience in the sector and taking into account the opinion of users.

The best of Philips: 55PUS7502 / 12

This Philips model is the one that, considering the applied technologies, won the first place in the ranking. Despite not having an OLED screen, in fact, this model only holds positive reviews about the perfection of the images.

The aesthetics of the TV are very elegant both for the subtlety of the panel and the frames, and for the soundbar integrated into the pedestal. The display features the LED backlight system, and offers UHD 4K resolution. In reality, however, it is mainly thanks to the new Philips P5 Perfect Picture Processor that the images are improved by as much as 50%.

Furthermore, the depth of black and the contrast with the illuminated areas are highlighted by the Micro Dimming Pro technology , which allows the LEDs to be switched off where there is the presence of black images. The television experience is also increased thanks to the Ambilight technology , which consists in the positioning of LEDs on the sides of the panel, and which reproduce the light of the scenes transmitted by the display.

As for the audio, thanks to the positioning of the soundbar , the perception of sound is clear and deep, offered by the DTS-HD system. The Android operating system also allows the download of different applications directly from the Google Play Store, which can be saved on the expandable memory of 16 GB .

However, television is already equipped with several applications, including Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, Google search and YouTube. As for Netflix, on the remote control there is the button that directly creates the connection with the streaming platform, halving the process to access it. In addition to the integrated Wifi , on the back of the panel there are 2 USB inputs and 4 HDMI inputs, where you can connect devices to record your favorite programs.

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The best of OLED screens: Philips 65OLED803 / 12

This 65-inch Philips model is considered the spearhead of the Dutch house, even if the price is still high-end. The aesthetics of the TV are minimal and elegant thanks to the ultra-thin panel and the almost invisible bezels, even if the main feature of this model is the Ambilight technology .

In fact, this allows an even more complete immersion while watching a movie thanks to the LEDs positioned on the sides of the display, which instantly reproduce the colors of the scenes on the rear wall.


The display features the OLED backlight system , ensuring more vibrant colors and much deeper blacks. In addition, thanks to the UHD 4K resolution and HDR Perfect, sharpness, contrast and color range are highlighted during every scene. Picture perfection is accompanied by incomparable sound, with deep bass and clear dialogue, offered by the DTS HD Premium Suite system .

This Smart TV features the Android 7.0 operating system , the most loved by users for the wide range of programs and apps available on Google Play. Furthermore, having integrated Google Assistant , the viewer has the possibility to interact vocally with the TV, and to connect other devices compatible with Google Assistant, to be able to control them more easily and comfortably. Finally, the connectivity compartment on the back of the panel is also good: 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB inputs.

55 ″ high quality: Philips 55PUS8303 / 12

Each brand tends to focus more on one or two display dimensions, building a very rich and specific range of offers. In this sense, the Dutch company has decided to focus mainly on 55-inch Smart TVs , like the model shown here.

The design of the TV is modern and refined, with an ultra slim panel, narrow bezels and an elegant central pedestal. As with the models previously described, this Philips also features Ambilight technology on three sides of the panel, offering a feeling of greater involvement when watching a movie.

The display has a LED backlight system, and uses the UHD 4K resolution to give high quality images. In addition, thanks to IPS Nano Color technology , colors appear vivid and realistic from any angle you watch television, as the nanoparticles absorb the excess light created by the display.

With the addition of Premium HDR , images offer sharper contrast, delivering images with sharper details and an even wider color range. The technologies applied to the display to ensure pure and realistic images are accompanied by the Premium DTS HD audio system , which ensures an immersive, deep and clear sound.

Also with regard to the television offer in terms of programs, applications and streaming platforms, this Philips makes everything available to the viewer. In fact, having the Android operating system , you have the possibility to browse through an infinite number of selections and apps to download directly from the Google Play Store .

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Thanks to the Android system, this model has an integrated Google Assistant , a convenience that allows you to interact directly with the TV through voice commands. Finally, on the back of the panel there are 4 HDMI inputs and 2 USB ports, which can be used for recording your favorite programs on external media.

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