Philips 55OLED903 / 12: The Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

  • Screen technology: OLED
  • Screen size: 55 ″
  • Screen Resolution: UHD 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Operating system: Android 7.0
  • Internet and Wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 2
  • HDMI ports: 4
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One of the Dutch brand’s Smart TVs with the most positive reviews is the 55OLED903 / 12 model. This Philips features a modern yet sleek design with a flat screen and ultra-thin bezels. The panel has a size of 55 inches which is well supported by two practically invisible feet, as they are well positioned on the bottom. The resolution, equal to 3840 × 2160, is the highest on the market, as it is Ultra HD 4K The backlight of the panel is OLED , which differs from a classic LCD and an LED panel as it can emit its own light, without the need for additional elements.

It is also thanks to this technology that the panel has a very reduced thickness. Another advantage of this technology is the higher contrast , given by the possibility of turning off or attenuating every single pixel during a dark scene. All this ensures deep blacks and very bright and vibrant light scenes. An important role in image quality is also played by HDR , which optimizes each image by offering greater clarity and realism.

The most interesting feature of this model is the Ambilight technology , which sees three LEDs positioned, one on each side of the panel. This function is to ensure greater involvement, as the LEDs make the screen optically larger. Also, if there is music, the lights turn on reflecting beautiful colors on the wall and throughout the room , in sync with what you are watching and hearing.

As for the audio sector, this is supported by the Dolby Digital system , as well as by a single speaker positioned along the entire bottom side of the panel. The latter consists of two internal tweeters, two 10W mid-high frequency speakers and a 30W subwoofer. The sound is therefore very fluid and dynamic, with extremely powerful bass.

On the smart side, the processor used by the parent company is the Philips P5 . This processor further optimizes the visual quality, since the realism and the level of details are brought to the maximum, with a precision equal to that of the human eye. The contents to choose from are countless, thanks to the presence of the Philips app gallery and the Google Play Store . From the latter, in fact, it is possible to choose the contents in a very wide and complete range of offers. The operating system chosen by Philips is Android 7.0 , which makes the use and management of this Smart TV even more intuitive.

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This model is easily controllable via voice commands, thanks to the integrated Google Assistant. It will then be possible to turn the TV on and off, change channels, search for content and open applications with just the use of voice. All the devices in the house and compatible with the Google Assistant are also easily controllable: you can turn on or off the thermostat, the lights and much more. The connectivity section includes four HDMI connections, two USBs, an audio input and a headphone output.

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