Projectors with 4K Resolution : The Guide

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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The world of projectors, as well as that of Smart TVs, offers hundreds of different models, categorized according to technical specifications, cost and usefulness. The 4K UHD resolution is, at least at the moment, what can be called the top of the range, as the transmitted or projected content offers unparalleled brightness, contrasts and colors.

As always, the quality is charged, and for 4K projectors the speech does not change; this technology, in fact, is one of the most expensive ever. However, thanks to our expertise in the field, we have brought back the best models that feature 4K technology with a relatively low price. The latest model, the BenQ, is the best projector that combines 4K technology with the lowest cost on the market.

The maximum of 4K: Optoma UHD550X

The absolute best projector for the 4K category is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Optoma UHD550X model. This is a truly flexible projector that is easy to install thanks to the ability to move and move the lens vertically. Thanks to the Ultra HDresolution, the image quality is extremely high, almost at the cinematic level.

4K technology offers four times the sharpness of Full HD resolution and allows you to have ultra-detailed images, with more intense and vivid colors. The brightness is equal to 2800 lumens and also the projector is equipped with HDRtechnology, through which it is possible to convert content from SDR to HDR format to emphasize more details and contrast.

Thanks to the ability to reproduce the Rec color gamut. 709, the projected colors are extremely accurate and make this projector perfect for any use, especially for cinema. The lamp power is adjustable to give more depth to the images, further emphasized by Dynamic Black technology and the contrast ratio of 500,000:1.

This projector is also perfect for connecting to a console -Play Station or Xbox- as it is equipped with game mode, which optimizes response times for an immersive gaming experience. Optoma UHD550X is, in addition, equipped with two integrated speakers, each with four watts of power.

The connectivity is really wide: two HDMI inputs, one of which is of the 2.0 type, a VGA input, three audio inputs (3.5mm, audio out S / PDIF and audio out 3.5mm) to be able to connect external speakers or sound bars, and two USB ports. Also you can connect various devices such as smartphones, PCs, laptops and platforms such as Google Chromecast.

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4K by Sony: VPL-HW65ES

The VPL-HW65ES model won first place in the Japanese brand’s list of the best 4K projectors. This projector has been designed specifically for theHome Cinema, but its excellent features make it perfect for any use.

It is available in both white and black and its design, light and compact, makes it best suited to all environments. Flexible installation is possible even in places with a high ceiling, thanks to the wide range of motion and the zoom ratio of 1.6 x.

The problem of remoteness from the walls, to avoid occlusion of the ventilation system,has been eliminated thanks to the positioning of the fan in the front of the projector.

The brightness of the images is excellent thanks to the 1800 lumens,and the SXRD technology allows you to have a Full HD resolution of the contents. However, you have the possibility to expand the resolution of the projected content up to 4K thanks to the special HDMI inputs on the back of the device.


This projector is also equipped with Reality Creationtechnology, which reproduces images and colors perfectly, emphasizing the details; moving scenes are extremely fluid and blur-free thanks to Motionflowtechnology. The contrast ratio of 120,000:1 makes the vision clear and crisp, with deep blacks and bright whites.

The life of the lamp is 6000 hours in energy saving mode. It is also possible to take advantage of 3D content,especially thanks to the integrated RF transmitter, which allows you to better synchronize the projector with any type of goggles.

The input compartment is well equipped: two HDMI inputs, a Mini D-Sub input and a 3D Mini Jack input. Thanks to the USB ports it is possible to connect different home automation systems through the RJ45(IP), RS-232C, TRIGGER and IR IN interfaces and to quickly and easily update the projector software.

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4K signed Epson: EH-TW9300W

This model is the best projector of the Epson brand ever, both for the excellent characteristics and for the not too high price. The projection screen is very large and therefore allows the projector to be installed even at very large distances.

The brightness is equal to 2500 lumens and the lamp offers 3500 hours of duration in standard mode (at maximum brightness) and 5000 hours in power saving mode. The whole family of Epson projectors is equipped with 3LCD technology that helps make images brighter, both in colors and in white.

This projector is equipped with a 3-chip system that allows you to display a wide range of colors (up to 1.07 billion), making images vivid and realistic, and colors uniform. The Ultra HD 4Kresolution, together with the high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, offer the highest quality, ultra-detailed and defined images. In addition, you can convert content from 1080p to 4K and enjoy UHD BD support.

This projector features HDR support which optimizes the contrast ratio for deeper and more detailed images. Epson EH-TW9300W is equipped with WirelessHD technology that allows you to transfer content from a smartphone, Blu-ray player, console, etc. to the projector.

Finally, this projector is equipped with two USB 2.0 type A and B inputs, which allow the connection of various devices for the use of the contents; one VGA input, four HDMI and HDCP 2.2 inputs; a WirelessHD and MHL output.

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Low cost 4K resolution:BenQ W1700

Finding 4K technology projectors at very low prices is quite difficult, as this feature is a typical feature of the top of the range . However, taking into consideration all the existing price ranges, the best projector, both from the point of view of technical specifications and for the price, is the BenQ W1700

The design is lightweight, compact and eco-friendly, making it easy to install and transport. Furthermore, thanks to SmartEco technology , which automatically balances the brightness of the lamp, reducing waste, it is possible to have a reduction in consumption.

Thanks to the increased zoom, equal to 1.2x, it is possible to install this projector from any distance, and still have an excellent projection of the contents.

The brightness is 2200 ANSI lumens and the lamp life depends on the selected mode: it ranges from 4,000 hours in standard mode (maximum brightness), to 8,000 hours in SmartEco mode, up to 15,000 hours for LampSave mode.

The 4K  resolution combined with HDR support gives cinematic quality images: pixels are less blurry and frames appear sharp and extremely detailed. Thanks to CinematicColor technology , colors are optimized to appear more realistic, intense and bright.

This projector is equipped with a 5 watt loudspeaker contained in a resonance box to improve the bass and treble; the power of the speaker is optimized by CineMaster Audio + 2 technology that gives excellent sound quality.

You can choose between various audio modes to best suit your needs – cinema, sport, music, game, user mode. The connectivity is really extensive and consists of a D-Sub input, two HDMI inputs, a USB type A and a type Mini B port and an audio input and output (both 3.5mm mini jack).

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